Title: A Liar Will Not Be Believed

Author: StuckBetweenFantasyAndReality

Fandom: Drake and Josh

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own those two guys, neither am I earning money with it.

Summmary: Drake always tries to skip school by faking to be sick.

This time (thanks to their little sister Megan) he gets sick for real

but his Mom doesn't believe him and sends him to school anyway.

Authors Notes: I had a Beta-Reader, but it's still possible that the grammar is twisted sometimes,

English is not my mothertongue. But as far as I know this story is okay :)


[Both of them staring at the camera: Drake is sitting at his bed strumming his guitar, Josh is lying in his bed, looking annoyed.]

Josh: "Do you know what really sucks?"

Drake: "Do you know what's pretty cool?"

Both: "Being sick"

Josh: "Do you know why?"

Drake: "I'll tell you why!"

Josh: "Well, for one thing, you miss a lot of school."

[He makes a dreadful face]

Drake: "First: You miss a lot of school."

[He gives a winning smile]

Josh: "And you're just lying in your bed and are not up to do something."

Drake: "Oh, my favourite part, you don't have to do something, you just may lie

down in your bed and relax."

Josh: "But what I hate the most, is Drake being sick!

Or I'd better say, Drake exaggerating being sick…"

Drake: "Oh, just shut up, Josh!"

[Throws a box of tissues at him and it hits his head.]

Josh: "Ouch! Drake, what was that for? It's the truth!"

[Rubs his head with a pained expression]

Drake: "I don't want you to tell crap!

I'm not faking,…well, at least not toda…heh…day."

[Rubs roughly at his nose and continues playing guitar.]

Josh: "That's the point! Although you have a little cold you're able to

visit school, but you're faking the flu just to stay home, that is really…"

[gets interrupted]

Drake: "Heh'Ksshh-uhhh…"

[Bends forward and sneezes roughly into his hands]

[Josh sighs annoyed and throws the tissue box back to his brother]

Josh: "Bless You. Well, what I was saying is, that…"

[Gets interrupted once again and watches Drake sneezing

all over his hands and bed in disgust]

Drake: "Heh'KiSHH-uhh, Heh'ISHhh"

[Drake sniffs wetly and continues playing guitar like nothing happened,

also ignores Josh and the Kleenex box]

Josh: "Eww…Do you really touch your guitar with that germy hands?"

Drake: "Uhm…Not only my guitar."

[Gives a devilish grin and watches his brothers face adopting

an expression of shock and disgust]

[Intro ends]