"He's gone," Drake whispered and the blonde girl appeared by his side again,
gingerly kneading his back..
"Josh always interrupts us, I just lit the incense stick and then he burst in here,"
Susan complained and sighed.
"I wonder why, usually he's got a reason for doing that," Drake added.
Exactly in that moment the door opened again and Josh bounced into the room.
"I nearly forgot, are you up for watching a movie with Mindy and - ohh…Susan?"
He froze at the point.
"Erm…Hi Josh! Nice to see you," she gave him an insecure smile and continued caressing Drake.
"I knew it."
"Me either," Drake answered.
"Ha ha," Josh frowned.
"Great idea, Josh! Let's watch a movie, all together," the blonde cheered.
Josh and Drake frowned at each other, but then shrugged, "Yeah, alright."
"There's just one thing I need to do first," Drake announced as the rest left the room.

* * * [In the boys' room] * * *

Mindy stared at the screen,
"What the hell is the guy doing there in the middle of the plane crushing?"
"Doing an exorcism." Susan answered like it was the most normal thing on earth.
"You're joking. Only nutty people do that."
"He's not nutty."
"Yeah he is."
"But he's good-looking."
The three of them turned to Susan.
"I like him. And his brother, he's so…tall!"
She smiled sheepishly, "But I stick to him, he's cute."
"And what about me?" Drake pouted and sneezed wearily into his sleeve.
"You're sneezy."
"Yeah, exactddly whad I waddted to hear."
"You're sneezy and even cuter."
She stroked his hair and gently pulled him closer to give him a soft kiss.
Drake responded her smile
"I like."
"Knew you do."

* * *

The next morning they get startled when a giant scream cut the silence.
"What was that?" Josh asked sleepily.
Drake chuckled.
"What did you do?"
"I left her a little surprise under her blanket."
"You're so gross, Dude"
Both burst out laughing when Megan rushed into their room,
throwing a bunch of used, snotty tissues in their direction still screaming "EWWWWWWWWWWWW!"
"She served it right."