"It's about damned time you all got here, Jared and Brady have been eying the food table off since it came out of the shed, never mind that it was empty at the time." Leah called from out the back.

We had barely walked in through the door when the noise from outside reached true volume for the pack gets together. Imprints, wolves, elders and families were gathered around the fire or food table. Usually Emily and the rest of the women would organize this kind of thing weeks in advance, so for them to whip this up in such a short time was nothing short of a miracle. There had been so much food sitting on that table you could actually see the slight bend because of the weight of all the different foods.

"Hey Bella, how are you feeling?" Emily asked as Sam finally put her down but still held her close.

"I'm surprisingly good. I thought I'd be tired and sore still since the last time the angel made an appearance had wiped me out for a week; but after a few nights rest I'm back to normal." Bella was smiling as she looked around the room. The last time she was here was the day we found out that Charlie had died.

The memory of her broken and crying as she ran from the hospital flashed through my head, I couldn't help the soft whimper from the pain that ripped through both of us at the time. I didn't even realize I had pulled Bella closer to me until I had buried my head in her hair, her scent calming me more than anything.

A few minutes later I didn't even realize we were in the living room alone; everyone had stepped out. The noise was still noticeable and they could hear and probably see everything that happened while we stood here through the door. But the illusion of privacy was something we all tried to give as much as we could.

"You okay?" she asked softly as I released my tightened grip on her, giving her enough space to turn but not step away.

"I guess things are a little crazy still in here, but I'm fine honestly." I tapped my head and she watched my eyes.

She didn't accept the response, it was obvious that she knew I was holding something back, but she didn't push. I was thankful to say the least. I didn't want to bring that memory of what had been one of her hardest days to the fore front of her memory tonight. Tonight was for celebrating and relaxing. The need to just let loose and have a little bit of normalcy was something that we all craved.

Being 6 foot or more and built like a German tank had its perks, but also its physical drawbacks. Having a normal life was out for us, sports, drinking or just mucking around without having to worry about hurting someone else was out straight away. The wolves in us would allow us to attack in training, but the need for survival and conformity is what kept the pack safe when we were out running the forest.

We stood there in the house a few seconds longer until we were called out back, the relaxed atmosphere helped to re-calm the wolf and me. The fact that we could actually joke around and wrestle like Jake, Embry and Quil alone showed how the need was warranted. I heard the low conversation that the wolves were having about what had gone down earlier at Embry's and Bella's place. When talk of how she was able to heal Brady and Jasper so effortlessly still held so much promise. When we wolves got injured we had to let it heal naturally, sometimes taking days instead of seconds. Brady's arm should have taken nearly a week before it had begun to really heal, yet within seconds Bella had healed it so completely.

"Everything good now?" Sam asked as he started flipping the burgers and whole chickens on the large BBQ and spit.

"Think so, we still have that meeting tomorrow and then hopefully it will calm down some more." He nodded and turned towards where Bella and Emily along with the rest of the girls were crowding Leah.

"So who have you told?" Bella asked a few minutes after Emily and Kim went to go grab some cold salads from the kitchen.

"Well Rich of course and mom I think knows but that's it. We don't know when to tell the rest. With everything that's happened these last few days it just hasn't been the right time." I could hear the smile in her voice and for whatever reason I knew something good was coming for her.

"Food's up everyone, all human and angels first." Emily called as Sam placed the final plate of chicken on the table.

A few of us watched to make sure that Bella grabbed some food since she practically whimpered about eating earlier. But surprisingly she didn't fuss, guess the glowing and sleeping helped with more than just healing her physically. While her plate wasn't that full, she still had a decent amount sitting in front of her as she sat down in front of the fire with Claire playing once more with her hair.

"Bella, why did you look like a crismas pretty?" Claire's voice was sweet as she yawned and rested her head on Bella's shoulder after they had both finished eating.

"Well I think it's because I have a special friend who likes to make me all gold and shiny. I've done it before you know, but I didn't realise it until now." You could hear all the necks crack as we turned to listen to Bella's conversation with the 3 year old.

"Really? When, did you glow for long like today?" I smiled as Bella giggled while Claire bounced on her lap.

"Yep, but it was only for a few seconds. I thought it was because of the fire I was sitting around. It was the first time I was here in La Push with some of the people I go to school with." She turned and looked straight at me.

Before I could blink I was hit with a memory, but it wasn't mine.

A single tear fell from me, hitting the water and changing everything I saw in that small pool, the fish and eel turning a golden hue as they swum around the small amount of coral it was beautiful. I was watching as the animals and coral belonged together in that small world, me watching it and the beauty of how it seemed untouched…

"Bella are you crying?" a muffled voice called from my side, the girl watching me carefully. She really did care about what was upsetting me. I wasn't just some new toy to her; to her I felt like I mattered…

Walking back to the beach, I got lost in the thoughts of her death, of his death. The images of what I saw on that video burned into my memory and would never be removed, regardless of what I tried. The sadistic calls from them as they called for me to join them…

Eventually we broke free of the trees and greenery, my place of peace and sanctity. Our group had grown quite a lot, as the girl from earlier ran forward to talk to some of the others that decided to stay behind. I looked around and saw that our little group had grown with some people that I hadn't ever seen before in my life. They had to be the Quileute's that lived here on the reservation. They were huge for the most part, towering over everyone else that was there. I couldn't believe that they were so tall…

"That's a beautiful melody, who taught it to you? Emily asked as she looked around, I guess it was different, I don't even remember singing it to begin with let alone singing it aloud. I always sang that in my head…

"My mom sang it to me all the time when I was little." I didn't meet her eyes as she was undoubtedly looking at me. She was beautiful, even with those scars on her face; it just made her more beautiful.

Slowly she helped me up and introduced me to her friends. Sam her fiancé, and a few guys who were still milling around the table where the food was set. When she introduced me to a few others they all seemed like one big family, you could feel the love and respect they had for each other.

"Finally you have Seth, Leah's little brother. Well he's like everyone's little brother except Colin and Brady." She finished as I turned to the last one sitting by the fire.

As our eyes met over the fire I could have sworn something was there in his eyes. Looking down to break whatever hold he had over me I saw that my skin glowed like the surface and animals in the tide pool. It had to be an illusion or something; maybe the fire was wreaking havoc with my pale skin and the light bouncing off the water or something.

"What the hell was that?" I didn't even realize that I had spoken aloud, or moved towards Bella and Claire. "Was that what it was like when we all first met you on the beach that night?" I asked as I bent down in front of her.

Her eyes widened as she realized what I had seen. She quickly looked down, not wanting to meet my eyes now that she knew I knew. We sat there for a few minutes as slowly conversation broke out around us, Claire had taken off towards Quil while we sat there.

Slowly she brought her eyes to meet mine, tears sitting in her eyes as she fought to keep them at bay. She nodded her head. Quickly pulling her closer to me she sunk into me.

"Can we leave it for tomorrow; tonight is for celebrating what we have now, not what happened in the past." I knew she was talking about her thoughts not the meeting. The images that I saw of what happened to her mother and step father were horrifying, how was she able to do anything with those images forever stuck in her head?

"Okay, for tonight." Her breath gushed out, I don't that she even knew she was holding it.

We sat and watched as they all talked and made plans of the next few weeks since we were now sitting comfortably on this side of the battle.

"Well, we have some news."- My sister called and waited somewhat patiently. Rich was definitely a good thing for her- "Bella told us and we had to double check to make sure. Sorry Bella; but it was a bit of a shock. Rich and I, we're gonna have a baby."

You could have heard a pin drop for all of 5 seconds before squeals and congratulations were called out.

"You knew?" I whispered in Bella's ear as I held her still in my arms.

"I did, I told her after the battle… fight or whatever you want to call it what went down a few days ago. I can even tell you when it will be born." She smiled as a few of the pack looked back in awe while the imprints and my mom started to cry, blubbering on about baby clothes and shopping trips in the future.

Seth found me once more as I sat watching the wave's crash on the shore. We had been able to really enjoy the party last night and I really was waiting for today's meeting about the council that were slowly setting up for the vampire world.

Santiago's threat and his mind still sat in the back of my head, I wasn't stupid enough to think that it was idle threat or some scare tactic. No, that vampire was already on route to meet with his true leaders. What lay in the future was just that; the future. Nothing may come of it, or everything could. Maybe after he relays what happened they will not try to fight for control over me. I could only hope that they would realize that I was not going to be taken any time soon.

"Come here." He murmured as he pulled me closer to him. No arguments from me about moving closer to me. For everything he had done for me and my safety; I was beyond humbled for what they had done. I was only a stranger a few months ago, nothing but the grieving daughter who came home after the "tragic accident" that happened in the house now sitting empty however man thousands of mile away. Now, I'm the center of his world, and he'll do anything, be anything for me because his soul sees something in me that he can't be without.

"Can I ask you something?" my voice was low, and you could practically taste the hesitation to my words.

"Of course, what's wrong?" he gently picked me up from between his legs, turning me sideways so we can actually see each other.

Being able to look at him, and actually talk to him; not his shadow was definitely better than not being able to see the true reactions to this. He never lifted his gaze from me, his emotions playing out on his face just like it does for me.

I wasn't sure if it was me actually doing it consciously or not, but I found my hand gently cupping his face as I looked at him.

"With everything that comes with being imprinting on me; that includes me being an angel and knowing that there are probably going to be times when other creatures come to me. Do you wish that maybe you had someone different as your soul mate?"

I felt him stiffen slightly and pull me closer when I mentioned other creatures coming to me; I felt as he nestled into my hand almost nuzzling it like he was trying to scent me. His eyes were darker than I had seen before and I felt guilty that I was the reason for him to react so strongly.

"No, I'm happy that you're my imprint that will never change. When your dad told us about you none of us had a clue what was going to happen. The whole situation and how you learnt about being my imprint I would. But no I'm very happy I got you as my imprint." His eyes were so sincere; you can't fake that kind of emotions.

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked, mimicking my tone and words. I nodded waiting for him to ask what I had shown him.

"Are you upset with being my imprint? Does being tied to me for the rest of your life?" the fear that had replaced the sincerity so fast that I would have thought that Jasper was around somewhere.

"No, I don't understand it all, and I think that it's my fault really when I took off when you were all trying to tell me about it. I wish I had stayed more than just to not have what happened happen; I know it was more of fear than of me not believing what was going on that caused me to run. After having my mom and Phil killed practically in front of my eyes, and then losing my dad. I think it was the fear of losing you all and the idea of you all pranking me was easier to believe than what I should have listened to." He nodded and waited for me to continue, letting me gather my thoughts a little more.

"As for being tied to you for the rest of my life, I don't think it's a bad thing to be tied down with you. I guess it's just going to be a little different than most others our age, but I'm not scared or upset by being with you." I watched as the fear and apprehension was wiped off his face and eyes, his smile blinding me momentarily.

"Good." The whisper was followed so quickly as he kissed me gently at first, only using the softest of touches.

He pulled back slowly looking for something. He smiled down at me as I looked probably like a deer stunned by lights.

"Hey guys you two ready to head back. Everyone's waiting." Embry called from the path in the trees.

"Anyone think this is somewhat familiar?" Leah asked bringing a round of barks from the wolves and laughs from the elders.

"Wonder if we'll see any animals again?" Emily asked as she too decided to walk along side me and Leah.

The walk was pretty quiet, and much to Emily's dismay the animals kept in the woods around us. I could tell them I guess you could say, but I couldn't actually see anything. I did however notice that the every time I got too close to the trees one of the wolves would suddenly appear at my side to bring me back to the middle of the path.

"Bella, why do you keep doing that, I'm surprised Seth hasn't decided to carry you with how many times you've walked towards the woods…" Leah laughed, I shrugged and Seth huffed as much as a horse sized wolf could huff. I couldn't answer, I just felt like it really. It was beautiful and quiet.

Within 10 minutes we could hear the laughter of the vampires. The sound of multiple bells going off was beautiful, but I guess that's part of the allure of their kind…

"Thank you for meeting us once more. I would like to introduce you to our friends from the Amazon, Senna, Kachiri, and their leader Zafrina." Carlisle seemed a little on edge when he introduced the new members of the group.

"Yes, we have told them of everything that had happened and what Bella here suggested. They do have some questions, if you don't mind of course Bella." Edward was looking at Sam before turning towards me. His smile large as Maggie came to stand beside him.

"It is a pleasure to meet an angel; we have only just arrived, a few hours ago. I have to admit the idea of meeting you is quite surprising. We were led to believe that the eternal innocent were just a myth. Apparently we were misled." Zafrina was a large and rather intimating woman to be sure; she held no fear of the large wolves and seemed to be at ease around human's considering her home is in the middle of a jungle.

"It seems that I was not the only one to learn of more the supernatural world these past few days." I smiled as she laughed; it was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. "Please ask your questions, but please understand that anything that concerns what happened with Marcus and I will not be answered." She in turn smiled as I watched Eleazar looked somewhat chest fallen.

"Why do you believe that we as a group can handle the ruling of the Vampire world if the three brother's couldn't?" the smaller of the three asked, her broken English somewhat a little harder to understand.

"What happened with the three brothers was something that cannot be done again. The evil that Aro and Caius possessed was something that only the most vile and corrupted could reach. For the time being the four of you will be able to not only keep the peace within your kind. When the fifth member of the council joins you; you will know that it is time to act and bring peace to your kind for good.

"You Zafrina will be the ultimate deciding card so to speak. You survive off of both human and animal blood. You do not hunt those unless they are dying or truly evil." Her eyes grew and sparkled at the same time. She truly wasn't sure what I knew, and honestly I didn't know how I knew her eating habits.

"You said that once the fifth member of the group joins us, it will be time to bring true and complete peace to our kind. What did you mean by that angel?" Zafrina asked as she came to sit by me. A soft growl broke from Seth's chest, as he stalked his way towards us, slumping down beside me, his teeth bared. However she didn't seem to pay attention to his show of dominance.

"I did, but for now you need to focus on the now instead of the future. But for now I will tell you that it won't be the last you see of me after today. He not only needs to see his way, but time to prepare for what he will become. So for now, I will let you know that I will be there to help when it comes to the final threat of your kind." Somehow I had ended up resting against Seth's flank, the heat doing wonderful things to relax me; however I felt him stiffen rather significantly as did Paul and Embry at my words.

"Then I have no more questions to ask, and will see you some time in the future." She smiled as she stood and raced over to where the rest of her coven stood.

"Well that was easy." Peter snorted, breaking the silence that had fallen over the field.

I couldn't help but giggle at his outburst. He seemed pleased that I did actually. But he kept it to himself.

We watched as vampire after vampire left the field, some heading down towards Seattle others heading up to Canada. Their numbers dwindling faster than I think some of us could keep count. I watched as some looked back and smiled at me, while others ran without a backwards glance; leaving the Cullen's and those tied to the members of their new leaders.

"Thank you Bella." Jasper tipped his imaginary hat like the good southern gentleman that he was raised all those years ago.

I smiled as one by one the final group of vampires left, leaving only the wolves, imprints and elders alone in the field.

"Do you think that's the last we'll see of them or do you think that the Cullen's will stay living in that glass house?" Jared asked as the sounds of the forest crept back.

"We'll see them again, but they won't be living here anymore." I murmured as I stood up.

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