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Chapter 1

I knew the sound without looking up. It was the screaming sound of breaks from a certain black and red striped Mustang, I was also familiar with the driver.
As I finished getting my books out of the back seat, I saw him get out dressed in low riding jeans and a white shirt along with a red shirt under a cream unbuttoned over shirt. I couldnt deny to myself that he wasn't goodlooking, he was. More than goodlooking, but I had the disadvantage of also repeating my senior year with him and knew exactly what he was like.

He took scat out of his trunk before closing it to scan the parking lot, I moved my eyes from him before his gaze met mine, and wandered towards the school building.

'Carley,' I turned around and saw Casey get off the bus, get momentarily distracted by Delilah which caused me to roll my eyes, but somewhat simultaneously also get elbowed in the face by a jock. I sighed and walked towards him and had to chuckle slightly at his reply of, 'sorry, my fault.' And Stokely's remark of, 'Crash and Burn Casey,' along with a small smile.

I knelt beside him and smiled sympathetically at him. 'You okay?' He nodded, truth was, I didn't have any friends. Nor did Casey, nor did Stokely. So we kinda tolerated eachother and believed ourselves that we could, I guess, be friends. But it would never happen, me and Casey were more close than me and Stokely and him and Stokely. Stokely preferred to be alone.

Me and Casey were kinda strung together because we were both, truth be told, nerds. I had the whole dark hair with eye covering bangs with glasses going on and still dressed in jeans and long sleeved shirts. Casey could be good looking, I considered, if he grew a few inches taller and brushed his hair and stood up for himself. Nobody likes a coward.

I thought of Zeke for a moment, that guy was around 6 ft 3 inches and nobody bothered him because, as much as the guys enjoyed his never ending supply of scat, the girls also enjoyed the very tall, dark and handsome mojo he had going on.

'Think we can go into class now without another bloody nose?' I asked him as he wiped away at his nose. He scanned the area, pausing on Delilah talking to Stan and then spotted more jocks near the entrance. He shot me a look and said, 'if we run.'
I laughed and helped him up.

Our little happy morning beginning didnt last long though, because soon, I was getting pushed out of the way while the jocks came back, bundled Casey up and rammed him, groin first into the pole ignoring his pleas. I very clumsily, stumbled into Zeke, I glanced up at him and mumbled a 'sorry' and went back to Casey, smacking a few jocks in the arm as they laughed as he doubled over in pain on the ground. 'What's the matter with you, you crazy?' I yelled at one, I knew his name, Gabe.

'Crazy for you sweetheart,' he sniggered causing his friends to snort with laughter. I made a disgusted face and sat on the ground to help Casey up. 'Okay, I am officially up for the running thing.'
He chuckled and with my help, stood up and we finally made our way to class. All the while, noticing a new pretty blonde girl, seemed Southern by her accent. She was in hell.

We passed Zeke again as we entered the building, he was paused for a minute by the male bathroom watching Kyle and Poppy yell at eachother, and Poppy really laid it into him.
I was still helping Casey walk, 'hey,' Zeke looked at me.
'Mind?' I said, he realised he was blocking the entrance and moved his hand while shooting his shit eating grin at me. I nervously looked away.

I smiled shortly at Casey and walked off calling a 'see you in class,' to him before he disappeared in the bathroom.
Okay, Zeke may be hot, but he is still repeating his senior year for reasons unknown since he is actually, I hate to admit, a genius.

I am repeating my senior year as well but, that's for personal reasons. I was away most of last year and missed a hell of a lotta classes. I had to repeat or flunk everything and ruin my potential future in any college or university I intend to attend.

Ms Burke stood at the front of class, hugging a folder and holding a piece of chalk, she nervously faced the class. 'So, uh, what was Crusoe's greatest fear?'
I looked around the class, we were officially dead today. Zeke met my gaze and I again, looked away shyly. He just had that effect on me.

Ms Burke looked desperate, 'anyone?'
And of course, Zeke raised his hand. At first a little tentive, Ms Burke acknowledged him, 'yes, Zeke.'

'Crusoe's afraid he'd be stuck on that island forever with nothing but calluses.' He stated, his eyes rested on me for a minute before I turned to the front ignoring the chuckles of our peers.
I looked at Miss Burke with Zeke still looking at me to see if he was right.

'No, that's not correct Zeke. Isolation, was his greatest fear.'

I smirked a little and faced him again while raising an eyebrow, he was wrong. But something in his eyes said, no, he wasnt. And he expressed that by giving a mind blowing answer.
Still looking at me he said, 'yes but, his external existence in no way compared to the internal agony of the loneliness he felt.'

I again, looked at Miss Burke, who seemed to go off into space and stated, 'that's very good.'

I scoffed under my breath and looked at Zeke who smiled at me, 'like I said, calluses.'
The class chuckles again and that was it, I looked away. That was too much eye contact for me. Especially from him. I perched my glasses higher up my nose and hid behind my bangs until class was over.

Casey met me outside Miss Burkes class, he looked better. An impressive bruise on his face, but better.
'You okay?' I asked walking with him. 'Yeah.' He answered.
We saw Delilah and Stan talking by our lockers and I could see the fire in Casey's eyes as we stood next to them to get our books.

'The accepted social order is head cheerleaders date star quaterbacks, not academic wanna-bes.' Delilah said to Stan.
Right, okay, was all I could muster in my thoughts

'Dont be superficial.' Stan took the words right out of my mouth.

Delilah glanced at us, before turning back to look at me, 'superficial. Four syllables. That's really good, Stan. You're on your way.'
I was finished getting my notes and nessacary books but Casey held on longer to hear the rest, 'let me know how the cancer cure goes.'
And with that, Delilah was walking down the corridor leaving Stan behind.

I fought a laugh, wow, she really WAS superficial.
Then the bell went and Casey and I scurried off to the next class.

'Now, if everyone will turn to Chapter four: 'The Nation of the State.' Mr Tate began bored.
'Only through conformity among the masses can the unified state offer the benefits of power, order and security.'

I watched Stan raise his hand and gave a quizzed look at Casey behind me, Casey fought a laughter and gave me a look saying, 'wait and see.'

'Actually, we covered that last week, Mr Tate. We're on Chapter five.'
I smiled and shook my head, he really was serious about wanting to become intelligent.

Mr Tate didnt seem impressed however, as he just sighed and said, 'whatever. Now if you could all join Stan on Chapter five: Individual Action in Society.'
I saw from the corner of my eye, Stokely turn around to be met with a knowing look from that new Southern girl. Stokely looked at me then turned back around to the front.

Me and Casey were sat at a lunch table. We ate in silence and saw Stokely a few tables back being approached by the new girl. I learned her name was MaryBeth.
Stokely seemed rudely uninterested in what she was saying to her though, and then she said something that caused Stokely to look up and scan the yard to find us.
I nudged Casey who looked at me and then turned around to see what I was looking at, Stokely said something and MaryBeth turned around... And waved?
I read Stokely's lips, 'actually they're my friends.'

Before anything more was said though however, Delilah interuppted the introduction of the two girls.
I scoffed, 'I think your girlfriend just ruined the new girls chances of being friends with Stokes.'

Casey sighed and turned back to his book, 'she isn't my girlfriend.' Then he stood up and walked towards the football field. He was going to sit there and eat lunch alone.
I now felt very embaressed and lonely, so I gathered my things and walked towards Stokely and just like bad luck as soon as I got there, Stokely got up and walked off after calling Delilah a 'bipolar bitch.'

I placed my tray on the table and sat down. 'Hey Freak.'
'Yeah, hey to you too Delilah.' I muttered, 'told you though, she's violent.' Delilah said directed at MaryBeth then glanced back at me again.
'You wanna make proper friends and fit in? Join the cheerleading squad, you got the looks.'
Delilah walked off and MaryBeth seemed defeated. She sat beside me.

'I'm MaryBeth Louise Hutchinson of Atlanta, new here.' She announced.
I laughed a little, 'Carley Daniels of here.' She grinned, 'I was trying to make friends with your other friend Stokely, she seems a little distant.'

'She can be, sometimes.' I said perching my glasses higher up my nose and moving my bangs outta my eyes. I began eating my food again and noticed MaryBeth had none.
'You're not eating?'

She shook her head and smiled, 'so, what's fun around here?'
I shrugged my shoulders, 'you wanna have fun, I suggest actually joining the squad, you make friends with Delilah, your future here is pretty much set.'

She gave me a puzzled look, 'set?'
I nodded and swallowed, 'nobody will bother you, beat you up in the yard in the morning,' my memory flashed to Casey this morning, 'all the guys will want your number and all the girls will envy you. Like I said, you get in with her, your future is set, and this year will fly by for you. But than again, you also get hated by people like Stokes and Casey and me.'
I took a breath and she seemed to take it all in, 'I prefer your little gang. It's sweet.'

I chuckled and shot her a look before laughing again and finishing my food.