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Chapter 7

Stokely and MaryBeth sat together on the benches. Casey was pacing again and I sat beside Zeke, holding his hand.
'I say we go for the Coach.' Casey announced. 'He turned Stan, he's the one.'
He sat down then near me, 'would you rather wait for them to come to us?'

'Either way, we're completely unarmed.' MaryBeth said.

'Maybe not.' Zeke spoke up and I looked at him, furrowing my brows.
'What are you talking about?' I asked him.
'I might have some more scat.'

'Where?' MaryBeth asked.
'In your trunk.' I answered for him, of course, he always kept some there.
Zeke sighed and nodded and I looked away, 'great.'

Casey sighed too, 'in your trunk. In your car, amongst the aliens. Oh, how convenient.'
Zeke held out his car keys, 'you got a better idea?'
Casey shook his head defeated.

Zeke looked at me, 'you stay here, okay?' He then looked up at MaryBeth and Stokely, 'you guys too.'
I nodded and walked with him and Casey to the doors. Casey looked at me expectantly like I was gonna do what Stokely did but I laughed and shook my head at him.
I just reached one arm up to hug behind Zeke's neck and used the other pat Casey's arm, 'please be careful.'
They nodded and then left without another word.

I walked back into the gym and held my head in my hands as I sat next to Stokely. MaryBeth was sat above us.
'Hey Stokes,' I said, 'you ever consider writing your own alien invasion book now? You got the idea.'
Stokely smiled, 'yeah right. And be told this entire event was just some lie I made up for some fiction, forget it.'
'You into alien books Carley?' MaryBeth asked. I shook my head and she continued, 'you seem like one of those people who read, no offence.'

I waved my hand dismissing her comment, 'I get told that a lot, dont worry.'
'You know, a day ago, I would have never thought this would happen, can you believe it?' Stokely said.

'Aliens taking over the school,' I laughed nonchalantly.
'I always thought they only alien at this high school was me,' Stokely said truthfully.
MaryBeth intervened, 'not the case. Who do you think it is? The Master Alien? The Queen Bee?'

'It really could be anyone.' Stokely said.
'What happens at the end of these stories, Stokely? How does Invasion of the Body Snatches turn out?'
Stokely shot us a look, 'they get us. They win.'
'We lose.' I finished feeling pathetic.

'Do we?' MaryBeth said softly, 'maybe we really win. Stan, he didnt look unhappy.'
'That 'cause it wasnt Stan.' Stokely said sharply. 'They took away who he was.'
'Maybe they just bettered who he was,' MaryBeth implied. I stood up now and walked down the benches as MaryBeth continued, 'cleared away his confusion. I know you two and even Casey pride yourselves on being the outsiders.'

I stopped when I reached the floor and turned around the look at her, what was she talking about?
'But arent you guys tired of being something you're not? I know I am.'
I furrowed my brows and widened my eyes, 'Stokes!'
She turned around but almost immediately got hit down the benches. I helped her up and we stood up to watch MaryBeth's arm mutate into an alien like one.

'No fucking way!' I yelled, the first time I have cursed since my Mom ran off. I looked over as Casey had just entered. Where was Zeke? But I was more focused on the Queen Alien in front of us.

MaryBeths head sank down and was replaced by an alien head. Casey ran to us and gasped. We all ran to the other side of the gym.
We entered the pool and ran as fast as we could around the edge.
MaryBeth had jumped into the pool though and was swimming though, 'oh shit!' Casey cried.

Me and Casey overtook Stokely and I yelled back, 'run Stokes!'
But the alien came out of the water and wrapped something around Stokelys legs dropping her to the ground smashing her mouth against the tiles in the process.
'Stokes!' Casey yelled.

Stokely was dragged into the water leaving a trail of blood behind.
'Get the rope!' I shouted to him and he ran around the edge of the pool to get it.
I continued to yell her name, she needed to wake up.

She finally woke up and Casey had pulled her out and I ran back to help him help her stand up. We stood there together and saw how massive the alien was.
My eyes were wide with fright, I was so petrified. 'Come on guys. Run!' Casey yelled and we ran. Ignoring the ways our shoes were slipping all over the place. We ran.

We entered the locker room and Casey told us to hide. We ran seperate ways, still hearing the sound of screaming from the alien.

I was sat with Stokely when we heard footsteps, I held my breath but when Zekes voice called, 'hello?'
I stood up, 'Zeke.' I walked over and he whispered my name as we hugged. I stepped back, 'blood?'
He ran his hand down his cheek, 'car accident.'

I chuckled and Stokely came into view. But then we heard, 'Watch out, its her.'
I turned to face MaryBeth, 'no it isnt, Zeke, it's her.' I nodded towards MaryBeth.
'They all attacked me. Zeke, please.' MaryBeth lied.

'What's going on here, MaryBeth?'
I watched him, was he believing her? I stepped back away from him, 'no, it is her!' I pointed at MaryBeth.

'She's lying, and Stokely's trying to fake you out. We dont know what she is: gay, straight, alien. And Carley, well, first a little shy girl and now your girlfriend?'
I looked away from her but then she stepped out from the shadows and we saw she was naked.
Zeke looked at her weirdly, but kept his eyes on her face. 'Answer me something, MaryBeth; why are you naked?'

'Does it bother you, Zeke? My body? I'm getting kind of used to it myself.'
'But I saw you take the test.' He said. I swallowed and glanced at Stokely who was watching MaryBeth.

'Zeke,' MaryBeth whispered, 'how the hell can you be sure what you saw? It was sweet of you to bond with me.'
I felt a pang of jealousy.
'Sweet even though I knew you wanted to bond with someone else.'

Me and Zeke glanced at eachother and looked away.

'Will it work again, baby?' I saw Zeke get a pen out of his pocket and sideways look at me before looking at MaryBeth again.

'Do you like what you see?'
Zeke was still for a minute then lunged but Stokely had already grabbed his hand, I looked at her puzzled. 'Stokely-' But she let go of Zeke and shoved into the lockers.

My back hurt and I couldnt feel anything anymore. Blackness was covering my eyes. Little dots. I saw MaryBeth slip away and Casey drag Stokely back as an alien came out of her mouth.

Then a hand was smoothing my cheek and I groaned, 'ouch.'
Zekes face came into focus, 'you okay?'
He helped me up and we walked up to Casey.

'Wait,' Zeke said and gave me and Casey a pen each. 'Take this.'
'Now MaryBeth,' Casey said about to walk off but Zeke pulled him back and held him against the lockers, 'sniff it.'
'You're crazy.' I said and Casey agreed, 'you're out of your fucking mind.'

Zeke looked from me to Casey and I held my head in my hands, it was pounding, I really cant handle another one of these hack drugs as Stokely put it previously.
'I'm not taking any chances. I leave for five minutes, I come back and everyone's a fucking alien.'
He looked at me desperate and I reluctantly sniffed the drug. My head exploded.

Zeke moved closer so I could lean on him but still held Casey, 'now if I have to Men In Black your ass, you're gonna fucking sniff it.'
Casey uncapped it frantically and sniffed it then looked around, 'happy now?' I looked up too to see tentacles in the shadows.

Zeke pulled me alongside him as we ran through, the lockers acting as our cover.
Casey stopped and I let go of Zeke to go back, I had to crawl. My eyes couldnt focus and my head was splitting in half.
'Jesus, I'm fucking seeing two of everything.' Casey announced. I had to lean on him for support, any minute now, I was gonna pass out.

Casey looked up, 'where's Zeke?' He looked at me.
I was left there as Casey crept quietly, 'Zeke?'

Suddenly there was a growl and me and Casey both looked up to see Zeke flying over the lockers and landing head first into one and then back first into another.
He was unconcious by the time he hit the floor. If I hadnt been so doped up and felt like I had been hit by a truck, I would have ran over there, but instead I stayed put as Casey ran over.

After a few minutes, the alien was moving again and Casey came back to pull me up, 'come on Carley! Run, please.'
But all I did was stumble. We moved slowly and quietly through the lockers now, Casey partially carrying me.

'Casey, Carley, come out, come out, wherever you are.' MaryBeth called, 'you know, in my world, there were limitless oceans as far as they eye could see. A beautiful home until it started to dry up. So I escaped, came here and met you all.' Casey left me somewhere in the dark and promised he would be back. I slumped back and closed my eyes.

I was still listening to MaryBeth, 'all of you were different than the others. You were lost and lonely, just like me. And I thought that maybe I could give you a taste of my world: a world without anger, without fear, without attitude. Where the underachiever goes home at night to parents who care. The jock can be smart, the ugly duckling beautiful, the shy girl can be treated like everyone else and the class wuss doesnt have to live in terror. And the new girl, well, she can just fit right in with people who are just like her.'

'You see, even MaryBeth's feelings can be hurt by a bunch of pathetic, lost little outcasts who truly believe that their disaffected lonely life is the only way they can survive. I can make you a part of something so special, so perfect, so fearless.'

She turned around the corner and I saw her, I was too tired to move so as she picked me up with effortless strength, I didnt struggle.
'I'd rather be afraid.' Casey announced from the other side of the room.
This ticked her off and she threw me down to the floor. Ouch, again,

She started walking, 'fine. Alright. Have it your way. 'Cause this is where your land of fiction gets it right. We win. End of story.'
Suddenly, I am up on my feet and Casey is pulling me through the lockers as big ugly alien version of MaryBeth knocks them down and follows us.

We ran back ino the gym and Casey sat me down near the wall. I was able to hold myself up now. The drug was wearing off but from where I had hit my head when Stokely threw me, I was still pretty out of it. Casey began running behind the stairs and it wasnt until I managed to walk over there. MaryBeth alien was following him so I panicked.

I saw the button for the benches to contract and pull back, putting faith in Casey, I pushed it and they began fast. Closing each time and I stumbled to the other side to just watch as Casey only just made it through before they shut altogether. MaryBeth was stuck. I fell to the floor in desperation as she still wasn't dead.

Casey raised his hand and I saw a wonder dust pen. He raised it like a knife again, 'guaranteed to jack you up.' He sounded like Zeke and I smiled a small smile.
With that, he stuck it in the aliens eye and it let out an ear splitting screech. But it spewed all this gunk over me and Casey.
Little parasites was working its way into Casey's skin and into my leg. I screamed and Casey yelled but then the alien died.

The parasite hardened and died, dropping to the floor. I let out a breath and wiped my face with the back of my hand. I was sweating, blood was on my face, some Zeke's and some my own.
I dropped down next to Casey and we hugged, 'you wouldnt have liked it here anyway.' Casey mumbled to the dead alien.

I chuckled exhausted.
We were eachothers support as we walked back into the locker room. I was leaning on it from outside as Casey went in to check on Stokes. I rested my head against it and closed my eyes.
Then there was a sharp clang next to me, Zeke had fell on the cage and was looking at me. 'Is it over?'

I laughed and fell on him and he kissed my forehead, 'yeah,' Casey said.
Zeke started laughing too and put his arm around me as we all looked at eachother and smiled.


I was sat on the bleachers, I was frustrated. About twenty newspapers had come to interview me and I was stuck with all these clippings of words I can't believe I said.
'Burning them all,' I said to myself. I looked up as a whistle blew and could see Zeke getting told off. He looked up at me with a cigerette in his lips and smiled at me.

I smiled back and looked over at Stan and Stokely kissing.
Casey and Delilah had got together, and me and Zeke were doing pretty well.

When the final whistle blew, I gathered my things and walked down the bleachers meeting Casey at the end.
'Everything working out?'
I smiled and looked over at Zeke who was walking over, I smiled at Casey, 'oh, I think so.'

I laughed and ran towards Zeke who picked me up easilly. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I kissed him deeply. 'Things have changed Carley!' Casey called over his shoulder walking back.
I glanced back and looked back into Zeke's eyes who said, 'yeah, but for the better.'


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