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The End, Well for Now

The sun was bright and the sky a beautiful blue as Jack stood beside Haruka with a smile on his face. So many years ago the two of them had stood in formation, waiting another Colonel to dismiss them just as Cassie and Jon waited. Those memories were finally able to banish the sting of betrayal he's always felt from Professor Henson.

Colonel Arcuri marched to the front of the wing. "Attention!" Arcuri thundered, shooing the entire wing into formation with a single word. "Cadets, the Commandant."

Shooting Jack a smile like a Great White after dinner, Haruka Kanata stepped away from Jack and took over. "Thank you, Colonel. Cadets, I congratulate you. You managed to live up or even surpass the expectations of the faculty of the United States Air Force Academy, and therefore advance one year in your studies. Before you all go to enjoy summertime, a warning and a piece of advice: Don't slack off. You are members of the Air Force. Anything you do and say reflects back on to this organization. You should be aware of it wherever you go. Now... well, I guess we will see each other in eight weeks again." She paused. "WING!"

"WING!" Arcuri yelled in confirmation.

"CLASS!" The dorm chiefs called, followed by a "SQUADRON!" from the squad leaders.

Haruka smiled her 'Shark smile' again. "DIIIIS-MISSED!"

As the command ended on the high note, the cadets scattered, knowing their freedom was fleeting and all too soon they'd be back in uniform, slaving through the next year.

Jack shuffled into Haruka's office with a smile on his face. He was very proud on his clone, although he'd never tell anyone that, let alone Jon. The boy had handled himself well this year.

Closing the door behind him, with a snap and Jack pounced. "So just how good were Jon's grades? He's an emancipated minor so I have no power to find out and I don't want to ask him."

Haruka didn't even look up from the report she was reading. "Well, they were better than yours were and that's saying a lot."

"Really." Jack tapped his chin with his finger. "Better than mine?" There was a long pause before Jack shrugged. "Well they should be, he's got all those years of experience."

Laughing Haruka made a note to make sure Jack let Jon know how he felt. She couldn't let Jack get away with not telling Jon how proud he was of him. She could hear it in his voice. "Where's Sam today? I thought she'd be at the ceremony."

"No she's tied up a work. There was some emergency. She really wanted to be here."

Their attention was drawn by a knock at the door. "Sorry to disturb you, Ma'am, you have a call and the General's car is here."

Haruka put down the file and dismissed her secretary. "Thank you, Jena." Then to Jack. "Will I see you at Jon's later tonight."

"Yep, wouldn't miss it. I need a little fun."

Jack wandered out on the the porch needing some time away from the noise of the party. Looking up at the stars, he sighed. They were so bright here and he missed that while in DC, just like he missed Sam.

There was a steady thump of music behind him and he thought what he really wanted was a quiet night alone with his wife, but that wasn't going to happen, at least not for a little while. It had been a few weeks since he'd seen her. She was supposed to be here today but there had been some kind of emergency.

Someone settled on the rail beside him as he tipped back the bottle, finishing his Guinness.

"So Jon, I hear your grades were pretty good. Trying to best me?" Jack's smile was smug.

"Jack, I can do that in my sleep. Want another one?" Jon held out a bottle.

The older man shook his head. "Nope, I'm good, just brooding."

"Sam will come home, don't worry, she always does. It's Daniel you have to worry about."

"I know, I just never worried about her when I was on SG-1. I could watch her back, but now-" Jack shrugged.

"I understand, Jack, but you have to trust her and trust those with her. They're all good people." Jon toyed with the bottle.

Jack grunted. "I always worry; it's in my job description."

"Well don't worry too much it will give you an ulcer." Laughing softly, Jon patted Jack's shoulder. He was about to say more but Cassie called his name.

"Jon, I need your help inside."

"Talk to you later, I've been paged. Don't stay out here by yourself too long. I think Haruka was looking for you."

Knowing he was busted, Jack watched Jon go, proud of the man he was becoming. If things stayed calm out there, Jon just might find the time to complete the transition.

With a lighter step than the one that brought him out here, Jack headed off to find the Shark before she found him.

End of 4th term. To be continued in Academy Daze: 3rd Class

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