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Note: (1)Athena did not die. (2) Ariel and her sisters ages in the story Attina age 11 Alana age 10, Arista age 9, Aquata age 8, Adella age 7, Andrina age 6 Ariel age 5.

Title:A day above the sea

Author: suns and stars

Pairings: Athena/ Triton

Genre: Family

Warnings: spoilers for the little mermaid three

Rating: K +

Disclaimer: I don' own the little mermaid Disney does and I do not own any of the songs in the story either there from the movie the little mermaid 3

Intro: Triton and his wife Athena take their seven daughters up to the surface

The sky was clear blue the sun shone bright while far below the ocean in the underwater kingdom of Atlantica ruled by the Sea king and Queen in the Royal Nursery belonging to the mere Princesses, Attina, Alana, Arista, Aquata, Adella, Andrina and Ariel.

5-year-old Princess Ariel woke to an empty room she shared with her 6 older sisters.

Where, where is, everyone thought the little mermaid.

Seeing no reason to stay in bed Little Ariel swam out of bed then out of the royal nursery, and through the Palace, the Princess stopped a passing servant.

"Have you seen my sisters?" asked Ariel.

The mere-servant Janna smiled at the little Princess.

"Your sisters are in the dining hall your highness your Parents are there as well" said Janna.

Ariel smiled.

Janna bowed and watch Ariel swim off towards the dining hall.

***Dinning hall***

When she found Entered she saw her family sitting down to breakfast her father, the Sea King, Triton sat at the head of the table, while her mother, the Sea Queen, Athena sat on the right side of her father and beside her mother sat her sisters Alana Andrea and Aquata and across from them sat Arista Adella and Attina.

"Good Morning Ariel" said Athena.

"Morning Ariel" said her sisters.

Ariel smiled and swam over to the table and sat down beside her father next to Arista.

"Why did no one wake me up?" asked Ariel.

"Well dear you do get grumpy when your sisters wake you" said Athena.

A mere servant Asana brought over a bowl of Sea flakes for Ariel.

Ariel smiled.

So as the family ate their morning meal they began chatting about what the day's events were going to be.

"OK girls when your all finished I want you to go wash up as today the whole kingdom's heading to the lagoon up on the surface" says Triton.

Suddenly the dining hall erupted into loud excited chatter.

"OK girls calm down now" said Athena

They calmed down and chattered about their day's events.

When they finished their meals they all stood up Athena took her Daughters to wash up while Triton stayed behind, the Sea Queen swam out of the dining hall with her Daughters trailing behind her.

When they came upon the washroom the 7 Princesses shared they all swam off to their own sinks and washed their hand afterwards they all made their way out of the wash room and swam back to the Dining hall where Triton waited in the arch way leading into the dining hall.

"Well now girls are you ready to go?" asked Triton.

"YES" they cried.

"Well come along" said Athena.

Triton picked up his two youngest daughters Princesses Andrina and Ariel into his arms while Athena held the hands of Princesses Aquata and Adella.

The two eldest Princesses, Attina and Alana followed behind their parents.

Together they Royal family swam off down the corridors out of the main doors, through the city and out of the gates. They then swam upwards towards the surface where they knew the lagoon was located.

When they broke through to the surface they were greeted by music played by the merpeople who were already there sitting on flat rocks and playing the musical instruments. So while the young Mere Princesses played in the water, Triton along with Athena swam over to a large flat rock, there Triton pulled himself up onto the rock then leaned forward and hoisted his wife up out of the water and sat her down beside him she smiled her thanks and curls her tail next to her.

Together they watch happily as their daughters played, while also listening to the melody the merfolk played.

Yet while her older sisters played in the water, Ariel swam over to a blond haired blue tailed mermaid playing the harp.

The little mermaid looked at the harp in wonder.

the blond mermaid notice Ariel and smiled.

"Hello Princess Ariel, my names Selena would you like to come up?" she asked the young royal.

Ariel nodded.

Selena glanced at her king and Queen first, the royals smiled and nodded, Selena smiled before reaching in and picking Ariel up out of the water then sat the young princess in her lap.

Meanwhile Ariel kept looking at the harp in wonder.

"Do you like it Princess?" asked, Selena.

Ariel nodded.

"Go ahead young one have ago," said Selena.

Ariel reached out her tiny hand then ran her fingers along the strings of the harp Ariel giggled as it made a sound, Selena smiled then picked up the harp again and began playing it. Ariel smiled back at Selena as she sat there and listened to the music that was surrounding the lagoon.

Ariel was having fun listening to the music.

Meanwhile Triton was now in the water playing with his other daughters, however the tranquillity of the morning was broken but the sudden appearance of black ominous clouds and the sudden appearance of a human ship. Athena gasped in terror looking at her husband horror filling her eyes.

"GO" Triton shouted

Chaos insured after the king commanded everyone to leave the lagoon.

Triton grabbed 3 of his daughter in his arms, while Alana and Andrina dived off the rocks and into the water along with the retreating merfolk, as the humans began throwing hooks and picking up the music interments Selena dropped her harp grabbed Ariel and dived back into the water.

Meanwhile Athena turned back and gasped at how CLOSE the ship was getting she turned ready to dive in only to gasp when she notices Attina's tail was trapped between two rocks, after struggling to free her daughter's tail, Attina was finally free.

"Mother" said Attina.

"Go I will follow shortly" said Athena.

Attina dived into the ocean and swam off to find her father.

Meanwhile down below Triton franticly called for his youngest and eldest daughters.

"Ariel Attina where are you"

"She's here your majesty" said Selena as she swam over to him with Ariel in her arms.

"Oh thank you by any chance have you seen my eldest daughter?" asked Triton.

As he took his daughter from Selena's arms

"No Majesty I have not" Selena apologized.

It was then they heard Attina's voice.


Triton turned to see his eldest daughter swimming over to him.

"Attina are you alright" he asked her.

"Yes I'm ok" said Attina breathlessly

Triton looked around for his wife.

"Attina where is your mother?" he asked her.

"She still up there" said Attina worriedly.

Triton turned back to the blond mermaid and handed Ariel back to her.

"Please take my daughters back to the palace" said Triton.

"Of cause come along girls," said Selena.

Then she and the Princesses swam off back towards Atlantica.

Triton meanwhile swam up to the surface only to see Athena swim over to grab her anniversary gift Triton had given her moments ago, Seconds later he watches in terror as his wife now clutching the music box to her chest however she was trapped between some rocks and the oncoming ship and froze in terror.

"ATHENA!" Triton screamed in fright and fear.

Not knowing what else to do he did the only thing he could do to save is terror stricken wife, he lifted the trident from under the water and pointed it at ship, for Athena the last thing she saw before everything went black was a blinding light. With his wife semi save the humans and their ship dead Triton swam through the debris of the ship and over to his now unconscious wife who had been hit in the head by a piece of the ship and now lay with her upper torso on the rock that she had previously been sitting on.

Triton saw she still held the music box in her hands and gave a small smile.

Come my love let's get you home he thought.

The Sea king then gently picked up his wife and held her in his arms before ducking bellow the ocean he then made the long journey back to Atlantica.

***3 hours later***

Athena woke from her unconsciousness to find she was laying in her bed in the royal bedchamber she shared with her husband and heard the music box playing endless sky. Athena looked to the door when she heard it open only to find her husband swim in to the room and over to the bed.

"How are you feeling my dear?" asked Triton as he sat down beside her.

Athena smiled.

"My head feels sore but other than that I'm fine," said Athena.

Triton nodded.

"The Doctor did say you have a headache for a few days and to take it easy and get plenty of rest" Triton informed his wife.

Athena tried to sit up only she was overcome with dizziness and placed a hand to her forehead.

"Easy darling lay back down" said Triton.

Athena lay back down on the bed and Triton tucked the sheets around her.

"Triton what happened?" asked Athena.

"What do you mean sweetie?" asked Triton.

"Well the last thing I remember is a bright flash of light then nothing" said Athena.

"I did the only thing I could do I destroyed the floatamajigger along with those barbarians" said Triton

Athena's eyes widened in shock.

"You did WHAT?" she asked.

"If I had not done what I did you would have been killed" Triton agued.

Athena sighed and closed her eyes.

Suddenly they heard knocking on the door.

"Enter" said Triton.

The door opened and Selena swam in with the seven princesses, Attina held Ariel's hand.

"Your majesty their royal highnesses wished to see the Queen" said Selena.

"Thank you Selena that will be all" said Triton.

Selena bowed and swam back out closing the door behind her meanwhile back in the royal bedroom the girls swam over and sat on the bed Ariel swam up and sat between her mother and father.

"Mummy, are you ok?" asked 5-year-old Ariel.

As she reached up and touched the bandage around her mother's head.

"Yes I'm fine Ariel," said Athena.

"That's good mother we were worried about you," said Alana.

"Oh sweetie I didn't mean to worry you or any of you," said Athena as she looked at her second eldest daughter and then at her other daughters.

"Come on girls go wash up for lunch and your mother and I will be there soon." Said Triton

"Ok father" said Attina.

She then picked Ariel up afterwards she and her sisters swam out of their Parents and all swam to the wash room and wash up for dinner once that was finished Attina took her sisters to the dining hall and they all sat down. They didn't have to wait long for their parents because a short time later, their mother swam in with the help of their father.

"Hello girls" said Athena and Triton.

"Evening mother father" said Attina.

Triton helped Athena over to the table and helped her to sit down after that he sat in his own seat, drawing their meal Ariel looked up.

"Daddy could we go for a swim on the surface later if mummy is feeling ok?" asked Ariel.

"We shall see my little darling," said Triton.

Ariel nodded.

Each of them kept glancing at their mother all throughout the meal

Athena noticed this and eased their worry.

"Girls I am ok just a bit of a headache nothing some good bed rest will not fix so please do not worry?" she asked them.

They all nodded and went back to their meal.

When they finished Triton looked at all 7 of his daughters

"Well girls are you ready to head back up to the surface once more?" asked Triton

They nodded.

"You coming mummy?" asked Ariel

"No sweetheart I think I'll just go rest for a while" said Athena.

The girls nodded.

Wait here while I escort your mother back to bed" said Triton.

"We will father" said Attina

So while Attina waited with her sisters Triton swam with Athena back to their bedroom once inside Triton helped his wife into bed and tucked her in, Triton brushed Athena's fringe out of her eyes he kissed her forehead and left the room after he swam out of the room he swam down the hall and saw his seven daughters swimming up to him.

"Shall we get going then? Asked Triton.

The girls nodded excitedly.

Triton laughed.

"Alright then let us go," said Triton.

He picked up Ariel in his right arm and held Andrina hand with the other.

His five other daughters followed behind him.

They swam out of the palace and up to the surface.

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