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S&S I've gone back over and fixed Arsulu's deal the potion gives Ariel legs again and she needs to get a true loves kiss from Eric to regain her ability back (human on land mermaid in the water) if not she becomes a mermaid permanently and never returns to land again unless Triton gives her back her ability to walk on land again.

S&S: hey guys I'm back who missed me he, he well after a long absence here is the next chapter also I'm excited to say that out of the pile of unfinished CHAPTERS this is the last I need to finish the only thing I have left to finish besides the 4 in progress stories is an original one shot called life on mars

Title: legends and history

Author: Suns and stars

Pairings: Eric/Ariel

Genre: general

Warnings: none

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own the little mermaid

Intro: while on land Ariel get to know more about Eric and something about his family remind her of a legend of the sea

***Day 1***

Back on the surface the sun was high in the sky making it mid-day Eric was walking along the shoreline with Max.

"Oh how I miss her Max every day is unbearable" said Eric.

Crouching down to scratch Max behind his ear.

Suddenly Max lifts his head sniffs the air and starts barking madly.

"Max what, what is it boy?" asked Eric.

Trying to find out why his faithful pet began going nuts, however without warning Max began running up the shoreline.

He suddenly stopped yet continued to bark.

"Quite Max what gotten into fella?" asked Eric

In the end he looked up and his eyes widened.

"Ariel" he whispered

Afraid that if he said her name any louder she would disappear.

Ariel smiled.

She swung her legs around so that they dangled off the top rock she sat on

"Hello Eric" she said just as softly.

As tears began building in her eyes

Max ran up to her and puts his 2 front paws up on the rock.

"Hello Max" Ariel laughed.

As the dog licked her face in greeting.

"Are you really here?" Eric asked.

Walking over to her and reaching out to cup, the side of her face.

Ariel only smiled

closing her eyes and basked in the loving touch after days of being apart

He lifted her off the rock and set her own her feet before bring her into his arms

She gasps as pain shot though her legs once more.

Worried Eric set her back on the rock.

"Ariel sweetheart what's wrong are you alright?" he asked Worriedly

Ariel grimaced before answering.

"I acquired my legs differently than the way I had them before."

"What do you mean I don't understand" said Eric

"I'll tell you later but for now could we head inside so I could change please?"

A blush staining her cheeks and goosebumps on her arms and legs.

"Oh yes of course I'm sorry love"

He lifted her off the rock setting her on her feet, yet when he saw her wince in pain he offers to carry her back to the castle however she declined but did ask for his arm which he gave willingly.

So as slowly as they could so not aggravate Ariel's legs to badly they headed up the beach towards the castle.

Entering the castle Eric walked her though the many corridors and up the staircase then down the hall to her old bedroom, entering her room Eric walked her over to the bed and helped her sit down.

"Well I'll leave you to it then sweetie would you like me to get Carlotta for you?" he asked.

"Please" she replied.

Nodding and kissing her forehead Eric left in search of his maid/surrogate mother meanwhile Ariel got rea acquainted with her old room running her fingers over the bedcovers and everything else in reach.

She turned when she heard footsteps.

"Ariel my dear you have returned but what happened?" asked Carlotta.

Seeing the young girls attire.

Ariel bit her bottom lip and blushed.

"Um my swimsuit tore and fell off and I think I may have pulled something in my legs as it's been a bit painful to walk."

"Oh, I see well let's get you bathed first" said Carlotta.

Walking over to the closet and taking out a dark blue robe she placed it over Ariel and tied the sash together before taking down a dress like the one she wore when she was last on land except this was a green colour instead of a blue.

"Come on then Ariel" said Carlotta.

Taking the girls arm and helping her to stand Ariel winced from the pain.

"We'll take it as slow as posable."

Leading her out of the room though the castle towards the bath house.

***10 to 15 Minutes later***

Ariel exits the bathhouse with Carlotta dressed in her outfit together they slowly head back to Ariel room once inside Carlotta brings Ariel over to the mirror and sits her on a stool and begins to brush out Ariel hair afterwards she put it up into a bun atop the girl's head.

"There my dear all finished" said Carlotta.

Ariel smiled

Yet blushed when her stomach growled.

Carlotta smiled.

"I'll bring you some lunch dear,"

"Thank you is it ok if I have my food in here I do not think I can walk all the way down to the dining hall at this moment" said Ariel

"Of course, I'll let Eric know you'll be having lunch in your room and I'll give him some oil to help with your legs."

"Thank you, Carlotta,"

The maid smiled and left the room.

Ariel meanwhile sat back against the headboard and stretched out her legs and wiggled her toes sometime later the door opened again, and Eric walked in.

The pair smiled

Making his way inside and closing the door, he then made his way over to the bed kissing her cheek he sat next to her.

"What's that?" asked Ariel looking at the jar of scented oil in his hand.

"It is for your legs if you rub it into your legs it helps your muscles to relax I could do it for you if you like?" asked Eric.

Ariel smiled shyly at him.

"Ok well um your dress need to come up just above your knees"

So, Ariel grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up

"like this" she said

Once her knees were showing.

Eric nodded and smiled.

"You may find it comfortable laying on your back" said Eric.

So, Ariel wiggled down the bed Eric moved down to give her room, so she lay back with her head on the pillow

He then placed Ariel's leg in his lap put some of the oil on his hands rubbed them together and placed one hand on her calf and the other on her shin.

"Now this might be a bit painful for you but that is because I'm working out the nots in your muscles" said Eric.

Ariel didn't truly understand what he meant but nodded anyway

He then began firmly massage her legs

He saw her wince every now and then, he was still massaging Ariel's legs when there was a knock on the door

"Come in" said Ariel.

The door opened admitting Carlotta in her hands a tray with food and drinks she set the tray on the bedside table.

"Oh, and here" she said

Taking out a cloth from her pocket and handing it to Eric, before leaving the room.

Eric whipped his hand with the cloth while Ariel sat up and swung her legs over the edge

Ariel picked up the tray and sat it between them and think picked up the bread and cheese from her plate.

"So, Ariel you said you required legs differently this time how is that posable you have the ability to walk on land as well as swim in the ocean" said Eric.

Picking up a piece of fruit

"Not anymore daddy took my ability away and put me under house arrest, but I swam away to my grotto my baby sitter his adviser told him where I was he was NOT Happy and destroyed all my treasures of human objects before destroying the statue of you my friends Flounder and Urchin found. Long story short my cousins came and took me to my long thought to be dead Aunt a sea witch and she gave me a potion that is how I'm able to have legs again, but the catch is they only last for three days after that I will NEVER be able to walk on land again unless daddy gives me back my ability." said Ariel.

She didn't tell him about regaining her ability to be both human and mermaid if she receives true loves kiss because she didn't know how to, and she wanted him to love her for her not to be able regain her ability.

He lowered his eyes they continued to eat their lunch when he grabbed her hand suddenly she up at him startled.

"I promise I WILL make your final days here memorable" said Eric,

"Say after lunch how about I give you are tour of the castle you have seen parts of it but not all?"

Ariel smiled.

"I'd like that thank you"

Eric returned the smile.

So, they chatted pleasantly as they continued with their lunch afterwards they cleaned up, Eric got up off the bed and picked up the tray.

"Why don't you try walking around for a bit see how your legs are while I take this down to the kitchen" he offered


So, after Eric left Ariel got up.

She winced slightly after placing her full weight though her legs and slowly made her way around the room getting reacquainted with the room and everything inside each step she took felt better and better until she was walking as she had once done before stepping out of the room and onto the balcony. Looking over the garden. It was a beautiful day the sun was shining brightly, and she could hear the waves crashing on the shore.

She turned when she heard the door open.

Seeing Eric, she smiled and walked back inside and over to him so are you ready for a tour of the castle my little mermaid?" asked Eric.

Ariel laughed and nodded they made their way from Ariel's room down the hall and the staircase.

They had now entered the royal wing of the castle where he showed her the state room, library and a few other room they moved on to the throne room, Ariel's eyes widened when she saw the vast room.


Eric smiled.

"This is the throne room"

Ariel's eyes widened as she moved about the room.

"Who are all these people?" asked Ariel.

"They are rulers who came before me and members of my family going back generations to the founding member of our family Prince Fjord and his wife Princess Cecilia,"

Walking near to the throne he showed her another portrait.

"This young woman is their Daughter Marina."

Ariel's head turned to him so fast that Eric heard her neck crack.

"M…Marina did you say that this woman…." she said

Pointing to the portrait

…is named Marina?" asked Ariel.

Eric nodded.

"Ariel what's wrong you looked stunned?" asked Eric

"Eric the name also belongs to a mermaid from legend, the legend goes Marina fell in love with a prince and gave up her voice to have legs she loved him dearly, but he married another woman the morning after the prince's wedding and after refusing to kill her prince to gain her tale after her sisters traded their hair to the sea witch for a magic knife she died from a broken heart and turned into seafoam" Ariel explained.

Eric eyes widened and looked back at Prince Fjord and his wife Princess Cecilia

"that was HER?" asked Eric

"Now YOU looked shocked" said Ariel.

"Well the story I heard was Prince Fjord found a young blond mute girl washed up on the beach of his summer palace and took her in she could not speak the girl lived with him for a month when he complemented her on her playing of the harp he said that it reminded him of the sea and that SHE also came to him from the sea so he gave her the name Princess Mermaid, they lived happily and their love grew but then it all came crashing down when the Prince learned that his parents put him into an arranged marriage with a Princess from the Suomi kingdom yet he told her the girl he really wanted to marry was a girl that saved him after his ship sank in the storm and he was washed up onto the sure but if he can't find her he wanted to marry is Princess mermaid sadly that never happened, Fjord met his arranged bride and it turned out that SHE was the girl he was looking for and they married yet later that night as he and his wife slept a bright light woke him. he raced up to the top where to his shock his Princess Mermaid was standing on the top of the ships edge he pleaded to her to wait but she shook her head no and leapt into the water. He calls out her name softly when he sees foam rising out of the water before spotting the scale and hair pin looking at them both it finally hit him WHO really saved him that night I don't think he ever recovered after that" Eric finished

"Anyway, he had the scale fashioned into a pin you see he's wearing it in this portrait" said Eric.

Walking over to said portrait and showing him and his daughter on her 16th birthday Ariel saw the scale pin, he wore.

"See his daughter is wearing the hair pin in fact he had a statue made to honor his Princess mermaid yet over time it was violated and had to be re done but it is STILL around" said Eric.

Ariel just blinked and shook her head.

"Who knew the undersea legend and my family history would have such a connection" said Eric

The pair stood their looking up at the portrait of Fjord with his daughter Marina. On her 16th birthday.

"I do believe Marina would have felt honored with what the prince did building a statue in her name and naming his daughter after her even though he never new her true name" said Ariel.

Whipping a sudden tear from her eyes Eric smiled stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms over her shoulders and around her waist.

"I do believe your right" said Eric.

As the pair continued gazing up at the portrait of Fjord with Marina.

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