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Eye of the wolf

The blond ANBU quietly landed on the ground of the dark forest. It was a little past midnight, and this particular area was known to be frightening at night. And although he was an ANBU, he was still a bit superstitious.

He took in a deep breath, he had a mission to fulfill, and he wasn't going to fail the first mission assigned to him as an official ANBU. His trained eyes carefully studied every inch of the forever lasting, forever changing forest.

It was a full moon that night, but the tightly intertwined branches of the forest, restrained any of the so very helpful moon light. Only very lucky streams of light were able to seep through the trees, creating shadows everywhere, and making the young ANBU's mission much more difficult.

He started panicking, the swaying leaves, and bewildering shadows, were confusing him. And all the sounds of the animals of the night were distracting him. He didn't know how to focus anymore. The thought of him possibly being in the same small forest with an S-ranked criminal ninja started to get to him. His heart was pounding, and his breathing quickened. Every sound sounded louder, every light twitch or movement of a leaf, was a possible enemy. It was surrounding him. And suddenly he felt weak and lonely in a very dangerous situation.

Out of nowhere jumped out the leader of his ANBU squad. "It'll be alright" the older man assured him, putting his hand on the youngster's shoulder.

"H-Hai" -Yes- the blond ANBU replied, taking a step back, and if you could see through his bird like mask, you'd notice he was blushing.

The older ANBU nodded in understanding then turned to the forest. His experienced eyes scanned the area for any potential threats, he found none.

He signaled for the rest of the squad to come out, four other ANBUs jumped out of deferent locations, they all stood in front of him.

"We'll search the north side of the forest first, then we'll move on to the east" their leader explained.

"But, shouldn't we split up, it would be much faster that way" the ANBU with the tiger mask asked, her brown hair flying in the wind.

The leader nodded his head then said, "Usually that's what we would do, but this particular criminal is very dangerous, and we only have little information about her. So if we are to have a battle with her, we might need the force of the whole squad to take her down"

The others nodded their heads with understanding. Then a shorter black haired guy asked, "Why are we starting in the northern area of the forest? There is less hiding places there, the enemy is more likely to be in areas with more coverage, like the eastern section or here"

The older man nodded in agreement as he said, "True, but there is a small village at the bottom of the mountain, at the end of the north section of the forest, it is very easy to blend in there, and look like any other villager"

then he lifted his hand adding in a firm voice before anyone else could comment, "Now if no one else has a question, we should carry on with the mission." "Everyone, head out" he added, pointing in the direction of their destination.

All the ANBUs leaped into the tall trees, and quickly and quietly made their way to the northern sector.

The ANBUs quietly, as if they had no weight, landed on the ground at the outskirts of the forest. Their hard work proved to be pointless; there was no sign of their target in that area.

The leader of the squad was especially disappointed; there was absolutely no evidence that their target ever entered this area. He was frustrated with two things: First, with all of his experience, his conclusion was wrong about whereabouts of their enemy, from the beginning. This leads to number two: Searching in the wrong area of the forest, wasted well-needed time, this probably means that the mission is a failure, because of him.

Chocked with his anger, the ANBU was about to move on to the next area when he noticed something…

As his squad followed, he quietly headed to the fenced area overlooking a small village. He stopped before leaving the ring of trees. He carefully studied the figure standing at a distance, it seemed to be a women. She was wearing a navy-blue kimono, her long blond hair blowing with the wind.

According to what he heard, the "Wolf" had black hair, but of course, that is not a proven fact, plus transformation-jutsu is easy even for a Genin.

But if this really was their target, she would have sensed their presence a long time ago; after all she is S-ranked. At that he relaxed a bit, it's probably just a villager.

"Yohito go check it out, and if it's a villager tell her to go home," he ordered. He knew if it's a villager she wouldn't argue, ANBUs are well feared in theses small villages.

The young blond ANBU stepped out of the darkness, and headed toward the girl as he said firmly, "Ma'am… you're not allowed in this area"

His leader watched him blankly, as the newest ANBU headed towards the girl warning her, but she wasn't budging. He puckered brow, this wasn't normal, she would have definitely heard him by now. But she isn't showing any signs of that.

However, he understood it all when he saw the small chakra string, he quickly followed it with his eyes, and then he saw a catastrophe. A bunch of explosive tags, strategically hidden through the area.

"Yohito Stop! Everyone fall back!" he yelled trying to jump back. But…..

The villagers of a peaceful faraway small village were awakened, at the loud sound of a large explosion. A bunch of villages ran out of their homes, to find out what's disturbed their rest.

"Look it's an explosion at the top of Heroko-Sama's mountain" yelled a girl from the crowed.

"I hope no one got hurt" an old lady commented.

"Everybody go back to your homes and children, there is nothing to be seen here" yelled a man with a blue scarf wrapped around his neck.

The people slowly started to peel off, and everyone headed for the warmth of their bed, until there was no one outside.

Two silver eyes gazed at the quickly perishing fire, crouched on a branch of a tall tree, she made sure that her plan had worked out the way she wanted. Finally as the last flame died down she stood up, only now can she leave.

"Darn it!" Tsunade yelled, smashing her fist onto her desk, surprisingly not splitting it in half.

Shizune jumped back, lifting her arms to shield her face. Tonton darted under a chair.

"Darn it!" Tsunade repeated, picking up her large chair, threatening to throw it out the window.

"Tsunade-Sama! Don't do it" Shizune yelled, risking that her mentor might turn her wrath onto her. "Do you know how expensive those chairs are? You've already destroyed three chairs this week. We've lost a fortune on glass for the widow and buying chairs"

Tsunade clinched her fist, and the veins in her forehead threatened to pop out. Shizune took a step back, she know how her boss is when she's in one of these moods.

"Hokage-Sama I…." yelled a young shinobi as he barged in the room.

"What?" she glared at him, waving a fist.

The brown haired ninja stepped back, and stuttered: "I uh, erm…"

"C'mon spit it out" she demanded impatiently.

"Here's a report about the squad you sent to sector "C" at the far borders of Konoha"

Shizune took the report from him and quickly flipped through it, her eyes widened with horror-Surprise.

"What is it?" Tsunade asked in a serious worried voice, as she sat down and knotted her fingers.

"You better read this," Shezune answered handing her the report.

Tsunade's eyes raced through the report. "Tsk" she spat biting her thumbnail with frustration. The situation is much worse then she first imagined.

Lately a new criminal turned up, and she quickly proved to be a dangerous one. Many attacks were launched at different places, in the beginning they had assumed that these attacks were executed by a group of ninjas. But later on they found that there was only one attacker.

The common name for her was "Ookami" -Wolf- she acquired that name when a villager saw her. He said that her eyes were silver and black, and that the first image he remembered was looking at the fierce eyes of a wolf, and since then the name stuck.

Her motives and targets were unknown to everyone, but everybody knew that she must be caught at any cost. Many expeditions were sent to capture her, but they all ended up terminated.

She was soon classed an S-rank criminal, and was in all the bingo books of any ANBU or bounty hunter. Her bounty reached 17 Million.

Tsunade's most fear was that this new criminal would join the Akatsuki, but in a while, it became obvious that she had no interest in doing that.

The real problem now is that her latest movements indicate that she is approaching Konoha, Tsunade doesn't know why, but this roving criminal has chosen this village to stop in, this could be both a blessing and a curse. Because although having the target in her reach, it's definitely a bad idea to host an S-ranked criminal around all these civilians. However, the ANBU squad she had assigned was killed, every last one of them.

This might turn into a serious problem.

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