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This is my first fanfiction, and I'm Italian, so i'm sorry for any misspelling XD Hope you like that, this is a chapter just to introduce the story.
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Carrie was an Italian girl with American mother, from Maryland; since she was little, she spent with her family all the summers holydays there, in Baltimore, at grandparents' house.
She had a lot of friends there, which she preferred to the Italian guys she knew, with no reason. and every time she hated come back home and left them, but she always stayed in touch with them by email and chat.
Her bestfriend was American, Kelsey and they were always together when Carrie was in Baltimore, and she was the only that knew everything about Carrie.
In fact Kelsey was the only person that knew the imminent decision that Carrie was going to take; now that she was 19 years old and had finished high school, Carrie wanted to moved to Baltimore.
Carrie knew that her mother would have been agreement on this decision,because she shold stay at her grandparents' home,
look for a job and found her freedom; the hardest part would have been say it to her dad; Carrie was an only child, and he didn't want her only child so far from home. But after a long talk, he changed idea to make her daughter happy.
Immediately Carrie writed an email to Kelsey to tell her it, and called her grandparents.
Carrie was too excited for her future; she had always think there was a lot of experiences that she could have make in America,
more than in Italy, and it wasn't too late to recover and start to live.
The day after, Carrie went to the travel agency to book her flight; she'll be leave in 4 days; in those days she was much busy with her baggage, but the day to leave was coming. She was ready to push her past away and start a the life she always dreamed.
That day at the airport her parents was really sad, but in the same time they were happy to see her daughter realize her dream;
she was changing her life.
After a long hug all togheter, Carrie went to the check in and the to the gate.
-America, here I come- She said to herself.