My mother was so happy to see me again after almost a year since I was in America, and finally to know Jack. During some of our conversation on skype I had told her about him him, how I felt for him, how much I love him.
- My god guys, I'm happy to see you! - My mother hugged me first and then Jack, who returned happy.
- Your mom is amazing! - Jack said smiling.
- I know honey. - I smiled. What more could I ask right now?
- Give me the suitcases, I bring them to your room Carrie. - My mother said, but Jack stopped her.
- No ma'am Martini, I'll take them to the room. - Jack said, taking my suitcase.
- How sweet. - I told him laughing, he looked at me winking.
I explained to him where was my room and saw him disappear up the stairs.
- You are beautiful together, honey. - My mom said to me ecsttic.
- Finally I know what it means love, Mom. - I sat on the couch next to her . - It seems like to live a fairy tale, and I could not ask for better. -
My mom hugged me. - He loves you. I can say it for sure. He look at you as if you were the most precious thing. -
- I never loved anyone like I love your daughter, Mrs. Martini. - Jack said, appearing behind me.
- Call me Sarah. - My mother said. I kissed him, perhaps with too much passion.
- Uh uh - My mother coughed. - I'm still your mother Carrie. -
I pulled away from Jack and I laughed. Jack felt quite strangely embarrassed.
- Well, Mom. - I said, changing the subject. - The other guys from the band and crew are at the hotel, and there is Kelsey. Tonight we all go out to dinner, you and dad will be our guests. -

Jack and I went to my room to rest ourselves. But we did anything but rest, perhaps we were more tired than before. We were naked in my bed, clothes scattered everywhere, when someone knocked on my door.
Jack snorted,I got up quickly putting on only a shirt and panties. I threw to Jack his boxers and after waiting for him to put them on, I opened the door, finding myself in front of the person I hated more, my cousin Serena.
She looked at me from head to toe, then Jack, smiling like a slut.
- Carrie! - She hugged me, I did not return. - I missed you! -
- AH AH yes! - I said sarcastically.
She smiled falsely, and went to Jack, trying to speak English, but Jack did not understand anything.
- She is my cousin, Serena, the biggest bitch on this planet. - I told him so, she did not understand anything in English. Jack grinned and shook her hand.
- Digli che mi piace la sua band! - [- Tell him I like his band- ] She said in Italian.
- She said she likes your band, so probably she'll try to sleep with one of you. - I said to Jack.
He lughed and then kissed me. She didn't do anything. I should warn Kelsey and Alex about her.
Serena asked me what we had to do the night, she tried to invite herself, but I told her that she was not welcome.
- I hope I'll get to know the other guys in the band before you returned to America. - she told me, winking at Jack.
- Yes, of course. - I closed out the door right in her face. - Bye. -
Jack and I bursted in laugh.

Hope you like it :)