Notes – Done for pw_contest, under the prompt "Spirit" and with a limit of 300 words or less. Set after the third game.

People said that ghosts stayed in this world because they had unfinished business. This was often put down to wanting revenge for someone taking their lives, at least in more fanciful stories.

Mia's life had indeed been taken by someone else in cold blood, but the reason she kept coming back wasn't out of vengeance. That man had got what he deserved soon after the murder, her apprentice had seen to it that he was found guilty and arrested for his crimes.

But Phoenix and Maya… they still needed her.

She knew that in herself, even as a spirit. Maya still called to her, and though it wasn't her place to explain how it happened she would use her sister's body as a host to help with the murder cases as often as she was needed.

Over time, however, both Phoenix and Maya grew into powerful individuals. They no longer needed her. Maya finally went back to the mountains to become the next master of the channelling technique; she was a strong medium now.

While Phoenix was known for being one of the best lawyers in the world, he had surpassed her. Even after losing his badge he remained a man determined to do what was right. And he became a father; she couldn't give him advice about that.

They no longer needed her.

As she stood one night, her ghostly frame outlined against her beloved plant, Charley, she watched Phoenix sleeping on the old sofa and knew that she needed them.

Charley lived for many years after that, always keeping watch on the Wright family, because he was the eyes Mia needed to see her grown apprentice.