So, some back ground; Harry took over for Dr Brennen when she was gone for a year with Booth in Afghanistan. he comes back early.

Special Agent Seeley Booth entered the office of his dear friend and one time lover, and found a shapely woman bent over at the waist while digging through the bottom drawer of a file cabinet.

Thinking it was Cam he walked over and palmed her rear. After a year in Afghanistan training recruits, where relief was few and far in between, he was hard up for some release that didn't involve some self exploration.

Cam had rather liked his spontaneous come-ons, and he was therefore shocked when he found himself on his back with the sharp end of a scalpel inches from his face.

Who he had mistaken for Cam, turned out to be a petite man with blazing green eyes, and fine features, covered by smooth unblemished skin, except for the jagged scar over his right eye. His had nice pink lips with a darker spot in one area where he was prone to chewing. Kissable, Booth decided.

"Who the fuck are you?" the emerald eyed man growled. The tone of voice sent shivers down Booth's spine and he felt his gut clench in fear. The look on the man's face reminded him of the faces his fellow soldiers had worn, and that put him on edge. The man looked far too young to have seen what he and his 'Brother's' had seen.

"Oh my god, Dr Black are you alright!" Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan exclaimed as she rushed into the room. He helped Dr Black up and began fussing over his clothes.

"Cam. Cam! I'm fine! This prick got a little fresh and I might have over reacted." he said sheepishly. Cam turned back to face the interloper and her eyes widened in shock.

"Seeley?" she asked, hesitant.

"Hey Cam." Seeley said giving her an adorable look.

"What were you doing grabbing Dr Black's butt?" she asked crossing her arms.

"I thought he was you." Booth said, shrugging and finally standing. Dr black put the scalpel back on Cam's desk, and picked up a roll of labels.

"That's my cue." he said, his British accent tinted with amusement. "I'll be in the Mausoleum if you need me." he said walking out while whistling a tune that Booth had heard before.

"Mausoleum?" Booth asked.

"It's what he calls the storage room." Cam explained. "What are you doing here?"

"I finished training the recruits and they let me return to my duties at the FBI. Who is that guy?" Booth asked before Cam could comment.

"That's Dr Harry Potter-Black. He comes highly recommended from Dr Brennan, Dr Gordon Wyatt, Dr Sweets, and both the British Government and Our own." Cam said offhandedly, more interested in interrogating Booth.

Seeley whistled appreciatively at the reference list.

"Has Bones met him?" he asked.

"Apparently they met a while ago and she bumped into him when you both were in London. You really need to pay attention." Cam said fondly.

"I don't remember him, and I think I would." he said casting a look to the empty doorway. "What's he like?"

"He's a nice mix of Dr Brennan and Dr Wyatt, with superb social skills." she said succinctly. "Now, enough about him, how are you doing?"

Harry ran his hand over his pulled back hair, while letting out an explosive sigh. His two reactions to the Special Agent had him in a tizzy.

On the one hand, he was still riding the adrenaline rush from his quick defense, and on the other hand he was fighting his arousal. They hadn't warned him that FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth was such a hunk.

He shook himself out of his stupor before he could begin psychoanalyzing himself and began labelling the clear plastic bins which held the shattered remains of a man who'd been forced through a woodchipper.