Here's chapter 14!

Harry and Andromeda stood against the wall directly opposite the closed door to the room where Parker Booth lay asleep, quietly discussing the possible outcomes to the conversation they both knew was coming between Harry and Booth.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Booth stepped out into the hall, quietly closing the door behind him. Andy patted Harry on the shoulder before she walked down the corridor, heading for Harry's office.

The silence that enveloped the two of them was equal parts awkward and uncomfortable. Harry didn't know how to voice any number of the questions running through his mind, the biggest of all was if Booth would abandon his only child because of his magical heritage and talent.

Booth put his hands in his pockets, for lack of something better to do, and began rocking back and fourth on his heels, unconsciously bringing focus to his 'Cocky' belt buckle. The action sent spikes of lust jolting through Harry.

"Um, so, thank you. For saving Parker." Booth said, avoiding eye contact.

"No thanks necessary, I'd have done the same for anyone." Harry said. "The question is, what are you going to do now?"

"Huh?" Booth asked, his thoughts having run in a totally different direction upon seeing Harry.

"With Parker. Can you be there for him? Completely and without hesitation?" Harry quietly demanded, looking over Booth's shoulder.

"He's my son." Booth growled, taking a step towards Harry. "I'll do what ever it takes to protect him."

"And if you can't?" Harry asked, pinning Booth with his killer green gaze. Instead of answering immediately, Booth invaded Harry's personal space. His hands, with their deft and nimble fingers, slid up Harry's arm, across his shoulder and around the back of his neck.

"Then he has you, right?" Booth murmured, leaning in, closer and closer. Harry licked his lips in anticipation. The sudden ringing of Booth's phone shattered the erotically charged atmosphere. Booth rested his forehead against Harry's as he answered.


"Seeley! Thank god!" Cam's voice rang out in the quiet. "Zack's here."

"What?" Booth asked, shocked.

Harry, who had never met Dr. Addy, was curious. The brilliant young man was supposed to be in a very secure mental institution. While he had escaped previously, their security had been upgraded under the direction of Lance Sweets. So how had he made it out this time? And Why?

Having left his car at the Jeffersonian, Booth was forced to hitch a ride with Andy and Harry, who had left his car as well. Andy would be picking up Ambrose at the appropriate time.

"Why do I feel like I'm getting dropped off at school by my mum?" Harry muttered.

"Have a nice day at work sweetums!" Andy poured on the sugar. "Mind your betters!" Harry was tempted to flip her off and just settled for rolling his eyes and climbing out.

"Oh, Andy, we'll need to start planning a little get together. The guys want to meet Ambrose, and I think it's time they were vetted by 'The Family'." Harry said, winking at Andy and causing a feeling of dread to settle in Booth's stomach. She was already planning the menu as she drove off.

As Booth and Harry entered the Jeffersonian, they split off in two different areas; Booth to join Cam, Dr Sweets, and Dr Brennan, Harry to the Interns as well as Hodgins and Angela.

"So, what's this I hear about Dr Addy making a break for it?" Harry asked, resting his elbows on an examination table.

"Well, the last time he did, it was to help us with a case. I can't figure out why he did it this time. There haven't been any major drama cases for a few months. That we know about anyway." Jack said, shooting Harry a look.

"Sorry mate, that's classified." Harry replied, winking at the entomologist.

"Shouldn't you be with the big wigs?" Angela asked, not looking up from her sketch pad.

"Maybe, but I'm pretty sure this is better handled by Dr Addy's friends." Harry said, pointedly. Angela sighed and put her pad and pencil down.

"Don't get me wrong, I love Zack. But," she sighed. "I just don't want to get involved in what ever got him to break out. Does that make me a bad person?"

"Yeah kinda." Harry blurted absently. At Jack's sharp look, Harry hurried to explain. "If his reason for breaking out again, is the same as last time, then you're going to get involved anyway. At the very least, he's your friend and you should spend a little free time with him. It can't be easy on him, isolated from people he cares about, all the time." Angela sighed again, but stood, straightened both her back and her shirt, and walked away, heading for Cam's office.

"Thanks." Jack said, swatting Harry on the shoulder and following his wife. Harry merely nodded and remained where he was. His brief musings were interrupted by the entrance of Vincent Nigel-Murray.

"Oh, hello Doctor Black." he said brightly. Harry instantly saw through his cheerful attitude and creased his brow.

"Everything alright?" Harry asked.

"Oh yes, yes. Did you know, when the Australian-"

"Vincent!" Harry interrupted, not in the mood for Vincent's useless prattle. "Something is clearly bothering you."

"Well, yes, yes there has been something on my mind." Vincent said, entering the room proper. He sidled up close to Harry and began to worry his lip. Harry quickly grew alarmed. "It's a combination of things really, but it's all part of the same problem. I know my time here at the Jeffersonian is coming to an end, I'm a little disappointed, but it is nothing I haven't been expecting. I'm also feeling a little homesick, so am therefore quite anxious for it to be over so that I might return home."

"Oh. And here I thought it was something bad. If you're feeling homesick, go home." Harry said, rolling his eyes and smirking at Vincent. "Should you find yourself unable to resist the comfort of being amongst your own kind, I'm more than willing to put in a few good words for you with any university in all of Her Majesty's Realms."

"R-really? You'd do that for me? Even if I just cut and run?" Vincent said, flabbergasted.

"Of course, from one Brit to another, I know the sort of pull Home has for us. Besides, you're not the type to cut and run. Bow out gracefully, yes, cut and run, no sir." Harry said, bumping Vincent's shoulder with his own.

"T-thank you, thank you so much!" Vincent said, giving Harry a hug before stepping back, straightening his lab coat and sketching a bow. "Lord Potter-Black." he said before he scampered off, leaving an amused Harry behind.

Him being Harry Potter, his musings were once again interrupted by the entrance of a thin man with messy hair. They studied each other for a few tense minutes before Harry spoke.

"Hello." he said, giving a small smile.

"Hello. Do you work here?"

"Yes, and you?"

"I used to. Oh, you must be Dr Brennan's assistant! She's mentioned you quite a few times. It's a pleasure to meet you." he said, holding out his hand. Harry shook it, quite bemused.

"Ah, no, I'm Harry Potter-Black. You must mean Vincent Nigel-Murray. Sorry for the confusion."

"Oh, no, I apologize, it was wrong of me to assume. I'm Dr. Zack Addy."

"Ah, I kind of figured. I heard your visit has the higher-ups in a bit of a tizzy." Harry said, hopping up to sit on the lab table.

"Yes. They do not appear to be happy to see me. Though given the circumstances I don't suppose I would be happy to see me either." Zack said, looking down. Harry felt his heart melt a little.

"They'll come around, once the shock wears off." Harry assured the young looking man.

"Do all British People have hyphenated names?" Zack asked randomly. "I apologize, that was rather abrupt of me." he rushed, avoiding eye contact.

"Only the lucky ones." Harry said, smiling at Zack to ease the young man.


When next they were interrupted, Dr's Saroyan & Brennan along with Booth, found Harry and Zack playing a card game; poker if the Ritz Cracker's as Poker Chips were of any indication.

"Hello all." Harry greeted cheerfully as he showed his cards. "Four of a kind, read it and weep, mate." Harry said, reaching for the stack of crackers in the middle of the table.

"Not so fast, Dr. Black." Zack said, laying out his cards. "I believe this is called a royal flush."

"Well I'll be damned." Harry said, smiling bemused at Zack. "No one's beaten me in years. Congratulations!" Harry pushed the pot in Zack's direction. Looking up, he caught Booth's eye and the man gave him a wink that made heat crawl into his belly.

I wanted to make it longer, but this was all I could squeeze out of my muse before he died an agony filled death in the slums of Puerto Rico where I was being held captive by my ailing great-grandmother who just wont die! Hoped you liked!