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Paperwork, the bane of any bureaucrat, was a necessary evil. This necessary evil just happened to be a requisition form to allow the Jeffersonian to display the skeleton(s) of a human centipede discovered in Wyoming a decade or so ago. He mentally checked it off of his list of things to get done, as well as the glowing recommendation he had given Vincent Nigel-Murray, and leaned back with a sigh. His thoughts began to wander to Seeley Booth and his inexplicable attraction, when the man himself strolled into Harry's office as if it were normal.

The man wore a smirk that promised both nothing and entirely good things. He eased the door closed and approached Harry's desk, leaning against it.

"I think, we were interrupted earlier this week." he said. Wiggling his eyebrows at Harry.

"Oh? I don't recall." Harry said, looking away. Booth slid from his perch and sidled closer to Harry, gently invading his personal space.

"No? Oh, then I guess I'll just have to remind you." he pushed Harry's wheeled chair backwards, simultaneously turning it to that his body lined up with Harry's. He leaned down and placed a hand on either side of Harry on the arm rests, effectively trapping Harry in place. He leaned in close.

"We were talking about how, if I somehow fail to protect Parker, you'll be there for him." Booth whispered in Harry's ear, causing the younger man to shiver as his warm breath ghosted along his jaw. "And then I moved in." Booth said, blowing gently into Harry's ear.

"I was just inches away." the man said, bringing his face in line with Harry's. "From doing something that I've wanted to do ever since you flipped me onto my back and straddled me." by this point Harry's head was tilted back and Seeley loomed over him, their breath meeting in the scarce space between them be become one. Without preamble, Seeley gently placed his lips on Harry's, beginning a chaste joining. Within seconds, all plans of gentility were thrown out of the window as two suppressed carnal desires were unleashed.

What followed next could only be described as two people trying their best to eat each other's faces. Shirts were torn open, two bodies hit the ground, clutching each other as their tongues met in a fierce battle. For what seemed years Harry James Potter-Black and Seeley Joseph Booth expressed their mutual desire with kisses, scratches and nipple twists; all the while gently thrusting against each other.

"Harry-?" Harry jumped, coming out of his fantasy sequence to find Booth looking down at him in concern. "You alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, sorry. What were you saying?" Harry said, rubbing his face and trying to clear his head.

"I said, we got interrupted yesterday. I was trying to ask more questions but the guys from the Smithsonian kept coming up and asking questions." Booth said, sitting back down.

"Yes, yes, right, sorry. Um, yeah so we covered the government in Britain. I went over the money system our whole world uses. I think we stopped on schools." Harry said, straightening up.

"Yeah, you were telling me about the school you went to." Booth prompted.

"Hogwarts, yeah, it was great." Harry said, getting his bearings. "I am the man I am today because of my experiences there. I don't think my time there is typical, however, we were under constant threat from Voldemort and a corrupt government. From what I've seen, Hogwarts has fallen in line with the other European schools and I can't help but thank the gods that it happened." Harry said, thinking on how Dumbledore ran the school.

"From what I can gather about the schools here in the states, they are a lot like the muggle schools. There are a few boarding schools, but more are simply day schools, the students arrived in the morning, leave in the evening and so on and so forth. Which is a better system, in my opinion. It allows for parents to be actively involved in their child's schooling ,rather than having to hear things after the fact, or in the newspaper."

"I meant to ask, you mentioned being a half-blood last time, what's that? What's the other half?" Booth asked, sitting forward.

"Um, think of it like race. A person of sub-Saharan descent who's parents are both of sub-Saharan descent would be considered pure. Whereas a person with one sub-Saharan parent and one parent from any other culture would be a half-blood. With muggleborn, think of it as a two people from the sale racial background having a child who is a member of an entirely different race. My Mother was muggleborn, while my Father was a pureblood. I am a half-blood. Parker would technically be a half-blood because his Mother is from a magical family, while his Father is not. Things get a little muddled when a half-blood and a pureblood have a child. Teddy's Mother was a halfblood, but his Father was a pureblood. Teddy is technically a pureblood because both his parents came from magical families." Harry said.

"Ok. How important is this blood stuff in the magic world?" Booth asked, looking concerned.

"Nowadays, not very. My parent's generation was really the time where such obsession was at it's height. But that was more due to the spreading of bigotry Voldemort bathed in." Harry explained. "Here in the states, you get it rarely. American wizards and witches are more closely connected to their muggle counterparts. The Vice President of the United States is always the Minister of Magic here in the states. It's a fascinating process, really." Harry mused.

They were interrupted by Harry's phone ringing. Giving Booth an apologetic smile Harry picked it up.

"Black. Uh, yeah. That sounds fine. I'm sure it will be wonderful Andy. I should think I would man the grill, Molly would of course need to be calmed down, which is what you'll be doing, drinks can be self-serve, and deserts set on a table. It sounds as if it's going to run itself. Ok. Ok. Sounds good. Alright. Mmhm, yeah. Ok. Ok. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Gods no. Yeah ok. Yeah. Alright, ok bye." Harry hung up.

"That was Andy. She's got the weekend party all planned, now all I have to do is invite all of my co-workers." Harry said, grimacing. He put his face in his hands and groaned, dreading the task ahead of him.

I had a comment or two about me wanting my great-grandmother to die. Allow me to clear up something, she's been very ill for a while and was suffering. Her children, the ones with whom the authority to end her suffering, refused to do so on religious grounds. So, due to a religion my bisabuela did not follow, she had to languish in agony for the better part of two years, finally getting a measure of peace on the ninth of December, days after my birthday on which she told me that she could die happy knowing that I lived my life how I wanted and was successful.