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Terry stood on top of the Wayne-Powers corporate headquarters, looking out over the city. It had been a quiet night on patrol and he'd decided to take a breather from it all. The top of the tower had been his preferred place to go to think for a year or so, since he'd realised it was the one place in the city he'd be able to keep track of the entire city from the birds eye view.

After a few minutes, he spotted a red hover bike flying through the traffic at high speed, a man in black, red and white armour with a red helmet riding it. He slowly walked towards the edge of the building before stopping millimetres from the edge, spreading his arms as the red wings came out under his arms.

"Show time." He said to himself before letting himself forward, bringing his legs together and engaging the thrusters in his boots, gaining on the bike very quickly, looking at the armoured driver as he pulled alongside him "Pull over!"

"Ooh, got myself a Bat I see." The driver said, his voice digitally altered "Shame it's Batboy, I was hoping for Batman, but then I guess the old guy's getting on a little."

"I've got news for you." Terry said, narrowing his eyes "I am Batman!"

"No, you're just a little boy playing dress up." The rider said, swerving his bike, causing Terry to need to copy the manoeuvre to avoid the vehicle slamming into him "You're good kid, but I'm better."

As the rider said that, he jumped off his bike, a red rocket pack coming out of the back of his armour as the bike swerved off and under the traffic. After a second, the thrusters kicked in, propelling him off faster, Terry pushing the bat suits thrusters as hard as he could in an attempt to keep up. After a moment, the other man landed on a roof top, Terry landing a couple of seconds behind him, being met with a heavy blow to the jaw followed by a kick to the gut.

As the man went for a third strike, Terry blocked it, countering with his own blow to the man's stomach before he swung his leg round, tripping the guy. The man got up, pulling a pair of red laser pistols out from the back of his belt and opening fire on Terry, barely missing.

"You're good, I'll give you that." The man in the red helmet said "No where near my standard, but you're good."

"I'm not the one who just missed every shot." Terry shot back "Face it, you don't have a chance."

"Kid, if I'd wanted to kill you, you would've died back on that highway." The man said, his jet pack firing up "I just wanted to let the old man know that I'm back in town, and give you a warning; stay out of my way or I'll deal with you too. See you around, kid."

The man shot off into the air, cutting the thrusters on his pack as his bike came up from the traffic underneath him, landing on the bike before shooting off at high speeds. Terry put two fingers to his left ear as he heard the comm. system in his cowl coming online.

"Terry, get back to the cave." Bruce's voice came through the comm. system "Now."

The system cut off as the large, sleek black form of the batmobile came into view, flying towards him at high speeds, slowing to an almost immediate stop directly above him, the circular hatch at the bottom opening for him to enter the car. He did so, putting his hands on the controls, the suit interfacing with the car as it came about and shot off, heading back towards the batcave.


Terry got out of the batmobile, pulling off his cowl as he walked over to the large computer Bruce was sat by. On the screen was the image of a young man with red hair, a white streak at the front. He was wearing a black and white body suit with a black skull in the centre of the chest.

"Who's skull guy?" Terry asked, getting Bruce pulling up an image of a boy in his mid teens with black hair in a Robin suit that barely differed from Dick Grayson's, the boy being virtually identical to the young man "Guy that replaced Tim Drake?"

"No." Bruce said "He's the one who Tim replaced. The one between Dick and Tim."

"There was a Robin between those two?" Terry asked as Bruce got up slowly with the help of the cane beside him "Who was he?"

"His name was Jason Todd." Bruce said "I met him when he was trying to steal tires from the batmobile I had at the time. I saw him as something I could fix, someone I could help."

"What happened?" Terry asked.

"The Joker happened." Bruce replied "He was doing a job for Ra's Al Ghul but deviated from Ra's' plan. Abducted Jason, beat him half to death with a crowbar and then blew up the building he was in. I was too late to save him."

"Well that sucks and all but how does it come into this guy with the schway red helmet?" Terry asked.

"After Jason was killed, Ra's retrieved his body. He used the Lazarus pit to resurrect him, that's why he has that white streak in his hair. The issue was with Jason's mind though. He was Robin for four years and over that time he became more and more violent. He shattered someone's collarbone when we needed to interrogate the man." Bruce said "Once you put that with the effects of the pits on someone's mind, you get something entirely different. He took up the mantle of the Red Hood, an alias the Joker had used years before. That's who you were fighting tonight."

"So I was fighting the second Robin?" Terry said "They seem to go nuts a lot. First Tim Drake as the Joker, now this? What's next, Dick Grayson as the Scarecrow?"

Bruce didn't say anything, instead turning and walking away with Ace, his dog who had just uncurled himself from where he'd been lying in the shadows by the computer. Terry looked at the image on the monitor. Something didn't feel right with it.

He took a seat at the computer, pulling up files on Jason Todd. According to the system, Todd would be in his mid sixties. Terry was no expert, but even if Todd kept himself in great shape and had a suit enhancing his abilities, he shouldn't have been able to beat Terry, someone less than a third of his age who definitely did have the suit enhancing his abilities. He was determined to find out who this guy was and how the guy had thrashed him and he was going to. The next time he faced the Red Hood, he'd be ready.


Okay, I know Terry is kind of out of character and Jason Todd has never been in any continuity connected to Batman Beyond, but I always felt that was rubbish because, well, it's like when Spider-man stuff omits Gwen Stacey because she died. This is me bringing him in, and I found the best way to do that; Batman: Under the Red Hood. I've taken elements for Jason's back story. One thing I want to say here and now though; I won't say definitively that Jason Todd is this incarnation of the Red Hood. This fic isn't just Batman Beyond versus the Red Hood, it's Terry having to grow, having to truly earn being Batman by being what Batman truly is; a detective. Anyways, that's enough from me. Please R&R, no flames please. I hope you've enjoyed this chapter and will enjoy future chapters. Peace, though that's one thing this fic will not have hehe. Ben.