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Love Poem

A woman in a red revealing outfit stood at the railing of a ship. She gazed out at the oceans she sailed on. Her silver white hair blew in the wind, her icy blue eyes hardened by battle held a mischievous glint, sometimes hidden by amusement or anger. But more so, sadness of late.

She traveled with a small group with intentions on destroying an evil soul-consuming blade. The group consisted of: Kilik, a monk from china; Xianguah a former royal guard also from china; Sophitia and Cassandra two Athenian sisters sent by a Greek god of forge; Maxi a Japanese pirate captain who transported them from place to place with his ship; Taki a former member of the Fu-Ma clan; Yunsung a student from Korea; Li Long also from Korea; Rock a British axeman; and Link an elf-like warrior who claims he was from another world.

Link, had caught Ivy's eye. She felt pulled to him, as if some invisible rope was tied around her waist and someone was pulling on the other end towards him. Maybe it was him, that someone on the other end.

Ivy had been with this group for two years, Link had recently been asked to join a year ago. He was sent away by Sophitia who acted as the leader, to find any more shards of Soul Edge while covering the land. He had not yet returned, but he had sent messages attached to his hawk's talons to inform them of his progress.

While he was with the group, Ivy had gotten close to him. They had both been anti-social, both quiet and powerful warriors. It wasn't until they had to fight side by side against a group of Lizardmen did they become friends. They were always together, Link being the one who did not joke around much, despite his age; and Ivy being the one who had the sense of humor, and a dangerous attitude.

There was one incident that involved a prank from Maxi, the ship's captain, framing Link for something he did. Ivy, blinded in her rage, nearly killed him.

What was left of Link was a bloody pulp.

The sight of the half-dead, and unconscious elf, made Maxi sick to his core. He told Ivy the truth and that he was only having a little fun. When she was told who really was responsible, Maxi ended up right next to Link in the ships infirmary.

Taki, the ex Fu-Ma ninja; Cassandra, the youngest of the Grecian sisters and second in command; and Sophitia, acted as the healers. They were also angry with Ivy for not seeing the logical side of things. Common sense would dictate that Link was never one to play ridiculous jokes and pranks on others, especially Ivy. So when she came into the room, they all stood and glared daggers at her for the damage.

Maxi, having decided that she was not to be blamed, and hoping to impress one of the females, defended Ivy saying that he was the reason the whole mess was started. Now they all glared at him.

Ivy came to Link's side, he was still unconscious and bleeding. Wrapped around his head was gauze for a cut on the side, his stomach was subject to a huge gash, and his ribs were broken as well as his left arm. He had one black eye and a dislocated shoulder to boot.

Maxi on the other hand, was worse off. Especially since he confessed, because the three 'doctors' decided to add to the damage done by Ivy.

Not knowing how to deal with these situations, she took a seat by Link's bed and took his broken arm in her hand. The motion caused him to hiss in pain and pull away in his sleep.

Ivy's emotional walls suddenly came toppling down. He was the only one who she could talk with. The only one who cared about her problems.

Shedding a tear she grasped his face and buried her head in his chest, and forced herself to not shed anymore. Link stirred, she was leaning on his poor broken ribs but she was too busy fighting the worried and haywire emotions to notice.

His eyes shot wide open and he gasped. Looking around frantically, his eyes finally came to rest on a silently sobbing Ivy. Link felt a little confused but was more worried for the reason as to why she was sobbing in the first place.

"I...Ivy...?" his voice raspy when he tried to talk. His vocal cords were damaged by a blow to his neck. It hurt to speak.

At the sound of his voice, Ivy lifted her head after wiping her tears away, hoping he didn't see them.

"Link, I...I'm...I'm...sorry! I didn't know! I never meant to go that far! Forgive me..." She pleaded quietly. Now Link was beyond confused.

"About what? All I remember was hearing a shout, followed by laughter, then all went black. What happened? Why am I in so much pain?" He asked, attempting to lift his left hand, but uttering a yelp of pain as it was still broken.

"Maxi framed you for a prank he pulled on Ivy and she went berserk." Cassandra answered as she came up and wiped his forehead with a damp cloth.

Link looked over and saw Maxi unconcious with Taki and Sophitia standing over him, glaring at his form. Link frowned.

"And I assume that you went and 'exacted revenge' on him afterwards. Right?" he asked now looking down at Ivy. She blushed, which was a new thing for him to see, in embarrassment.

"Yes..." she answered, sounding sheepish.

Ivy gave a slight chuckle to those memories. That was two weeks after Link had joined. Ten days after their friendship begun.

She suddenly heard a hawk's cry from above. Grinning, she held out her left claw-armored hand and the bird landed on her arm. There were two letters this time attached to it, this surprised Ivy a little.

One was for 'The Others', the second was for Ivy. Staring at the letter for a while longer, she put it in her...cleavage...and made her way to the helm of the ship where Sophitia and Cassandra was.

Ivy suddenly began to remember the day they saw Link off, not long after he recovered of course.

"Ugh, they can't be serious! You only just got better! Why can't Taki go? She has got some skills in tracking, I'll give her that, so why not her?" Ivy complained.

Moments before, Sophitia came up and asked Link to scout ahead and search for some shards nearby on land while the rest hold the sea. Ivy was not at all happy about Link being sent anywhere with out her. It was not that he had just come out of the infirmary, it was he had to leave.

"Because, I have a higher sense when it comes to finding the shards. I'm the groups best bet." he answered, earning a glare from her.

"Well...Why can't I go? They can't tell me what to do! If I want, I could go with you!" she responded arogantly. Link looked at her weirdly before sighing.

"Look, Ivy, you will be better help to me out here. I can handle this by myself, and I'll work faster that way as well. I'm not saying you would slow me down! I'm just saying I always move quicker when I'm alone. I can't help but slow down when there are others with me..." He explained.

Growling, Ivy pulled him into an embrace which stunned the Hylian.

"You had better return. Or I'll find you and put you back in the infirmary!" she said, anyone else would have jumped out of their skin, but Link detected the worried and mischievous tone behind the angry words.

"Ivy, you can trust me to not let you down." he said.

She felt light-hearted after he said that. Something in his voice suggested he felt the same for her. Only now did she realize she had fallen for him. It may have started after the first month of their friendship, she didn't know. Her emotional walls prevented her from recognizing the signs of love.

She shook her head mentally, questioning her mental condition. Why would he love her? She was maybe two decades older than he!

"Sophitia, Link sent word." Ivy said, walking up to the leader and handing her the note. Sophitia gave her thanks and began to read the letter as Ivy made her way to her chambers.

*Later that Night - Midnight*

Ivy sat at the foot of her bed, holding the letter Link had sent her. Was she afraid to open it? Why would she? It's not like it is some kind of love confession poem he wrote to her.

Deciding to ignore her fears as superstition, she opened the letter and read it:

Dear Ivy,

Ye who hold my Heart...

An Endless love...

Within my Soul...

Beyond the boundaries of Life itself...

The gods could not separate me from you...

My love is like an eternal flame, burning fiercely within my chest when you are around me...

The coldest wind, nor the largest oceans could not dose this flame...

My soul soars at your very touch...

My whole story starts and ends with you...

One name I shall forever hold dear: Ivy...

You complete the void within my spirit...

Not even Death could keep me from you...

You are my light in the dark...

You are my warmth in the winter cold...

My goddess in living form...

The epitaph of beauty and passion...

My queen of sensuality...

My beloved Ivy,

I love you...



Ivy was at a loss of words. She could not comprehend what she just read. She read it again to ensure she read right. Still no change. Again, and again she read the letter, yet it remained the same. Her heart soared at it's written words. Link loved her!

Now she knew why she acted the way she did around him. She was in-love, deeply and truly.

'How can this be? He...He loves me...' She thought.

She sat there in stunned silence at the revelations and the realization, she wasn't insane after all! She wasn't dreaming this! It was real. Holding the letter close to her chest, she lied on her back and slowly let sleep take her.

Her dreams that night were not of the cold dark and bloodshed she always dreamed of. It was of the young and loving elf, Link. She dreamed of his words, of the feeling of his arms around her. She dreamed of his lips on hers. She dreamed of his voice in her ears and his gorgeous eyes meeting hers. The one who had the power to reach past her barriers and touch her heart, and warm her soul.

As long as she had him, nothing else mattered. Nothing but her angelic love, the one of her dreams...Link.

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