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Soul Calibur: Love Poem


Ivy side-stepped Nightmare's swing and brought Valentine in whip form around, wrapping the blade around the demons neck and kicking his knees in, forcing him to fall on them. Nightmare fought furiously to untangle the whip-like sword from his neck, but to no avail. To make matters worse for him, Ivy was out of his reach, behind him. He realized it was only a matter of time before that blasted elf he had been fighting all day dealt the final blow.

"Now Link!" She called out to her lover.

Link ran up with his sword after dropping his shield half-way through his skirmish with Nightmare, He glanced at his side to check on the others. Sophitia, Taki, Rock, Li Long, Xianguah, Kilik, Yun Seong, and Cassandra were holding off the horde of Lizardmen Link had been tracking for a few months now before he confessed to Ivy.

Link jumped high up in the air and brought his Master Sword down on Nightmare's helm, right in the middle.

Everyone froze, all fighting had ceased.

With a cry, the Lizardmen melted away into black ooze. The group cheered at their victory. Link pulled the Master Sword out of Nightmare's head and kicked off the demon. The azure knight fell down with a heavy bang, his body engulfed in flames.

Link sighed, leaning against Ivy for support; Nightmare dealt alot of damage to the Hero. Ivy held onto Link tightly, she had not seen him in months, but what struck her hard was how he had almost died before her eyes had she not intervined. She could feel the blood that oozed from his wounds trickle down her suit. Soul Edge glared at them both, Ivy returned the glare ten-fold before setting a dead tired Link gently on the ground.

"Bastard!" she roared as she slashed Soul Edge's now widened eye with Valentine.

The demonic blade shattered to a tiny million pieces, hitting the ground with a shimmering sound. The metallic looking eye that remained was shattered as well as she crushed it under her heel.

She breathed in heavily as she turned around to face a grinning Link.

"What?" she asked, confused by his grinning expression.

"I was just wondering...How did I ever fall so deeply in-love with you." He snickered mentally. Ivy's blush answered him, it was the intended reaction.

"I...You...Oh, shut up..." She answered loking away with a grimace. Link laughed weakly, the tired voice of the elf brought her back to his injuries.

Kneeling down next to him, she ripped his tunic asunder and examined the damage.

She grinned when she noticed that he was the one with a deep blush on his face now.

Reaching down, she cupped his head in her hands and leant down. But before she could finish whatever she had in mind, she was interrupted.

"Whoa, when did this start hapening?" Yun Seong's voice came from behind.

'...Uh-oh...Yun Seong, I give you my sympathy, but your a dead man.' Link thought as he seen Ivy's face darken and her eyes flare angrily.

She was about to turn around and beat the arrogant fool to bits when Link's hand grabbed hers, causing her to look at him.

"I'm bleeding Ivy, you can kill him later, I'll do anything for you if you will just let this one go if it's not too much to ask." He said, 'Mount Ivy's volcanic erruption' cooled off at his words. She suddenly smirked.

"If you say so..." her voice was dark and sultry. Link felt his eyes widen and his throat gulp. Why did he feel that he was in some sort of danger?

*Later that night – Link's room – 2:05 am*

Link awoke to the sound of someone moving around the room he slept in. He eased for his sword, weary to not open one of his wounds again, especially after what Ivy had done after she fixed him up.

Link shuddered.

'Goddesses, that woman can kiss...' He thought to himself, feeling flustered at how she had layed that particularly unexpected form of affection on him without warning.

He was almost able to grab his sword's hilt when a familiar clawed hand stopped him. He looked up at the shadowy figure and saw two icy blue eyes staring at him with a mischievious glint hovering within. He didn't know how, but he felt that the figure was grinning at him darkly.

"What have we here? Going somewhere?" A familiar, seductive voice said with a dark chuckle to it.

"Ivy? What are you doing here?" Link asked after he recognised the voice.

"Just here to claim my reward for not killing that idiot earlier." She replied casually with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Okay, what did you have in mind?" Link asked, his innocents making him oblivious to his beloved's hinting.

Ivy smiled at him, she knew he had no expierence in love. But his heart made his mind a beautiful thing, and that was all she wanted from him.

"I think another kiss will suffice." She offered.

"Uh...I don't know. That last one left me dazed..." he responded with an embarressed blush.

Ivy laughed at that. She sat next to him and leaned down. Gently, yet surely, she placed her lips on his. Link's eyes widened as she explored his mouth. Her eyes held that amused glint in them that he fell for as she slowly closed them, deepening the kiss as she stradled his lap.

Link sat there, he did owe her after all, plus he loved her. Why would he deny her what she desired? He would go to hell and back for her if she asked him too. Even though he already has in a sense, what with all he has endured in his short time on this earth and Hyrule.

'Well, you know what they say: if you can't beat 'em, join them.' he thought, shrugging mentally knowing he wouldn't be able to avoid this one.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he returned her kiss with all the passion he could offer. Ivy grinned as she licked his lips seductively, sending a shiver through him. His lips passed by her chin and he placed soft, warm kisses on her neck and collarbone. She moaned in pleasure as he did so, resting her head against his.

He stopped and pulled back, staring her dead in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" she asked gently and quietly, hoping he wasn't getting uncomfortable.

It wouldn't have mattered if it were anyone else, but he was the only one she cared about now. Link could easily say the same about her.

"I was just thinking, I never told you how much I loved you in person. Allow me to make amends." He responded, causing her to blink a bit.

"Isabella Valentine, I love you. With all my heart and soul." Link declared. Ivy felt her heart lurch in several directions at his words.

"...Link...I love you too." She responded, the words feeling foreign to her tongue.

Before, Ivy felt no emotion; not since her foster parents passed away. She had always been alone, until he came in to her life. She changed because of him. She changed for him. That was what love did for her, it gave her a reason to live. A reason to feel again.

Link resumed his passionate kiss with the dominatrix, his Queen of Sensuality. Ivy giggled and layed down on top of him.

Link glanced at his night table. On it, was a small box, black in color, easily fitting in the palm of one's hand. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring embedded into a pure gold band.

He gazed at it from the corner of his eyes as Ivy began to hold him much tighter, he could feel her removing something from her form. Ignoring the blush and the threat of a nose bleed, he smiled at the turn of events in his hard life.

Things were changing for the better for the two. As long as she held his heart, Link was at peace.

As long as she could see his shining smile, and gaze into his angelic eyes, she needed nothing more.

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