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Harry looked down out of the master bedroom window as London's morning routine went on beneath him. He had been there for quite some time even though he and Luna had been up late the previous night. She had taught him some of the older customs associated with Yule which had mostly fallen out of favor in all but the most traditional of houses. Or at least those who typically sent their children to Hogwarts. From what Luna said there were many families (including many of the so called 'Bog Weasleys') who kept to the Old Ways and generally kept apart as much from the mainstream life of the Great Houses and the Ministry as possible.

Harry turned to look at the blonde witch who still slept peacefully in his bed. She wasn't the only one in residence but Harry knew the next few days were going to be intense involving no one but Luna and himself. He had wanted to keep the others at arms length till the two of them had completed their tasks of vengeance.

Harry smiled. Well it would include Colin on one thing. He was glad the young wizard had agreed to help him. While most of Gryffindor house had turned their back on him, Colin's support had never waivered.

He went to looking back out of the window. Snow had fallen the night before and for the most part the park across the street was still covered in the light dusting typical of London snowfall. The park had already been restored as best as could be expected after the explosion back in September. Harry had made a donation towards restoring the park via Narcissa since he didn't want the stark reminder of that day to be there for all his visitors to see. This went double for Lilith.

He knew for all her boisterous cheer and doggedly Hufflepuff loyalty, Lilith's near death experience had rattled her. She was going to see a therapist over the holidays. Katie had actually been able to find a squib therapist who specialized in both Muggle and Magical therapies. Katie's mother (also a squib) was part of the same squib support group that the therapist was in.

Harry felt the woman needed to set up shop at Hogwarts given how pretty much the entire student body probably needed therapy in some form or another given all the crap he'd seen since First Year.

Hell, Harry knew for a fact that Ron had been wetting his bed like a little kid for a week or two after the incident with Aragog's children in the Forbidden Forest. When one has arachnophobia, having a giant spider crash through the car window and almost decapitate you isn't something one can just shrug off. It's going to leave a mental mark. Finally the late Weasley had gone to Pomfrey for some potions upon hearing some of the upper years were doing it after Penelope and Hermione had been petrified.

Harry figured he was the only one awake in the house other than the house elves whom he suspected of never sleeping. Hermione had been in the library almost since they arrived and only been chased out by Kreacher under orders for not to stay too late into the night. Padma and Parvati had also taken part in the ritual so they were probably still in bed. Both had been curious how the English Yule rituals were different from the Lohri rituals done in India and Pakistan. Pansy had also taken part and had surprised him by contributed a lot of background lore to the twins. Well perhaps not so surprisingly given her family was just the sort which would hold on to the Old Ways.

He suspected Narcissa would be up soon given how taking part in the ritual or not, the older witch held to a schedule which quite intense. She had waved off his worries of her working herself too hard. Narcissa had said the pace was only needed for a month or two more as she got all his House business into something resembling order. Hermione had sometimes accused him of being an adrenaline junkie and Harry had to wonder if Narcissa got the same sort of buzz from House politics. He figured she had to be getting more enjoyment out of the work given that Harry was very cognizant of how much Narcissa was doing for him and how screwed he'd probably without her. Narcissa had made it quite clear how clueless Lucius had been regarding how much she had done for him. So he was very happy she seemed to enjoy the work.

That and the sex she got was probably a big part of it.

Of course this just meant Lucius was now in over his head; something Narcissa obviously took a great deal of satisfaction in. This satisfaction, after all the bitter years, was something which seemed to take the edge off that fact that her son was dead. Shortly after they had arrived at Grimmauld Place, Harry had taken her aside. They hadn't said a thing to each other but a lot went back and forth between their eyes. Narcissa was grieving but it was apparent she had known her son was lost some time ago especially after taking the Dark Mark. She certainly didn't blame Harry for making Draco pay for his poor decisions.

This reminded Harry that he really needed to see if Lucius was scheduled to go to any holiday events he couldn't beg off of from. Harry really wanted to be the one to kill him before the Dark Lord did. Voldemort wasn't known for his patience or his ability to forgive weakness so the clock was against Harry to off Blond Menace Senior before the Dark Lord did.

Luckily for him, Narcissa's work ethic had created a unique opportunity for him. One which took care of a lot of loose threads. Harry had lamented to Luna how he felt the likes of the Twins had to wait as a suitable revenge hadn't appeared. On coming home to Grimmauld Place, Narcissa had shown them not only a way to use Ginny's life-debt against the Twins but that she had already laid the ground-work for their take-down. It took a quick floo call to bring Tonks into the loop but by the time they began the Yule ritual, the plan to stop the Twins was set in motion. Narcissa had assured Harry that while the plan might appear rushed, it merely built on a network she had used for a long time when certain people needed to disappear.

Of course Katie had jumped in to set some conditions which Harry was a bit leery of but Katie had won him over in the end. As much as he didn't really want to see Angelina so soon after their last meeting, the news Alicia was in town briefly created an opportunity of its own.

Harry looked at the clock on the mantle briefly. Sally would probably be the last to wake up given how Jacob still seemed to think 2am was a fine time to wake up, demand to be fed and then a long round of mother-son bonding time. While she might do it occasionally, Sally so far had refused to let Winky do much in the way of taking care of her son. While she appreciated Winky's enthusiasm, Sally had told him that she felt so many of the Purebloods were cold because they never bonded with their parents due to being raised so much by house-elves.

Harry wasn't sure if this was true but it sounded reasonable to him. It wasn't like there wasn't a historical precedent of elites being raised by slaves with love only to turn around and their nannies like chattel when they reached adulthood. It was why he treated his concubines as normally as possible. Indeed he'd already told Hermione that if he called her 'Hermi" that this was a sign they were going to do some master/concubine role-playing. Hermione had been quite comforted when he told her this.

The ride home from Hogwarts had been sexually thrilling but also had her coming away worried she might end up plaything for all of Harry's girls. So far, everyone seemed to be on board with acting like nothing had changed outside the bedroom. Only Pansy had made some sly innuendos which had made Hermione blush as bad as Ginny used to right before she'd stick her elbow into some butter.

Lilith had said she'd be dropping by to stay in a few days. With her parents dead and her brother Shadrach working long hours at the law firm meant there was little tying her to the small apartment she shared with her brother. Katie and Lavender were also home with their own families. Katie was testing the waters back at home before bringing Harry over to drop the bomb that they would be wedding come the New Year.

Lavender had an upcoming family get-together with a lot of cousins from the Continent so had begged off which Harry had no problem granting. As a consort, even one done in a shotgun wedding sort of way, had a lot more independence which Harry was fine with which seemed to make Lavender's parents quite happy. They still were trying to feel out how to act around Harry given the nature of how their daughter had come to become his consort. Harry certainly wouldn't have wanted to be in Lavender's shoes when her parents had gotten her alone after the scandal had been brought to their attention!

Harry wondered what the Grangers thought of their daughter boldly stating to them at King's Crossing that due to a magical incident, she needed to stay with Harry for a while. Of course Harry had been surprised how, after what seemed a token argument, the Grangers had taken their leave. Even Pansy who was used to seeing parents be cool and unattached had been surprised. Hermione had merely shrugged and said that being a witch meant that her parents had no one to really brag about to their friends. What use was having a daughter on top of her class when you couldn't really talk about the school in anything resembling detail? So as Hermione's Hogwarts' years had rolled by, her parents had been more and more disengaged from her.

Of course Harry knew that Hermione probably abetted this process given what he knew now about her parents. He also knew that their reaction, while good for them not having to get more into the situation than they wanted the Grangers to know, had once again hurt Hermione. Both Harry and Luna could feel Hermione's pain given that even as they expected the worse from the Dursley or Xenophilius respectively, they both seemed to always find new ways to twist the knife and continue hurting them.

Harry also had to wonder what the unholy Trinity of Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape were thinking. Right before they had bordered the carriages for Hogsmeade Station, Hermione had told Professor McGonagall she was giving up being a prefect for personal reasons. The look on McGonagall's face had been priceless when Hermione had merely repeated 'personal reasons' when asked why she was quitting and left it at that. Both Harry and Luna felt that a witch of McGonagall's caliber would immediately feel the change in Hermione's aura due to the concubine bond. Yet barring kidnapping, there was nothing any of the Hogwarts staff could do to stop Hermione leaving the castle nor could they force any student to be a prefect.

Beyond keeping his concubines close, having Hermione at Grimmauld Place made sense because he was pretty sure some sort of skullduggery would happen to Hermione if she had gone home with her parents. He felt bad enough about Katie being home but Dobby had been tasked to watch her and so far he had reported that Katie's home was clean of all but the basic charms muggleborn students in Hogwarts had cast on their homes by the Ministry.

Harry frowned. Not that the Ministry ever told the parents this. Harry had to wonder how often those spells and records of them had led to deaths caused by Death Eaters throughout the years.

Harry turned away from the window and his eyes fell on the chess set table in the corner. Harry and Ron had played on it quite often after he had been acquitted by the Ministry and moved to Grimmauld Place. Harry even felt the pieces had started to respond to him which was more than could be said of Ron's personal set that openly disliked him. Harry had to wonder how well Ron might have played using a regular, non-magical chess set.

He walked over and picked up the white queen. McGonagall obviously but was Snape a rook bishop or knight? Harry looked down at the board and thought about the days ahead. He had spoken briefly with the Patils who had shown up at King's Crossing to see their daughters. Both had been overjoyed to hear that Padma's aura had stabilized much sooner than anyone dared dreamed and that Harry was going to make her Lady Peverell.

Luna theorized that Padma had recovered so quickly due to the Coven bond. It helped smooth out her magic by her being tied to all the other witches who themselves were tied to Harry. It made sense to him and Harry was glad that the Patils didn't seem to care about having a small, private wedding ceremony where most of the people there would be close friends and family of the Patils. Besides his coven-mates and wizards like Colin and Neville, Harry didn't have anyone he trusted enough to warrant getting an invite.

Still the wedding would be rushed and Harry had worried about that given how tradition bound purebloods tended to be. Taluqdar Patil had said, when asked about this, that with the threat of Voldemort looming custom and tradition could be bent. They always could have another, more formal, ceremony to renew vows after the war if they both survived. This had made Harry see how Luna had been right in how people would see taking Lavender as a consort while still in Hogwarts as a hedge regarding the coming war. It seemed the Patils felt the same in regards to Padma. Best wed and bearing an heir early even if that made schooling a bit of a juggling act.

Harry put the white queen down and pick up the black king. While there had ended up being a lot of sweaty fun in the expanded cabin on the Hogwarts Express between him, Luna and Katie, his consort and all his concubines, Harry had had a lot of time to think while the witches had engaged in girl-talk which centered mostly on the upcoming weddings and what needed to be done to prepare.

During that time, a plan had begun to form on how he was going to deal with Voldemort. All of Voldemort's horcruxes had been destroyed and absorbed by him except for Nagini who would be at Voldemort's side when he confronted him. The fact he had more of Voldemort's soul than he did in a sense had given Harry an idea. Well that and his whole encounter with Ginny and all the revelations about her sickness that had entailed This plan, if it worked, would allow him to penetrate the Death Eaters ranks and trick them into fighting for him. This would allow him to put forth his hidden plan which had been made possible by the secrets Ragnok had revealed to him.

Harry picked up the white king in his other hand. Odd how in a way, Voldemort had gone from an unstoppable force to one he now felt almost cocky about taking him down. Of course the prophecy did sort of imply he'd win. Why else was he listed as 'the one with the power to vanquish' instead of something like 'a child born as the seventh month dies, one born to those who thrice defied the Dark lord will come and the Dark Lord will mark him' – Luna had told him the trick to prophecies was catching nuances like that.

Yet Dumbledore was a force to be reckoned with in his own right. Oh Harry felt between his Peverell artifacts and the issue with Dumbledore's cursed hand that he could take the Old Man in a magical duel if it came down to it. This was especially true if the Elder Wand would not work against the Peverell heir like most of his coven felt was likely.

Yet he still was the Supreme Mugwump of the ECMS as well as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. One didn't take down someone as well connected as Dumbledore and not expect there to be a huge backlash. In many ways, his plan with Ragnok would hopefully distract everyone from this but again, he didn't want to kill Voldemort and then Dumbledore only to find ECMS or even ICW enforcers showing up.

If there was one thing Harry had always wondered about was why the ECMS and ICW had never intervened in the previous Voldemort war. The answer, according to Susan and Daphne, had been that there were plans for an intervention given all the Muggle deaths. However, it was plain that the idea was to wait to see what Voldemort would do after he gained power. If he tightened the leash on his Death Eaters and things mostly returned to normal, no action would have been taken.

Harry frowned at this thought. Apparently a murdering despot in charge of England was okay just as long the Muggles didn't notice. The lesson learned from this, Harry felt, was that any change he planned to make had to happen quickly so as to keep some level of a status quo or be strong enough to make the ECMS think it was too much of an effort to deal with. If the ECMS didn't react, it was almost a given the ICW wouldn't either.

Harry hoped this would prove to be true. His plan was a big change to the status quo. Luckily even though there were Continental economic competitors in the form of gnomes and craftsmen in the form of dwarves, goblins were still a big part of the European magical community. Any action against Harry's plan would have repercussions Harry hoped would keep away any attempts at an armed intervention.

"We really need to work on your brooding, my love. Your face may well freeze like that someday and that would be a shame," Luna said in a soft, playful tone.

Harry turned to the bed with an apologetic smile, "I wasn't brooding; I was planning. Once we get some loose ends tied up, I believe things will speed up considerably."

Luna stretched a bit then sighed, "Yes, I do believe you are correct. Everyday the shatterpoint seems clearer. Unlike your previous years, I doubt we will see the end of term out before this is resolved."

Harry laughed, "Good! I'm tired of crap hitting on Halloween and then again at the end of term year after year."

Luna's smile faded, "I do wish we would deal with my father sooner."

Harry shook his head, "The timing isn't right. Plus for some reason I just have this gut feeling to wait. Like the appropriate punishment will come to me at the right time. I'm sorry, my Dark Lady, but my gut has been pretty good at keeping me alive."

Luna's laugh tinkled like broken glass, "Who am I to go against Harry's gut? Oh well, your solution to Rita is rather inventive and should be an interesting show."

Harry looked at her with a puzzled frown, "Really? I know you like animals, dear, but I'm doing this for the shock value."

Luna shrugged, "I am damaged. I know I find pleasure in that which others find disturbing. I am resigned to that. While talking with Katherine of late has helped tremendously, one does not forego years of abuse in a few months as you well know."

Harry sighed, "You've got that right. Merlin, after some reflection on the train I realized I could be accused of doing what Hermione did. I've been creating this Harold Black persona to be everything Harry Potter could not be. Am I really coming into my own or just walling off that which I don't want to deal with?"

Luna beckoned to him and he quickly moved to hug her. They embraced for awhile before Luna whispered into his ear, "We are both broken as is Hermione. We shall either have the time to see if we can overcome this or we shall be dead and beyond caring. We must only be strong for a little while longer."

Harry couldn't help but shudder. He had mostly had done a good job of burying the feeling that he wasn't going to live to past the endgame. That and the feeling someone special to him would need to die in some 'for the Greater Good' sort of way. He'd been secretly glad that Neville had branched off by himself to create an alliance of wizards. While at the end Harry knew House Longbottom would stand with him as they had always done with House Potter down the years, Harry hoped the distance would keep him safe. Sadly people Harry liked had a bad habit of dying around him and he hoped to finally put an end to that trend.

Harry broke the hug, "Shall we get us some breakfast, my Dark Lady? Evil plots shouldn't be laid on an empty stomach."

Luna rolled her eyes, "You are being silly. Our plans cannot be that evil for you do not have the required long moustache, evil cackle and some familiar to stroke as you tell your plans to your helpless enemies."

Harry burst out laughing, "You got me there although I think Hedwig would take exception to that last part. Well then my semi-dark Lady, how about we steal away the day? We have lots to do before tomorrow."



Rita Skeeter scowled. It was a look people who actually knew her well (who were few and far between) was on her face more often than not. To the public she might as well been Gilderoy Lockhart's under-study with the amount of teeth she flashed. But the bright bubbly personality was quickly replaced by a ruthless efficiency when outside the public eye.

Even her enemies had to admit Rita worked hard for her craft. Even those who saw her as a rumor-mongering hack writer, they would be the first to admit that she excelled at being a rumor-mongering hack writer! Little did these people know how far Rita would go to get her stories. Being an illegal animagus was only part of it. She gave no thought to flashing her ample cleavage, bending over to pick up that 'accidentally' dropped quill or even the occasional blow job in loo or sex against the wall of some out of the way place during a gala event.

No, if there was dirt to be had, Rita would find a way to get it. At the moment she was irritated that her current contact hadn't shown for their first face-to-face meeting and it was beginning to annoy her. While this contact had already given her some priceless info on Potter, she wanted to get more and get it into print before something happened which might take the limelight away from her exposé.

Oh the crup would be among the kneazles when her story broke, Rita chortled to herself even as she tapped her foot in irritation. She didn't like to be kept waiting. Yet she consoled herself that with what her contact had given her already, the wait was probably worth it for what might be coming.

To think, Harry Potter was going to wed Katie Bell, the daughter of a squib and Muggle! Certainly House Potter was known for occasionally marrying Muggleborns but these were spaced out between at least three to four generation or more. For Lily Potter to be followed immediately by one barely more than a Muggleborn herself was going to be a huge scandal.

Rita began to pace even as her face broke into an evil smile. Then there was the news of Harry to marry Padma Patil into House Peverell. While no one would deny the Patil family's pureblood credentials, the fact they were still seen as foreign interlopers would cause a lot of anger among the other British great houses who would have hoped their own native daughter would take that coveted spot. Now there was only the choice for House Black and Rita knew there would be a feeding frenzy of witches desperate to gain that position!

Rita had already thought of an entire series of article she planned to write under the pseudonym she used for Teen Witch Weekly. It would focus on the all the best ways to snag the elusive Harry Potter. Rita loved pseudonyms. She could write for other sections of the Daily Prophet, publications like Teen Witch Weekly and various papers on the Continent and get paid for it all without damaging her own name brand. She would sometimes even write for the Quibbler! Best of all was how she could twist each article to reinforce one another thus making Rita look like the journalist others all looked to.

Rita cast a tempus charm and her evil smile turned to a frown. It had only been a few minutes since the last time she cast the charm. Rita huffed in irritation before going back to plotting out how se was going to use all the new dirt she had.

On top of the surprise weddings, there was the rather suspicious matter of Harry's new consort and concubine. Professor Flitwick had been rather chatty to her for a change about what had happened to Padma Patil when she had asked him about it back in mid-October. He had wanted to be sure people knew that it was simply a rare but not unheard of consequence of auras getting tangled together. At the time, he had mentioned that while it might be expected that the other girl would be affected, there had be no indication that it was actually going to happen.

So Rita's antennae quickly literally had twitched when she got the news of Parvati Patil becoming a concubine so close to her friend becoming Harry's consort. Rita would have bet her wings that something was up and after a little covert digging and trolling of her student contacts this had proven true. Rita's smile deepened. Boys loving to brag made her job so much easier!

Of course printing the truth would have to be done delicately even for her. Rita knew full well when to tread carefully when dealing with the great houses. She assumed Narcissa had been the one to help Potter use the situation to his advantage. Blackmailed or not, Rita was sure House Brown was happy that this scandal had been dealt with as it had. In pureblood circles, dealing with a scandal like this without it becoming public generally meant it was then off limits. Everyone knew but no one talked about it.

That didn't stop her from making general insulations and other comments about it. While she made a lot of money from people paying not to write a story, she knew where her bread was buttered and that was with the sweaty masses of common witches and wizards who drank up her stories like Hogwarts students took to butterbeer. They love to see glimpses into the dirty laundry of the great houses!

If there was one thing Rita knew for certain was how much the Daily Prophet was little more than a propaganda organ for the current Minister and a scandal rag for the populace. Indeed Rita had learned a lot from Muggle tabloids. She knew how to play the game so that even when someone in power directed their ire her way, she could simper and apologize and blame her source.

Rita couldn't help but cackle, anonymous sources and hearsay were her greatest weapons. Nothing could be proven and thus nothing could stick. Oh she had brought so many rich and powerful to their knees with just a few unnamed sources and the rumor repeated enough times to become facts.

Rita had also been ecstatic to learn that the little bushy-haired menace in the form of Hermione Granger had become another of Harry's concubines. While she doubted he had the stones, Rita hoped Harry would give her the come-uppance the mudblood deserved! Rita consoled herself with the fact that Harry was still a young teen and the lure of having a witch under his complete control would probably give Rita a measure of revenge. Plus while his position certainly made it completely possible; Rita would be sure to make comments about elite privilege. While there would be a lot of people happy to see a mudblood being put in her place, there were just as many who resented the fate of what happened to witches like Granger to the men who were single and didn't like that someone like Harry had two wives to say nothing of four concubines!

Rita cast another tempus charm and snorted. Didn't her contact realize how precious her time was? She wasn't the like to be kept waiting especially in the dusty storage room in the back of the building share by three businesses. She had discovered it quite by accident early into her career. The beauty of it was even though it was shared, all three business kept items they rarely used in it so the chance of any employee disturbing her was practically zero. In face, Rita could still see where new dust had covered the footsteps she and her last contact had left from her last visit.

A flash of red light in the corner of her eye made her turn but not before the light struck her and she lost consciousness.

Trigger – OoOoO – Alert
(Really; I'm not kidding)

Rita woke slowly.

She quickly realized she'd been stunned. She had been quite the spitfire back in her Hogwarts days and had done quite well for herself in the Dueling Club which had still been active when she was in school. So she was quite familiar how it felt to come out from being hit with a stunner.

Rita also quickly realized she was tied up. She tried to move her head but she found she was bound in an odd position. It was like someone had been told to crucify her on a St. Andrews cross and screwed it up. For one, she was facing the wrong way with her chin resting on the vertex of the upper arms of the cross. Then there was the fact the cross was currently leaning against one of the shelves so she was at an angle. Not that she was complaining. Rita didn't think hanging from a fully vertically x-cross would be anything but painful.

She tried to apparate but that failed. Rita chided herself in thinking that anyone would be so stupid as not to take that into account. She was obviously under an anti-apparition ward. That only left one option which she didn't want to use.

Rita tried to shift into her animagus form but found she couldn't. She began to panic given how she would be looking at a few years in Azkaban if her status as an illegal animagus got out. Obviously her captors knew she was one. She tested her bonds and beyond not being able to move her head, all she could tell was she seemed to be naked from the waist down.

Now Rita had had a lot of kinky fun over the years given how you could dig up some good dirt while catering to some old wizard's perversion. Yet she didn't think for a minute that some old contact of hers had stunned her for a surprise bout of kink.

Yet even as she thought this, she gave a startled yelp as a tongue began to lick her most sensitive spots between her thighs. Rita struggled to try and see but with her head wedged where it was; all she could do was raise her head a bit. Only the sound of the tongue licking her randomly between her sex and anus and some rather heavy breathing gave any hint to whoever was behind her.

Without many other options, Rita tried to struggle but she soon realized that the bonds holding her to the cross were more there mostly for show and that her wrists and ankles were bound to the cross by sticking charms. Without a wand there was no way to escape. All the while she fought against the growing pleasurable feeling between her legs. Whoever her captor was, he (she?) had no shame and a long tongue. Her anus was given as much attention as her sex although her position might have made that a coincidence.

Coincidence or not, she fought from getting more and more turned on. Her struggles to get free began to become writhing against the pleasure and she couldn't help but begin to moan. Rita heard a pop and thought there had been a flash of light but she had had her eyes tightly closed as she tried not to succumb to the lashing tongue. She didn't want to give the person the satisfaction because whoever it was, was either a rapist or someone she was going to have serious words over how far to take kinky sex! She was Rita Skeeter and one article had been enough to topple some pretty important people!

The minutes dragged on and Rita soon gave up the pretense of not enjoying the tongue lashing she was getting. She even began to push her bum back to get more of the delightful feeling which washed through her. This, however, made her yelp in surprise when her movements made her come into contact with something cold.

Given the angle, Rita thought it had to be her unknown assailant's nose but why was it so cold? Suddenly it hit her and even through the waves of pleasure that rippled through her, Rita felt a surge of terror. It wasn't unknown for vampires to play odd games. Certainly it was morning but the vampire could have been hidden in the room before the sun rose. Besides, old vampires could move around in the day and elders could even survive the sun as long as they didn't tarry long in direct sunlight and were mostly covered up.

Vampires didn't have the ability to use magic even if they were originally Magicals so it was obvious that if it was a vampire than he (or she) had a Renfield with them. After the squib Bram Stoker's bit of fiction hit the Muggle world, the name of one of the characters had filtered back and became the slang for the human thrall that most vampires seduced into being their servant. Most became a Renfield in the hopes of later being "gifted" with vampire immortality while others were just weak-willed people nobody missed.

Either way, Rita began to struggle in earnest even as she began to lose the battle between her legs. She began to plead for the tongue to stop, to be release but there was no relief. Rita couldn't help but begin to scream as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Even as she almost lost consciousness to the powerful feeling, she was fearful of what was to come. Vampires often like to play with their meals. Yet why her? A vampire had to be deranged to attack someone as well known as her! Plus she knew most vampires who might do something like this would capture a woman during her menses for the added bonus of the blood.

As her orgasm subsided, the tongue withdrew leaving Rita some time to try to get her breathing under control. Her being bound to the cross was helping her in the least. She expected to feel her neck be caressed before the inevitable bite. Since while male vampires could become erect, they could not orgasm so for them having intercourse was pointless. Rita knew vampires often like to 'flavor' the blood of their victims by inducing pleasure, pain, fear or euphoria.

But instead there was silence until she heard a chuff of breath like from something like a horse. It was deep an animalistic. She froze and as she held her breath, Rita could again hear the heavy breathing. "What are you waiting for? Whoever you are, do what you're going to do or release me! I'm Rita Skeeter! I'm not one to be trifled with!" Rita cried out in a show of bravado she knew probably sounded weak to whoever was tormenting her as it did to her own ears.

Again there was a chuff but one which sounded like some animal was amused. There was movement behind her when suddenly something huge slammed into her. It was heavy and furry. Hot breath blew against her neck. In horror, Rita saw two sets of white paws next to her outstretched arms.

Rita screamed when she felt something large begin to probe between her thighs. The animal (Wolf? Dog? Vampire in wolf form?) begin to whine and thrust its haunches against her. Rita pleaded in a string of pleas which probably made no sense what so ever as she wiggled her bum around to avoid the huge phallus she knew was eager to penetrate her.

Sadly this tactic worked against her as she accidentally shifted in such a way that the animal's member slid into her. Her previous orgasm had made her wet and slick and regardless of the girth and length, it penetrated her deeply. Her captor let out a small howl which sounded satisfied.

Rita continue to struggle and plead as whatever animal it was continue to whine and yip as it thrust into her. She had never had children but she wondered if being this filled up was an inkling on how it might be. She felt stretched like no man (or sex toy she had played with) had ever managed.

Rita racked her brain to think who would do this to her? At least the heat from the animal's thrusting member told Rita it wasn't a vampire in wolf form. But that still left the question of who had she angered to warrant this? She was Rita Skeeter! She held the ear of the Minister himself! Even that toad, Dolores Umbridge before her fall from grace had been wary of her.

Yet worse was that somehow her body was beginning to respond. Even as she continued to struggle, she was horrified how she was obviously becoming aroused. It was like she was being encompassed by a warm, sexual cloud which targeted every erogenous zone in her body. In short order, as horrified as she was, she found herself beginning to move against the animal and even began to encourage it!

To make things even more horrific was there were more flashes and Rita realized what was happening. Someone was taking pictures of her! Almost certainly Wizarding pictures which wouldn't hide the fact of how much her body was responding to being fucked by an animal.

The flashes continued intermittently as Rita screamed to the winds. Half in anger and half in ecstasy as the beast flooded her sex with hot semen as she herself had the strongest orgasm of her life.

Trigger – OoOoO – Alert
(Yup, One More)

Harry grunted in pleasure as he tried to continue thrusting while keeping his grip on Colin's hips. The younger wizard was practically babbling incoherently as he orgasmed, his cock spewing onto the floor in a torrent.

Between the feeling of the interplay between his aura and Colin's as well as the obvious pleasure he was giving, Harry finally orgasmed himself, shooting deeply again and again into Colin's bum. As he did so, Colin body shuddered violently in reaction to his aura flaring and Harry was sure if he was capable of coming again, he would have.

Luna, on the other hand, had no such problem and loudly came from the couch she had been watching the action from. She had already fingered herself off twice while she had watched Colin suck Harry off and then move on to shagging.

She was saddened by the fact that the 'auragasm' which had sent Colin over the edge was markedly less than what she had felt the first time she and Harry had had sex. Like Padma, the coven bond was speeding Harry's magic into synching with his body. While it was good given Harry might need to use intense magic soon, the witches all bemoaned the coming loss of the added sexual pleasure the out-of-synch aura gave them when Harry came.

Harry slowed his thrusts and enjoyed the moment for what it was. He wasn't about to take up with blokes but he had to admit that for now, sex with Colin had been easy. The young Gryffindor was short in stature and had yet to really develop much in the way of body hair. From behind, he might as well be Su Li given the lack of womanly curves so many of her other coven-mates had.

As he pulled out of Colin, Harry smiled as the other wizard collapsed onto his stomach with a groan of pleasure regardless off the doing so right into the mess he had just made. Harry wandlessly summoned his wand and slowly began to work some spells to clean things up. He had to admit he was beginning to see how two blokes could enjoy sex together even if they weren't gay. Colin's aura hadn't felt like anything he had felt before. It was refreshingly different.

That and Harry had to admit, bloke or not, Harry had found the naked adoration Colin had in regards to him to be nice. He had thought it might be creepy but it hadn't. Sure he had balked at first when Colin had said sex was his price for helping take pictures of Rita but given the fact that Rita needed to be punished for the many, many lives she had ruined, what Harry had done would put any accessory into Azkaban. So Harry felt that one bout of sex with a wizard was a price he could pay.

It had been surprisingly easy. He had mostly kept his eyes shut while Colin blew him (and did an amazing job at it) and mostly just listened to Luna's running commentary. She had been incredible turned out throughout. Harry had drawn the line when she wanted to see him snog Colin. She had pouted and said Harry got to see all his witches do it to each other, why couldn't she see the same with Colin?

Colin had merely waggled his eyebrows but Harry had bluntly stated that even if it made him a hypocrite, no snogging blokes! That and he reminded Luna as Colin had bent down to begin pleasuring him orally that quite a few of their coven-mates had no trouble perform sexual acts on each other but wouldn't snog another witch either. Again Luna had pouted prettily but quickly got distracted by the show.

"Well Colin, I'd say you were pretty satisfied with your reward," Harry said with a smirk on his face.

Even though Harry's spells had cleaned up the mess in and around him, Colin remained prone and didn't bother to raise his head, "Oh yeah."

Harry reached out and slapped the Gryffindor on his arse before he stood up, "Come on buddy, we can't stay here. I doubt the aurors can track us but I'd rather not take that chance."

Luna laughed, "Especially if Nymphadora was still working for the force. She would be right put out she missed the show."

"I'm not moving. I think you turned my bones to goo," Colin said declared plaintively and then yelped as Harry hit him with a small stinging hex. "Okay! Okay! I'm moving!"

While Harry and Colin got dressed, Luna waved her own wand over her crotch with a mumbled spell before putting her knickers back on and straightening her long skirt. Harry had wondered about the outfit before they had left given it was pretty cold out but Luna had given him an exasperated look and told him the skirt lining had a built in warming charm activated with just the touch of her wand. Harry belated realized that the school uniforms had to have the same or the witches of Hogwarts would probably freeze to death half-way through the Scottish winter.

"You seemed to have enjoyed rewarding Colin, Harry," Luna said with a knowing smile.

Harry snorted, "Yeah well given what was asked of him, I think the price was reasonable."

Colin chuckled, "Yeah that was some weird shitte! I have to say even when spelled to be white, your animagus form is down-right scary! People are going to lose their minds when these pictures get published."

Luna smirked, "Rita seemed to enjoy it."

Colin winced, "Yeah well that's what was the really squicky part. I mean I was able to just concentrate on taking the pictures and focus on that. I might be into blokes but even I'll admit Skeeter is easy on the eyes."

Luna nodded, "I agree completely. It almost makes up for her horrid personality…almost."

Colin chuckled again, "What started to get to me was how she was really getting into it. I can see the first bit. I'm sure if some mystery person was giving me a blow, I'd be down with it as well. But afterwards?" Colin shuddered.

"Harry's aura probably had a lot to do with it, Colin. I know you felt it its effect," Luna pointed out.

Colin beamed, "Oh fuck yeah I did!"

Luna looked over at Harry, "You sure you do not want to give an encore performance with Colin for the coven? We could have a big party and invite everyone to watch. It would be a bit hit especially with Nymphadora."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Not going to happen. Still, as weird as it was, the aura play was nice."

"How so, Harry?" Colin asked as he sat on the floor putting on his socks.

"Well even though you're gay, you're still a bloke and the feeling is just different. Your obvious enjoyment helped but it's hard to describe. I guess I can see how sometimes Quidditch wizards end up with other wizards when the Rush is on them," Harry explained.

Luna smirked, "Makes you wonder about the Slytherin team. They have been all male for over two decades. Perhaps you broke a heart or two when you defeated Draco."

Both Harry and Colin groaned, "Draco is dead; the last thing I need to think about his any possible sex he was having in the locker room," Harry said.

"Yeah especially when you consider Crabbe and Goyle are on the team," Colin said distastefully.

"Oh I do not know; it shines a new light on the beater position, does it not?" Luna said with a twinkle in her eye.

Both wizards groaned again as Luna began to giggle.

Yet the giggle trailed off and Luna's face slipped into that dreamy look Harry had come to associate with Luna getting one of her glimpses of what might be. Colin looked and was about to say something when Harry cut him off with a curt shake of the head.

Finally Luna gasped as if she'd been holding her breather eyes fluttered closed for a moment.

After a minute or so Harry finally asked, "Anything interesting?"

Luna opened her eyes and looked at Colin, "Perhaps…Harry do you remember when we first discussed forming a coven."

"Coven?" Colin asked.

Harry waved off the question as he thought back to that night. His occulemens regime made able to remember such things a lot easier, "For the most part, yeah why?"

Luna stuck her wand absently behind her ear and was silent for a moment. "I got another glimpse of a possible future and Colin was there with us all. It occurs to me how Su Li said that normally covens centers on a powerful wizard by witches or tend to be all one gender or another."

Harry nodded, "Okay I remember that. Lilith was talking about the biology of it. Another wizard might try to compete with the 'alpha male' for dominance."

"Oh!" Colin suddenly said.

Harry looked at him, "Yes?"

Colin looked at Luna who smiled brightly at him, "I think I see where Luna is going. I don't know what a real magical coven is all about but I'm assuming so far it's just you and a lot of witches, right?"

Harry nodded.

Colin bit his lip as he thought about it some more, "Well I think she's saying I could join your coven because I'm gay so I'm not going to compete with you over the witches. If anything, I'd be just another trying to get some time in your pants."

Harry blinked at this but quickly realized the truth of it. Colin had been part of the D.A. and already had some inkling into some of the dark things Harry was into. He also was known for hanging around Harry (some might say stalking in his earlier years) so he might have some of the same spy spells Hermione had in her head. And it was true; Colin wouldn't feel the need to prove his manliness in the coven. He would be a good final person from Gryffindor.

Even so Harry sighed and gave Luna a mock glare, "You just want to get another show, especially in front of the coven! Once wasn't enough, was it?"

Both Colin and Luna laughed. "It would make for an interesting initiation," Luna said with an evil smile.

Colin got up and mock punched Harry in the arm in a parody of the type of punch Seamus would do to Dean sometimes. The Irish wizard was almost comically homophobic and any hint of him doing something he felt might compromise him being seen as straight brought on a binge of various testosterone infused mannerisms. A lot of people (Harry included) thought it was probable that Seamus was gay himself and trying to convince himself he wasn't. His chasing women but never keeping them seemed to lend credence to the idea.

"Don't worry Harry. After whatever imitation, I promise to keep it in my pants." Colin said with an evil grin of his own.

Harry matched the grin, "Don't be so quick to think you're safe, Colin. Luna here isn't shy to whip out her toys and have her way with you."

Colin looked at Luna with a questioning rising of an eyebrow. Luna merely looked back and affected the look of a bored pureblood as she ostentatiously looked at her nails. It was an almost perfect imitation of Pansy, "Yes well a witch like myself cannot be bound by the common masses. Besides Harry has such a nice tight bum; I had to truly see how tight."

Colin's eyes went wide as he looked back to Harry who scowled and raised a wagging finger, "Not a word to anyone. Not. A. Word."

Colin thrust out his lip in a pout which wouldn't look out of place on Lilith's face. "Fine! Ruin all my fun. So, great and terrible leader; what next?"

Harry looked at his watch, "Nothing you can help us with I'm afraid. Most of it is just watching from the shadows and making sure everything goes without a hitch. Besides you need to process the film so we can get it to Narcissa for the proper distribution."

Luna scoffed at this, "Do not believe him, Colin. He and Katherine have conspired to get some Quidditch nookie and make it look like part of the plan all along. He will be nowhere near the actual action like Narcissa and Nymphadora will be."

Colin gave Harry a knowing look, "Did he now? Well I might gay but hey, the Flying Foxes are fabulous. Couldn't resist, huh?"

Harry couldn't help but look sheepish, "Hey, having sex with a lot of witches is part of a plan my coven came up. With Alicia being in town unexpectedly before taking off again, Katie sort of put her foot down. She has a thing for witches from that part of the world. Besides it will help me assess how things go when the authorities show up at the Twin's shop after things shake out."

"And having sex with three witches he undoubtedly had dirty thoughts about since his first Quidditch practice probably had nothing to do with it," Luna said with a leer.

Harry threw up his hands, "It's part of the plan! A plan, you and Katie came up with I might add! It's a distraction and alibi maker!"

Colin and Luna shared a smirk, "I think, Luna, that he doth protests too much!"

"Argh!" Harry said before storming off to start taking down the secrecy spells around the empty flat they had appropriated. Kreacher's had been sent to look for places they could take over temporarily and had found this Diagon Alley flat similar to the Twins. The owners were away on holiday and the shop below was closed for the day. It was also close enough to observe where Rita was left but far enough away to make an escape possible. They would leave no traces before they left.

Colin laughed, "Yup, definitely protesting too much!"



"Ah Master Weasleys! Welcome! Welcome! You must come to the back and see what I have for you! Good stuff, the best!" the short but quite portly Asian man said as he beamed up at the Twins.

Both Twins looked around the Asian market but beyond an elderly lady examining a green mango, the place was empty except for employees restocking the shelves. Even though they weren't that far from the Leaky Cauldron entrance, both wizards felt the need to be cautious. A lifetime of being told how odd Muggles were had made them wary even when those they had business with.

The owner waved again before disappearing behind a doorway covered with hanging beads. The Twins followed, both surreptitiously checking their wand holsters hidden under their trench coat sleeves.

"So Mister Zhōu, what do have for us today," Fred asked as they found the man in the store room by stacked boxes of produce.

"Yes, we look forward to you amazing us," George said.

"Dazzling us…" Fred continued.

"And leaving us breathless," they both finished together.

Mr. Zhōu made a face and shook a fist at them, "You boys are weird! Good thing I like you! Now, I show you the good stuff. You pay top dollar for this. Top dollar! Good stuff!"

Fred looked at George and grinned. They knew that while seemingly excitable, Mr. Zhōu was quite the smuggler and the pigeon English was almost certainly a con. However regardless of the act, when Mr. Zhōu said he had the good stuff, the Twins had never left unhappy even if they had to pay through the nose for it.

The man turned to a box filled with plantains and fiddled with the sides a bit before something made a loud click. He then took off the top of the container to reveal a false bottom. Anyone looking at it would just see a deep box of fruit not realizing that most of the box carried something else.

George let out a low whistle as Fred looked impressed. Neither would have guessed at the trick and both were impressed such a thing could be done without magic. Once again it was a reminder that unlike what most purebloods thought, Muggles could be rather clever in ways they made up for not having magic.

Mr. Zhōu turned and gesture, "Come see! The best!"

The Twins moved closer to see plastic bags and bags filled with what looked like beige biscuits.

Mr. Zhōu grinned, "Straight from the fields of Myanmar! None of that trash from Afghanistan! No! The good stuff!"

Fred reached out and took the bag filled with pure heroin almost reverently. The amount before them was a lot more than they had expected the man to be able to bring in. He looked at his brother who also looked a bit gobsmacked. "Top dollar indeed" Fred murmured.

Mr. Zhōu beamed, "I get Number Two son. He package up the goods and then you settle up and be on your way, yes?"

Fred just nodded as he continued to fondle the bag. George simply nodded, "In, out and nobody is the wiser."

"Ha! Good boys! Weird but smart! You wait here for Number Two son!" Mr. Zhōu said before going to a side door which he opened and began to yell in Cantonese. After a bit of yelling, the man muttered to himself and went through the door, slamming it behind him.

George looked at his brother, "Brother mine, we've hit the jack-pot."

Fred smiled, "We did indeed, my slightly less handsome brother! You realize this means we have less to worry about Lord Harrikins pulling the rug out from under us by demanding his money back."

George waggled his eyebrows, "Very true my slightly less intelligent brother! But with Potterling knee deep in Quidditch honeys back at Triple Dub U, I don't think that is going to be an issue."

"Too true, brother mine," Fred said with a grin. "But you know rich types can be fickle. Best to play it safe."

George waggled his eyebrows and leered, "Please! Even as angry as he was, look how quickly Harry came back for more. This on top of the fact he already has access to some fine pieces of ass for concubines!"

"To say nothing of the titillating ta-tas of the lascivious Lavender Brown," Fred agreed.

"This just proves, my dumber brother, that illicit tail is the sweetest. If the straight and narrow Harry Potter can't resist, we are soon going to have a fortune old dearly departed Drakey Malfoy-boy would be envious of," George said.

Fred's response was cut off as an amplified voice rang through the building, "This is the London Metropolitan Police! Everyone in the building hit the floor and remain where you are! I say again, to the floor or there is going to be trouble!"

Fred cursed, "Bloody hell! It's the cops!"

"The long arm of the law even," George agreed.

Fred glared at George, "No time for jokes, George! We need to get out of here!"

George rolled his eyes at his twin's stupidity; he really was the stupider twin! "Relax! Grab the box and let's apparate out of here. We get the goods, we keep our money and poor Mr. Zhōu takes the fall."

Fred hit his forehead in mock despair. With a grin, he grabbed the box, "Alas! How could I forget! Well, shall we?"

George nodded with a wide grin, "Let us shall, brother mine."

The grins slid off both their faces as they attempted to apparate and nothing happened.

"What the bloody fuck?" George snarled.

Fred face twisted in concentration. "Bloody fuck indeed! It's not working! That's not possible! Muggles don't have anti-apparition wars!"

"No they don't but they have been known to call in a specialist from time to time," came an amused voice behind them. The Twins whirled around and both wizard's jaws dropped as they found themselves facing down a wand held by Tonks.

"Hiya boys! Long time no see! You don't floo call, you don't owl, you never show up for Order meetings anymore…not that I do either, but still. A girl might think you were up to no good!" Tonks said with a grin.

Fred's wand arm twitched slightly but a stinging hex hit him before he could do anything more.

"Ah, ah ah! None of that now. In fact, I think now would be a good time to place your wands on the floor. I am perfectly capable of turning the pair of you into penguins before either of you get a wand half way ready. I'm just awesome like that...and my honors in Transfiguration proves it," Tonks said still smiling but with steel in that smile.

The Twins looked at each other but neither complied, "You're not an Auror anymore and besides we've done nothing illegal," George finally said.

"Ah I beg to differ with you laddie," said a gruff voice from behind them. Both Twins turned to find a man in a suit flanked by two Bobbies who obviously came through the door Mr. Zhōu had previous used.

The man turned his head, "You two continue to sweep the area. I'll take it from here."

With a chorus of "Yes sir!" the Bobbies left. The man looked at the Twins with a smile, "Deputy Chief Inspector Miles Cavanaugh and yes, you have broken the law and done so many times. Oh I'm sure no judge in the Ministry would sentence you but you're not going in front of a Ministry judge. Oh no! In fact, you're not going in front of a judge at all."

From behind them, Tonks chuckled, "You boys are going to get a one way ticket to Wandsworth Prison. It's one of Britain's finest prisons."

DCI Cavanaugh chuckled, "And by finest she means worst for you the incipient inmate."

Fred and George traded a look, "You can't do that! We have rights!" George said.

"Our father is a Ministry department head!" Fred practically yelled.

"And I'm sure he's going to be quite embarrassed when someone from the DMLE shows up to tell him the news," DCI Cavanaugh said. "Yes I know all about the DMLE since I liaison with them from time to time given I'm a squib. Oh I'm sure Director Bones will look sad when she tells your father that there is nothing she can do. You were caught breaking our law and we get to punish you."

Fred looked gobsmacked at the thought of Muggle prison but George eye's narrowed in suspicion as he turned to Tonks, "Wait, like I said; you're not an auror any more so how come you are involved."

DCI Cavanaugh gave a rusty laugh, "Oh she's here because of Ms. Black. You are familiar with Ms. Narcissa Black I'm sure? Well she came to me since she and I have had an agreement for quite some time. You won't be the first wizards I've disappeared for her. Of course she's just acting on Lord Potter's orders."

"What?!" both Twins cried out.

"Oh yes, Lord Potter took a dim view of your plan to not only start hooking Magicals on drugs but the idea of making Muggleborns and the odd half-bloods into addicts or prostitutes. Oh and I'm told this was even the plan for the witch Tonks said is to be his wife in a week or two. So yes, when Narcissa asked me to work with Tonks here I almost told her I'd do it pro bono."

Tonks snorted, "You took her money, though."

DCI Cavanaugh snorted in derision, "Of course I did and hopefully I'll get to use it on myself this time. Too often I end up using her money to help fund informants my bosses won't pay for. I've gotten quite the reputation and promotions because of it. But I'm not here to brag, but bag you boys up nice and tight. You aren't the first wizards who thought they could become a budding drug lord nor will you be the last."

Fred sneer at the man, "You prisons can't hold us!"

"Shut it Fred!" George hissed.

The inspector smirked but it was Tonks who answered after a low, dirty laugh, "Well it's not called Wandsworth Prison for nothing. It's been used for people like you for a long time now. It might not be Azkaban but its wards are pretty impressive."

DCI Cavanaugh nodded, "And just in case you think friends or family might waltz in and try to spring you, well we never tell the truth about where we send people like you. The DMLE will tell your family you will be sent to Millhaven Prison in Ontario just as they tell families over there that their loved ones are being sent to Wormwood Scrubs here in London. Neither houses any Wizarding prisoners but we've capture quite a few would be jail-breakers and the odd assassin sent to silence a witness."

Tonks let out another nasty laugh, "And you boys are going to get special treatment. Given how a lot of potential whores you planned to make would be witches with mixed blood lines like me, I helped come up with some fun ideas for you."

DCI Cavanaugh chuckled, "I hardly call the spellwork to be done will seem like fun to Mr. Weasley and Weasley here."

Fred looked sick as George asked, with a quiver in a voice, "What are you going to do to us?"

Tonks grinned, "Oh you see all Wizarding prisoners in Muggle prison have an added precaution beyond the wards. You're going to be fitted with ankle-bracelets to keep you from apparating or manifesting magic. While rare, accidental magic happens even in adults. These bracelets have been modified a bit. You boys are going are to give off a small aura similar to that perfume Celestina Warbeck hawks. You know the one she states softly mimics a Veela aura? Oh all those lonely men are going to love you. Another spell will subtly draw attention to those virgin bums of yours."

Fred began to mumble, "No, no, no!" under his breath.

"You won't get away with this! Our parents will go to Dumbledore! He'll get us out! You'll see." George said with a face as white as Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.

"You hang on to that thought; I'm sure it will keep you warm at night," Tonks said dismissively. "Narcissa tells me that a few of Dumbledore's people have gone missing into the Muggle prison system over the years. He does nothing about it. And why should he? The risk to his reputation is too great. Sure that phoenix of his can spoof about any prison, magical or not, everyone knows about Fawkes. No, you boys are merely pawns to him and wizards like Dumbledore don't get worked over about the odd pawn taken as the game goes on."

Both Twins just stared at Tonks with wide eyes and fear in their faces.

DCI Cavanaugh snorted, "Chin up boys! You're British; keep it together! You're getting off easy. You'll be slipped into the system with a ten year sentence. It's the longest we can do without arousing suspicion of you not having a trial. You should be grateful Lord Potter felt that letting you go in listed as pedophiles instead of drug peddlers was too cruel. Ten years and you're out. You won't even be 30 and just think, you might even learn an honest Muggle trade while you in there."

"Or at least when you get out, I'm sure you'll find work in Knockturn Alley as professional boy-toys!" Tonks said with another nasty laugh.



Harry sighed in contentment and enjoyed the scene playing out in front of him. He hadn't realized it the last time he'd been in the room to see Angelina demonstrate her sex show, but having almost everything padded made everything easier when it came to sex.

On the floor, Katie and Alicia seemed to be locked into a heated contest to see who could bring the other off the hardest and so far it seemed the older witch was winning. Of course locked in almost a literal sense as the two witches were both grinding their respective sexes against each other. However given how Alicia had often partnered with Angelina back in Hogwarts, this didn't really surprise Harry. He might be upset with the older witch but Harry didn't deny she knew her way around bed sport.

Angelina was lazily playing with herself on a nearby couch while watching the other members of the famed Flying Foxes of Gryffindor. There was still tension between Harry and Angelina so Harry had shagged Alicia while Katie was pleasured by Angelina. After that, Verity had been called in and Angelina had practically ordered her to sex Harry up. While Harry was appalled at this, Verity didn't seem to think the task that awful. Currently Harry was cuddling with her as she was still sort of zoned out from her recent orgasm abetted by Harry's own with accompanying aura surge.

After a bit, Katie gave in to the pleasure and orgasmed loudly as the two witches scissored each other madly. With a throaty laugh of triumph, Alicia followed her. The scene was erotic enough that before both witches finished frantically humping against each other before ending up sweaty and breathless, Angelina followed them into pleasure.

Yet before anyone could make a comment, a flying airplane of the type seen in the Ministry flew into the room and crash-landed next to Angelina. The witch frowned and grabbed the parchment and began to read. The frown turned to a scowl.

"Problems?" Harry asked as he disentangled himself from Verity.

"You tell me; Narcissa Black is at the door and needs to speak to us," Angelina replied.

"Speak to us?" Harry asked as if surprised even though he fully knew what was coming.

Angelina shrugged and also got up and with her wand began casting spells to clean herself up before using a variant of the switching spell to dress herself quickly. Harry quickly followed suit.

"Well let's go see what she wants. The rest of you probably should get cleaned up," Harry said.

Both the witches who were still jumbled together both booed and Verity simply mumbled, "Don'wanna."

"Get up, get cleaned and get ready!" Angelina barked.

Harry smirked at how Angelina still had her Quidditch Captain voice given how all three witches quickly began to comply. The smirk died as he remembered that Verity was almost compelled to obey.

Well that wasn't going to last out the night!

Harry followed Angelina up the stairs and into the main store area. Instead of the front door, she guided them to a side door close to the room Harry knew doubled as the office. After tapping the door with her wand, Angelina opened it to show both Narcissa and Tonks waiting. While not an auror anymore, Tonks had taken up the style of armored robes popular with unaffiliated Hit-Wizards.

Before Angelina could speak, Narcissa looked past her towards Harry, "My Lord Black; we have a…situation."

"Situation? Come on Narcissa, you have to be more specific than that," Harry said with a resigned tone. Even though he depended on the older witch, sometimes her Slytherin way of speaking could be tiresome even when he knew she was playing a part.

Narcissa looked at Angelina, "May we enter? The situation affects you, Ms. Spinnet as well as this business as a whole."

Angelina gave Harry an odd look before nodding, "Sure; why not?"

Harry had to wait till everyone was settled, Alicia and Katie had made their appearance and Verity had somehow cranked out a decent tea service for everyone. Finally Narcissa sighed, "Well now that we're all here, the news I bring is rather bad for the Triple Double-U and puts Lord Black under certain obligations."

Before Angelina could say anything, Alicia blurted out, "What did the Twins get into now?"

Angelina sighed, "Do we need to ask Harry here for a loan for bail or something?"

Narcissa pursed her lips, totally playing her part as the bearer of bad news but Tonks hadn't taken to the lessons her mother had tried to teach her. With a snort she leaned forward with a nasty smirk, "Funny you should mention bail given how they are indeed under custody. The problem is, there won't be any bail for where they are going."

"Nymphadora, please," Narcissa chided. She turned back to the two witches who both looked mildly concerned. "As my niece has pointed out, Misters Weasley are indeed in custody but the issue at hand is they were caught breaking Muggle law by the Muggle law enforcement. I have had certain protocols in place to alert me if certain people of interest are caught up by the Muggles. Thus I was able to get involved in the situation promptly."

"Okay, so the Twin Twits got pinched by the Muggles. So? Send in the Obliviators and be done with it. I don't see why they haven't been released already," Angelina said with a scowl.

Narcissa's face twisted in a pained look (she was such an actress!) and cleared her throat uncomfortably, "It is not that simple. You see under recent changes under the auspices of the ICW, certain crimes done in the Muggle world are handled by the Muggles. In this case, Misters Weasleys were buying with the intent to distribute illicit potions…"

"Drugs, they were Muggle narcotics," Tonks clarified.

"Yes these so called drugs are of a type the Muggles have been very keen of late to stamp out any illicit dealings. So while the Ministry might normally intercede to have the case moved from the Muggle court system to ours, in cases like this the Muggles will and have refused. Thus it is likely that Misters Weasleys will be going to prison."

Tonks snorted, "Likely my cute arse! They were caught with 10 kilos of refined heroin with a street value of around £100,000 pounds. Plus from what I got from the Muggles, they have evidence of prior sales to the Twins. So they are going down."

"This is preposterous! They are both Purebloods!" Angelina raged.

Narcissa shook her head sadly, "I'm afraid the best I could do was arrange for the minimum sentence of 10 years and that is down from the 14 years a case like this would normally be set at. Now this sentence reduction was the best I could do. There is nothing the Ministry will be able to do to change or free the Twins. As I mentioned earlier, pressure from certain member nations caused the ICW to act and the Ministry had to agree to certain rules and in this case the rules are quite clear."

Tonks nodded, "Yup, they're screwed. I can't believe those idiots took the risk. It's not like the Prophet didn't rage about it for a month or so when the rules were implemented. I mean I know it happened while they were still in Hogwarts around their Third Year or so but still. Arthur would have probably talked about it given it affects his office."

"Okay so the Twins are in custody and probably will go to jail and there is nothing to do about it. Why does this involve me?" Harry asked in order to cut off a tirade that Angelina obviously wanted to go off on.

Narcissa sighed again, "Well this is where it gets a bit complicated. Illegal Muggle drugs are not the only thing the Twins seemed to have gotten into. In reviewing your input into their business, I found a few puzzling things. After hearing of their arrest, I took a closer look. It seems the Twins were able to write some of their business deals in such a way to protect themselves from certain types of liability. In doing so, they transferred some of this liability to you."

"What? So if they get in trouble, I get the blame?" Harry asked.

Narcissa shook her head, "Not exactly and I doubt the Twins ever expected these clauses to ever be enacted. It seems they were written up to avoid certain Ministry clauses."

"The Ministry has magic which is sort of like some of the things my Dad's computer can do. They look for certain keywords and phrases and the like. While good at that, if you know the system you can spoof it," Tonks pointed out.

Harry noticed that Angelina had gone quite still. It didn't take Hermione's smarts to know that it was probably her that had given the Twins the idea and probably had coached them as well.

"Okay so they were up to their red hair in dodgy paperwork; again how does this affect me?" Harry asked.

"It affects you, my lord, because now that the Twins are in a position of being put into prison, you will assume ownership of the business and all its assets," Narcissa explained.

Angelina exploded to her feet, "What? That's not right! I put a lot of money into the business and I'm signed into a lot of things related to this business. All Harry did was give the Twins was seed money!"

Narcissa gave Angelina a pitying look before calmly turning back to Harry as if the other witch hadn't spoken, "Due to the way the contracts were written, that liability clause related to you trumps any claim the Ms. Johnson or Ms. Spinnet might have. Additionally there is Ms. Weasley's life-debt."

"What has that got to do with anything?" Katie asked.

Narcissa smiled, "Actually it has a lot to do with things. While the liability clauses tie Lord Black to the business as does his investment, the Weasley Family still has a strong claim to the business. However, the fact that the Weasley Clan has a pending life-debt to Lord Black sort of sets up an automatic chain of events. The debt is called in, the Weasleys give up their claim on the business and everything is settled."

"Not to mention while it wasn't a life-debt sort of thing, Arthur would be dead if Harry hadn't alerted Dumbledore in time last year. It's just another thing in Harry's favor," Tonks pointed out.

Angelina looked mutinous but Alicia cut her off with an impatient wave of her hand, "So how does this affect us? Did our investments and place in the business get nullified or does Harry have to cash us out."

"Yes, ahem, about that," Narcissa temporized. "Have your read the charter documents of this business along with the paperwork relating to your status in the company."

Alicia looked at Angelina, "Yes, for the most part. I'm not as good with Ministry regulations as Angelina but it all looked in order."

"Everything is in order! That's why this is a load of dragon dung! The chain of succession, if you can call it that, should have fallen to me! It was written that way!" Angelina said hotly.

"Ah but you see there is another clause, a clause you obviously missed, which trumps the parts you are referring to," Narcissa said with a smile of the likes Umbridge had used when she felt she had cornered her prey. However Narcissa pulled it off with much more charm and a more chilling effect.

"You see, the employment clauses affect you," Narcissa pulled some parchments out of her bag and passed a copy to both witches along with one to Verity as well. "I've highlighted the pertinent parts. It seems that the Twins managed to prank you, if you will; given how you are correct in that at first reading you would take over the Triple Double-U until the Twins were released from prison. However, as you can see in the sections noted, you both fall under the employment clauses and thus become ineligible to hold ownership as later clauses would imply. If anything, you are an employee as much as Ms. Entwhistle."

Verity let out a squeak and quickly covered her mouth. Harry figured she was trying to hide a grin.

"Dragon dung!" Angelina repeated.

Tonks gave out a nasty laugh, "Not at all. We learned all sorts of things about dodgy contracts in the Auror School. Normally they can be caught but I'll give the Twins some credit; they were crafty. Before coming here, I had my Dad look at the documents and he agreed. You are only considered employees of Triple Double-U in the eyes of the law."

"Oh it is worse than that," Narcissa said as if she was genuinely sorry about the situation.

"What do you mean?" Alicia asked. She looked at Angelina, "You said everything was good! I told you we needed to have a lawyer go over the documents! It wasn't that much of an expense."

"A move which would have kept you from the Twins clause which relates how employees are considered in the company. I'm sure, given what Lord Black has told me about Ms. Entwhistle's treatment, that you are aware of the…limitations employees are under."

Alicia had gone pale while Angelina sputtered, "This is unacceptable! We are both Purebloods! Those rules do not apply to us!"

Tonks chuckled evilly, "The law doesn't agree with you. The Twins used language from older bits of Ministry law which haven't really been updated given they are rarely used anymore due to more modern business law being used instead. These rules go back to when employees were basically serfs. Got to love bureaucratic inertia that keeps such things on the books! So whether you like it or not, you are little more than chattel to Lord Black as part of all the other assets in this building."

"No!" Alicia gasped out as Angelina collapsed back into her chair.

Narcissa shook her head, "I am sorry my dear, but the language of the documents you both signed, you are now bound to this business unless Lord Black chooses to release you. Again, given your treatment of Ms. Entwhistle, I'm sure you know how much power Lord Black now has over you."

Both witches looked at Harry and the look on his face.

"Well, well, well. How the mighty have fallen as they say," Harry said with frost in his voice.

Angelina looked like she was about to throw up the tea she had been drinking but Alicia reached out tentatively to Harry, "Harry…Lord Black. We were teammates! You'll release us, won't you?"

"Teammates?" Harry scoffed. "Did Katie being your teammate stop you from planning to rope her into your porn schemes? I'm wondering what sort of documents she would have ended up signing? Plus I know a lot of the witches you had your eyes on are friends of mine. So my loyalty to us all belonging to Oliver's gang is a bit thin. This on top of the Twins trying to sell drugs to Hogwarts students. Parvati might have died if I hadn't found out what was going on. So spare me the false friendship. I saw quite clearly the ruthlessness Angelina had put into her planning and you were party to it. So no, you're going to stay here, work for me and we'll see how things go."

"I'm sure you'll learn a lot during your time," Tonks said brightly. "You'll be able to swap stories with the Twins when they get done being boy-toys in Muggle prison. Besides, chin up! You have only three years; they have ten."

Narcissa coughed, "Actually they are bound for at least seven or until Lord Blacks original investment is paid off. Given how he now controls how the money is spent, he can keep deferring the payment up to ten years.

Harry smiled at the witches who were both visibly shaking even as Verity had stopped trying to hide the wide smile of come-uppance on her face. "Ten years! It'll go by quickly and both of you won't even be thirty by that time! It'll be a cushy job given how I'm sure much of it will be done on your backs."

Both witches gasped.

Harry faked a shocked look, "What? Angelina made a convincing business case. Now that I'm in charge, well I owe it to the business to go forward with an altered form of that plan. Besides I'm doing if for all of you. When the Twins get released and I get my money back, you all go back to being owners and part owners if I so choose. Don't you want me to make the most money for you all?"

Angelina started to make a strangled hiccupping sort of noise while Alicia looked as if someone had hit her upside the head with a beater bat.

Harry smiled in satisfaction, "Just think of all the money your plan will make and since you both will be in the thick of it so you can ensure it succeeds! Given my experience with the both of you, well I wouldn't want to deny a lot of my wizard friends the pleasure. Again, the plan will need some tweaks."

Tonks laughed, "Just think of all the Pureblood gals we can keep from being trophy wives when they could work here and make an honest living with the two of you!"

Narcissa looked like she was going to say something snarky to Tonks but between Angelina fainting and Verity whooping and doing a sort of 'in your face' victory dance to the stunned Alicia, it got lost in the laughter from Harry and Tonks.


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