Laughter rang out from the open gym doors, forcing a twitch from an eye of someone hanging outside. Inside the gym, the boys' rhythmic gymnastics continued with practice, Wataru's voice easy to differ from the captain's. "What are you guys doing? Nippori! Kaneko! Get back to stretching!"

"Yes Aniki!"

A cigarette butt hit the dirt floor, a foot slamming onto it, digging a grove into the ground. A rustle sounded as another cigarette was produced, ending up in the person's mouth. A flick and the opposite end started to burn, smoke leaking from open lips.

The bell ringed, signaling the end of after school activities, the gym's level of noise picking up as everyone began to pack up.

Akabane stood, not bothering to dust off his clothes, instead letting a smirk form around his cigarette. He leaned back, hidden against a stairwell as the male gymnastics' team made their way out of the gym, Wataru at the lead alongside Yuuta. They chattered with excitement for their next meet, Akabane's eyes scanning the group before backtracking and focusing in on one person.

His tongue darted forward, rolling the cigarette from one side of his mouth to another, his eyes still trained on one Yankee. The youngest member of their team, the first-year, attached himself at Kiyama's side almost immediately, talking a mile a minute while the other just smiled and nodded.

Akabane's eye twitched again.

It was easy, finding Kiyama, alone, taunting him, and getting into fights. A gleam sparkled in his eye, one fight in particular coming to mind. His tongue rolled the cigarette to its original spot between his lips, his mind reliving a memory of fists, blood, and pipes...

He opened his eyes, the group he was watching now gone. Akabane sucked his teeth, a curse muttered under his breath. He leaned against the wall, a smirk back on his face, a plan already forming in the back of his mind...

Kiyama exited the arcade, the local hot spot no longer as... fun as it used to be. His hand itched, entering his pocket; his action paused as he remembered. Oh, that's right. I quit.

He shook his head, instead letting his fingers tangle themselves with his bracelet, his mind deep in thought.

"Yo! Kiyama-san~!"

He stopped, already dreading turning around as he did so.

Akabane stood, a sick grin on his face, "It's been a while. Where's your group of losers?"

Kiyama kept his face as neutral as possible, getting a better grip on his bag, his bracelet already back on his wrist.

Akabane groaned from where he laid, his trusty pipe just out of reach. Kiyama already long gone.

He licked his lips, letting his head rest against a wall. He would never tire of this. Next time, next time he would get Kiyama for sure.