Mizusawa rolled over in his futon, his back facing Yuta's sleeping body beside him. The events of the day circulating around in his head. He knew, the second they were told they were going to the training camp, he was going. He was actually quite excited about attending this once in a lifetime chance, as Yuta put it.

He frowned against his blanket, ever since... Kiyama joined the team, Mizusawa felt on edge. No longer was he safe within the rhythmic gymnastics team. Sure, he was happy they had more members, especially since Tsuchiya became the manager. But now, instead of having to worry about bumping into... a certain someone in the classroom, the location changed to the club room and the gym. Mizusawa felt his face begin to burn.

He lifted a hand, rubbing it against his face, willing the blush down. He didn't like feeling this, this... churning deep in his stomach, every time Kiyama spoke, every time someone said the Yankee's name... Mizusawa removed his hand from his face, dipping his head. He could still recall Kiyama saying his name. How deep the other boy's voice was, against the chatter and other noise going on in the cafeteria.

Mizusawa gulped, suddenly feeling the urge to turn over. He stilled himself, his heart beat racing as he tried to calm down. He took a deep breath, his eyes forced shut as he twisted around. He kept his eyes tightly shut, not daring to open them, knowing, knowing, they would seek out the person he was thinking about. His heart continues its harsh beating, the pressure affecting his ears. Beside him, he could hear Yuta's even breathing, and once again, he tried to calm down, focusing on his best friend.

A few minutes passed, and Mizusawa felt his own breathing beginning to match Yuta's and slowly... he opened his eyes. Darkness stayed in his vision, and as his eyes adjusted, he could see the outline of Yuta's head. The captain's back was facing him, and for a moment, Mizusawa continued to stare at the other boy. It was only when the edges of his vision began to darken did he think to look away. He blinked, twisting so he lay on his stomach. Across from both he and Yuta, he could see Hino, already asleep after a hard day's practice. Next to Hino, Kaneko snoozed away, his glasses set aside on the mat above his pillow. And next to Kaneko...


Mizusawa gulped again, his eyes unable to look away from the Yankee. There were a lot of things he never thought he would have seen, since Kiyama joined the team. Eating omurice, practicing with the team... sleeping just a few feet away...

Kiyama's body faced the opposite direction, leaving the other boy to openly stare at the back of his head. His mass of unruly black hair that he seemed to just wake up and go to school with, and Mizusawa often found himself wondering what the others' hair felt like. Was it coarse and rough as it appeared? Or soft to the touch? Mizusawa felt his hand twitch, wanting to reach out and touch the other boy's hair.

He frowned. These thoughts of his weren't normal. He didn't feel normal. Mizusawa forced his eyes away from Kiyama's sleeping head, to focus on the blanket on top of him. These feelings welling up in him, they caused nothing but trouble. If he could, he would wish that they didn't exist, that he really was normal, that Kiyama could join their team and he would be truly happy about it and not cause a rift that affected everybody...

Mizusawa twisted once more, returning to his original position, his front facing the wall. Tomorrow, tomorrow he would go to practice, act like everything was normal. That he was normal.