Written because the last few minutes of In the Red made me mad. I won't rant here – I've done enough of that – but I just needed to fuel my anger and hurt a little.

Disclaimer: If I owned this show, I wouldn't be screwing it up like they did in the last few minutes of the last ep.


She's wondered a lot, over the years, just what she means to him. She's been his work spouse, his confidant, his loyal sidekick, his friend. Sometimes, she's thought she could be more than that. She's caught glimpses of something, of the possibility that her role in his life could be something else altogether, but she's never really worked it all out.

Until now.

It's his sweat that built the company, it's his name on the door, as he so sweetly points out to her. Forget the rest – forget the years of hard work she's put in, forget her dedication, forget her support. He's making himself pretty clear. "You mess with my finances again, and you and I are through."

Well, now she knows. Work spouse, confidant, loyal sidekick, friend. She's wondered a lot exactly what she means to him; here's her answer. Nothing.