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Chapter 20

The day of the meet finally dawned a clear and bright Sunday morning. Stevie woke up and lay for a while before remembering what day it was and springing up from her bed and frantically searching for her riding apparatus, strewn across her room. After throwing on her jodhpurs and shirt, carrying her dress bag, hat and tie in her arms, she sprinted down the stairs to the kitchen, where Lisa, Carole and Alex were sitting at the table. "Finally decided to join us, eh Stevie?" Alex called from his seat, chucking an orange at her head.

"Yeah, of course she had to be fashionably late." Lisa added, earning an orange projectile to land in her lap, which she instantly started peeling.

"Hey!" Stevie exclaimed, feigning anger. "You can't steal our oranges!"

Lisa shrugged. "I assumed you were giving it to me."

Stevie crossed her arms and mock glared. "Well, I wasn't and I don't give you permission to eat our oranges."

"Well I do." Alex chimed in, putting his arm around Lisa. "And you'd better hurry up or else we'll be late."

"Alright, alright." Stevie called over her shoulder exasperatedly, buttering her toast. She stuck it in her mouth and once again lifted her stuff, mumbling, "Let's go!" The others laughed and lifted their own stuff, heading for the door.

The stable block was in chaos as the four of them stepped inside: riders running around, searching for ties, blazers, hats, tack, grooming kits… The girls and Alex spotted Phil and Cam amongst the chaos and joined them, signing themselves in and grooming and tacking their horses. They each swung into the saddle, taking the time to check their girths and stirrups before heading for the practice arena. "Good Luck, guys!" Lisa called to the others as she nudged Prancer on and started her warm up.

"Well," Stevie sighed, relaxing into Phil's arm around her shoulders as the six left the, now empty, stable block. "That was a very productive day. And it's not even over! We still have the dance." Her eyes sparkled with anticipation. After a moment, she continued, "I had no idea you could Barrel Race, Cam."

Cam smiled. "You weren't so bad at the show jumping yourself, Stevie."

Stevie playfully punched his shoulder. "What do you mean 'not so bad'? For your information, I came first! And no surprise too. The Lake twins are the best jumpers at Pine Hollow." She added, high fiving Alex.

"Yeah, congrats on winning the Cross County jumping, Alex." Phil added. "And you Carole on the Dressage, not that there was ever any doubt you wouldn't win." Carole responded by sticking her tongue out at him.

"Well done in the horse whispering, Lisa." Carole commented, smiling at Lisa in slight awe. "You and Prancer have such a strong bond, the judges would've had to have been out of their minds to place you anywhere other than first." Lisa blushed slightly. At last they reached the house where the girls and boys parted ways to change for the dance.

The boys finished first, having less to change and stood about in the barn, chatting and eating some of the snack food, having worked up an appetite competing in various events that day. When the girls made their appearance, Alex was getting the boys some drinks whilst Cam and Phil discussed techniques. The girls approached and twirled, showing off their outfits and the boys managed to articulate compliments, eyes wide and blinking rapidly.

Carole had accessorised her purple dress with black heels and her black hair straightened and pulled back into a ponytail, tied with a purple ribbon and a few tendrils of hair framing her face. Stevie had on her feet a pair of green flats and a blue-green hair band in her hair to match her sea green dress. The two of them remained with their boyfriends, laughing and chatting, making the most of the time before they had to get on stage and sing.

Lisa made her way over to the food table, a pair of pink kitten heels on her feet and a deep pink carnation in her hair, complimenting the pink belt around her waist which accentuated the turquoise of the dress, in turn bringing out her eyes. Alex's back was turned as she approached and, tapping him on the shoulder, stepped back, nervously awaiting his reaction. Stevie had been half right in her assumption; Alex didn't have a heart attack but his eyes widened like saucers and he chocked on the biscuit he had been eating. When he finally managed to dislodge the food from his throat, he stared at Lisa.

"Well?" She asked expectantly, twirling for emphasis. "What do you think?"

Alex opened and closed his mouth multiple times before his brain remembered how to form words. "Y-you… you look…stunning!" Lisa giggled and the two turned to make their way towards the other four. Max appeared behind the six of them, informing them that almost everyone had arrived, prompting the girls and Alex to scramble for the stage area to prepare themselves.

Two hours later, the dance was still going. The girls and Alex had stopped performing, Max now played CD's, and the six were now dancing, talking and laughing; altogether having a good time. When the dance finally ended, Phil and Cam bade the others goodbye and went home and Carole and Lisa stayed over with Stevie.

The next morning, Chad and Michael were in the garden at the Lake's house, plotting new schemes against their equine loving siblings, when they heard the girls and Alex's chattering voices. They attempted to look nonchalant, failing miserably, but it was irrelevant as their siblings and their friends weren't paying attention to that. They had spent the previous night finalising their revenge plot against Chad and Michael and the time had come to put it into action. "Hey guys," Alex called out to them, "Do you wanna hear a joke?" They were slightly taken aback that this was addressed to them but thought nothing of it, shrugging in response to Alex's question. "Okay then, what do you call a boy wearing make up, stilts and stolen clothes?" Chad and Michael looked at each other, perplexed, before turning back to Alex with quizzical looks on their faces. "Don't know?" Their reply to this was to shake their heads and Alex then turned to the girls. "What about you?" They all shook their heads, suppressing giggles. "Michael Lake." Alex stated and the girls dissolved into giggles at the stunned, confused and slightly apprehensive looks on the other boys' faces.

"That's right guys," Stevie stepped forward, arms folded, speaking in an ominous tone of voice, "we know; and you're gonna pay!" Michael fearfully glanced up at Chad, who looked equally frightened as Alex and Stevie advanced on them, menacing looks on their faces, Lisa and Carole close behind. They took a few steps backwards and suddenly found themselves suspended in mid-air from their ankles as a result of stepping in their own rope trap. Alex stood to the side slightly, smirking as the girls continued to advance upon the two suspended boys. "Well girls," Stevie started with an evil smirk almost identical to that of her twin brother. "Time to get down to business." Lisa and Carole produced from behind their backs the make up bags they had used the night before.

Michael and Chad's eyes widened at the sight. "No! Please! Anything but that!" Chad screamed, writhing helplessly like a fish on a hook.

"But guys," Alex piped in faux innocently from the spot where he was regarding his brothers' torture at the hands of his twin sister, girlfriend and their best friend. "You didn't seem to have a problem with it a week ago." The boys grimaced, knowing they were doomed but that didn't stop them from trying their best to escape their fate, resulting in their make up being applied rather haphazardly across their face, somewhat resembling clown make up. Upon noticing the girls had finished, Alex approached, digital camera in hand. The boys' eyes once again widened and their faces became even more horror stricken. "I think our classmates at school will certainly be interested in this, don't you think, Stevie?"

Stevie grinned. "Certainly. But why limit it to that? Why not just post it on the internet?" Alex's own grin widened and Lisa and Carole smirked sinisterly. After documenting the proof of their triumph, they released the imprisoned boys, who landed on the ground in a tangle of limbs with a distinguishable thump, promptly disentangled themselves and ran screaming bloody murder for the bathroom. The remaining four erupted into laughter at the boys' expense. When they had regained enough control of themselves to stop the laughter, they high fived each other on a well executed plan and headed back towards the house, Carole and Stevie skipping ahead, Alex and lagging behind with Lisa, his arms around her shoulders. "That should certainly stop them from messing with us!" Stevie exclaimed triumphantly as they seated themselves at the table for breakfast.

Alex shook his head. "I don't think so." He replied. "I think we've just started a war."

Stevie shrugged. "So be it. If it's a war they want, it's a war they'll get. Now, where's the laptop? We've got pictures to post."

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20