A/N So here is my second story. I have had this floating around my brain and I just had to get it out there. This starts off at the end of Dead and Gone, then it veers off into a whole new timeline. Let me know what you think.

I should have fought harder to get her to stay with me. I would trade places with her in an instant if I knew that she would be all right. Seeing my brave, fearless Sookie so broken and bruised, I could barely stand it.

I wanted to give her my blood, but Dr. Ludwig said that it was too late. Her body was too damaged for even my ancient blood to fix. I would have turned her just to keep her, but that wasn't what she wanted. I would rather loose her then have her hate me forever

I sat by her bed side clutching her hand and begging any god or deity or anyone that would listen to help me. I had just found her I don't know if I could handle losing her again so soon.

After losing my memories from staying at her house which seemed so long ago I knew that things between Sookie and I had changed, but I was to stubborn to do anything about it. Then when I finally did remember what we had meant to each other I was forced to deal with Felipe de Castro and Victor Madden before I could even think about going to my Sookie.

When de Castro and Madden had finally gone back to Vegas and New Orleans I thought that Sookie and I might finally get some peace and some time alone together, but then the fucking fairies had to come and ruin everything and take my love, my sweet Sookie away from me.

I was ready to start a life with Sookie. I had it all planned out. When the fairy dilemma had been taken care of I had planned on asking Sookie to marry me. I had never thought that after a thousand years that I would be ready share my life with someone, but every since that beautiful blonde virgin walked into my bar with Compton wearing that white dress with the red flowers on it, I knew that everything that I knew would never be the same again. I had fought these feelings for a long time and now that I was finally willing to admit that I had feelings for a human, she was being snatched away from me.

I could feel the bloody tears roll down my cheeks and I didn't care. If my heart were beating I knew that it would be breaking right now. I knew that others of my kind would call me foolish or stupid, but I couldn't help it. If there was no Sookie Stackhouse in my world, then there was no reason to go on. As soon as Sookie's heart beat for the finally time I would go find the tallest hill or mountain and wait for the rising sun.

I was nothing without Sookie no matter how much I hated to admit that, it was true. She had brought light back into my darkness and love into a meaningless existence.

I lifted her hand to my lips and placed a loving kiss into her palm. "Please Lover, you need to fight and find a way to come back to me. I can't, I won't go on without you Sookie. I need you more than I have ever needed anyone ever. You are my everything, without you I have no reason to be." I waiting for some kind of reaction, some sign that she was still here and would find a way back to me. All I got was the sound of the heart monitor as it made that continuous beeping sound that signaled death.

I let the sobs rock through my body and I didn't care. The most important thing in my life was gone and I didn't care about anything anymore.

For a few minutes I let the sadness wash over me before I realized what I had to do. I bent down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "We'll be together again soon my love."

I turned to leave the room when I watched as Sookie's great-grandfather popped into the room. Seeing him here now made my blood boil and all I could see was red. "Get Out!"

"She's my granddaughter, I have a right to see her!"

"You gave up that right when you couldn't protect her. Hell you gave up that right when you asked me to help you meet her. You put her in this danger and now she's gone. GET OUT!"

I was close to having a fairy as a last meal, but the look in his eyes stopped me. I could see a pain in his eyes that mirrored my own. I was just going to walk out and leave him to his grief, but the sound of his voice was enough to stop me. "I know a way to fix this."

It was barely more than a whisper, but I had heard him. I knew that what ever he was going to propose would come at some kind of price, but right now I didn't care. "Well, do it. Whatever it is just do it. Bring her back to me."

"That's not how I can fix this."

"Then how? Tell me now, or else I'll have fairy for my last meal."

He looked up at me in shock over my words. "Are you planning on meeting the sun?"

I really had no reason to hide it. "Yes, I have no reason to go on without her. She was my whole reason for being."

He looked up at me while contemplating something. "You really do love her don't you?"


"Then we can definitely fix this."

We? "Whatever you need me to do I'll do it."

"I'm going to cast a spell on you that will take you back in time to a crossroads, to an event that had two possible out comes. Obviously the way that it came about was not right. Sookie was not meant to die like this, just like she wasn't suppose to meet Compton first."

"What are you talking about?"

"She was suppose to meet you first Viking. You were always the one that she was suppose to be with, but she had to make the choice all on her own. If you can change how events happen, then this doesn't have to be the way that her life ends."

I wasn't comfortable having fairy magic used on my or stepping into the unknown without knowing all the possible outcomes, but I would do anything for my Sookie. "What do you need me to do?"

Hours later Niall and I were in Sookie's backyard along with Sookie's cousin Claude. Apparently this particular spell took an enormous amount of magic. Having another fairy to help and the magic emanating from the portal in Sookie's backyard would help give more power to the spell. I still didn't feel right about any of this, so I just kept telling myself it was all for Sookie.

I was in circle and I could hear the fairies chanting in a language that even I was unfamiliar with. There was the scent of several incenses in the air and I could feel the magic building all around. I pushed all of that out of my mind and just focused on Sookie. I could see her laying dead in that hospital bed and my heart broke all over again. If this didn't work I would meet the sun wherever I was. I prayed to every god and goddess that I had ever worshipped in my one thousand years that this would work and I would at least get to see my beloved Sookie one more time.

I closed my eyes and I felt the magic wrapped all around me. It was an odd sensation, but I let my mind fill with images of Sookie, remembering all of our times together. The feel of her skin pressed against me, the way her lips felt against mine, the way that her blood satisfied me as no other ever had. I remembered the time that I had lost my memory at her house. She had taken me in and cared for me even when she didn't have to. I could have easily killed her, but even when I wasn't myself, I knew that I was safe with Sookie.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I barely realized that I was flying, but it wasn't under my own power. It only lasted for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes I realized that I was outside of Queen Sophie-Anne's compound down in New Orleans. I looked down and instead of the jeans and Fangtasia outfit I'd been wearing I was now in my tailor made tuxedo.

Thanks to my vampire recall I knew exactly when I had landed. This was the October before I had met Sookie. The Queen was having a ball just because she could and had invited all of her sheriffs to attend. I wondered for a split second why I had come to this particular time, but when I scanned my surroundings I discovered why. I saw a young, blonde girl crouching down trying to keep warm in the cool night air. She was wearing a dirty t-shirt and torn and dirty jean shorts and a pair of worn sneakers with holes in them. I knew back when I had first been here that she hadn't been worth my time, but now I knew that she deserved my attention.

I went up to her as quietly as possible to keep from frightening her. "Hello Hadley."

She turned to me with a start and looked at me like I was crazy. "How do you know my name?"

"I know your cousin Sookie." It wasn't quite true yet, but she didn't know that.

This surprised her even more. "How do you know Sookie?"

I didn't have time for this. I caught her gaze with mine and started my glamour. "Your cousin Sookie does not and has never had the ability to read minds. She is a normal girl who is nothing special." It was hard to even say that because I knew she was so very special. "You are going to the Hotel Monteleone, there will be a room there for you and you will spend the night there without talking to anyone who does not work for the hotel. You will eat well, bathe and get a good nights sleep. There will also be fresh clothes for you there. When you wake up in the morning there will be money waiting for you as you check out and you will move far away from Louisiana. You will steer clear of vampires and make something out of your life." I paused to see if there was something that I had missed when I caught a hint of her scent.

She was pregnant. She didn't even realize it yet. There was no way that she could take care of this baby even if she did get her act together. I made a decision then that would definitely change everything. "You are pregnant. You are going to take extra good care of yourself for the baby, but you are going to give him up. When he is born you will send him to your cousin Sookie to raise. You will tell her that you are fine, but that there is no way that you could raise a baby, but you know that Sookie can." I pulled out my wallet and gave her a hundred and fifty dollars. "Here, now go."

I fell back into the shadows and watched her hail a cab and disappear into the night. I hoped that I had made the right decision about Hadley's baby, but deep down my instincts told me that I had. This would be the first of many gifts that I would give to Sookie. I learned from the past that she would be stubborn about accepting them, but I would be smart this time. I would woo her like she deserves and treat her like the lady that she is. She would yield to me, that I was sure of, but I wanted more than that. I was set on winning her heart and her love. She already had mine without realizing it.