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Secondly, this story is hard. Its about the Holocaust. There will be things mentioned that may be hard to read, so I warn you now that this fic is not for the faint-of-heart. This chapter is rather short but I wanted to post it to get an overall feel from you guys. I will be posting weekly or bi-weekly. I have not decided but I will let you all know. There is a lot of content for this one and I have actually been doing a lot of research.

This will be a love story as well.

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"Men over here," A well-groomed officer called out while pointing towards a long line of men on the right side of the gate before gesturing towards the left. "Women there."

There was a little boy with red, puffy eyes, screaming as another officer pried him out of his mother's arms to take him to another line. The mother was yelling at the man and trying hard, to no avail, to get the little boy back.

"Oh, dear." I heard my own mother sniffle.

"Why are they putting children in that line? They should stay with their parents. It doesn't make sense." I inquired. I was instantly suspicious.

"At least there are some adults with them," She muttered quietly gesturing towards the line where a few old women were trying to console a group of children no more than five years old. "Those poor kids."

I squeezed her small, delicate hand in mine. "It's alright, mama," I whispered even though it was a lie. It was not very hard to figure out that that line held the weakest grouping. The already forming knot in my stomach began to cultivate, like a seed sprouting roots.

My father was silent as he took in our surroundings. He had not said a word since we were ushered off the train. He was staring at the front of the line, straining his eyes, to see past the hundreds of people.

"You both listen to me closely; stay together, if you can. I will come find you once we are through the gates." He looked doubtful. "If I can," he added.

My mother was shaky as my father began to speak softly in her ear. Whatever he said she did not like it because she let out a small sob and clutched his shirt, pulling him down and kissing him. It was a desperate kiss, which he returned. I felt uncomfortable by their desperation, it made my own fear worse. I felt the knot twist in my stomach again. I knew this was only the beginning, that eventually, my knot, a rooted seed nurtured by fear, will mature into a Giant Sequoia tree with each branch its own nightmare.

I looked away, giving them their moment of goodbye, a silently prayed that it would not be a long severance but I was doubtful. Nothing felt right about this situation.

Not that it could, I thought.

I saw a few SS soldiers marching a group of men out of the gates. The men did not look well at all. Most were malnourished. Some seemed to hunch over, in sort of a slouch that looked uncomfortable. None of them looked at the crowd waiting to enter. I took this as a bad sign. That they knew something we did not.

"Bella," my father called out to me relieving me of my thoughts, "Take these," He pulled a tiny pouch out of his waistband that he must have sewed in there. He looked around, looking to see if an officer was nearby, before dumping the contents in my hand.

It was three small diamonds from my grandmothers ring.

"You will have to hide these. Keep them with you. Do not let one of the soldiers find them."

"Dad…" I protested.

"They are confiscating personal items of value up there. We cannot lose these. They are all we have. You may," he looked rueful, "You may need to swallow them."

"It will be unpleasant, you will have to keep doing it," he looked more apologetic, probably at the thought of me having to clean and swallow them again after they passed, "Just don't lose them." I nodded.

As much as I did not want to take these, as much as I did not want to swallow them, I did it anyhow. We really did not have anything left. The SS soldiers who captured us rummaged our home; any item of value was seized. These few diamonds were all we had when we got out of this camp. If we get out, I thought.

My mother was still holding on to my father in a tight grip as he pulled me into his chest not letting go of my mother he embraced us both. After a long moment, he announced that we needed to get into our lines. My mother began to weep as he broke away from her grasp.

"No, Charles, don't…" She started.

"I have to dear. We do not have a choice. The officer will be back around any minute." He reminded her.

"I love you. Every day I have loved you. I will always love you." He spoke with such emotion that it was evident that he thought this was a final farewell though he would never admit it aloud. He leaned in and whispered in my mother's ear, too low for me to hear, she nodded but tears continued to slide down her cheeks.

"I love you." She confessed and turned back towards me.

"Bella," My father began and my eyes stung with tears that would surely come, the situation becoming too real. I did not want to separate from my father. I could feel permanence attached to this goodbye. I knew I would never see this man again. I would never see my father.

"Oh dad! I love you so much." I clung to him and could feel his suffering through the subtle trembling of his body.

"I love you, too, Baby Doll," he muffled into my hair.

"Get in your lines! Men there, women here!" The officer bellowed, and I recoiled at the sound.

Hurriedly my father spoke quietly, "Promise me you will do what they say, that you will try hard to make it out of here. Promise and I will promise too."

"I promise," I nodded.

"Take care of your mother," he told me. "I love you both very much. I will try to find you in there."

"Yes, we will try to find you, too." My mother interjected.

One more round of 'I love you' and the line of severance formed.

There was no telling what was to come, what horrors were waiting for us to experience and witness but I did not have to be a psychic to know that whatever lay beyond those gates would change us forever.

The knot of terror in my stomach made itself at home, its roots wrapping around my organs for a firm grip. I was unsure if I would ever get them out of that death grip again, I thought, maybe, this feeling would always be with me. Never again would I feel sound.

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