Baby Blues & Crocodile Tears

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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"I stop and I stare too much

Afraid that I care too much

And I hardly dare to touch

For fear that the spell may be broken"

Depeche Mode, "The Sweetest Perfection"


I have lived a

t h o u s a n d


& each one is as dark

as the last

It almost feels like…

this one is

(yet again)

coming to an end

At least I have left my



First came "Cissy"

(what an insipid little moniker)

but she was the


(well, then)

& the future didn't look so b l e a k

Actually, our future

was SET

& we lived happilyeverafter



Let me say it now



fix marriages

(which is humorous because—contrary to popular belief—I do love my son)

There may be familial love

But there is no "love"

in that sense

Look around you

& do not

take us as an example, you whore


That…That is all you are


It's been a while now

(no, nothing's changed—

I s w e a r)

But migraines frequent me

I have developed a…

nasty taste in my mouth

It's been a while since my mouth covered yours


I should exercise the magic in the

Blood Trade you made

H o n e s t l y,

I'm too tired for that

I suppose

that my experiences have

changed me

(weakened, even…)


That's it

Return to me

I find

that I don't want you to come because of some

bastardized Unbreakable Vow

I know you will come back of your own


Because maybe

—this once—

someone knows better than me

As it turns out,

there are blue eyes I… (love)

&& I will always fall (because, damn it, I care)

for that pout that casts

your spell


Ooh, Lucius… So tormented. :P What's it like to be a victim to your feelings? XD Boy, this freeverse was fuuuunn… So:

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki ;D

Thanks for betaing, Morghen~! *passes out Emarosa stickers*