Paint My Sky With Hope

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. *Note: This was done for my Pandora's Little Box of Terrors challenge found in the HPFC. You can find the challenge here (just take out the spaces): http :/ forum. fanfiction. net/ topic/ 44309/ 27638002/ 1/ Read, review, and enjoy! And check out and join the forum challenge!


"To put it all down and start again

From the top to the bottom and then

I'll have faith or, I prefer

To think that things couldn't turn out worse"

Depeche Mode, "And Then…"


In the beginning,

I was as

r o u g h

as an unpolished diamond

& though you have numerous


You can still make me feel favored

Once, I was raised up,

high on a pedestal

&& I had my time

But the going gets tough once more

It's time to build up

the future around me

I have my



& you, too

So I'll take your hand

(whether in spirit or out)

Because I want you to be with me & lead my way


Well, this was short and sweet. :3 But I like LilTed and they're so sweet together! XD Haha, I did this for "Hope" in my challenge and…I also wrote this so I could read it as a "prayer" in my religion class. Nice, huh? B)

Sooo…thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki ;D

Thank you for betaing, Morghen, as always! What a sweet LilTed, no? :3