Aburameclanhead: I don't really support this pairing but I thought this would be funny. Also, first crack fic, so be gentle. Oh and also, Grimjoww's in this so you may get offended.

One day, Ulquiorra was bringing the prisoner, Orihime, her breakfast. Nothing unusual. However, he didn't realize that Aizen-sama wound all the clocks back to see how efficient they'd be with their sense of time screwed up. Meaning he was early. He opened the door to find Orihime, just now getting changed. She had her shirt up over her head so she didn't notice him. Ulquiorra was stunned, he had never seen this before. His pale face grew as pink as his eyes grew wide.

When she finally got her shirt over her face and saw him standing there, mouth agape, she did what any girl would do. She screamed and threw things at him.

Ulquiorra ran out of the room about the time she lifted her bed. She was strong for a human girl. He leaned against the the wall and replayed the image in his head over and over, grinning like a mad man.

That's about when Grimjoww showed up. " What the hell'r you so damn happy about, emo freak?" He grinned, thinking he pissed him off.

Ulquiorra's face got serious. He dragged his forearm across his eyes, to remove the make-up, tore his helmet off, took out his sword and cut his hair short. He turned to the window and cried out to the fake sky, "I AM EMO NO MOOOOOORE!" He pumped his fist in the air, his face full of determination.

Grimjoww just waved him off, "What ever, now you just look like a fag"

Aburameclanhead: They should have made this one of those extra Omakes at the end of an episode.