Just got off work and I was super tired. My boyfriend Chase Simmons met me at my house after I took a shower, and he waited there until I got ready for our night out we have every Friday. He looked super nice, nicer than normal. I was wondering where he was taking me, but he never told me. He always surprises me. I think its adorable.

"hey babe, how was your day at work?" asked chase. He said it really upbeat and happy. "It was slow, just like any other day. How was your day?" I said, slowly and patiently just ready to get our night started. " Well it could have gone better, but you weren't there to keep me company on my job search!" he said jokingly.

Walking to the movie where Chase was taking me. Hand in hand his arm around her neck. Out of nowhere a guy with a knife comes up to them and he says give me your money. Chase being the heroic person he always tries to be, says "no!" that was the wrong answer for this masked stranger. He stabbed Chase 24 times in counting right in front of me.

Chase right before he died said "I was taking you to see The Last Song, and I will love you forever! Please kiss me one last time." Crying I kissed his lips that were soon filled with blood from his mouth. I just laid there beside him yelling for help. As soon as he passed I told him "I will l-l-love you till the d-d-day I die, and n-n-n-no one can take that away."

Two weeks later,the funeral is about to begin. Preacher standing at the podium, everyone standing around watching, some mourning more than others. I, I am the one who was crying the most. Me, Alex Lynn Miller the girl who never cry's but yes me I cried that day. No one was here to support me, not even his mother.

I went out with my friends the night of his funeral and We went to a party. Yes there was alcohol, i started taking shots. I got through 4 and then started again. I couldn't take the pain of him dieing right in front of me and the alcohol took that night right out of my mind. No one got what i was going through,Not my mom,my step dad, and not even my best friend Aria.

"Caren, Alex is fine, she went out with Aria and some other friends."Assumed my stepdad George. "George,shes normally home by now and you know this. im really starting to worry about her after the incident 2 weeks ago." Caren said worriedly, Pacing around the kitchen,trying to find something to keep her mind off of her daughter not being home yet.

Drunk and stumbling through the door. "Hey Mom! I'm home are you awake?" loudly Alex asked. "yeah honey im in the kitchen"Caren said staring at her glass of Ice Tea she poured. Stumbling to the kitchen Alex goes and gives her mom a huge hug. "your breath smells like alcohol,Have You Been Drinking?" Caren asked Dramatically." Hahahahaha good guess mom, by the way i had 12 shots of tequila. did you know tequila tastes like dog shit? well im gonna go to bed"said alex"Night!" alex screamed from her room.