A/N: I'm here again with a new fic in tow! This one is written for donttouch based on a challenge in her profile. This story is preslash Gibbs/Dinozzo and there will be a sequel written. This fic is almost finished so I'll be posting it pretty regularly (maybe a chapter every few days) I hope you enjoy it :) (and the title is shamelessly stolen from the song because i love it ;D )

He was running. There was something behind him, gaining on him with every leap of the short legs of the five year old.

Tony could feel the breath of the thing that was after him on the back of his neck, he didn't know what it was and he was too scared to turn and look as that would only serve to make it more real.

So he ran, and ran, until he stumbled and fell to the ground and he could feel the thing looming over him and it's fingers digging into his soft flesh.

Five year old Tony Dinozzo woke up with a scream as the remnants of the nightmare made him still feel the fingers ghosting over him in the waking world and when he felt a hand on his shoulder he screamed once more and tried to pull away.

"Shh Tonio, there's nothing to fear I'm here with you"

"Daddy!" Tony threw himself into his fathers arms which tightened protectively around him as the bulky Italian man rocked his now crying son in his arms.

"Shh, it's okay it was just a dream" Anthony senior murmured softly to his younger son and rubbed his back as the boy cried in his arms and still kept soothing the boy even after the tears stopped and he just laid his head on his father's chest, clutching the older man with his small hands.

"I'm sorry Daddy, big boys don't cry." Tony still didn't move his head from the older man's chest so the man pressed a kiss to it and whispered in his son's ear.

"It's okay to cry son when you are scared. Do you think you can go back to sleep now bambino?" Tony pulled back enough to look at his dad before biting his lip as he pondered whether he should voice his request or not.

"What is it Tonio?" Senior asked as he saw the indecision on his son's face.

"Can I come sleep with you and mommy?" Anthony looked down at his son and saw the fear that still lurked in the beautiful green eyes.

"Of course you can junior." He frowned a bit when the boy shivered and stood up with his small son still in his arms. "Lets get you to bed before you catch a cold."

Tony sleepily held onto his father until he was lowered to lie in the middle of his parents' bed. He knew his big brother Chris would tease him about it in the morning, but right now he wanted the safety of being protected by his parents.

"Antonio? What's wrong?" Celia Dinozzo asked as she was awoken by the movements of the bed dipping beside her.

"Nothing is wrong dear, little Tonio had a nightmare and he's sleeping with us tonight." Anthony answered as he smiled at the name only his wife called him and got to bed beside his small son who was curled up under the covers.

Celia turned to face her son and pressed a kiss to his forehead before making sure he was carefully tucked in as she saw another shiver go through his thin frame.

"You warm enough Tonio?" she asked his son who was on the verge of falling asleep.

"Yes Mama, Good night" Anthony too placed a kiss to his son's brow and settled in so that Tony could rest his head on his father's shoulder and curl next to him.

"Good night little one" Anthony said and the sentiment was echoed by his wife who started to sing in a soft voice the song that always soothed her youngest when he had had a nightmare. When the last words of 'Que Sera Sera' passed her lips she smiled at the sight of both father and son sleeping peacefully. She allowed her own eyes to slide closed and soon all three were sleeping peacefully on the big bed, while the fourth member of the family slept peacefully in his own bed, and none of their sleep was disturbed by anything for the rest of the night.

The next morning tony woke up before his parents and he felt a bit embarrassed that he had acted like a baby and had to sleep with his mommy and daddy, he was five years old already so he should be big enough to handle a nightmare without crying.

He decided to get up and go to his room to change out of his pajamas without waking up his parents. He carefully moved his head from where it was resting on his father's arm and moved to kneel on the bed. He then decided to move over his dad and get out of bed, but as he lifted one of his legs to go over the seemingly sleeping man, Tony yelped as his dad sat up and grabbed his son by the armpits and laid him back on the bed and proceeded to tickle the squirming kid with all his might, exploiting every ticklish spot he knew of.

Celia woke up to the sound of her son's laughter and the chuckles from his husband and as she saw the scene in front of her she smiled and quickly took the camera that had been resting on her nightstand and snapped a picture as a smile danced on her lips.

At some point before her waking up, their oldest son who was only five years older than Tony, but fiercely protective of his brother, had came into the room after hearing his brother's gasping laughter and was now trying to get the older man to stop tickling his baby brother while laughing himself when one of his father's hands left his brother and went after his sides instead.

Soon both of the boys were being tickled by their parents until both lay giggling on the bed side by side while the parents looked down at their sons and laughed themselves at the sight of the boys lying gasping a bit, but giggling like loonies after the attack of the nimble fingers.

"Run Tony!" Chris yelled and took his brother's hand and together the two boys ran out of the room before the attack could start again. Anthony just chuckled at their boys antics before turning and wishing good morning to his wife and dropping a kiss to her lips.

"Good morning to you too Antonio" she answered with a sweet smile. "Maybe we should get dressed for the day and see what the two monsters are up to" but there was no sting to her words, just a gentle humor colored them and caused Anthony to give another small chuckle as he got up from bed and offered a hand to Celia, who gracefully took it, even if she didn't need the help.

"Oh I'm sure they're up to something alright lets just hope it's not anything bad or anything that will give the maid more gray hairs." Anthony said, thinking of the mess the maid had found in the kitchen when the boys decided to make their mommy a mother's day breakfast. Well at least the toast had been edible even if it was almost black and had ended up on the plate and not on the walls or floor like the pancakes.

They quickly dressed and made their way into the kitchen and both let out a sigh of relief when both boys were sitting by the table eating cereals and there was no mess in sight. They shared a small laugh as they realized what they both had been thinking before pressing good morning kisses to their sons' heads and going to get their own breakfast.