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When It Rains It Pours

W-I-R-I-P Chapter:1

It was a dark storm that rolled eerily through the forests of China Combician Mountain Range just off the western coast. A young girl with red hair rode the storm out in her tent, the wind whipped through the surrounding trees sounding as if howling, and caused the tent walls too rustle. Ranma looked around noting the walls of the tent looked as if it would collapse any moment, she shivered. "Man its cold out here and that wind is killer." she said aloud to no one in particular, while picking up her cup of instant noodles to start her meal. 'Well the good thing is I got a warm sleeping bag and plenty of insulating cloths. ' she growled 'If wasn't for this girls body riding the storm out would be much easier but thanks to that...that fucker!'

'Herb..' No it is best not to think of it.' Tears started to fall down Ranma's cheeks. 'How fitting this should happen to me. Just when I think things couldn't get any worse Herb hit me with that damn ladle of his and then I... I would be a guy rite now.'

Ranma remembering the fight lividly she fought Herb and killed him for her lost man-hood.

'I shouldn't have but he left me no choice. I wasn't going to become his wife. That and he lied to me about finding a cure. I should have known, But no I let him trick me again. After he tried to force me to be his I remember forming a ki blade and slashed desperately to keep him away I was just trying to scare him away instead... Instead his head came off blood so much blood.' Ranma shivered at the thought.

The worst day of Ranma's life

"Ranma you can't get away from me I'll find you!" Herb bellowed, while searching for his elusive prey.

Ranma hiding behind a tree trying to figure out what too do next. "Herb you lied to me there is no cure here, nor has there ever been a cure" tears of fury started to slip down Ranma's cheeks.

"Oh Ranma why do you make this so hard just come out and fight it is high time I collect what I deserve." Herb stated, continuing his search.

Leaping into a nearby tree and up five branchs to get a look at where the Musk prince currently was. "Just what is it you think you deserve?" Ranma shouted in anger when out of nowhere he found himself a she when he got doused by cold water, and narrowly missed getting hit by a fireball that destroyed the top of the tree she was just in.'

"You Ranma your the prize your just the woman we need for the Tribe, as a den mother you will give me many powerful children. Now come and be my wife, You have no man-hood to be worried about anymore all you ever will be is a woman from now on now come to me!" Herb commanded, as he kept his gaze on his future bride too be.

"You can take my man-hood away you asshole but you will never fucking take my freedom!" Ranma retorted, then shouted "Mökö Takabisha!" firing a ki blast at Herb who side step as it destroyed a nearby tree sending splinters into the prince's right arm causing him howl in pain. Giving her enough time she ran to a high clearing hopping onto a near by ledge.

Herb sneered "Why do you fight fate?"

Herb casting a spell rained down a meteor storm on Ranma's position, at which she narrowly avoided the blast losing her footing, flipping and rolling down the side of the ledge hitting the ground below, she slowly got back up noting herb was currently converging on her.

"You cant fight fate woman you have nowhere else to go!" ~Herb bellowed.

Ranma found her back to the wall of the mountain no way to jump up or around. Herb continued to converge on her. Feeling threatened by what she thought would come next Ranma did the only thing she could forming a ki blade she charged Herb suicidally swinging at him wildly hoping he would move out of the way instead what resulted Herb tried to duck the blade to grab her, his head was severed killing him instantly.

Ranma shook her head from her flashback. "What is done is done. No sense dwelling on the past I must stay focused on here and now." she said to herself. After finishing her noodles she crawled into her sleeping bag zipping it up then slowly fell into a much needed slumber.

The following day Ranma made up her mind she was going to stay in China for awhile too try and find a way to unlock her curse. She traveled to several locations trying to find anything that could help her. Finally reaching a decision she considered the answers would be at Jusenkyo despite it being flooded, the guide may know of something other then the destroyed kettle that could at the very least unlock her curse, maybe even cure her.

Jusenkyo the following morning

Ranma walked up to the Guides hut and knocked on the door. After several more knocks and twenty minutes later the Guide finally answered the door. "Oh young miss what brings you too Jusenkyo cursed springs?"

Ranma looked too the guide with hope in her eyes.' "I was wondering if you maybe could help me?"

The guide gazed at Ranma contemplating.' "Oh young miss you that boy who fell in spring two year ago no?"

Ranma nodded her head. "Yea I was wondering if you know where I can find a cure or at least unlock my curse?"

Guide looked at Ranma thoughtfully "I am sorry sir/miss but there is no cure. However if you have been locked via the ladle then I do know an artifact that can unlock it. Since the kettle was destroyed you will need the Bracer of release."

Ranma pondered over the guides words "Where can I find this bracer of release you speak of?"

The Guide went back into the house returning a few minutes later with a map. "Here take this map it will lead you to the bracer however I am not so sure it still resides there but it is a good start." he stated.

Ranma took the map from the Guide and bowed her head. "Thank you for the map I have to go now see ya." saying her thanks, she then turned to leave.

The guide watched the red-head as she walked up the trail away from his home. "I never understand how people mess with other people curses I hope she finds that artifact."

That Night.

Ranma sat by the campfire she had setup, looking at the map of the artifact. She wondered if it would be simple to get, or was she going to have to fight for it. Or worse avoid booby traps of some old crept or temple. 'Okay so the location of said artifact is here, and to get there I must travel to Kayonichi village. she contemplated while reading her map. "Man that is a pretty far place to go from here, could even take me three to five months to get there depending on the pace I use." she noted too herself. After some mulling over her map she finally decided to get some sleep knowing she had a long walk ahead of her.