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W-I-R-I-P Chapter:20

Rumor mill...

A few weeks had gone by December was now just around the corner, the weather was cooler that accompanied a brief snow that was in the process of melting due to the fact the temperature wasn't cold enough for said snow to stick. Ranma who was on her way back from her place of work dressed in a brown overcoat and under that a loose fitting green blouse, black leather gloves with imitation fox fur cuffs along with black silk ankle length skirt, on her feet she wore black flats, a small blue purse was hung over her right shoulder.

As she walked she avoided the puddles that had built over some of the uneven parts of the sidewalk, chatter could be heard from other pedestrians that walked the nearby streets, along with the distant sounds of motors of various types could be heard in the distance.

'Well that was unexpected.. but at the same time not surprising all things considered.' she noted to herself, with a sigh of depression, she paused in her walk by the canal fence turning to face it, looking down into its contents.

Flash Back...

Thirty minutes before heading home Ranma was as usual in the process of working her secretarial job at the check in desk, typing away on documents, the lobby had no customers which was unusual since most times they would get a steady intake of customers.

Looking up from her work she glanced over the lobby, she then looked back down at the computer typing in some more data, before moving the mouse cursor over the save button, then with a wistful sigh she leaned back in her chair. 'Dammit I am bored.. Wish someone would come in through that door.' she thought looking to the door with hope when she heard the bell ring, however she frowned when she observed the door had been pushed open slightly by the wind.

After some time had passed, Dr. Ono Tofu finally made his way out from the back giving a glance around his clinic, observing his secretary looked bored out of her mind which produced a sigh of his own.

"No patients today huh?" Tofu questioned, with a slim smile.

Ranma gave a casual nod, her gaze centered to the computer. "Yea.. no one at all since that new clinic opened up.. Figured the hype would die down by now, but guess I was wrong."

"Well it would seem that's how life goes. I don't want to do this to you Ranma, but I no longer can afford to pay you.. So I will have to let you go." Tofu said in a deadpan since he wasn't happy with the present situation.

Ranma drummed her fingers on the desk. "Its al'right I understand.. business is business." she glumly stated, as she reached under the desk to grab her purse, then stood walking over to grab her coat.

"Just a minute before you go Ranma I need to get you your last check." Tofu called, as he walked over to his office entering it.

Ranma walked over to the office looking in through the door, observing Tofu was in the process of writing out a check, she then bowed her head. "Thank you for letting me work for you Tofu-Sensei. I am sorry if my being here has cause you any problems." stated in an apologetic tone since she felt it was her fault for some reason or another.

"You have no reason to apologize to me Ranma-chan. The new clinic that opened up has hurt my business so none of this could have been helped." Tofu assured as he finished writing the check, grabbing an envelope and placing it inside before holding it out to her.

Ranma lifted her gaze, taking the pro-offered item slipping it into her jacket pocket, before turning to leave she paused in her step. "Arigatou gozaimasu or ("Thank you very much")Dr. Tofu-Sensei for all you have done for me." with that she continued her walk until she exited the clinic.

End Flashback...

Ranma then turned from the fence continuing her steady march home, her features one of depression and deep thought, light snow began to fall as she walked. 'Well I guess I need to apply for a new job soon.. or Nabiki ain't gonna be happy with me.' she observed.

Across the street stood a group of five girls who were conversing with one another, one of which observed the red-head then spoke in a whisper to her friends. "Hey is that the girl from that day.. you know the one being carried by that Goth looking Chinese chick?"

"Huh?" another girl questioned, looking to where her friend's attention was drawn to. "Yea it is Aimi don't look at her or she might kill you as well."

Aimi turned her gaze to her friend with worry. "Is it true what they say that she and her friend killed those boys at the party in cold blood?"

"No she and her friend didn't kill them.. the Police said it was an animal attack." another girl corrected, her friend.

Girl-1 shook her head at girl-3. "You weren't there I seen the whole thing she and her bimbo friend was drenched in blood.. She and that chick murdered those boys and got away with it.. the Police ruled it falsely as an animal attack.. yet they never found said animal.. because it wasn't an animal it was her.. and my Father who worked the case was in disagreement with the rest of the police said one of the boys was stabbed to death by an unidentifiable weapon of some type.. which further proves it wasn't an animal attack."

Girl-4 decided to add her two cents, her gaze settled on the retreating red-head. "I heard what happened is she was flirting and flaunting her assets around the boys leading them on and well they got excited and asked her for sex, which she promptly refused and they gang raped her.. and Well from what I have heard from various sources and seen in photographs she flaunts her assets to every Tom Dick and Hairy so she most likely brought this all on herself."

"What a murderous whore..What kind of justice do we have in this country allowing a bitch like that to wander free without even facing a trial.. or jail time for that matter." girl-5 commented, before sipping on her beverage.

Aimi seeming to shake with fear just glancing at the red-head in question. "If what you all say is true then why hasn't the police tried to arrest her and the other girl?

"That is easy imagine being a police officer and told you have to arrest one Saotome Ranma.. that is right the red-head and the raven-haired boy from Furinkan are one in the same and is an exceptional martial artist and rumor has it between her and that bitch accomplice of her's caused Mount Horaisan to break apart leaving a crater during a simple sparring match." Kamiko explained calmly, retrieving her cellphone to check the time.

Aimi gained a more fearful expression than the one before. "How scary.. if that is true she and her friend isn't human.. its humanly impossible to destroy a mountain without some type of explosives.. they are freaks of nature!" she exclaimed the last.

Ranma continued forward faintly making out some of the conversation across the street visibly flinched, a painful expression crossing her features wishing that at any moment a hole would open up and swallow her whole.

'How did that chick even know about that fight.. neither I nor did Herb or his retainers tell anyone what went on.. and I am sure Ryoga wouldn't.. did Mousse leak that information before his death?' she inwardly worried, hoping she was wrong, but was sure of the fact the information did indeed get out and if that information was out in the open circulating around the public then so to would the saffron incident come to light which would only solidify the thoughts of those girl's and anyone else the information had become privy to.


Elsewhere Akane who currently was dressed in the uniform of her current school, wearing a thick yellow wool jacket, in her right hand she held her brown schoolbag, had just left school and was on her way home through the snow that was now falling. A chilling wind picked up causing the flurry to turn dense which left the nearby buildings to look as if they had thick fog around them, the sky began to darken further showing the storm was becoming angry turning into a freak blizzard.

Not far away standing in the street was tall lanky gentleman who was dressed in a plain white voluminous robe his long raven-hair was whipping in the wind, his coke bottle glasses reflected the light and the snow, his features were with little emotions, a amulet he was wearing around his neck via a heavy steel chain glowed a violet florescent color, his gaze was directed on the silhouette of the blue haired girl.

'I don't want to do this.. this attack is dishonorable.. the target should be Ranma.. but I have little choice in the matter.. not so long as this amulet is around my neck.' Mousse thought to himself, as he retrieved a chain from one of his sleeves, its end was connected to a dagger that dripped with a greenish black liquid.

Not far standing at the top of a of a building wearing a long black hooded cloak that rustled in the wind, Hikaru stood in his female form, her right arm raised to the sky, lightning played at her fingertips, above the sky swirled as if an angry vortex. Her florescent red gaze like the nearsighted martial artist was drawn to the youngest Tendo girl for whom she once longed for.

"If I can't have you Akane.. no one will!..Bahahaha!" she shouted out over the gale of the storm, her Maniacal laughter being drowned out by the storm.

Down below Akane pulled her coat tighter, as she continued her forward march unaware she wasn't alone, while a shadow began to appear behind her moving rather swiftly, the silhouette of the chain he wielded was swirling as if a propeller blade.

'Huh?' the blue haired girl inwardly questioned, observing a shadow had fallen over her, looking over her shoulder she quickly moved her schoolbag up blocking the chain that struck out at her, falling backwards she flipped out of the way just as her bag disintegrated paperwork going everywhere.

Akane did three more flips coming to her feet preparing a combat stance, her gaze settled on the tall shadowy figure who had just tried to strike her. "Who are you and what do you want?" she demanded angrily.

A moment passed as the man greeted her without a reply, the sound of the wind whistling off the chained weapon he wielded was interrupted, as with a simple movement of his wrist it's end darted out at the blue-haired girl who dodged it once again, backpedaling fast.

The man continued to strike at Akane seeming to miss every strike, at which she went on the offensive charging at the gentleman avoiding the chain until she was face to face, at which she threw a hard right hook catching the man in the face sending him up and over where he left a trail in the snow until he finally slid to a stop instantly jumping back up to a standing position, spinning his weapon once more.

"Mousse!?.. but how your dead!" Akane called out with a look of bewilderment since she got a good look at the nearsighted martial artist.

The nearly blind martial artist gave the blue-haired martial artist an expression that revealed little emotion. "You are right.. I was dead.. but I was brought back to life and well I am sorry Akane but this is the end for you please don't resent me." he called..

Striking out with his weapon, at which Akane lifted her right forearm to block the dagger, at which it cut into her, blood dripped onto the snow causing it to gain a deep crimson color, the liquid from the blade seeped into her veins turning green.

Gritting her teeth she grabbed hold of the chain with her left hand gripping it tight and yanking Mousse forward causing him to fly at her, at which she then with her right fist threw a powerful strike that slammed into his jaw sending the resurrected martial artist flying into the nearby wall of a building causing the wall to explode and obliterating everything in his path until he came to a rest mid-way inside the building which looked to be an abandoned office building.

Akane looked to where she had sent the ex-Amazon, she then heard the wind whistling off of an object dodging into a roll, just as Hikaru drove a scimitar into the sidewalk she once occupied causing the ground to explode.

Righting herself Akane quickly got to her feet just in time to dodge yet another strike when she felt herself pushed out of the way by another individual that came seemingly out of nowhere, her ears ringing as the sound of steel clashed loudly together sparks arcing.

Sylvia stood with sword in hand keeping hooded woman's sword at bay, while also giving a fierce glare. "Leave her alone Mother!"

"So Daughter you still decide to get in my way?" came Hikaru's voice, as she attempted to power her way through Sylvia's guard.

Sylvia glared at her Mother who was currently possessing Hikaru's body. "I have no choice.. but to send you to hell. I just knew it was too good to be true that you would simply go to the Hell you so deserve on your own."

"If anyone is going to Hell this day Daughter it will be you and that Bitch behind you.. Please give Hild-sama my regards." Saiya shouted, her eye's glaring darkly, with her right fist she threw a punch to her daughter's gut, however the smaller girl managed to keep from doubling over.

The two sorcerer's then split off briefly each chanting something in an unknown language, before pushing with their hands forward launching off a spell sending both lightning and fire crashing together causing a huge explosion that caused the street to crater inward, a gas line ruptured shooting flames up into the air, many of the surrounding structures exploded outward sending debris into the street...

Passers by...

Back with Ranma

Shielding her eye's with her right forearm, Ranma with her left hand pulled her coat closed, the wind as if a icy blast threatening to blow her backward. 'Damn what the hell is this crap? I know the weather lady said there would be snow but a blizzard c'mon give me a break!' she inwardly complained.

The sounds of sirens blared loudly into the air causing the red-head to cover her ears and hopped onto a nearby platform as several ambulance's, firetrucks and police sped past her their wheels sending snow and slushy water flying onto the sidewalk where she was once standing.

After they had all passed she cradled her belly before leaping down and continued to fight the wind pushing on towards home, when she heard the sound of explosions going in the distance in front of her. "What the heck is going on?" she questioned aloud, squinting into the blizzard before her, she observed a fireball that rose into the air that indicated a gas line had just exploded causing the storm darkened sky to gain an angry crimson.