Hello Old Friend

Blair let her head fall back onto the pillows and hummed her pleasure as Chuck crawled up her body. She bit her lip as he lay over her, his knee slipping between hers as he held himself above her. She put her hands up to his chest as he leant down to kiss her and felt his lips curling into a smile against hers. She pushed him back gently and watched his expression as he brushed some hair from her face, his hand lingering on her cheek and he grazed her face intensely.

"This was definitely one of your better plans, Bass." She whispered, letting her fingers brush through the gap in his shirt front to feel the hair on his chest. He smirked and met her eyes.

"It's always the simplest plans that have the most satisfying fallout' he murmured, leaning back in to catch her smiling lips with his own.

Serena smiled at the waiter as he passed, taking another glass of champagne. She felt the tingles down her spine that meant his eyes were on her from across the room. She grinned and looked over her shoulder, daring to send a cheeky wink towards him before passing into the next room.

She sauntered through the high doorway towards the buffet, popping a grape in her mouth as she walked past an ostentatious tower of fruit. She turned to survey the room as she chewed on the tart fruit and wrinkled her nose as she spotted her mother laughing in the corner of the room. She watched as Lily curled herself even tighter under the man's welcoming arm and scowled.

She drank the rest of her champagne in one gulp, tilting her head back to get the last drop before banging it onto an ornamental table. The noise of glass on wood made several society matrons wheel around to look at them. Serena gave them a sardonic smile before storming out of the room.

Dan clenched and unclenched his fists. He couldn't go on like this. He was sick of carrying the feelings around and not being able to express them. Every time he closed his eyes it was all he could see. It lay heavily on him like a weight around his neck and the pressure was unbearable.

He steeled himself by knocking his drink back in one gulp, shuddering as he felt the warmth travelling down his chest. He began to move through the room, pushing people rudely out of the way, ignoring their appalled cries as he passed them. He caught sight of them at the other end of the room and took a moment to compose himself, straightening his shoulders and taking a deep breath.

He was only a foot away when he heard the cry from behind him.

Serena's hair flew around her as she turned to face the shout. She didn't notice as it caught somebody on the cheek. She couldn't believe what she was hearing after so long.

Chuck didn't hear it at first. The noise outside the room, outside of them, was just a dull buzz at the back of his mind. He buried his head in the crook of Blair's neck and kissed the moist skin of her collarbone with an open mouth. She moaned and clutched him closer, one of her bare legs rising to curl around the back of his thigh.

He heard her name though, when her mother called. He paused and leant away from her, making her make a squeal of complaint and try to pull his face back down to hers, her hand in his hair.

"Your mother." Chuck muttered, placing his fingers on her lips. She pressed a light kiss to each finger tip.

"What did she say?" Blair asked softly. Chuck looked slightly pained.

"I think she said-" Chuck began, before Eleanor's voice piercing through the door made anything further unnecessary.

"Blair! Come and she who's back!" She cried. Blair's eyes went very wide as she looked at Chuck.

"It can only be..."

"Did she just say..."

"Of course, why wouldn't this happen to me..."

"... It's Nathaniel!"

AN: This is more of a teaser than anything else. I have got so much planned for this story and I'm so glad to be back writing. Season 3 was obviously a crock of shit and Season 4 has disappointed so far so I'm going back to the start.

I'm hoping to be fairly regular for updates on this, a couple a week at least as I've got so much written out already. Reviews make the creative juices flow, though ;)