Twirl So Much I'm Dizzy

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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"I'm not threatened by every pair of legs you watch go by

I don't cringe when you stare at women it's just a thing called guy

I don't notice your sideways glances or where your loyalty lies

I'm secure and out of me it's hard to get a rise"

Alanis Morissette, "Doth I Protest Too Much"


She wonders how she received this

s e c o n d chance

because she understands

that no one should even be

a c k n o w l e d g i n g her

But he claims to have seen a

strong, brave heart underneath all the rumors

(though she's pretty sure her face reads—still—

"S N E A K")


Years go by &…



He's still there, by her side

It's not much of a wonder

He showed that same loyalty

to his two (now ONE) best friends

But maybe…that loyalty

will wane



every guy is bound to…

"notice" the females that pass

So she lets it go on

She can't be controlling

if she is, he might

l e a v e

But that doesn't take away her right to



It's actually

o n e femme in particular

Even though George married her & they have

twins (who would've guessed?)

Mari's beau still

y e a r n s

for her, to some degree

So she'll cry & try even mOrE to ignore it



She can't take it anymore

She rather wants him to


But he'll kiss away her tears & explain why he didn't—

He loves Mari & George too much to do that to them


D: Awwr. I love Lee's loyalty in this. Funny, in a way… This is kinda Epilogue-compliant… O.o Anywho, I'd love to read/do more of them! XD So hop on the Marielee ship!

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-mew-tsubaki :D