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Frank is your best friend, and he's the only one who really gets you. The two of you do everything together: you study together, you hang out together, you eat every meal sitting side-by-side or face-to-face, and during the summer, you can barely spend three or four days without seeing each other.

And somewhere in your subconscious you always knew – or rather, you always hoped – that things would always be this way, that when you graduated Hogwarts you would still be just as close, and that one day, he would get down on one knee and you would know for sure that what you had was forever. Everything within you was sure that he knew it, too.

That is, until Alice comes along and ruins everything. Pretty soon Frank doesn't want to talk quidditch, or about the last potions exam that you both probably failed because you were up all night telling stories and laughing – and about how you're going to do it again.

As if it wasn't bad enough that the only girl Frank ever talked about, thought about, and ever really saw anymore was Alice, pretty soon, his obnoxious new habit starts to rub off on you. Suddenly you notice the way her cheeks flush ever-so-slightly whenever anyone pays her a compliment, or whenever she laughs. Suddenly her clumsiness isn't quite so annoying, it's cute and endearing.

All of a sudden Alice is all you think about, too: her stubborn determination; her never-ending kindness; her infectious laughter; how she tripped on her way to charms and the adorable embarrassed smile that followed.

Unexpectedly, she's captured your mind and your heart, and just like Frank, she is the only person that you really see anymore. Sirius and his dashing good looks, and a reckless personality that rivals your own are old news. Remus and his shy and sexy mysterious aura, isn't even enough to catch your eye. Even Frank, who you thought without any shadow of a doubt that you would be with forever, can hardly make you look away from Alice.

No one is in such desperate command of your attention like she is. No one can set your heart on such an erratic pace the way she can. No one is ever in your thoughts or your dreams as much as she is. Suddenly you live, sleep, and breathe Alice. She is the only thing keeping you here, tied to this world, to everything; your world revolves around her, and you're too far gone to even want it to change.

Over the course of a year you go from loving Frank to hating him more than anyone ever could. Because he stole your heart and broke it more times than you care to count. Once when he made you fall in love with him, and again when he brought Alice into your life. A part of you is grateful to him for giving you that extra nudge to open your eyes and finally see just how wonderful Alice truly is, because the moment he did, it was as if a weight had been lifted off your chest that you didn't even know had been there, it was as if you could finally breathe. But any ounce of gratitude you possess gets washed away whenever you see them together. And Frank just can't understand why you want nothing to do with him anymore, or why you glare at him every time he tries to talk to you about it.

But you don't care to explain yourself, and you don't care to make him understand. Because all of this is his fault; he's the cause of your suffering. So you only hope that you could possibly be the cause of his.

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