When I was a Kid…


My inspiration for this story came while I was surfing on the internet looking for new TMNT images…

Then I saw this little brotherly sketch about Leo writing on his journal about something that happened to him when he was a kid…

I decided to find out who was the creator of this and I ended up on Deviant Art.

The artist is a girl who calls herself "The9Tard"…

Anyway… I looked on her gallery and I found 3 little sketches about this: Leo, Raph and Don remembering and writing on their journals (well… Raph was just remembering… je je… maybe 'cause he thinks writing on journals is girly or corny…)

Though she didn't draw Mikey' sketch, I think I'm gonna think something properly for the baby turtle brother ^_^

I have to thank you for all the reviews… I have to confess, I never thought I was gonna be good at writing… honestly, I prefer drawing… but all your reviews and comments motivate me every single day to keep going with this noble cause *wiping tears*

Sniff, sniff… awwww! That was beautiful! ^_^

Oh! Do you speak Spanish? If you don't… don't worry! I'm gonna make a Spanish TMNT story… for my fan-fic friend "Yunuen"!

So… better get a translator huh? Hahahaha!

Well… I guess that's all I have to say ^_^

See ya… and enjoy this Fan-Fic… Repeat: I'm NOT the turtles' owner… DAMN YOU NICKELODEON!

With love: