Hey guys, I'm back. This time with an iCarly fic. This has recently become my favorite show, and I'm a total Seddie shipper. They're seventeen in this one (you'll find that out later anyway). There is a bit of cussing in it. Nothing too bad. I assume that when Sam gets a bit older, she'd be cussing anyway (not on Nickelodeon though lol). I'm excited about this fic. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to tell me if you catch any spelling, typos, or grammatical errors. I'll fix them immediately.

"Jesus!" came the yell of Sam for what seemed like the fortieth time today.

"Is it really still hurting, Sam?" Carly asked her. Sam had been having terribly gut-wrenching cramps for the past couple of weeks and it only seemed to be getting worse.

"Yea. Where's Freddie? Maybe a good ass-kicking will make the pain stop," Sam smirked, her hand still on her lower stomach.

"Oh, his mom has him on lockdown right now. Apparently someone new moved into the apartment next to them and they have flea-infested cats…fourteen of them. So Mrs. Benson is afraid to let him out. Says fleas carry some kind of disease with a big name," Carly couldn't help but chuckle at her friend's misfortune. His mom could be a real nut sometimes, they both knew that. Carly could tell that Sam was already thinking of ways that she could make fun of Freddie for this one. And then Carly added, "Maybe you should go to the doctor for it," back on the subject of Sam.

"Ehh. I thought about it a couple days ago, but I don't see my mom taking it seriously enough. She'd probably tell me to go buy some tampons if I told her about the cramping," Sam explained.

"You mean you still haven't told her? Well just let Spencer and me take you. Spencer is good friends with the doctor, I think. So he could probably get you in without your mom having to be there," Carly suggested, genuinely worried about her friend.

"Who isn't Spencer friends with?" Sam added. Carly nodded as they both moved from the kitchen to sit upon the couch in the living room, "I'm not even on my thing yet, so I don't know why I would be cramping. Just give it another day. If I'm still like this tomorrow, I'll let you take me, ok?"

"Promise?" Carly asked, knowing that Sam might try to wiggle her way out of going.

"Promise," Sam replied, taking her hand from her stomach and shoving it into a chip bag.

The next day, a knock on the door resonated through the house, awaking Carly. Sam, who had decided to sleep over, still slept soundly though. Carly quietly climbed out of her bed, trying not to wake Sam up, but in her mind, she knew that it would take more than her getting off the bed to wake Sam up. Sam was a deep sleeper, even though she had still been cramping when she fell asleep.

Carly looked around at her room that was pretty much trashed. There was a half-empty pizza box and part of its contents strung across the floor, pop cans lying in random spots, and several other things scattered around. She heard another knock at the door, so she continued on out of her room and down the stairs. Once downstairs, she heard a noise coming from the kitchen. She looked over to see Spencer concocting something in a big bowl.

"Are you not going to get the door?" Carly asked him, rubbing her eyes, still half asleep. Spencer pulled his hands out of the bowl and Carly saw that they were covered in some sort of blue slime. Her eyes widened a little and so did Spencer's smile, "You frighten me at times," she stated and then headed over to the door. Another knock rung out just before she grabbed the door handle and opened it. There stood Freddie, who quickly rushed in.

"I'm hiding from my mom. She got busy, so I decided I'd try to get out while I could," Freddie explained before Carly could ask.

"She still on about the flea thing?" Carly questioned.

"Yea. It's completely ridiculous. I mean, you're just across from the new people and you don't have fleas, so why would I?" Freddie ranted. Carly shrugged.

"I guess I'll go wake Sam up. It's nearly twelve, and she needs to get ready to go to the doctor anyway," Carly said more to herself than anyone as she headed toward the stairs.

"The doctor?" Freddie asked, "What did she do this time?" They both knew of Sam's crazy antics she got herself into sometimes: fights, stealing, fights, jail, fights.

"I don't think she did anything, unless someone punched her in the gut. I think she's just having female problems, but it seems a little worse than that, so Spencer and me are going to take her to the doctor," Carly explained.

"We're doing what?" Spencer asked from the kitchen. Carly had totally forgotten to mention it to him.

"Oh yea. We're going to take Sam to the doctor today, ok? That one doctor that you're friends with. She didn't really want to talk to her mom about it, so I told her we would take her," Carly told him.

"Sounds fine with me, kiddo. I gotta finish my blueberry surprise first though. It shouldn't take too long. We could even go while it's baking. It's supposed to bake for almost two hours," Spencer said.

"Geez," Carly's eyes got big again, "That really is a surprise," she turned and continued on up the stairs and Freddie followed her. When they got to Carly's room, they saw Sam still sleeping soundly. Her mouth was open a little and she was mumbling something incoherent, "Sam…," Carly whispered, shaking Sam's shoulder a little. It was going to take more than that to get her up, Carly soon figured out. She put both hands on Sam's shoulder and shook her vigorously, making Sam slowly open her eyes.

"Wh-what?" Sam rubbed her eyes and looked at Carly, then to Freddie, "What's he doing here? I thought his mom went bonkers again?"

"Looks like my mom isn't the only one," Freddie replied, motioning toward the empty two-liter that Sam was snuggling with. Sam threw it onto the floor with the rest of the garbage and sat up with her legs hanging off the bed.

"How's your stomach feeling?" Carly asked her.

"Ehh, it's fine for now. It's not bother me at the moment," she replied, "I'm hungry."

"Well at least you still have your appetite," Carly laughed, "but you should get ready because Spencer is going to take us to the doctor as soon as he's done making his 'blueberry surprise,'" Carly made dramatic hand movements as she said the last two words.

"Is Freddork coming too?" Sam nodded toward Freddie, who was starting to count the empty pop cans. Carly turned to Freddie as if she weren't sure.

"I guess I could go. If I don't, I'll just have to go back to my mom," he shuddered at the thought of his mother trying to search his body for fleas.

"Great then," Carly said, "Let's go downstairs and see how Spencer is doing on his creation," with that said, Sam stood up off the bed and started to take her shirt off.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Freddie said, turning around quickly, "You can't just change with me standing right here."

"Well if you didn't like it, you should've got out," Sam replied, throwing her shirt to the floor and picking up a new one that she had brought to wear. It was navy blue with a small pocket on the right side.

"You didn't even warn me you were changing!" Freddie explained.

"Oops," Sam said in a not-really-oops-I-just-don't-care tone. The three of them were now seventeen. Well, besides Carly, who would be seventeen in July. Having known each other for more than four years, Sam didn't really care what Freddie -or Carly- saw. She was actually surprised that Freddie even still threw a fit over it. "What's the big deal? We're all practically family anyway," The past year or so, Sam had gotten slightly less harsh on Freddie, but only slightly. It came natural to her to joke around with him in a mean way: it was just who she was. But since growing up more, she found that it felt childish to do seriously mean things to him. Even though she knew Freddie probably wouldn't even be friends with her in the least if Carly wasn't around, he was still Sam's friend (as awkward as it felt to admit). They had known each other for a long time.

"Are you done yet?" Freddie asked, ignoring Sam's previous statement. He began to turn around only to catch Sam's thumbs in the top of her pajama shorts, about to pull them down. He quickly whipped back around, accepting that as an answer to his question. Carly faced sideways looking at her walls. She'd been around Sam undressing all the time, but she thought she'd give her some slight privacy by turning to the side- not that Sam much cared. Carly wore a smile as she started walking toward the door.

"Sam," Carly laughed, "we'll just wait for you downstairs, ok?" She could sense Freddie's discomfort. Freddie started to follow Carly.

"I'm done anyway," Sam replied. And with a quick zip of her jeans, they went downstairs. They watched Spencer pour the blue substance into a pan.

"This is going to be the greatest dish…EVER!" Spencer smiled.

"Oh, are you about to start baking it?" Carly asked him cheerfully.

"What exactly is it?" Sam cut Carly off, staring oddly at the pan. She may have been a bit afraid of it, but no one doubted that if it was edible and tasty, she would eat it, and lots of it.

"Blueberry surprise!" Spencer explained, as if Sam was already supposed to have known what a blueberry surprise was.

"Whatever," she said, "When's it going to be done?"

"It should be done when we get back from the doctor. Gotta let the puppy rise," there was a glint in his eye that made him seem a bit maniacal. He put on his oven mitts and carefully placed the surprise into the oven. He carefully set the oven for an hour and fifty minutes. "Now let's go!"

"Now? Let me get dressed," Carly rushed up the stairs to change out of her pajamas. She hadn't done a strip in front of her two friends as Sam had done, so she was the only one not ready to go.

"Let's just hope you don't set the house on fire this time. It can't be very safe to keep the oven on while being out of the house," Freddie warned.

"Ahh, the doctor isn't too far away, so we should be back pretty quick as long as Sam isn't dying," Spencer looked over at the blonde, "You're not…dying...are you?" He acted as if she may have actually been, but it had been kept a secret from him.

"Of course not. They might take my uterus out though. At least I hope so anyway, this feeling sucks," she touched her stomach as the pains started to come again.

"What's it feel like?" Freddie asked her.

"Want me to show you what it feels like?" Sam smirked at him. His eyes widened and he shook his head, crossing his arms, "Well, alright then. It feels kind of like someone is taking a razor blade through the inside of my lower stomach and then throwing vinegar on it. It's quite lovely actually," her sarcasm had been starting to get easily understood by Freddie throughout the years. He used to make some remark back as though she wasn't actually joking, but now he just gave a her a painful look as he imagined the feeling himself. At that point, Carly came running back downstairs, brushed hair and decent clothes on. Sam brushed her hands over her own hair in an attempt to fix it because she realized she hadn't brushed her hair like Carly had. Who was going to see her though? They'd just be coming back to Carly's house.

They all went down to the doctor's office, and Spencer talked to the nurse about seeing the doctor for himself -he wouldn't tell the nurse it was for Sam- and the nurse said that the doctor could get him in in just a few minutes. They all sat in the waiting room patiently, watching The Fox and the Hound, which was playing on the tv in the corner of the room.

"Tod, that Copper is going to come back a hunting dog, a real killer," Big Mama explained to the small fox before her.

"Oh no, not my friend Copper. He won't ever change," Tod replied to her.

"I hope you're right."

"And we'll keep on being friends forever. Right, Big Mama?" Tod asked her.

"Darling, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things…"

"Oh my goodness! Poor Tod," Carly was already starting to cry. Sam wondered if Carly had ever even seen the movie from the beginning. When Tod's mom got killed, she'd surely have heart-failure. Sam remembered seeing the movie when she was little and tearing up, herself. She'd never told that to anyone though.

"It's ok, Carls," Sam reassured her, rubbing her back.

"What is this movie?" Freddie asked Sam.

"Seriously Fredward? It's The Fox and the Hound. You can't tell me you've never heard of it," she stared at him like he had something stapled to his face.

"Look, my mom wouldn't ever let me watch very many movies as a kid. She was afraid they'd influence me in a bad way. There must've been violence or something like that in this one or I would've seen it," he explained to her.

"The worst thing that happens is Tod's mother getting shot in the beginning," Sam said, still appalled.

"TOD!" Carly weeped, hearing about his poor, poor mother. Sam pat her on the back again.

"So I guess you've never seen Bambi either have you?" she laughed at Freddie now. He had been so deprived from the world, "Ha! I can see Mrs. Benson now: 'Fredward, no Bambi for you! The mama deer getting shot might influence you to kill yourself because of your terrible life I've made you have,'" she mocked his mom in a higher-pitched voice.

"Come on, just drop it, ok?" Freddie sighed, looking over at Spencer, who was flipping through a cooking magazine that he had found. That was the last thing Spencer needed: more blueberry surprise recipes.

"Spencer Shay!" a nurse called from an open door in the waiting room.

Before you ask: no, she's not pregnant. I'm not jumping on that "I-got-drunk-so-now-I'm-pregnant" bandwagon. She's not having organ problems, and Freddie isn't going to have to be her organ donor. Please leave some feedback on how you felt about it. Without jumping to conclusions? Inspire me to write more! I'll usually update one chapter a week apart, but sooner if I get lots of reviews.