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"You guys, that was a great show tonight!" Carly told her friends that night after iCarly was over.

"Thanks," Freddie replied, "We got the most ratings we've ever had," he felt uneasy about that statement though. That meant more people from the school had probably been watching. He was thankful that next week was the last until summer though. He decided he'd talk to Sam when they left Carly's. He'd explain to her about fighting and remind her that there would be only one week left.

"Wonderful," Sam said in reply to Freddie's statement about the viewers, "Well, at least the whole world that doesn't go to our school knows you've kissed a girl now," Sam remembered how pretty much their entire school had seen him kiss Carly. And those who hadn't seen it, had heard about it. She knew the school had probably assumed Carly was his first kiss after that. It shouldn't have, but it made her feel a bit angry. She had been his first kiss, and no one except Carly and Spencer knew about it.

"So what're we going to do now?" Carly asked them.

"Actually," Sam said, standing up from the kitchen chair, "I really should be getting home."

"Why don't you just stay here tonight?" Carly suggested. Sam thought for a minute.

"My mom promised to bring home chicken this afternoon," Sam lied. She wished her mom was bringing home chicken. But Sam really just needed some time to think about things.

"Alright," Carly laughed at her friend's immense love for chicken, "What about you, Freddie? You wanna stay and poke at Spencer with me?" She was referring to the passed out Spencer in the middle of the living room floor. He had spent several sleepless nights lately working on his sculpture, and he had fallen asleep before making it to the couch, right after iCarly had gotten done.

"I guess I should head home too," Freddie didn't bother with an excuse. He'd given too many lately and he hated lying to his brown-headed friend so much. I've really got to stop leaving at the same time as Sam though. Carly is going to start thinking something's going on, Freddie thought. He then chuckled a bit, thinking of what his mind had just said. Technically, there was something going on, but he still didn't want Carly to know that, for Sam's sake anyway.

"Alright then. We should all do something tomorrow then," Carly offered.

"Sounds good, Carls," Sam smiled at her friend. There was a short silence, before Carly spoke up.

"Hey, Sam, did you really start crying tonight during iCarly?" Carly said this softly, knowing that it might be a touchy topic.

"Pshh, come on, kid. Mama was faking it. You never knew I was such a good actress, did you?" Sam smiled, walking toward the door.

"I can't say I did," Carly laughed, "So I'll see you guys tomorrow?"

"Yea, text me with some plans. I'm too lazy to think about what to do tomorrow. I'll let you decide," Sam explained.

"Alright, I'll text you and Freddie both and let you guys know something," and with that, Sam and Freddie were out the door at the same time, once again.

"Sam," he said quietly as soon as the door was closed. She turned toward him and raised her eyebrows, "Can I talk to you for a second before you go?" Sam felt her heart jump a little.

"Sure, Freddicle," Sam turned toward him and crossed her arm, leaning her weight on one leg. She looked more girly doing that stance, but Freddie would never tell her that for the fact that he sort-of liked living at the moment.

"It's about…you know," he nodded toward her stomach that may or may not have anything growing within it. She nodded, looking a little bored. She hated having to wait for things, "Well, Sam, I figure after tonight's show, you and I might be getting a lot more attention from people that want to comment on the kiss. I just want you to know that if you are…you know-"

"Pregnant. It's ok to say the word," she smirked.

"Right." he laughed nervously a bit, "Anyway, I just don't want you to get into any fights because of what people might say about us after this show. It's not good to fight if you're…pregnant," it felt like he had just said a curse word. Sam just stared at him for a second and started laughing.

"You really think I'm going to get into a fight because of something someone says about the two of us? I could care less what they think," Sam expressed.

"I know, I just thought it might upset you more because it was about you and me," he said, emphasizing the me, "Plus, I was just wanted to make sure you wouldn't."

"It's not going to upset me, even if it's about you, dork," she smiled, and he smiled back at her typical nickname for him, "You're not that bad of a guy. Besides, I'm not stupid: I know fighting while pregnant isn't smart," she punched his arm lightly. Freddie was still smiling at her.

"Thanks, Sam," he stared at her wondering what to say next. She just continued to look at him. For some reason that Freddie believed he'd never be able to explain, he moved closer to her and gave her a short embrace. His only reasoning he could think of was that, she looked like she needed it.

Sam did look a bit taken aback, but instead, she just laughed a little and turned around to leave.

"What's so funny?" he asked her as she was slowly walking away.

"Nothing, Freddie," she laughed again, turning the corner. He stood there puzzled watching her walk away.

Sam was now brought back to reality from her thoughts of the past three days. She lay in her bed, finally turning over ready to try to sleep. She glanced at the radio beside her bed, contemplating turning it on. She decided she would; it might help her sleep. She lazily reached over her bed and turned the radio on, then leaned back over and closed her eyes. The sound reached her ears.

My heart booms at the speed of light

But the exit sign's always on my mind

Always in my sight

I can say that I really want to stay

But the devil inside always wins the fight

Always gets his way

Sam felt herself getting a bit more tired, I've never heard this song before, Sam thought.

Jump out the window, gotta get out on the highway

When things are getting too attached I need an escape

I'm seeing stars and there is nothing more that I hate

Baby, there's something that I gotta say:

It sounds nice though, Sam turned onto her back.

It's disgusting how I love you

I can't take it, I should hate you

Cause you're messing up my name

Gotta walk my talk, my fame

But I just wanna touch your face

It's disgusting.

It's disgusting how you changed me

From a bandit to a baby

Think I might gotta change my name

If I'm gonna walk this walk of shame

Look at what you do to me, it's disgusting…

Sam was at school in her dream. There weren't very many people there for some reason and she was cold. She wondered where Carly and Freddie were. She didn't know where her backpack was, but frankly didn't really care. She set off down the hallway in search of them. Everywhere she looked she say exit signs over every door. She finally ran into Carly. Sam opened her mouth to talk,

"I'm seeing stars and there's nothing more that I hate," Sam said and immediately got a horrified look on her face. What the fuck? That wasn't what her mind had wanted to say.

"Chapter by chapter, you're falling faster and faster," Carly replied to her, smiling widely. She then moved by Sam's side and pushed the blonde's back lightly, motioning her to walk farther down the hallway. Sam stumbled forward a bit and then turned around to look at her friend and Carly was gone. Sam turned back around and started walking back down the hallway, still seeing the exit signs. She contemplated taking one of them, but decided against it when she saw a door at the very end of the hallway with the brightest exit sign. She picked up her pace until she almost ran into someone who seemed to appear out-of-nowhere: it was Freddie.

"I'm still right here, more or less," Freddie said to her. None of this made much sense to Sam, especially what she said next to him.

"It's disgusting how I love you. I can't take it, I should hate you. Look at what you do to me; it's disgusting," Sam's hands shot over her mouth and she opened her mouth to take back what she said.

Sam woke herself up saying, "I didn't mean to say that." She looked over at the clock and saw that it was 10:00AM. This was early for her, but she decided she'd get up anyway; At least it wasn't a bad dream. Maybe I should listen to music before bed more often. That was the first night she hadn't had nightmares in a few days.

She moved her hand around her bed looking for her phone. She fell asleep with it often and it ended up behind her bed, up her shirt, and God-knows where else when she woke up. She finally found it at the foot of her bed, tangled up in blankets and laid it in her lap. She looked up at her wall and scratched the back of her tangly head. She felt her phone vibrate on her lap and looked down to see it was Melanie calling. Sam really didn't feel like Melanie that morning, so she just let it ring.

Sam was then brought back to her dream. She began to wonder why she'd been having so many dreams about Freddie lately and then blamed it on the current situation. Her phone vibrated once again, this time a text message. She looked down and saw who it was. Speak of the devil, she thought. It was think of the devil actually. Freddie had texted, "Do you want to meet Carly and me at the Groovie Smoothie?" So Sam texted back, "Ok, see you there."

Sam got into the shower because she felt like she was in desperate need of one. The warm water felt nice. Her house was cold for some reason even though it was June. She figured her mom had turned the air conditioner down too low again. As she thought about it being June, her mind was brought back to what was going to happen at the end of July and it made her stomach hurt. It had only been two days since the incident between Freddie and her, but she was already anxious to find out some answers. Wait, she thought, how long do I even have to wait before I can take a test? She knew absolutely nothing about things like that. She knew she couldn't ask Carly and her laptop had broken a couple weeks ago when she threw it at Freddie. I guess I'll just have to wait, the thought to herself shrugging.

She was done taking a shower after a few more minutes and was then thankful for the air conditioner.

"Jesus!" she yelled; she felt like she was burning up from the hot water and instantly regretted turning the water heat up so high. Sam wrapped a towel around her and quickly rushed out of the sauna-like bathroom and into her room, opening a window. She quickly slung her head forward and shook it like a dog with rabies. She had always had a theory that doing such a routine after getting s shower would make her hair dry faster. After bringing her head back to a straight level and grasping onto her rolly chair for support from the dizziness, she noticed her phone was lit up on her bed. She made her way over to the device and picked it up, noticing the two missed calls: Melanie. "What the hell is she so persistent for?" Sam asked herself. She contemplated asking her mother if Melanie had tried to call her too, but she knew it would do no good because she could the woman's snores coming from downstairs, "I'll call her back later."

About an hour and several texts asking, "where are you?" later, Sam finally showed up at the Groovie Smoothie to meet her friends. She saw then sitting at a table and they smiled at her as she walked in.

"Hey Carls," she said to Carly, sitting down beside of her. She then looked at Freddie, "Sup?" she nodded his way.

"Hey Sam," Carly greeted her, "Have you talked to Melanie yet? She called me and said she'd been trying to get ahold of you this morning. She said she had something to talk to you about. I asked her what it was, but she said she was going to tell you first," she laughed with a puzzled look on her face. Freddie just sat by shaking his head, smiling.

"Something funny, Benson?" Sam snapped at him.

"Melanie," he waved his hands in the air. Sam had forgotten that he still didn't believe in her. She smirked at this and whipped her phone out of her pocket.

"Alright then, let's just give Melanie a call back then. I was avoiding talking to her, because I really don't feel like her girly bullshit today, but I'm going to prove a point to Fredlumps here," Sam stated, dialing Melanie's number. The phone rang for a second before a bubbly voice answered.

"Hey Sammmm!"

"Sup, Melanie. Whatcha need?" Same said, bringing the conversation short and to the point. After saying this, she punched a button on her phone to turn the speaker on.

"I'm so excited, Sam. Guess what?" Melanie replied.

"Just spit it out already."

"I'm coming to stay during the summer!" she squealed back to Sam. Sam had been watching Freddie's face the whole time but he seemed unfazed by the ecstatic girl on the other line. Sam sighed.

"Alright, Mel. See you then," she said quickly, hanging up on her sister.

"Sam! That was rude. Poor Melanie!" Carly scolded her friend, taking out her own cell phone to text the twin. Freddie kept smiling like an idiot.

"I can't take that girl for a whole summer!" Sam said, scratching her head swiftly with both of her hands. She looked up and saw some salt and smacked it off the table, "Fuck salt!" This got both of her friends' attention and they both snickered a bit at her outburst. Several people looked at their table and the spilled salt on the floor.

"It'll be alright, Sam. You haven't been around Melanie this much in years. You never know, you might like her a lot better now," Carly reassured her.

"Do you guys just pick random days to mess with me, or- ?" Freddie was suddenly cut off.

"Just shut up, Benson! You heard the priss herself on the phone. This is no joke," Sam retorted. If Sam had've been any other emotion except mad, Freddie may have considered pressing the two of them further about the matter, but he felt he should go along with it for the time being.

"Fine," he raised his hands in the air, giving up. He knew he'd see the truth soon enough.

"I think I'm going to go home. Clear out the spare room for Melanie," Sam said to her friends, getting up. Carly and Freddie frowned at her. She was obviously upset. Carly had seen Sam upset about Melanie coming over before, but never this upset. She assumed it was because it would be for such a lengthy time.

"Alright, Sam. Text us, ok?" Carly said to her friend, putting her hand on Sam's arm, looking at her.

"Sure, Carls," and Sam was out the door. Freddie looked over at Carly with a concerned look on his face.

"I think I'm gonna go with her to check on her, ok?" he said to Carly, also getting out of his seat. He laid a few dollars down on the table for his smoothie. Carly smiled and nodded at him, and then he was after her.

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