Author's note: This is a story on T-bone and Turmoil. A "what if" story. What if T-bone didn't betray turmoil and asked razor to join him. And at the end what if turmoil joined t-bone to become the third swat kat. I'll explain this as I keep writing chapters. I don't own the swat kats.

Rated T

T-bone and Turmoil

Chapter 1: The ace pilot

The Hangar (10 minutes before heading to the desert)

T-bone asked "Hey razor, are you sure about this missile test, because I just might enjoy myself when I fly through the canyon" Joked t-bone. Razor said "T-bone, were going to test my new missiles not your fancy flying." After razor finished loading the last of his missiles he thought there was sadness in t-bone's voice. The swat kats were both heading for the desert and razor noticed that t-bone was very quiet throughout the trip. Razor thought "I've never seen him like this he's usually all hyped up and ready for a challenge." Hopefully a desert run might help him be in a good mood.

In the desert

T-bone and razor were in the desert testing their new missiles; they were almost done on their last test. "Ka-boom" Said razor "targets destroyed". "Dang, razor" said t-bone "you've got good shots. Let's go home." said t-bone. "Roger that" replied razor. T-bone flew the TurboKat towards the salvage yard. T-bone was in thought during the trip he wondered if there was anyone who loved him for his flying, (razor is one). Chance had some feelings for callie, but she barely noticed him. Callie had feelings for jake and she spent most of her time talking to him. T-bone was concerned that he would not have a woman to love him for what he loves to do: flying. The closest person that he would talk about his problems with was feline feral. Not a bad kat to ask for friendship. After flying for 15 minutes they came upon megakat city and noticed something was not right.

At megakat city

There was a gigantic passenger jet was about to come in for a landing. The intercom dinged and the captain made his announcement:"This is your captain speaking; we are now making our final approach to the busiest airport Mega Kat international. Please fasten your seat...aaahhh hey what's happening I can't concentrate." The captain and his felt as if they were in a maze of twist and turns and couldn't correct themselves or the plane. The passenger jet began to plummet down to the city until two unknown engines attached themselves to the back of the plane and lifted the plane to a safe altitude.

In the TurboKat

T-bone said "lucky we happened to in the neighborhood razor." Razor replied "it's not over yet buddy, I've still got to land this plane, prepare for magnetic lock on" Razor pressed a switch that activated a winch and attached itself to the passenger plane. T-bone said "I got them; I just hope I can hold them. Thrusters to full power" Razor contacted the captain and said "attention captain were going to take you in" The captain replied weakly with "roger" and deployed the plane's landing gear. The passenger plane began to decent and the landing gear touched down with a screech as the plane's wheels hit the runway. The passenger plane landed safely to a stop, police and medical staff arrived to take care of the rest. An enforcer helicopter arrived on the scene; inside was Felina feral, Commander Feral's daughter. Using the radio she said "nice save swat kats". T-bone and razor headed back to their hangar when razor said "looks like everything's ok" T-bone asked "yeah, but I wonder what caused the plane to plummet?" He got his answer when dazzling lights began to form a holographic image of a female feline. She had high-heeled boots, a well chiseled jaw line, fur that was bright indicating healthy breeding, a Dracula like cape that went to her heels, a blood-red insignia that was on the front of her hat. She raised her hands to her hips and spoke "Attention citizens of megakat city, I am Turmoil. What you have just witnessed is a sample of the vertigo beam. With this new weapon I will now use to take this city and its airspace and place it in my control. However, I will allow this city to use MY airspace for the poultry sum of two million in gold per week. I will wait no longer than 0800 hours tomorrow for this week's payment, Turmoil out." When the hologram dissipated the clouds parted and revealed an airship hovering 500 feet above the city hall tower. Felina couldn't say anything but "she's got to be kidding. There's no way that's gonna happen." She pointed her helicopter towrds turmoil's. Using her radio she said "This is lieutenant feral, turmoil you're under arrest." The second she finished her sentence the cannon fired the beam and felina got caught in the vertigo. Her vision went blurred and criss-crossed. She was in pain as she tried to control the helicopter, but no use and the copter went down. The swat kats deployed a grappling hook and caught the copter before it could crash. As the turbokat descended to lower the copter the airship made its way to city hall. As the ship was moving turmoil gave one final warning "as you can see; attempts to resist will be futile, from now on the skies belong to turmoil." She gave an evil cackle before signing off. As t-bone and razor were watching T-bone said "looks like were going to have to take this blackmailer in buddy" They dropped their load and converted themselves for attack mode. The TurboKat headed towards turmoil's airship.


I know this is somewhat like the episode, I will continue writing. This isn't the only story I'm working on.

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