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Chapter 15: Time for vacation.

MegaKat city airport

Chance and emerald were waiting for felina who was still late. Luckily their flight was late too, which gave felina a perfect excuse. Chance and emerald were having lunch in a nearby restaurant, when the television got their attention. They saw commander feral and ann gora from kats eye news talking about the events at the tuna factory. Ann started by saying "The events that occurred at the abandoned tuna factory are still under investigation. We spoke to commander feral and he had this to say "the swat kats are officially fugitives. I am asking the mayor of MegaKat city for permission for a city wide man hunt and air patrol containment of any signs of the swat kats. Also, I will get the enforcer air force to assist in the kill or capture of the swat kats." Chance and emerald were stunned to hear feral declaring the swat kats fugitives. Ann asked "commander feral, the swat kats have saved this city time and time again. Why go this far to arrest them?" Feral looked at her and said "apparently, the swat kats have told me that the villainess known as turmoil survived the crash. The swat kats are helping her with another attempt to another crime. That is called aid and abetting and known fugitive. As for the swat kats, I will tell them this: you swat kats have 3 days to surrender yourselves and turmoil. If you don't I will find you and make sure you get life in prison. Your plane will be destroyed, and this city will know who you really are. You call yourselves heroes, but you are the ones who created the criminals of megakat city. Oh, and you have also committed the kidnapping of felina feral. Don't think that lt. feral will vouch for your innocence." Chance and emerald were shock to hear feral sound furious. Chance said "looks like feral just won't leave us alone. Let's get going and see if felina is here." They paid for their food and headed for the gate. Felina was waiting at the gate after hearing what her uncle said. Good thing she was able to change the way she looked. Luckily no one noticed as she saw chance and emerald walking in her direction. Felina got up and said "well, we might have to take it easy on this R and R. Uncle has clearly lost it." They boarded the plane with emerald on the window seat and feline on the other. T-bone was sitting in the middle and said to himself "what did I do to deserve this." They fell asleep as soon as the plane took off.

Classified location: empress alena's hq

Alena could not believe that turmoil would betray her like this. As she watched the news report she learned that turmoil was still alive. Alena saw that commander feral was serious and thought to herself "I think I have my plan for payback, turmoil. As for your new friend felina, sadly she won't be around to see this." Alena picked up the phone and contacted commander feral.

Enforcer hq

After a horrible week of failure attempts to arrest the swat kats, feral had enough. Before get up his phone rang. He picked it up and said "enforcer HQ commander feral speaking" the voice he heard next would leave him in disbelief. Alena said "I suppose that you hate the swat kats for what they've done to you." Feral replied "and to am I talking to." Alena said "well now, I just happen to be the she kat that who knows where turmoil and the swat kats are right now." Feral replied "I think for your safety, it's best you give me that information before-" before feral could finish he was interrupted. Alena said "do you really think that I will just give you what you want for free, no." Feral was at his boiling point and said "ok, name your terms." Alena said "relax commander, all I want is turmoil so I can kill her myself." Feral said "how about you give me what I want and I won't arrest you for life." Alena replied "well, no. you are going to do what I tell you, if don't want your niece to get hurt badly. Because I know where she is at." Feral's eyes went wide as he heard her talk about his niece. Feral knew he would do anything to keep her safe, but now the she would be safe with the swat kats. Feral said "you even touch my niece and I will let turmoil kill you herself." Alena said "ok, I'll give you some time to think this over, bye." The line went dead as feral slammed the phone on the hook. Feral couldn't believe that after saying those things about the swat kats, he was going to need their help to protect his niece. All feral could think is to hope that felina would at least hear him. So feral picked up his cell and dialed felina's number and said "felina, please listen."

Location Private Island

Chance, emerald and felina were getting off the plane to felina's car. Chance was in the back, emerald in the passenger seat and felina was driving. Chance was in awe after being away from megakat city. The island was beautiful; it was a city within a city. Felina drove to her grandmother's house near the beach. As soon as they got there, they got out and saw the house was amazing. You can see the beach the beach through the dining room glass. There was a yacht, a pool, a Jacuzzi, and a 2 floor bedroom with showers. Felina asked "well, what do you guys think?" Chance and emerald were speechless. Chance looked at felina and said "wow, this incredible." They went back to the car to get the rest of their bags when felina's phone rang. She looked to see it was her uncle.


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