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Chapter 16: a shocking message.

Private beach house in Jamaica

Chance and emerald were unpacking their suit cases, when felina's phone rang. She looked at the caller id to see that it was her uncle. Without hesitation, she picked up the phone and said "uncle, you've got guts calling me out here. What do you want?". Feral knew she was mad and said "felina, I've been contacted by turmoil's so called boss. She knows where you are and she wants turmoil. If I don't hand her over, she said she will come after you." Felina heard feral's voice over the phone and can tell he was serious. Felina asked "well uncle, now what are you gonna do?" Feral answered "well what can I do? I have no choice, but to ask you to stay with the swat kats." Felina said "actually uncle, its swat kat. His partner is gone, so don't ask. Until then uncle, let the swat kat take the heat off you." All feral said was "ok." Before felina hung up the phone she said "uncle, after this is over I want you to let the swat kat and emerald go." Feral said "I can't do that felina. After this is over, I want you to turn them in. A lot of innocent people are hurt because of them and I don't plan on letting them hurt anyone else." Felina was mad this time and said "uncle, if you want them both, you will have to take me also. I'm not going to let you hurt them, I don't care if my life is in danger." Feral smashed his fist on the desk and said "felina, I've had enough of this." Before feral could continue, felina hung up the phone and tossed it in the pool. All she said was "sorry uncle, but he saved my life many times and I owe him a favor."

Chance and emerald were busy unpacking their bags, when chance got an uneasy feeling about today. He looked to see felina heading to her room angry. He put down his duffel bag and went to see what was wrong. Emerald looked at him and knew that this was personal, so she said nothing. Chance knocked on the door to felina's room and said "felina, are you ok?" All he heard was sniffling, and could tell she was crying. He entered the room and saw felina on the bed with her face buried in her pillow. Chance walked to her bed and sat next to her and said "something's wrong with feral, felina." Felina turned and saw chance looking at her face. Felina didn't say anything instead she hugged him and cried again. Felina knew that she and chance could not be together, but she could watch over him. Chance asked her "felina, tell me everything that feral said over the phone." Felina calmed down long enough to regain her composure and told him everything. But chance had left the door slightly open. Emerald could hear everything felina said. Emerald felt like crying herself, but she didn't. As for chance he was mad himself, but calmed down. Chance said "well, after thinking about it. I don't mind you keeping an eye on me." Felina smiled and said "chance, uncle said that emerald's boss called him. She told him she would hurt me if we didn't give her turmoil." Chance knew she was telling the truth and became worried. Chance held her face in his hands and said "if that crazy she-Kat even thinks about hurting you felina. I promise you I will make her pay with her life. I will not let anyone come after you. You're my friend and I care for you, ok." Emerald heard everything to think that her uncle would do such a thing. But she knew chance would not let that happen. The last thing chance said was "we came here to get away from our problems and we can't enjoy the time we have if we're afraid." He stood up and said "well, let's not stay here any longer and go for a swim." Felina unpacked her swimsuit and said "I'm way ahead of you, slowpoke." She ran for the bathroom, but heard chance say "not if I can help it." Chance went back to his room to change, when emerald went to the bathroom to change into her swimsuit. Chance got his swim trunks and went to the door only to find it locked. He knocked and said "hello." When emerald opened the door, chance's eyes went wide. All he said was "whoa." Emerald said "chance, you're drooling"

Secret location

Hardrive was sitting in a room surrounded by guards. He looked around and said "who is responsible for getting me out of prison?" His question was answered when alena appeared and sat across from him. Alena looked at him and said "do you know who I am?" hardrive said "not a damn clue." Alena pulled out a folder and said "well, I do know that you want revenge for what the swat kats did to you." Hardrive said "you think you can help me by just breaking me out?" alena said "well, not just that, I can give the opportunity to get even with lieutenant feral, personally." Hardrive said "ok, I'm listening so far." Sadly felina will not sleep well tonight. Alena opened a file and said "I also want you to send a message for the swat kats. Tell them if they don't surrender turmoil megakat city will pay the price."


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