Author's note: I've taken some time off to rethink about how to correct my mistakes. I will try to make this chapter well written. In this chapter chance and emerald and felina go to the beach. When hardrive prepares to arrives in Jamaica he begins his search to find them.

Chapter 17: Disaster looms in paradise.

Secret location

Hardrive was sitting by the hotel window near the phone. When alena let him go she told him "wait for my call at this location." The car came to a stop and hardrive got out. He looked at the paper and saw the address. It read: 1200 Crawford motel, hotel room 13. (I made it up, ok.) Hardrive waited 2 hours when the phone rang. He answered "I'm assuming this is the she-Kat who busted me out of prison." The caller said "you guessed right, and not only that. I am going to give you the opportunity of a lifetime." All he said was "ok' what's the plan?" The caller started to explain.

Private beach house (Jamaica)

Chance, felina, and emerald are enjoying the beach while chance is cooking at the grill. He looked around to see that being on this vacation was the best choice he ever made. The palm trees, the plants almost made this a jungle. While chance was at the grill, while the ladies were taking a break. Felina and emerald sat down under the umbrella. Felina looked at her and saw a look of fear in her face. Felina asked "are you ok? You've been feeling a bit down and we've just got here." Emerald looked at her and said "I'm sorry felina. It's just that since I defected I can't help the feeling that something is wrong. I know alena will try to find me and get revenge for what I did." Felina said "so you're worried about chance getting in danger. I don't blame you for any of this." Felina looked at chance on the grill. He was he was having a good time, and could see something good on the grill. Felina said "well, I know chance is not afraid to fight for someone else. Don't worry about him. He knows how to fight." Emerald said "I don't know if he can handle it." Felina put down her drink and said "listen to me emerald. Chance is the best Kat I've ever met. I would die to protect him." Emerald looked at felina and could tell she was serious. Felina looked at him from the beach. She thought to herself "though this time, he's without razor."

Crawford motel

Hardrive was busy going over the files, and where to strike. Luckily, hardrive was never good at keeping a deal. When he gets his money, it was every man for himself. Hardrive open his computer and scrolled through the pictures. When he saw the swat kats picture, he was furious. He also saw two more of Lt. felina, and the one called turmoil. Hardrive was about to finish, when the phone rang. He said "hello." The caller answered "well, have you thought about my offer? Hardrive answered "I accept the offer. However, I'm going to need some compensation. Also, I want nothing to do with whatever happens to felina." Alena said "go to the computer." Hardrive walked to the side table. He said "ok." Alena said "you'll receive a file and you are to execute your mission in 3 days." Then the line went dead. Hardrive activated the laptop and scrolled through the files. Now he knew the location and rested for the night.

Private beach house (I based this location on COD map called getaway.)

After spending hours on the beach, felina and emerald headed for the patio. They were expecting chance to be at the grill. Instead, they saw a table set with plates, wines and glasses. In the middle of it was roasted chicken with sides. It also had garlic bread, pasta, milk and small buns of regular bread. For desert he made his favorite ice cream pecan and peanut butter. The ladies looked for chance and saw him talking on the phone. Felina looked at emerald and said "want to eavesdrop on him?" emerald said "first time for everything." Felina and emerald were in the kitchen listening to chance's conversation. Chance said "Jake, you crazy pussycat. You've only been engaged for 2 years and you finally proposed." Felina and emerald were shocked to hear him. "So, when's the big day going to be? Aw, come on Jake. We've been friends for a long time and you won't tell me. Ok, ok. You win I'll wait, but don't hold out on me. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Chance handed up the phone. Then his ears perked back and he sensed two Kats eavesdropping on him. Chance walked into the kitchen as if no one heard him. Felina and emerald rushed back to the patio and waited. Chance walked out to the patio with a smile on his face. He saw felina and emerald talking as if nothing happened. He picked up his plate and walked to the table and said "well ladies, are you enjoying your vacation?" felina was eating, so she couldn't say anything. Emerald was looking at what champagne to drink. Chance sighed and walked to his seat. He pulled the seat back and sat down. Chance said "so, since you both know about my buddy's engagement. How long were you two listening from behind the bush?" Felina almost choked on her food, as emerald almost dropped the bottle. Chance said "I already knew you were hiding."

Crawford hotel 11.00a.m

Hardrive packed his bags and equipment he received from his secret place. The last thing he did was turn on the T.V. He heard the weather she- Kat say: to all you Kats thinking about vacation time you better hurry. We have a severe thunderstorm heading Jamaica and the virgin island. We've learned that it will make landfall in 2 days." Hardrive knew the storm would be a problem and wasted no time.

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