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Chapter 18: The price of betrayal.

Felina's beach house

Felina and emerald were still trying to come up with an excuse as to how chance knew. Chance just whistled as he poured himself a glass of milk. He looked at them both and asked "well, you two. I'm waiting for an answer. How long have you to been listening?" Felina couldn't say anything because her mouth was full. Emerald however, was still drinking her wine. But she drank all of it quickly. Emerald was the first to say "well, we kind of eavesdropped on you while you were on the phone. But when did he say the big day was?" Chance looked at felina and said "well, how about you, felina? What your excuse?" Felina swallowed her food bit by bit. She looked at him and said "it was my idea chance. I asked her to join me." Chance sighed and said "well, at least you two were honest. Oh, just so you know. I won't tell you when the big day is. You'll have to wait and find out." Chance looked at turmoil and said "well, we're going to have to figure out how to bring down your former boss. I know for a fact that she won't stop looking for you." Felina said in anger "Chance, I brought you out here to relax and recharge. Not to go back and fight. So you either stay here with us or you can pack your bags and go home." Chance was shocked to hear felina say those words. So he looked at her and said "yes, mother. I'll be a good boy and behave." Chance put his hands together and gave felina the sad, soulful eyes. Felina sighed and ate her food, while emerald held back her laughter.

Enforcer HQ

Commander feral was still upset about felina helping the swat Kats. He couldn't understand why. But his thoughts were soon interrupted when his second in command came in the room. The x.o. had papers of breakout the made the news. The x.o. approached feral and said "sir, you're not going to believe this." All feral said was "Make me believe you." The x.o. pulled up a chair, sat down and said "Sir, you remember hardrive?" Feral was silent, but the x.o. continued "sorry dumb question. Well sir. We have been following him ever since the breakout. He's at a hotel in Crawford." Feral was going to speak when the x.o. said "sir, he was contacted by an anonymous cat. This kat knows about your niece and the location of the swat Kats. This could be the break you've been looking for. We can get them all at the same time." Feral sigh in anger, got up, and said "you think I didn't try that already?" The x.o. was stunned at his words. Feral walked to the window, looking at the city and said "I received an anonymous caller who offered me the same thing. This caller offered me the location, identity, and their arrival. I was so stupid that I said 'no' out of anger." The x.o was stunned to hear him say that. Feral brushed his hair and said "Even if I could catch him, felina won't let me get close. She thinks I'm just a traitor. My obsession with the swat kats, have made me her enemy. I can't even figure out why she's helping them." The x.o was shocked when feral said helped the swat Kats. The x.o saw feral upset and said "well sir, why not team up with them for once?" Feral looked back at his x.o and said angrily "Why should team up with those criminals? They're the cause of all this, dark kat, dr. viper, even the metallic-kats." The x.o got up and said "uh sir, the metallic-kats are the deputy mayor's doing. She was the one who denied them their parole." Feral looked back and said "I know that. But that doesn't excuse the swat Kats of anything. If I could put them all away at the same time, I'll do it." The x.o. got up from his seat and walked to feral. He looked at the folder in his hands and said "well sir, why can't you settle for just one for now and the other for later." Feral turned around and looked at him. But the x.o. said "sir. What I'm trying to say is we can't try to get them all in one day sir. But we can try one at a time until we do." Feral now had an angry look on his face. He walked back to his desk, sat in his chair and said "so what do you think I should do ? Should I let them go, or work with them?" The x.o. sighed and said "Sir, I'm saying let the city decide what should happen to them. We can't keep chasing them because of what they haven't done. Sir, I'm sorry to say you are obsessed with the swat Kats. When will you be satisfied if you do catch them? If you don't, we'll try again. But if you do, then I guess the villains of megakat city will come here to get them from us. That means more enforcers will be in danger, including you. But after all is said and done do you think your niece will be happy to get a phone call from us saying her uncle was KIA. Then who was it, Dark Kat, metallikats, or . Sir, how long will it be before you finally catch them?" Feral was speechless when he heard his x.o talk to him like that. Feral looked at him and asked "LT, CMDR, do you have family?" All the x.o said was "yes sir, I do have family. But what's that got to do with this?" Feral looked at him and said "what would you do if one of them paid the price? If they chose to protect the swat kats and the enemy knew where they were. Would you capture or protect them?" The x.o sat in his chair and said "honestly sir, I would let them decide. Since this is their fight, I wouldn't hesitate to help them." Feral watched his x.o placed the file on his desk and said "what's the point of the conversation?" The x.o looked at him and said "sir, you can't always decide what she can and can't do." With that said the x.o walked out of his office and closed the door. Feral was now thinking on what to do next. After the speech his officer gave him, his thoughts changed a bit. All he said was "well feral, your move." But he was interrupted by the sound of his phone. He picked up the phone and said "commander feral. Sir, I think you might want to see this. It is video sent to you." Feral hanged up the phone walked out.

Felina's beach house

Felina, chance and emerald finished their dinner and went to the kitchen room. Chance was watching TV, when he saw the news. This time it was Ann Gora in front of alkatraz prison. "This is Ann Gora Katz eye news. We're in alkatraz maximum security prison, where an escape attempt may have happened. We are now learning the escaped prisoner is hardrive. Hardrive was serving a 20 year prison sentence. But as you can see behind us that is not the case anymore. Security cameras caught an unidentified vessel in the area. It shows groups of unknown kats placing what we think are explosives. However, for security reasons we cannot show you any more than 10 minutes. As he watched the footage, he saw the same insignia the kats shoulder. It was the same as turmoil's former boss. Then he saw hardrive being put in a vehicle. Now it all made sense, turmoil's boss was behind the bailout of hardrive. Chance saw the ship leave with hardrive. Now he had a reason to be worried. "As you just saw in the footage, hardrive has been taken. We have not received any new details as of yet. We will have more details for you later tonight, This Ann Gora Katz eye news. Chance turned off the TV and went to the kitchen. He saw felina and emerald talking to each other. Chance turned and walked outside to the patio. He sat in the chair and looked to the sunset. He said to himself "chance, looks like the swat kats are coming back to megakat city. I think its best that we surprise them." Chance looked to the phone and said "I wonder if Miss Ann would like a deal?" Chance got up from his chair and went to his laptop. He was happy that razor left him his old contact info. He turned on the laptop and went to the site calledanonymous tips. All he typed was who to send it to and when, then he clicked the character box. He wrote 'Miss Ann Gora, you may not know me but I met you before. If you want the location of the swat kats, come to the abandoned city refinery. You will see me in the clear.' He clicked send, turned off his laptop and closed it. Chance would never have thought to ask emerald for her help. But this time, she will fight as a swat kat. Plus, I think felina would love to see what we go through. Chance got up and walked to the kitchen. He saw felina and emerald look at him. He looked at them and said "ladies, I'm going to need your help." Felina and emerald said "we're listening."

4 Hours later

Felina and emerald were in shock as chance told them what happened. Felina looked at chance and said "well, who's going to say hello to hardrive when he gets here." Emerald looked at them and said "I'll do it." Chance and felina looked at her in surprise. But emerald continued saying "I mean this the perfect time for me to learn a few things about the swat kats. That, and I've been getting bored sitting around." Chance got off the chair and said "we will deal with hardrive first and then we'll worry about training, ok?" emerald nodded yes and said "so, when can we start?" chance looked at her and said "when hardrive gets here." Chance looked outside and saw the sunset while thinking to himself "well hardrive. We're waiting for you."

Jamican airport

A passenger plane with not very many people touches down at the runway. Hardive looks out the window and sees their gate. As the plane parks at the gate, hardrive(now disguised as a college student.) gets off the plane. He is directed to the security checkpoint and takes off his backpack. The guard asks him to open his bag and anything on him. Hardrive does as he is told and is inspected by the security. The guards find nothing and his papers and passport are clean. He zips up his bag and heads for the security center. He sees a receptionist and walks toward him. Hardrive lightly knocks on the table and says "excuse me sir?" The guard looks at him and responds with "hello sir, is there anything you are looking to ask me?" hardrive says "I'm looking for this place here." He pulls out a paper with writing on it. The guard looks at him and says "oh of course. I know how you can get there. Take the first set of stairs down to baggage claim, turn left, and walk straight for five minutes, and the first place on the right. He arrives at his registered locker, types in his code and opens the door. He looks and sees a gray suitcase with writing on it. The writing said "what you need for this job is in here. When you are finished, destroy all of it." Hardrive took the bag and closed the locker. He walked to the guard and gave him back the key. Hardrive walked back up the main entrance and exited the airport. He signaled for a cab when a light red sedan pulled in front of him. The driver rolled down the window, looked at him and said "don't ask, just get in." He opened the trunk and placed his bags in it. He closed the trunk and waked to passenger side door. He opened it, got in and closed it. The driver says just before pulling out "please, put on your seat belt." He put on his seatbelt and said "if you are my contact, answer me one question." The driver looked at him and said "just one and no more." Did my anonymous caller send you?" The driver looked at him and said "yes, and just so you know. I am not here to be your playmate. You try anything with me and I'll make you regret it." Hardrive sensed something strange about this she-kat. He couldn't explain why, but she scared him good to not mess with her.

1 hour later

Hardrive and his driver arrived at their destination. The driver said "here you are." Before he could get out she said "one more thing, you are on your own from here." With that hardrive got out, closed the door, and the driver left the area. He saw his safehouse and walked in. But before he opened the door he thought "that she-kat was weird, but I'm here on business." Hardrive placed his bags on the table and sat on the couch. He decided to rest and get ready for tonight.

Meanwhile back with the driver

The she-Kat who took hardrive to his safehouse pulled up in her house. She turned off the car, got out, and walked to the door. She was about to reach for her keys when a familiar face opened the door. She looked at him and said "hey baby, did you miss me?" Her Kat said "not as much as I missed you, callie." Callie jumped in his arms and kissed him deeply. She pulled back and said "well Jake, pretending to be an anonymous contact can be exhausting. That or I don't want chance to get hurt by this crazy she-Kat." Jake put her down and said "callie, chance knows how to fight. Plus, he's got a pretty guardian and new rookie to train. I also can't believe that emerald agreed to join us. Well, chance chose his fiancée, so who am I to argue." Callie walked to her room to change and said "well, since you asked me to help you save him. What do you want to do now? I mean, you need to tell him everything. Plus, waiting is not going to help." Jake to his room and looked for his old e-com. Jake knew chance had one too, so now it was time to work. Jake pressed the button and said "please, chance pick up."

To be continued.

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