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Chapter 19: Freedom is not without risks.

Felina's private beach house.

Chance was sitting on the porch looking out to sea. He couldn't believe everything that's happened. First, callie and jake are married. He gets captured by turmoil and turmoil defects. He saves her with felina's help and now felina is wanted. Now chance must teach emerald how to be a swat kat. Felina was walking barefoot on the porch looking at chance. She could tell he was in stress. She walked to chance and sat down next to him.

She looked at him and said "You never thought this would happen to you, huh?"

Chance sighed and said "I'm speechless. I thought than disappearing would calm things down. Guess I was wrong."

Felina sat down next to chance and leaned on his shoulder. She relaxed while listening to him purr. After a few minutes, she saw the horizon sky was so beautiful she forgot all her worries.

Felina broke the silence "Well, how you want to start this new opportunity?"

Chance said "Well, our vacation's over in a couple of weeks. The hanger I still intact, emerald needs a clean slate, and razor turned in his gear. So the only thing left to do is start over. But my main concern is what's going to happen to you?"

I can't let you go back now that you're wanted. Plus, feral will get what he wants."

Felina simply smiled and said "I think I had a good career in the enforcers. Its time for me to get a new opportunity. I choose to fly with you swat kat."

Before chance could object, he was shushed by felina.

Felina pointed at him and said "I know everything about you and jake. It was wrong for my uncle to blame you for his mistake. So I did some digging and found out where he put you two. After a few years, my curiosity got the better of me and I went to the city dump. It was until I saw your plane that I found out you were the swat kats."

Chance felt his jaw hit the floor as she told him all this.

She continued "I found the tunnel where you stashed the plane. Plus, Jake's security was impressive. But I found a few flaws. Since then I decided to keep quiet and find the right time to tell you about who you were. I guess I waited long enough."

While the two were talking to themselves, they were not aware of emerald listening in on them. She heard everything right down to how he lost his wings. She walked away to the kitchen and started cooking dinner for the two.


Chance and felina heard someone yell "DINNERTIME." They both stood up happy to hear the sound of food being ready. Chance looked at all the food on the table and was hypnotized. Feline didn't wait she pulled back a chair and sat down to eat. Chance however, he had a suspicion about this.

He looked at emerald and asked "Where did you learn to cook like this?

It is magnificent. Plus, the food is not from here."

Emerald playfully teased him and said "That's for me to know and you to find out."

Chance said out loud "THAT'S IT. If you won tell me, I'll tickle it out of you. But after dinner first."

Chance also pulled back a chair and started eating. After a half hour they were so full they couldn't anymore. Chance looked outside to see the daylight fading. Storm clouds were coming as the sound of thunder could be heard outside.

Chance got up and said "all right, I'll get everything locked up and tied down. In the meantime, could you two do the dishes? Thanks."

Chance ran outside leaving a pair of angry she kats behind. They looked at each other from the dinner table and knew that was not fair. The two sighed and calmed down and wakled to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Emerald looked outside and saw chance working to the max. Emerald heard the water running from the sink for too long. She looked back to see felina crying and sniffling. She knew something was wrong. She walked to her and embraced her. Felina buried her face in emerald's neck and cried deeply. The sound of thunder got stronger so chance didn't hear her. Emerald placed a paw on felina's face making her look at emerald.

She wiped her tears and said "what's wrong feline? Please tell me."

Felina sighed and said "All these years, I've never told him that I love him. Now he's has you and I feel empty. Now I don't know if I should stay in his life or not."

Emerald gasped and hugged her tighter. She let her tears fall down her cheeks. She could believe that felina was still in love with him after all this time.

She let go of felina and said "Don't give up yet. You can still show him how you feel about him. Give him the love he deserves."

Felina looked at emerald and asked "but if I do, you won't have his first time."

Emerald smiled and said "you've waited so long for this, don't let it go. I can wait a bit longer for him."

Chance finished his work and headed inside the house. He walked inside a locked the door. He heard the sound of a shower running and was confused.

He walked to the bathroom and said "Who's taking a shower?"

He carefully peek and saw it was felina.

She knew chance was watching her and said "Chance, I love you and I want to show you just how much I do."

Chance walked in the bathroom and closed the door.


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