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Time Setting - Right before Total Drama World Tour starts.

And now for something completely different... a ducked redux!




Chapter 01 - A Whole New World Tour


(Some airport in Toronto.)

Eighteen teenagers, a co-host, and a host were all on a bus heading towards an airport. While everyone had jitters, worries, and excitement, there was one of them who was more nervous than any of them, than all of them, than any of all of their nervousness in them.

The person in terror was biting her fingers, whimpering, tapping her foot, and annoying the heck out of the person sitting near her, who was trying to read. As noted many times already, this person's fear was at an all-time high, higher than Owen's building fear of flying, Lindsay's fear of a chipped nail, and Bridgette's fear of being away from Geoff for so long.

The predicament could have been avoided so easily. If only that bus hadn't crashed, if only the teenagers hadn't split up. If only... she had stayed with her.

"Look, we gotta form a rescue party," Geoff had said to alert all of the others. "Some of us have got to go out and find someone to help us. We know we cannot rely on Chris Maclean to help us out."

"I'll go with you, man," Trent volunteered. He had wanted to get away, he felt too awkward around Gwen, and Duncan more so.

Eva grumbled something about not wanting to be around wimps any more than she had to. Beth wanted to go to walk off her motion sickness, but couldn't convince Lindsay to come. Justin followed after Beth, saying he wanted to be away from prying eyes.

Katie stood up when Sadie did, and the former started to say, "We'll go with you-"

"No no, Katie," Sadie said, interrupting her BFFF. "You should stay here with them."

"What? You mean, go without you?" Katie looked horrified by the idea.

Sadie looked at the horizon, and then back at Katie. "Look, we both shouldn't go. If the party gets lost, or if help comes here first, at least one of us will survive."

"My, how inspiring," Noah, a short distance away, remarked.

Katie bit her bottom lip. "But... is... is this about the green clothing accident? Are you still mad at me?"

"No no no!"

"Is this about my bad sense of direction?"

"No no no!"

Katie sighed, then hugged her friend. "Okay, I'll stay here. But," she leaned in and whispered, "this isn't about getting alone time with Trent, is it?"

"No no no!"


"No no no!"


"No no... well maybe."

Katie groaned in frustration. "Oh fine. Fine, be that way. I'll stay here, since you obviously don't want me around."

"Don't be like that! Besides, how else are you going to get a chance to talk to him, hmm?"

Katie elbowed her friend, and then walked away, shouting, "Good luck, Sadie!"

Geoff had tried to convince Bridgette to come too, but she had wanted to soak up some sun rays. The party animal had caught a glance of Ezekiel casting a glance at Bridgette, but chalked it up as another token that his girlfriend was super hot.

Katie watched her BFFF walked away until she couldn't be seen anymore. She muttered her name in her sleep, and called out to her when she was woken up with a start. She ignored the teasing she heard that Noah and Cody were getting for accidentally cuddling up with each other ("I don't care what Star Stalker says, Lindsay,") Noah had shouted, ("I do not have the hots for him! Or any other guy!"), far too focused on the helicopter saving them.

Everything happened so quickly after the rescue. Katie and all the others who had stayed with the bus were next on the set of Total Drama Action, somewhere she and a few of the others had never been. Chris Maclean announced the next season, and the prospect of a million dollars and another chance at fame excited most.

Sierra, that excitable and eccentric fan, was joining them. Alejandro, who had been betrayed by Chris' double-cross on a canceled show, was also going to compete. Those who had gone out in the search party, however, were not going to join the show.

Katie had heard that from Chris Maclean, and freaked in a way very natural for a teenaged girl to do: grab her hair and scream like a banshee. It had taken a power sedative to calm her down (warm milk), but the moment she got on the bus, the powerful dawning of a new dawn dawned on her.

She was leaving Canada, and going all over the entire world. Without Sadie.

On the bus ride, she had been outright sobbing, and Noah sat next to her to give her a shoulder to cry on (he had lost at drawing straws by some of the others). Now his shoulder was very wet with her tears, and she had calmed down to the point of not sobbing outright.

Owen was starting to freak at the idea of getting on a plane. Bridgette was thinking about what Geoff was doing. Gwen was glancing repeatedly at Duncan, trying to catch his attention by doing nothing to catch his attention. Sierra and Ezekiel were bursting at the seams at the chance of competing this season. Still, Katie was the one with the most emotion bottled up and ready to burst.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another exciting season of Total Drama," Chris Maclean said as he stepped off the bus, grinning at the cameras. "This time, we have two new people joining our crew, a handful of veterans returning, and a lot of the same crazy teenagers back!

"This time, we're flying around the world, seeing all the sites, and having a ton of fun! For you, that is, not these clowns. We're determined to make their lives as horrible as possible for your entertainment!"

"My," Noah said as he stepped off the bus, "aren't you the definition of generosity."

Chris blinked, then he shoved Noah back onto the bus. "You're not supposed to come out yet! Get back on there for your proper introductions!"

"Ow! Stop pushing me," Noah shouted as he was manhandled back onto the bus. "I haven't stood up for hours, the others are losing it, and what's more-"

He was cut off when Chef yanked him back onto the bus himself. Chris straightened out his clothing, and grinned at the camera again. "Our contestants are anxious to win one million dollars-"

"Help help," Noah called out from the bus, "I'm being repressed!"

"Let him go, foul cook," Izzy exclaimed.

Fighting noises could be heard from the bus, to which Chris laughed. "My, aren't they spunky! Well then, we'll have music and fun on this season! Let's introduce and reintroduce these poor saps. I mean schmucks. I mean contestants! Ha ha, I kid!"

Courtney stepped off the bus first, slightly disheveled. "How unprofessional," she exclaimed, "starting a fight like that on the bus!"

"Yeah, and if we're lucky," Chris said, "there will be more fun like that!"

" 'Fun'?" she repeated. "It was like a wrestling match without rules in there! C'mon, if ever there was a bad start-"

"Move, Princess," Duncan said from behind her, nudging her with his suitcase. She stumbled forward, glaring back at her boyfriend. Gwen was right behind him, chuckling to herself.

"As you can see," Chris said, holding his hand up at the three contestants, "we have Courtney, along with Duncan and Gwen!"

"Excuse me, but I'm with Duncan, not her," Courtney remarked, moving over to Duncan and nudging Gwen away with her hips. The goth girl frowned at the CIT, but only glanced at the punk one more time.

"Gah, mommy!"

Owen was struggling to stay on the bus, being pushed off by DJ, the only one strong enough to handle the very large teenager. Once he had been successfully pushed off, he had to be pulled away as he tried to get back on the bus.

"No, I cannot be riding on this plane, I'm allergic," Owen pleaded, looking around for any kind of excuse. "I'm not tall enough for this ride! And I suffer from dizzy spells! And I'm pregnant!"

"Dude, calm down," DJ cried out, pulling him away from the bus. "Please man, you'll get dizzy and pass out from fear! Do we have a sedative? Warm milk?"

"Used it all up on Katie earlier," Leshawna said as she stepped off the plane.

"Hey, will you all slow down?" Chris exclaimed. "I'm trying to introduce you."

"Then do so!"

"All right then! Everyone, that's DJ, that's Owen, and that's Leshawna."

Leshawna rolled her eyes, and walked away. She noticed Gwen glancing at Duncan, and walked over to her. "Girlfriend, please tell me you're not-"

"Don't worry, Leshawna, I'm not... anything," Gwen tried to reassure her friend, but looked uncertain herself. Her friend smiled and wrapped an arm around Gwen's shoulders.

"Girl, we may have had troubles beforehand, but we're still friends, right?"

"Of course."

"Then tell me-"

"Moving on," Chris shouted, stepping between the camera and Leshawna, "camera on me, thank you. Next up, we have Lindsay!"

"Hi, everybody," Lindsay said, waving at the camera. "It's so good to see you all."

"Keep moving, girl."

"But I'm trying to say hello-"


Lindsay pouted, then walked off, looking sad. "All I want is a little moment of fame..."

Chris roughly shoved her to get her moving, then motioned at the bus. "Next up is-"

"How dare you," Tyler declared, jumping out of the bus. He grabbed the host's lapels and shook him. "Totally unnecessary, dude, and way too rough!"

"Whoa, Tyson," Lindsay declared, pulling Tyler away from the host. "Please don't attack the host! I know you're new and all, but you should know, Chip has a bit of a temper-"

"Lindsay, I'm your boyfriend," Tyler protested as he let go of Chris, who immediately straightened himself up.

"No, I don't think so. My old boyfriend left me last season, and he never said hello."

Tyler looked like he had been slapped, and walked away from her, a grief-stricken look on his face. Chris shot him a glare before continuing his introductions.

"Next up we have Harold, and..." the host said, "... Bridgette?"

The two had stepped off the bus at the same time, the surfer girl handing a book over to the nerd. "Thank you so much for letting me borrow that," Bridgette said, smiling at him. "It helped me keep my mind off things."

"No problem at all, I've read it enough times to be able to part with it for a while," Harold said, then he noticed the plane that was going to be used for the show. He dashed over for a closer look, holding the book to his chest. "Sweet! You know what kind of plane that is?"

"No one cares, Harold," Duncan, Chris, and Heather, the last one just stepping off the plane just then.

As Harold looked crestfallen at such harsh treatment, Heather scoffed as she walked by Chris. "But what I do care about is our safety. Is that plane safe?"
"Heather, ladies and gentlemen, our worrywart," Chris announced.

"Yeah, wart is right," Gwen said, grinning. She and Leshawna and Bridgette all laughed, exchanging high-fives. Heather seethed, and said something we don't want to repeat. She pat at her ponytail, as if a nervous tick was caused by seeing Gwen.

"Yes yes, all so much fun," Chris commented. "Now, our next contestant is-"


Ezekiel jumped on the bottom step of the bus, his loud words startling everyone. Looking at the camera, he pointed with both hands and continued. "I'm in da hood noo', jiggy! Let's get it going on, and pump it to max, yo!"

"Woohoo, the max indeed," Izzy, standing behind him and looking quite disheveled, cheered. "Let's get driving, dogs!" Ezekiel glanced back, and then saw the redhead jump on his shoulders. He was knocked off-balance as Izzy loudly sang, "They see me rollin' / they hatin'-"

"Watch 'oot, eh," Ezekiel shouted, waving his arms frantically. He lost his balance completely, and Izzy was pitched forward as he fell back. They crash-landed, Izzy on his stomach and her legs on his face.

Duncan burst out laughing. "Nice," he commented.

"Owtch," Ezekiel moaned from the ground. "That hurt, yo."

"Sorry," Izzy said, giggling.

She tried to stand up, but Noah came off the bus in a hurry. "I'm not spending," he was shouting, "another minute on this stupid bus-"

He tripped over Izzy, knocking her down into Ezekiel again, and landed right on his face. Noah stood up, clutching his sore features, and Katie bounded off the bus.

"Are you all right?" Katie asked. She dusted off his shoulders. "That looked so painful."

"Nonsense, a face-plant into ash'fault just helps me get going," Noah grumbled.

Chris chuckled. "Ladies and gentlemen, that's Noah, Katie, and Izzy."

Katie helped Noah over to the others, though he didn't need it. Izzy was helping a crushed Ezekiel up, while the prairie boy protested, "Yo, Chris! You didn't introduce me, homie."

The host turned back to the camera, ignoring Ezekiel completely. The prairie boy's shoulders slumped in defeat, and started to walk away when Izzy stopped him. "Hey, what's wrong, Zeke-Man?"

"Chris didn't even introduce me," he complained. "That's whack, yo."

Izzy started to giggle, and just when Ezekiel was convinced it was at him, she said, "Your slang is funny, but I think you should drop it."

"What? Why?"

"It's not gonna get you in with the cool kids, like I'm sure you think it will be," Izzy said, grinning at him. When he stared in confusion, she said, "I get your drift, homie. You want in the hood. Well stick with me, kid, and we'll go places you could only dream of."

She grabbed Ezekiel's hand and pulled him towards Owen to introduce them to each other. As they talked, Ezekiel, blushing slightly, pulled a small notepad from his pocket. A good deal of pages had been used, but he was quickly filling up more notes as Izzy talked.

"And introducing," Chris said, gesturing to the bus, "Alejandro, one of our two new competitors!"

Alejandro stepped off the bus, looking around at the other contestants. With a smile and wave, several of the girls swooned aloud. Izzy stopped talking to her boyfriend and Ezekiel to swoon, Katie gaped, and even Heather was staring a little. Alejandro, however, was interested in a trio of ladies.

He walked over to Leshawna, Gwen, and Bridgette, looking directly at the surfer girl. "Ladies, it's a pleasure to meet you all," he said. "I haven't had the pleasure of watching the show, but I'm sure it will be nice to be with you all."

Leshawna and Bridgette were grinning, while Gwen looked slightly surprised. Bridgette was giggling before she froze and exclaimed, "I have a boyfriend! Boyfriend, yes yes, one I love!"

"The good ones always do," Alejandro said.

"My, you are a charmer, sugar baby," Leshawna said, smiling at him.

Harold, from afar, overheard this. " 'Sugar baby'?" he repeated, looking downcast.

"I assume you ladies have boyfriends too," Alejandro asked. "I have a bit of a radar for this kind of thing."

"My buddy Gwen doesn't," Leshawna said, slapping the goth girl's back and slightly knocking her towards Alejandro. "And I don't either."

"What?" Harold exclaimed, high-pitched with shock. Several people looked over, and Chris quickly changed the subject away from them.

"And also joining our show is our show's biggest fan," Chris said, "proving that dreams do come true... Sierra!"

Sierra leapt from the bus, pumping her fists. "I'm on the show! OMG, I love you guys! I'm gonna freak!" She started hyperventilating, and asked, "Are you sure we haven't got any warm milk left?"

The purple-haired girl ran around the others, asking questions nonstop. "Tyler, what's your second sister's name? I never got it!"

"Gwen, I heard you got a tattoo! Was that a rumor?"

"Katie! What's it feel like to be away from Sadie for the first time since TDI?"

"Hey, Izzy," Sierra asked the redhead over Katie's wail of anguish, "is it true you're gonna be in the movie creation of Metroid?"

Chris ran over to Sierra and slapped his hand over her mouth. Although this did not stop the girl from talking, he said, "Well, that's everyone. I guess it's time to start the show-"

Sierra vehemently chattered against Chris' hand, and the host ignored it. Harold approached Chris, still looking down, and said, "Actually, there's a member of my band missing."

"CODY," Sierra screamed as she pushed the host's hand away. She sprinted for the bus, then came back off with a very startled Cody in her arms, carrying him bridal-style.

"Ooo, that looks like fun," Izzy commented when she looked at this. She tried to pick up Owen, but failed miserably for obvious reasons. So she picked up Ezekiel, and said, "Wow, it is fun! Owen, you gotta lose some pounds so I can do this!"

Sierra was giggling as she set Cody on the ground; Izzy was gently rocking the now brightly blushing Ezekiel in her arms. The uber-fan pointed at Cody's ears, and said, "He had his iPod's headphones in and fell asleep, never knowing we were here."

Cody popped his headphones from his ears, looking around. "Oh, we're here?" he asked. He smiled. "That's cool! It's good to be back in the game! Hello, ladies! And..."

He strutted over to Gwen, and smiled. "Hello there, my good friend Gwen."

Gwen groaned, shaking her head. "Hello, Cody," he mumbled, then forced a smile. "Look, I want to thank you for helping me hook up with Trent in season one, that was nice of you."

"No problem."

"And congratulations on that band, I heard you're doing well."

"Why thank you!"

"And I want my bra back."

Cody froze, and chuckled nervously. Sierra was suddenly by his side, and said, "You wanna know what he did with your bra?"

"My mind works overtime trying to make sure I don't think about that," Gwen said, tweaking an eyebrow at the uber-fan.

Sierra continued to grin. "He has it in his belongings," she chirped. "I'm sure he thinks it is good luck. Or maybe-"

"I wanted to give it back to you," Cody said, fishing into his backpack and pulling it out. "I felt it would be good to mend bridges with this. And I washed it with my clothing so that it was clean when I returned it."

Gwen intrepidly took it back, as Cody chuckled nervously. Then the tech geek stopped and looked at Sierra. "Wait, how did you know I had it in my backpack?"

"I went through it when you were asleep," Sierra said, giggling. She pulled something out of her pocket. "Oh, here's your deodorant back. I just wanted to smell it a little longer."

"Ewww," Chris gagged, then grinned. "We got us our stalker fangirl, isn't that great, ladies and gentlemen?"

"What are you, a ringleader?" Noah exclaimed. "What's with your announcements?"

"Shut up, Noah," the host said cheerfully, not looking at the bookworm as he silenced him. "Now, everyone, we're preparing ourselves for the best season ever! It's time for Total... Drama... WORLD TOUR!"

"Woohoo," Izzy exclaimed, spoiling the moment. "I call shotgun!"

"Can you call shotgun on a plane?" Owen asked.

"I'm pretty sure you can."

"Interesting, homie," Ezekiel said, writing this down too.

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Economy Class)

The eighteen teenagers walked onto the plane, Izzy holding a very scared Owen's hand tightly. Chris Maclean was leading them, with Chef following up from behind. The large man walked passed them all, up to the cockpit. Chris stopped the teenagers and smiled, gesturing around the interiors.

"This is the economy class, the section of the plane where most of you will be spending most of your time," he said.

The contestants looked around. There weren't any seats in the economy class, just a long bench on each side with seat belts against the wall. Baggage holders were above the "seats," but they were broken and jostled. Some rotting suitcases sat up there, rats living in them. A leak was coming from the ceiling, though no one knew how that was possible, since it wasn't even raining outside.

"This is what I pictured hell to look like," Noah grumbled.

"What's the in-flight movie?" Lindsay asked.

"There is no in-flight movie," Chris said, shaking his finger at her.

"What?" she asked, very startled. "But there's always an in-flight movie!"

Chris shook his head. "Not in economy. This'll be for those who don't win first place throughout the show."

"Well then," Ezekiel exclaimed, "I'm never gonna be here, so let's moo'v on, yo! I'm gonna be busting throo' this contest like a boss!"

As he scribbled down in his notepad, several of the contestants frowned at him. Gwen was the only one to say something. "Okay, I am so not trying to be rude," she said, looking at Ezekiel, "but you do know that you were voted off first last time you were on this show?"

"I knoo' that, yo," he said, grinning. "But I've bin studying all kinds of stuff, like hoo' teenagers interact and stuff, and I've bin studying your mad slang-"

"No one cares," Heather snapped, looking away in disgust.

"But I wanted to say that-"

"She's right," Chris chimed in, "no one cares, Ezekiel."

The prairie boy looked downcast again, but Izzy pat his back. "Don't let him get to you," she said, "he's just trying to hog the limelight, since the show just started."

"Oh, I see, eh."

"But you shouldn't try to hog it yourself," Izzy said. "The trick is to keep a low profile."

"Like you would know about that," Courtney commented.

Some of the others giggled, and then Ezekiel asked, "So does that mean you have to keep a low profile if you want to win, but you have to-"

"Ezekiel," Chris snapped, glaring at him now, "you need to learn to shut up!"

The prairie boy whimpered and hid behind his notepad, and then scribbled something down real quick in it. Gwen was sighing in disgust, and leaned against a wall. "Look, Chris," she said, "you have a bad habit of getting stuff that's not exactly in good condition."

"Do you kids always have to complain?"

"I'm just concerned, is all. The words 'low profile' just had me think about what your tools are sometimes like-"

She was cut off when the wall of economy class gave out behind her. She almost fell right out of the plane, if Tyler, who had been closest to her, had grabbed her flailing wrist.

"Thanks," she said, catching her breath as she heard the side of the plane hit the ground below.

"Welcome," he replied. "I think your point just came through."

"Look, lay off the Total Drama Jumbo Jet," Chris said. "We got her recently from the junkyard, and our producers spent a good amount of money fixing her up-"

"The junkyard?" Courtney exclaimed. "We're going to be flying around the world, over the oceans and mountains, in a junker?"

Most of the contestants started to protest, but Chris waved them away. "Don't worry, we'll be perfectly fine."

"But amigo," Alejandro said, "there is now a very large hole in the side of the economy class."

"The interns will fix that before we take off."

"Soon, right? You are concerned about our safety, aren't you?"

Chris looked at him for a second before he burst into wild laughter. Alejandro was quite startled by this, and looked at the others. "I think I should have thought twice before accepting the invitation to this show."

"OMG I N O," Sierra said, sounding deep. She glanced at Cody, then smiled. "Oh yes, now I'm glad I signed up again."

Lindsay looked around the awful accommodations. "I really never want to spend time back here," she complained. "My dad's jet is so much better. Beth said how wonderful it was... I miss her."

"I know how you feel," Katie said, hugging Lindsay in comfort.

Ezekiel looked around, looking impatient now. "Look, how much longer of this ugly part of the plane are we going to stay in? This is one ugly crib, yo."

"Shut up, Ezekiel," Chris said. "I just want you all to see this place, because if you think it's bad, try staying here overnight. Thinking of you trying to sleep back here might be rather amusing too."

Owen swallowed, and started to shake. "Big scary plane... lots of holes... sucked out to our death! I WANT OFF!"

He started to run for the emergency door, but Izzy grabbed his shirt. "No no no," she shouted. "Big O, you need to focus! There's a million dollars at stake!"

"There's a million ways to die up here, and steak isn't worth that," Owen hollered.

"But Owen, you deserve a chance at the money again! You lost it when you forfeited it at the end of first season!"

"I did?" he asked, then smacked his forehead. "Oh, right I did! I wanna win that back, times ten!"

"Right, we'll get that money from Duncan, even it its from his cold, dead hands!"

Duncan balked at this. "And once again, the crazy meter flies off the hook with you around, Izzy."

"Thank you! What did you do with that money anyway?"

"Spent most of it on stuff."

"My, that's descriptive," Gwen said, smirking at Duncan. "Most of it on Courtney?"

Courtney scoffed, but Duncan smirked and waved his hand. "Yeah, kind of. But I kept my promise," he added, "and spent a little on a nature preservation group."

"Really?" Gwen asked, looking very surprised. "I... didn't think you would do that."

"What now?" Courtney exclaimed. She stormed up to Duncan and said to his face, "You said you spent that on a motorbike!"

"And if you had noticed I never had a motorbike around my house, you would have known I didn't spend it on a motorbike."

"Ooo, gangster," Ezekiel commented. "That's cool, homie."

"PEOPLE," Chris Maclean shouted. "This is MY show, and people are NOT paying attention to ME! Quit talking! The next person to talk will get it good! Hear that, ZEKE!"

Ezekiel squeaked in terror, pulled his toque down over his eyes, and wrote down another note on his pad.

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Cafeteria)

"This is where we'll have our meals and gatherings," Chris said, gesturing around. "You'll have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. Hope you all like airline food?"

Duncan groaned in disgust. "We're traveling all over the world, and we're only going to eat airline food?"

"What did I say," the host snapped, "about talking?"

There was silence, then he scoffed. "Whatever. Look around, so you all know where everything is. Sierra, don't steal anything to eBay it."

"Aw darn! How'd you know?"

"I know fans."

Sierra sulked, and then started up a chat with Harold as they looked around. DJ wandered over to the kitchen area, and said, "Yo, Chris, can I make the meals on this trip?"

"No, that's Chef's job."

The intercom for the airplane crackled and came to life, and Chef's booming voice came out. "I don't want the dang job anymore! Give it to Deej!"

Chris had been startled by Chef's voice, then scoffed. "Oh? You two got in serious trouble last season. Are you sure we can trust you?"

DJ shrunk up in his shoulders. Bridgette rubbed his back in comfort, managing to calm him down a little. The surfer girl spoke up, and said, "I think we trust DJ's cooking, thank you."

Most of the other teens agreed, knowing that he made real food. DJ's chest swelled with pride, and he grinned sheepishly. "Aw gee, thanks guys. Momma would be so happy, to hear you all trust me again!"

"What, you think because you did something bad once, we don't trust you anymore?" Gwen asked. "C'mon, we've all done bad things, Deej."

"And you're one to talk," Courtney snapped at Gwen, casting her some eye daggers. The goth girl halfheartedly returned them, and looked away. Duncan barely seemed to notice, and didn't even look when Gwen walked away; she accidentally walked into someone, knocking him over.

"Sorry," she apologized, helping Tyler up.

"No problem, I wasn't paying attention either," he said, glancing over at Lindsay, who was fawning over Alejandro. The new guy was inspecting a coffee urn, rubbing smudges off of it.

"My my, this isn't exactly first class," Alejandro said. "I assume we have instant coffee to drink?"

"Yep," Chris said joyfully.

"Dios," he cursed. "That stuff gives me a headache."

"Me too, sugar baby," Leshawna said, patting his shoulder as she headed over to Chris. She tried to ignore Harold's pained whimper, it hurt her deep down. Shoving away the pain, she walked up to the host and said, "Chris, I need to use the little girl's room. Where is it?"

"Two of them, in-between this compartment and the economy class."

(Airplane Bathroom - WOOHOO! First cameo!)

Leshawna - *She walks into the bathroom, which has faded graffiti and grime on the walls. She starts to unfasten her pants when she realizes something about the mirror, and quickly fastens them again.* "There's a camera in the bathroom? Again? What the hell, Chris? You could have warned me that this one was a confessional."

Leshawna walked out of the bathroom, and slammed the door shut. She heads into the other one, grumbling about how disturbing this all was.

(Airplane Bathroom - WOOHOO! Second cameo!)

Leshawna - *She grumbles and starts to unfasten her pants again. She then looks at the mirror, cries out in shock, and fastens her pants again.* "There's one in this one too? Chris Maclean!

Leshawna stomped out of the bathroom, growling in frustration. She walked up to Chris Maclean, grabbed his lapels, and pulled him down to her eye level. "Where is a bathroom without a camera in it, you pervert?"

"Oh yeah, that," Chris said, chuckling weakly. "That's right, those two are your new confessionals, people. The ones without cameras are the two bathrooms in-between here and first class."

She shoved him away, and marched over to the bathrooms without cameras, grumbling angrily still. Ezekiel was writing down notes like crazy, and Izzy leaned over his shoulder and whispered, "Her name is spelt L-E-S-H-A-W-N-A, Zeke."

"Oh thank you, eh."

Chris cleared his throat. "Shut up, Zeke. Now it's time to go to first class, so you know what you all get when you do well and win!"

"Finally," Heather said. "Even though I'm sure it's crappy like the rest of this crappy plane."

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, First Class)

"Okay, I have to admit, I was wrong," Heather said. "This is quite nice."

She looked around first class. The seats were plush, the corridor was carpeted, there was a bar loaded with soft drinks and bottled water, and the baggage compartment wasn't crap at all.

"Leg room," Cody cheered. "That's reason enough to try my best!"

"This be my type of crib, homies," Ezekiel cried out. "I'm gonna be camping here all contest, yo! Because I'm not going to lose this time!"

"Beautiful," Alejandro said, smiling as he looked around. He walked near Lindsay, and said, "These are the right accommodations for a lady."

"Aww, you're so sweet," Lindsay said, beaming at him.

Tyler watched from afar, DJ standing next to him. "Dude, this ain't right," he complained. "Lindsay was going out with me."

"Sorry dude, but that new guy is smooth," DJ said, shrugging. "Maybe you just gotta remind Lindsay of why you two went out together."

Tyler tapped his fingers together nervously. "Trouble is, we met while running behind the backs of our teams. Got us both in trouble."

"Might want to be more straight and narrow, dude."

"I'm totally straight, I like girls."

As DJ tried to explain things to his confused friend, three friends were making up for lost time. Bridgette, Leshawna, and Gwen were chatting, excited, about all the things they had done during the break between seasons, and how much they missed each other.

"I never had time to see my friends at home," Bridgette admitted. "I hated the paparazzi treatment so much, but Geoff did like it."

"I got a lot of that, but I was cool," Leshawna said. "Tyler loved it too, he was a good partner during all those shows. Shame we never hit it big."

Gwen chuckled. "I watched every show and program you two were on, always shouted out in my blog. I missed you, and you, Bridgette."

"Me too, girlfriends," Leshawna said, patting them on the back.

Harold approached, holding a plate in his hands with all kinds of chocolates on it. "Leshawna, my Chocolate Goddess! I got you a collection of lovely chocolates for you."

He was grinning as he handed her the plate, surprising the three girls. The nerd pointed out the chocolates on the top. "That one's cherry, that one's raspberry, blueberry, coconut, almond, peanut, mint, and that one is white chocolate. I made sure none of them were pineapple, since I know you're allergic, and there's nothing worse than eating something you're allergic to, am I right?"

Leshawna gaped at him, then looked at the plate of chocolates. "Um, thank you, Harold babe."

He grinned even wider. "Anything for you, Leshawna! You want anything else? This place is awesome!"

"No thanks, I'm good."

"How about something for your friends? Bridgette? Gwen? Anything?"

"I'm kind of thirsty," Bridgette admitted. "Just tell me where the drinks are, I'll get them-"

"No no, I insist," Harold exclaimed, waving his hands. "Anything for Leshawna's wonderful friends!"

He started to run off, and then was promptly tripped by Duncan. The punk burst out laughing as Harold picked himself up and grumbled, "Idiot."

"I really don't like that guy," Bridgette said, crossing her arms and glaring at Duncan, who walked away still laughing. "He can be such a jerk."

"Oh, he's not so bad deep down," Gwen said. "You just got to know him."

"I've known enough of him," the surfer girl said, shaking her head. "I'm so tired of him always being mean to everyone, for a cheap laugh on his part."

As the three friends continued to chat, Sierra was chatting with Heather. "You ever seen such plush accommodations?"

"Yeah, back home," Heather said. "My dad's rich, but I think a stalker fan like you would know that."

"I do know that, yep," Sierra said, "and I found out your mother married him, and they seemed quite happy whenever you were out of the house. Was that because the last party you held cost over seven hundred thousand-"

Sierra got a smack in the middle of the face from Heather, who walked off in a huff. The uber-fan rubbed her sore nose, and muttered, "Gee, when I talked to Geoff, he used to brag about his parties."

Courtney was inspecting the first class area thoroughly, believing full-heartedly that she would spend most of her time there. Her curiosity was peaked when she came across the door that led further up into the plane. She looked in, and was awed by what she saw.

"Wow," she said, looking around, her wonder causing her to narrate what she saw. "A gold-plated jacuzzi... a log-burning stove... is that an antique desk?"

She spun around, and laughed. "Wow. Is this part of first class?"

"No," Chris said, "these would be my accommodations."


"Yep! And you piddling contestants aren't allowed in here, ever. Now out! Out!"

He rudely shoved Courtney back into first class, and slammed the door. She was stunned for a second, then turned around and kicked the door. "The budget for the show bought you a gold-plated jacuzzi," she hollered, "but you couldn't get a plane that has sturdy walls? Jerk!"

(Airplane Bathroom - No gold-plated toilet seat here.)

Courtney - "The show hasn't even started yet, and already Chris' ego is insufferable."

Bridgette - *swigging from a water bottle* "Geoff, I miss you, but after seeing the plane, I think you should be glad you're not here!"

Noah - "There should be an airline slogan for this plane. Maybe... Come Fly With Us, Come Die With Us."

Owen - *wailing* "We're all gonna die up here, aren't we? Where are the barf bags, I need some real bad now!"

Sierra - "Woot! I'm loving this all already! I'm so pumped, I could squeal!" *She pumps her fists in the air, and a coaster from the first class bar slips out from her top. Looking around, she stuffs it back into her top, chuckling nervously.* "Well, Chris never said anything about Craig's List."

Ezekiel - *quickly writing down notes on his pad* "Okay, I think I have a lot of this doo'n, but I need to make sure a'boot the rules of the game. That's how the gangsters roll, yo!" *He chuckles, then looks in the mirror and bites his bottom lip.* "Aw dang... it does sound a little phony, doesn't it?"

Harold - "I will win Leshawna's affections again! I will do my best to show that I love her more than any other boy can!"

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Drop of Shame)

Chris was standing in front of a wide-open door. Wooden stands were on the opposite side of the room, and a podium near the far wall. Obviously this would be where the elimination ceremony would be.

"This is where the elimination ceremonies are going to be," Chris Maclean announced to all the contestants. "Each ceremony, the losing team will be receiving a bag of peanuts, except for one."

"I got a peanut allergy, yo," Ezekiel called out.

"Shut up, Zeke. Now, if you don't receive a bag of peanuts, you must exit via the Drop of Shame. Five thousand feet of terrible failure, and I'll love hearing you scream in anguish. You all will vote for who you want to go by stamping a passport of your least favorite teammate."

"What if there's a tie, homie?"

"Shut up, Zeke."

"What if there's a tie, Chris?" Leshawna repeated the question.

Chris rolled his eyes. "If there is, there will be a quick challenge for those with the most votes. Winner stays, loser jumps."

"Doo'nt we get parachutes or something?" Ezekiel asked.

Chris ignored him. "You all will do the votes inside either of the two confessionals on our plane. Don't worry, these will be in complete secrecy."

"What happens," Ezekiel asked, as he wrote down more notes, "if the two teams tie, homie?"

"That won't happen, Zeke. Now. Shut. U-"

"Wait, is this drop safety-tested?" the prairie boy asked, looking at the open door worriedly. "I mean, I knoo' reality TV shoo's have to have safety regulations, and this doesn't look safe."


Chris grabbed Ezekiel by his jacket, rough enough to cause him to drop his notepad and pencil. He hurled the prairie boy out of the door, to which Ezekiel painfully bounced off the asphalt of the runaway.

"Crank up the plane, Chef," Chris shouted up at the ceiling, "and get us out of here."

Ezekiel recovered from his fall, and watched as the plane slowly began to roll forward on the runway. "Hey," he called out, forcing out a laugh. "Okay, good one, Chris! I promise to shut up!" He ran after the plane, shouting, "Sloo' doo'n, and let my bling back on!"

"Sucks to be you, Zeke," the host hollered from the open door. "All eliminations are final!"

Duncan also leaned out the door, and cried out, "Buh-bye, Home School!"

Chris Maclean slammed the door shut, and he looked back at the contestants. "Anyone else care to ask any stupid questions?"

There was silence, until one person dared to speak up. "You know," Katie said, hands on her hips, "he was asking perfectly legitimate questions-"

"You wanna be next, Katie?"

Katie flinched, then shook her head. When the host walked away from the contestants, dusting his hands, she glared at his back. "Big fat frigging jerk."

"Wow, harsh words," DJ said.

"Well, he wasn't exactly gentle," Tyler muttered.

As the teenagers murmured among themselves, Izzy looked down at the ground, and saw Ezekiel's notebook. She picked it up, leafed through it, and sighed sadly. Glancing at the door that led to the Drop of Shame, she muttered, "That was totally whack, yo."

(Airplane Bathroom - Yo, so totally whack, homie.)

Izzy - *waving the notepad at the camera* "What's up with that? Is Chris so egotistical that he won't even tolerate a little interruption? This is a reality show, that's what your editors are for! You're lucky I don't use my new katana blade skills on you that I got from my movie making days! This is... this is..."

*She flips through the notepad to find an insult.* "Totally not the bomb! Ooo, that's good."

Tyler - *sarcastic and bitter* "Well, this is a fun contest so far. My girlfriend doesn't remember me, Chris is more arrogant than ever, and we haven't even started yet! I wish I was with Leshawna again, competing on nicer shows than this!"

Gwen - "Flying on a plane with a man who cares more about his screen time than the very walls that hold the plane together. Has he forgotten he's on the plane? Or does he have a golden parachute?"

Alejandro - "Heh. Rule number one, let the big bad host have his screen time, it would seem. I must remember that."

Time past by, and the plane was up in the air. The contestants all sat in the cafeteria of the café, all pondering what the future held. There was barely any talking, most had been rather put off by Chris' aggressive upheaval of Ezekiel. Izzy was flipping through the notepad, reading everything he had written down, and was looking more serious by the minute, very uncharacteristic for her.

DJ seemed most distraught, however. He kept glancing out the window, and sighing heavily. "Seems every minute, I can feel us getting further and further away from home. And further away from Momma!"

Katie pat his shoulder. "I know how you feel. Getting further from Sadie, an entire ocean separating us!"

The two exchanged a tender hug. DJ smiled faintly at her before looking out the window again. "I hope Momma's okay at home. Jamaica's cold this time of the year."

"Wait, Jamaica?" Duncan asked. "What are you talking about, dude?"

"Momma went back home to Jamaica. That's where I'll be going once the contest is over."

"Seriously?" Bridgette asked, looking at her friend. "You're leaving Canada? But... this means we won't see you again."

"More than likely," DJ said, shrugging his large shoulders. "Sorry guys, but this may be the last time I see you all."

This startled Bridgette, Katie, Gwen, and Tyler the most, though most everyone was surprised to hear this. DJ's closest friends were quick to crowd around him and ask him all kinds of questions, while Sierra was trying to Twitter this to everyone on her cell phone.

"Darn, no signal over the...," she started to say, then was puzzled. "Wait, which ocean are we over?"

"Does it matter?" Heather asked.

"If we're over the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii might help us. Or Japan. How long have we been flying?"

Cody checked his watch, which was accurate with time zones. "Oh, I'd say about six hours, not counting the change in time zones. Most of us are gonna be hit by some killer jet lag; it's far worse to go west to east, which is the direction we're heading, so we're over the Atlantic."

Sierra squealed in joy, and hugged Cody, squeezing him hard enough to make him squeak. "Isn't he the smartest thing? Beauty and brains!"

Gwen chuckled as she watched this. "Seems like you got a fan, Cody."

"I'd like it more if she wasn't squeezing the life out of me."

Duncan snickered. "You have a life?"

Cody (and Sierra) were about to reply to this when a musical chime suddenly rang, startling everyone. The lights went out, and while Owen royally freaked, a spotlight shone from the ceiling of the plane on the door to the first class. Chris Maclean was standing there in the doorway, dressed in a fancy suit and holding a cane that looked like it would come from a musical number.

"Is everyone ready to sing?" Chris said, moon walking into the room. "Because, as I might have mentioned on the bus ride to the airport, this season is going to be a musical!"

Lindsay and Courtney cheered and clapped. Katie looked happy for the first time this trip. Harold was delighted, thinking of beat boxing and rapping. Everyone else looked confused or miffed.

"You were serious about that?" Gwen asked, aghast. "Man, I thought you were joking."

Chris grinned. "Serious as a heart attack, my friends."

"Heh heh heh," Duncan chuckled, crossing his arms and laughing. "Ha ha ha ha, yeah no."

"You gotta," the host said, smirking at the punk. "The rules are, when the sound of the musical chime goes off, you all have to break into song!"

"Ain't gonna do it."

"Sorry Duncan, but if you don't sing when you're supposed to, you're disqualified and out of the contest!"

Duncan stood up and walked over to the host. He fished in his pants pocket, and pulled out a bunch of papers folded up. "Care to review my contract?"

Chris didn't even look at the papers, though Duncan had pushed them against his chest. "I remember them perfectly," he said, grinning. "You have to do whatever rules I set."

"And did you forget the perk I got last season for winning?"

The host's smile faltered, and faded. "You wouldn't."

"Oh I would."

"Duncan," Courtney stood up and approached her boyfriend, "what is going on?"

"I won Total Drama Action, thus according to my contract, if I want to join the next season, I get to have one major say in how the season goes. After all, the audience wants their favorites."

"You can have anything you want, man," Chris said, clutching his cane. "Wanna be in first class the whole time you're here? Want to be co-host? Want to have Harold thrown out too?"

"Hey," Harold exclaimed.

"All tempting, but not good enough. I have a simple request, as my contract allows," Duncan said, then snatched Chris' cane and smashed it over his knee. "No musicals, no singing, no dancing, none of that crap!"

"That was a nice cane, dude," the host wailed. "But man, seriously?"

"Yes! Birds sing, little girls sing, Duncans do not sing!"

Chris sighed, holding both pieces of his cane as Duncan handed them back. "Fine. Never mind then, people. Same kind of contest, with challenges and such. Thank Duncan for that."

"Duncan," Courtney exclaimed as Chris walked out of the room. She hammered her boyfriend's shoulder. "I like singing! I like musicals!"

"Too bad, Princess, I don't. But hey, it's not gonna make a difference in the long run," Duncan said, dusting off his hands. "Oh man, I am so glad I had that ace in my sleeve, singing would have been hell."

"I like to sing too," Lindsay whined, looking downcast.

"Oh, I've heard you sing. That would be hell too."

The blond beauty let out a hurt whimper, slumping at her table and burying her face in her arms. As Alejandro made to comfort her, Harold raised an eyebrow. "Well," he said, managing a smile, "I can still beat box."

Duncan glared at him. "I'll beat you if you do!"

As Courtney scolded her boyfriend, Cody frowned at him from afar. He leaned in to whisper to Sierra, "Kind of funny that just when we think Chris' ego cannot get any bigger, Duncan's gives his a big run."

Somehow the punk heard this, and turned towards Cody. "What did you say, scrawny geek?"

"Nothing," Cody replied from under his table. "Nothing!"

(Airplane Bathroom - Distant relationship to the Confessional Can.)

Duncan - *shrugging, smiling innocently* "What? Don't tell me you would have enjoyed hearing some of them sing? Besides, musicals are very, very stupid, and even worse done with people with no talent. The musicals that I had to sit through in grade school, junior high, high school, and in juvie? Awful!"

Gwen - *She wipes her forehead.* "Thank goodness, I don't like to sing and perform either! Duncan helped me dodged a real bullet there, I must thank him personally." *She grins, then her eyes widen in terror.* "I meant that in a totally innocent way! Honest!"

Cody - "Ugh, it's so nice to have two bullies on the show. Now Sierra scares me a little, but hey, it's like having an attractive, stalker fangirl! That's cool, right?"

Lindsay - "First there's no Beth, then there's no in-flight movie, and now there's no singing! I'm having such a horrible time... I want to go home!"

Katie - "Nothing seems to be going right in this contest, and it hasn't even really started. This contest is so lame! But... I am an optimistic girl! I'll stay positive on this."

DJ - "Despite the tension and frustrations we're having, I'm determined to have a good time. This may be the last time I see my friends here, so I'm determined to hang out with them as much as I can before I return to Momma and Bunny in Jamaica!"

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Cargo Hold)

Someone was hiding in the cargo hold of the jet, shivering uncontrollably. He bit his finger, trying to control his chattering teeth.

"C-c-c-cold," Ezekiel whimpered. "S-s-s-so c-c-cold."

The cargo hold was freezing, as there was no heating for the dank compartment. Also, holes in the floor were causing the freezing air of the Atlantic Ocean to chill the cargo hold more. It was unbearably cold, and Ezekiel could almost feel his blood circulation slow down.

"C-can't stand this," he whimpered. The plane jostled slightly, and a large suitcase toppled over, almost hitting the stowaway. He flinched, and then realized the size. Unzipping it with shaking hands, the prairie crawled inside and zipped it back up. Something touched his hand, and light flooded his cramped compartment; it was a cellphone.

A picture of an attractive and warm-looking woman in her forties or early fifties was on the screen of the phone. Ezekiel looked at it for a second when he was able to look around the suitcase he was cramped in. Some nutrition bars were packed in there, and, unable to contain his now overpowering hunger, he unwrapped them and wolfed them down. He grabbed the biggest thing he could find, a thick and rubbery article of clothing, and held it close to him for some kind of snuggling warmth.

Ezekiel didn't even notice something had slipped into his jacket pocket as he struggled to get comfortable inside the suitcase. "I... hope we land soon," he said to himself. "If I have to spend moo'r time doo'n here in this freezing, dark, horrid hold... I'm going to lose my mind. That's... that's whack, yo!"

As he continued to try and warm himself, he thought about if this had really been worth it. "I wonder if anyone even misses me," he muttered. "No one woo'd miss a brother from the hood that joo'st moved in, I guess."

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Cafeteria)

"What are you reading there, chica?" Alejandro said, sitting down next to Izzy. The redhead grinned at such an attractive man sitting next to her, as the other attractive man in her life was busy burying his face in a bowl of oatmeal to distract him from overwhelming fear.

"I got me a notepad," she bragged.

Alejandro nodded, and was about to ask a question when Leshawna grabbed his arm. "Excuse me, but I have a couple sad girlfriends who want to talk to you."

"Hey," Izzy protested, "he was with me!"

"Oh sorry," Leshawna said. "Didn't see you with your boyfriend and this handsome boy too."

Izzy glanced at her boyfriend, who was burying his face in his bowl of oatmeal to distract him from the sight of the plane's windows. She also looked over at Alejandro, who was very attractive and smiling sincerely about both of them. "Yes, I can certainly see how I'm not too obvious when I've got two smoking hotties sitting next to me. Borrow him."

Leshawna took Alejandro over to her circle of friends (Gwen, Bridgette, Katie, Lindsay, an earnest Sierra, and puppy-dog head-over-heels Harold). Izzy went back to reading the notepad.

"What is that, Izzy?" Owen asked, mouth half-full of oatmeal.

"Ezekiel's notepad. He was writing down everything, so it would seem," she said, shaking her head. "He had down rules to the game, tactics, and a short review on every contestant on this show."

"Sounds like he was aiming to win."

Izzy giggled. "Aww, his opinion on me is so cute! And he seems to think highly of you too. Oh, and..."

She burst into a long fit of Izzy-giggles and snickers. Owen joined in, despite not knowing what it was he was giggling about. When they was done giggling, Izzy continued. "He also looked like he was trying to fit in. He has written down definitions of slang, what seems to be cool, and who likes who."

Noah, sitting nearby and reading something of his own, scoffed. "Trying to mark that stuff down on this show is like trying to score a three-pointer from the opposite side of the court."

"Did you just use a sports analogy, my dear bookworm?"

"Yes. Now I'm dreadfully ashamed. Do not hold it against me."

"Sure thing, former member of Team E-Scope."

"And don't hold that to me too."

Nearby, Courtney was passing by Heather, and noticed she seemed to be staring at everyone, scanning them. The CIT saw her glancing particularly at Sierra, Alejandro, Katie, and, most disturbingly to her, Duncan.

"Don't even try it," Courtney said to Heather.

Even without an explanation, the queen bee seemed to know what Courtney was talking about, and stuck her tongue at her. Courtney rolled her eyes and walked off.

(Airplane Bathroom - Fun times, huh?)

Courtney - "There was one thing I kept repeating to myself when I told myself how to win this: Do not be like Heather. I will win this time, but I swear not to sink to her level. Also, I'm keeping a tight leash on Duncan, and I'll keep Gwen far away from him."

Sierra - "So... overwhelming!" *She squeals in joy.* "I'm so sorry, but I'm over the top excited! I gotta say though, watching Duncan and Courtney together here isn't as much fun as watching the show, especially when he's so mean. Unlike a sweet, little brunet I would love to spend more time with!"

Alejandro - "Already the ladies are fawning over me, even the taken ones. That one girl, Bridgette, she seems serious about her boyfriend... but I'll break her. I can tell when a girl wants something physical, and a tomboy like that wants action. This can be fun as well as profitable."

*He grins.* "Like I said before this show started, the new guy is going all the way to the top, and one by one... they will all go down."

Heather - "I have no intention of losing this time. My unfair elimination first season and that cheap shot at me second season, but this time, it's different, with those I can manipulate. Katie's a vapid girl without her twin, Cody's a lovesick puppy-dork, Tyler will do anything to get Lindsay back, and Harold... well there may be hope for him this time again.

"I'm going to win this time. Just you wait."

Chris Maclean - "Don't you just love these confessionals? They show us the corrupt souls of these greedy teenagers, and you know how dramatic this can get! We're all going to have a ton of fun, now aren't we? This will be my best season yet!"

Chef Hatchet - *He is dressed as a stereotypical airline pilot, but thankfully, it's a male pilot's uniform.* "Why did they make me fly this plane? Couldn't they hire a real pilot? Chris has got a gold-plated bubbling bath, and I didn't even get a raise! I hate my life."

(Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Cockpit)

Chris Maclean sat in the pilot seat, sulking bitterly. "No singing," he grumbled. "Thanks a lot, Duncan! I could have shown off my wonderful, musical talents!"

"Wha'choo talking about, foo'?" Chef Hatchet said, grinning at a chance to use one of his favorite quotes. "The show is about the kids, not you."

"It's my show, Chef Hatchet, not theirs. I'm the host, I'm the lead! Duncan's lucky he's so popular."

"Unlike Ezekiel?"

Chris snorted. "Who cares about him? Now, I'm just mad. I gotta hurt someone."

"That's a bad habit of yours."

The host scoffed, then looked out the windshield. He squinted as saw something up in the sky with them and the plane. "Is that a duck?"

"Sure is. Thing must be migrating or something."

"Over the ocean? Stupid bird. Let's hit it!"

"I ain't gonna hit a duck."

"Oh? Then I will!"

Chris grabbed the controls for his plane, and it tipped the plane. Several of the teenagers in the back were thrown off their feet or seat. Duncan bumped into Gwen and caught her. Noah was knocked into Heather. Lindsay was smashed between Alejandro and Cody. Izzy bumped into her hysterical boyfriend Owen, who was screaming again on how they were all going to die.

Up in the cockpit, Chef smacked Chris' hands, but he managed to accomplish his goal. The duck, which had weaved to avoid being hit by the plane, smacked into the windshield. It was sent tumbling through the air, banging against the wind, and slamming into the tail before the jet cruised by.

Spiraling south and splashing into the sea, the damaged and dinged duck was dunked. It kicked its legs frantically, and managed to surface. Gasping for breath and then gargling in pain, it winced and panted.

{Gah, that really, really stung,} it quacked. Looking up to see the jet depart, it snarled as best a duck could. {Lousy, high-flying humans, racking up your frequent flyer miles and munching on peanuts! And I could tell you did that on purpose!}

Struggling to stay afloat, it licked one of its wing tips and held it up. {That plane is heading to... Egypt, from the looks of it. Never underestimate a duck's determination, Mr. Pilot. I'm coming after you!}




To Be Continued.




Contestants - Alejandro, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sierra, and Tyler.

Eliminated - Ezekiel.


Next Up - Egypt.