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Chapter 08 - You Heard What I Sled!


(Yukon, Riverside)

Tyler gasped as he surfaced at the other side of the river. He gripped the frozen land and pulled himself up, gasping for air and shivering hard. He lay down his frozen body down by the riverside. "Ain't gonna study war no more," he mumbled. Then he shook the water from his hair, and added, "I have no idea why I just said that."

Groaning, straining, and mostly shivering, he struggled to sit up. "Okay then! Get in the A-game time, Tyler. Now let's see where the sled is…"

He looked around, and saw that none of the sleds were still there. Peering into the horizon, he sighed as he realized everyone was out of sight. Standing up slowly, he glanced back at the river, and noticed no one was there. Stammering in surprise, he looked down both sides of the river, and the lack of people down by the riverside (studying war or not) was there.

"Oh, for the love of everything good and in-bounds," he cried out, "I'm in last place? Oh, this is so not going to make me look good… my team needs me!"

He scrambled to his feet and blitzed forward, managing to trip on rocks, sticks, his own feet; however, nothing would deter him. Tyler was determined, and even if he was going to trip over the snow, he wouldn't stop!

Tyler just wish he knew how far behind he was, and how many football fields it was. He started imagining he was doing the world's longest touchdown, maybe that would impress Lindsay!

(Yukon, One of the Pathways.)

Ezekiel and Bridgette were walking quietly for the most part. The prairie boy was huddling himself, shivering terribly, while the surfer girl held his toque. She kept glancing at him, noting his bluish face.

"Are you sure you don't want this back?" she offered.

"N-no, doo'nt want to get it wet or ruined, eh."

"Is it special?"

"Yes. My grandfather's, he let me have it befur he died, eh."

Bridgette nodded wistfully, looking at it. "I know how that can be. I lost my father when I was young."

"Oh, that's terrible," he wiped his nose and sniffed, trying to remember not to do anything gross that would ruin this conversation, "I guess that's why you are close to your mother, eh?"

"One could say that. Are you close to your mother too?"

"Of coo'rse. Dad's a bit… strict at times. Doesn't let me watch movies that often."

"Really? What's the last movie you watched?""

"I… think it had Care Bears in it."

Bridgette burst into giggles, the musical kind that made Ezekiel blush and suddenly become much warmer. She noticed this and flushed a little.

The two continued to talk, about family and movies and other small things. The more they talked, the more comfortable they both felt. They almost missed the pole that marked where they could be picked up. As they continued to talk, Ezekiel took note of the pole.

"I heard that if you lick a pole in the cold like this," he said, "your tongue woo'd get frozen to it, eh."

"I heard that's true too, but it's not possible. Your body warmth would eventually thaw your tongue off."

"Really? How do you knoo' that, eh?"

"I did it once," she admitted, giggling slightly. "Was stuck to a pole, you should have seen me trying to pull my tongue off."

"Why on earth did you lick it, eh?"

"Dare from my friends, they wanted to see if I would kiss it."

As Bridgette giggled and subconsciously rubbed the tip of her tongue from painful memories, Ezekiel chuckled and tried very hard not to think of Bridgette kissing a pole. It made his mind wander…

(Yukon, CIRRRU Sled.)

"Izzy, I really think I should be pulling this!"

"Nonsense! I am the rare redheaded husky, I will trudge through snow and slush, and despite how wet my skirt and panties get, I will carry on! I'm like Balto!"

She proceeded to howl and bark, then got down on all fours and charged forward. Alejandro had to grip the sides of the sled, as he cursed out in Spanish. ("This crazy girl, now she's even acting like a sled dog… holy cow, they're green!")

Eventually, the sled skid to a halt at a pole, where Noah and Owen were waiting; actually, to be specific, Owen was waiting for the sled while Noah waited for a swift, painless, merciless death. "Please end it all," he grumbled from his big friend's shoulder. "I'm suffering, humiliated beyond belief, and I'm being treated like a parrot on 'matey' Owen's shoulder!"

"Cheer up, Noahie boy," Izzy said. "You want to pull the sled now?"

"You want to eat yellow snow?"

"I tried that once, didn't see what the point was."

Owen gently placed his one-armed friend in the sled. "Cheer up, you get to have your own ride! It's not so bad, you could have been hit by a car."

"Your girlfriend is driving this, we're going to have this sled wrapped around a tree."

"Don't worry," he said, leaping in the sled behind Noah, "Izzy knows what she's doing."

Then Izzy kicked off on all fours again, throwing snow behind her as she sprinted. Frozen mush continued to whip Alejandro, Noah, and Owen.

"Your girlfriend is…," Noah sputtered as he spit snow from his mouth, "turning this into a one-nutcase open sleigh!"

"I think I need to reconsider what we were talking about," Owen wailed as he gripped Noah in terror.

"This show," Alejandro cried out, "gets weirder and weirder the longer I'm on it!"

"Weird is good, handsome man," Izzy shouted in delight.

(Yukon, Amazon Sled.)

"Let me get this straight," Heather said, staring at her two companions, "Cody was carrying you on your back…"

"Yep," Cody said, nodding and breaking some icicles from his hair and chin.

"And you froze to him as he carried you piggy-back style?"

"Yes, and you should really talk to me. Her mouth froze shut a half-mile back."

"Lucky me," Heather said, smirking. "Oh, and sorry, Cody, but I don't speak to pervy geeks."

Courtney looked around, shivering and upset. "Now don't be rude, he hasn't done anything."

"And the only reason he won't is because his hands are frozen to Sierra's legs in the process of carrying her."

There was a rather sharp sound of ice cracking and jaw unhinging, and then the uber-fan let out a soft squeak and added, "I've never been more happy in my life."

"Oh great, she speaks," Heather groaned.

"Quit being so mean," Courtney muttered. "I really am tired of how much you're complaining-"

"Courtney, I really wanted to ask you this," Sierra chirped as Cody climbed into the sled with her frozen on his back still. "How far have you got with Duncan? First base? Second?"

The CIT's eye twitched, and then she yelped as Heather cracked the whip over her head. "Get moving, dog-girl! Or should I say-"

"In your sleep, Heather," Courtney muttered under her breath as she struggled to get the sled moving again, "in your sleep!"

As the sled trudged off, someone chased after it. "Wait," Katie shouted, waving her arms desperately. "Wait wait, I'm here, don't leave me behind!" But her team was already out of hearing range, and she realized catching up by chasing was impossible. Part of Katie wished to know how Courtney was strong enough to pull a sled with three people in it faster than she could run unhindered.

"Crazy strength," she muttered, then added with a giggle, "in training! Well, onto the next one!"

Then she ran off down the track for those on foot, unaware she was being watched by someone from behind a tree. Gwen leaned out further, and then whispered, "Okay, she's gone."

Duncan looked out too, and scoffed. "Thank goodness she's quick, she's probably worried about being eliminated."

"And if we don't hurry up, one of us may be too," she replied, smirking at her friend.

"What's wrong? We're just talking," he said, then wiggled his unibrow at her, "or did you want to aim for more?"

"Punk," she said, giggling and elbowing him gently. "Come on, we're just talking."

"Anything for you, Pasty."

(Yukon, Victory Sled.)

"So see, this is a game that has some of the most famous characters from both sides," Harold was saying to Leshawna, speaking with much gusto and cheer, "and you would not believe how many awesome female fighters there are!"

"Scantily clad, hon?" Leshawna asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No… well, some. One's a succubus, one's a cat girl," he feebly admitted, "but see, it's awesome regardless of that."

"Harold hon, you know I'm not into video games, I really don't know how to follow."

The nerd sank in his seat as he tried to think of something, anything, interesting to get Leshawna's attention. She started to feel a little sorry for him, and then pointed at something in the distance. "Check that out, a moose."

"Oh, a dark-brown moose, here in the Yukon," Harold said, smiling. "They're quite rare to see! You like animals, Leshawna?"

"I sure do, but I think I know who loves animals more. Yo, DJ!"

The sister waved at DJ, but the gentle giant didn't seem to reply. She called out several times, until he finally looked around at him. The rather startling sight of ice on his eyes made her flinch.

"Ack, Deej! What happened? Your eyes are frozen!"

"Ice over the eyes?" Harold echoed. "That's not good! DJ, I took a bit of medical training, and-"

He was interrupted when he heard DJ sobbing as he continued to run, hands over his eyes. "I think I ran over a snow bunny," he whimpered.

"How could you have done that without knowing?" Leshawna asked. "Didn't you see… oh."

"This is so horrible! I'm so cured, it's getting worse!"

Harold waved his hands as he chanted, "No no no! Please don't despair, DJ! You are a good man, you wouldn't intentionally hurt an animal-"

The moose Leshawna had pointed out had walked right in front of them, and DJ, still blind, ran right into its side. Mooing in surprise, it was knocked over DJ and the sled, Leshawna and Harold ducking to avoid being scraped by the antlers.

"Holy… holiness," Leshawna declared, staring with wide eyes. "DJ, your football skills are rather impressive, wish you were on our team-"

There was another thumping sound, and a seal was sent flying over the sled. "Please tell me that wasn't what I thought it was," DJ cried out.

"Don't worry, it's not as bad as you," Harold started to say, then another thump was heard and the nerd watched a flamingo catapult over them, "now wait a gosh-darn minute, those are not indiginous to the Yukon-"

Yet another thump, and Leshawna had to grab Harold to pull him down to avoid being hit by the bulky body of a very surprised polar bear. "Now that is some impressive tackling," Leshawna cried out.

"Oh boo hoo hoo," DJ wailed. "This is so distressing, and I cannot get my eyes to open again!"

"Speaking of which, where are we?" Leshawna looked around. "I think we're rather… lost."

"Now I've gotten us lost? Oh darn," DJ cursed. That was the best he could manage since he knew his mum would be watching. "Crud, heck, fiddle-faddle, frooger nooger, peas and rice!"

"Such harshness," Harold said, as he crawled up to the front of the sled. "Now DJ, I'll be your eyes if you'll be my strength in pulling this sled!"

"*sniff* What does that mean?"

"Just turn slightly right, and head forward."

DJ followed Harold's instructions, taking guidance around trees, rocks, and more animals that ran from what could have been a literal hit-and-run. As they carried on, with DJ running and Harold guiding, the nerd scanned the snowy fields ahead and said, "Guessing by how long we were off-track beforehand, and how much energy Deej will have to put in catching up, we should be on track again in about ten minutes."

"You do have your good points," Leshawna said, patting his shoulder. "Not often, but you sure do have them."

Harold looked away to avoid her seeing his blush. "I just hope I didn't miss Bridgette at one of the poles."

"That's true. Wait, what about Duncan?"

"Hmm? Nope, don't mind so much."

He smirked, and then DJ said as he tried to rub his eyes, "Dude, please don't be so bad towards Duncan. He's not so bad deep down."

"Sorry, Deej but… DJ, WATCH OUT FOR THAT-"


"Ooo," Leshawna winced.

"… Tree. Sorry."

"It's karma," DJ whimpered as he pushed away from the tree and went around it. "I am getting karma backlash from all this."

"So am I, buddy," the nerd whispered. "So am I."

(Airplane Bathroom - About time, we thought you forgot us!)

Chef Hatchet - "Chris wrote down instructions to place animals where Team Victory's sled was going. I don't know how Pretty Boy could have predicted that. Sometimes I wonder if things are planned in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Wrap your mind around that, maggots, because we might all be pawns in schemes we cannot-"

*This confessional is being cut off. We don't want people asking questions, mostly because Chef is rather dumb. But don't tell him we said that, or he might hurt us, and we don't want that, do we?*

Ezekiel - "The moo'r I talk to Bridgette, the moo'r I like her. But I doo'nt knoo' if I could try to court her… I woo'd like to be her friend, if she woo'd accept that. Fur some reason, I have my doubts… I doo'nt knoo' why Izzy has such faith in me."

Izzy - *scratching herself behind the ear with her foot* "Some people join this game to win it, that they have clever plans and strategies to get what they want." *She gnaws a little on her wrist.* "Izzy wants to make her friends happy, and she'll do that in the most fun ways!" *Izzy licks her own thigh, then sits up straight.* "Okay, Izzy no longer want to be dog, Izzy be cat girl now!"

DJ - *sniffing and sobbing* "I cannot believe all the animals I'm hurting! I'm doing my best, I'm always nice, why does this keep happening? I need a sign that animals don't hate me completely!"

*There is a cheerful meow from the ceiling. Izzy, wearing cat ears, pounces on him and knocks him to the floor, mewling and cuddling as DJ tries to recover from the redhead crawling all over him.*\

Lindsay - *She is looking at the clipboard, pondering something and looking rather upset.* "Chris' plans are all full of mean and not niceness and that kind of stuff. I think it's time to introduce some kind of fun, something nice and that everyone can get behind! And as the new host of Total Drama World Whirl, I shall!"


"Attention all contestants of Total Drama World Girls," Lindsay said over a microphone, loudspeakers that speckled the tracks that sleds and foot runners were traveling, "this is Lindsay, one of those World Girls… or is that the wrong title? I keep forgetting."

Duncan looked up at one of the speakers that was up in the tree he was leaning his hand against while talking to Gwen. "How does her mind work?" he asked.

"Beats me," Gwen said, shrugging and grinning at Duncan.

"Well, at least she's better than Chris."

"I have decided," Lindsay's voice gushed, "that we shall do a song!"

"What?" Duncan shouted, startling Gwen. "But I made sure there was no singing!"

"I know Douglas banned the singing, so I have decided that this will be completely optimal," she went on. There was some hushed whisperings that sounded like Chef. "I'm sorry, I mean optional. So you don't have to sing, but if you do, think of it as, um, extra credit! You know, like in school!"

Duncan scoffed and kicked at the school. "Didn't want that either, count me out."

"Could be fun," Gwen said. "Might as well try it."


"If you are all ready to sing a song, here we go," Lindsay said. She pushed a button on the complex remote that Chef Hatchet handed her. The remote squirted her with water, and she blinked. "Oh my, this is one funny thingamabob. Oh wait, this one might be it!"

Music started to play on the overhead, and soon the contestants found themselves participating in the first official musical.

Yukon Sled Ride

Parody of "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Skipper Dan"

Gwen - *singing as she spins around Duncan* I rejoiced when Chris got the boot

Thought his good-bye was a hoot!

But this contest just hasn't got any less weird.

Heather - Signing up is something I still rue.

Courtney - *seething* And I still dream of hurting you.

Alejandro - This contest is just about as bad as I feared!

Ezekiel - *He smiles and dances around Bridgette, who watches.* We trekked Egypt's hot desert

Japan was where we all got hurt.

But it's the Yukon where things finally cool doo'n

Harold - We're gonna be traveling this place all night!

Leshawna - Need I remind you that we could get frostbite?

Owen - But at least there aren't any traffic lights?

Noah - And I'm sorry to say that my friend cannot think of a proper noun!


Izzy - I'm your sled dog on the Yukon Sled Ride!

The Redhead Husky Dame!

Owen - And she leads us on a very scary ride…

"I loved you, Mom," I exclaim!

Noah - We're totally screwed by that psycho hose-beast!

Let my funeral be a closed casket, at least!

Cody - Always wanted a girl clinging to me, but not by ice!

And that's how it is on the Yukon Sled Ride!


*A short musical break, as Noah starts to write his will, and Ezekiel and Gwen dance at their respective places. Cut to a worried Katie.*


Katie - Oh, I'm breathing in, like, ice and frost

And I'm like, so very totally lost!

I wish Sadie was here, because I could lose my place at the mall!

Lindsay - Aw, but isn't it better with me in charge now?

Chris Maclean - *pounding the side of the cargo hold* That won't be for long, you fat blond cow!

Chef Hatchet - Did I perchance hear something? Naw, twas just a small squall.

Should've brought my pretty shawl!


Courtney - And I resent pulling this on the Yukon Sled Ride!

Heather - Really now, that's a shame!

Leshawna - When I heard we would be touring the world

Didn't think it would be this lame!

Bridgette - *Now waltzing with Ezekiel.* Heed my advice when I say don't kiss the pole!

Ezekiel - *twirls Bridgette around* I'm frozen oot'side, but this song's warmed my soul!

Sierra - I'm gonna blog all this, just as soon as I've dried!

And I'm frozen to Cody on the Yukon Sled Ride!


Alejandro, Owen, Noah - Izzy should watch where's she going

We think the Yukon froze her brain!

Bridgette and Ezekiel - We can celebrate Chris' departure

A'geen and a'geen and a'geen and a'geen and a'geen and a'geen and a'geen!


*All Spoken.*

Duncan - Forget it, I'm not singing! (Gwen - "Awww…")

Harold - Yukon's the home of many different kinds of moose and bear!

Noah - And my mom can have my computer, even if she can't use it…

Flamingo - {Anyone get the license of the sled that hit me?}


Alejandro - I should have listened when Izzy said to me:

"It's like the Yukon Sled Grand Prix!"

Izzy - Stop being such wussies, did your sense of adventure die?

Katie - And I'll probably be walking this entire challenge of the Yukon Sled Ride!

This is such a dumb game!

Harold - The rare wood bison lives in this place!

Gwen - I'm still singing, I'm not ashamed!

Owen - Look at that bridge, it doesn't look that wide…

Tyler - *hopelessly lost* For crying out loud, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?

Noah - I was an idiot when I thought this'd be dignified…

All Contestants (except Duncan) - I'm freezing my butt off on the Yukon Sled Ride!

I'm still running on the Yukon Sled Ride!

(Airplane Bathroom - On the Yukon Sled Ride!)

Gwen - "That… was actually quite fun!"

Owen - *still shaking and trembling* "Oh Lordy and pancakes, I now have a fear of sleds! It's getting to the point where I cannot get in any vehicle! My last chance might be a moped!"

Angry Duck - *thrashing about in the suitcase* {Let me outta here! I heard that song, it sounded like fun! I wanna sing, us ducks are natural songbirds! Honest!}

Katie - "Funny how people sing songs to warm up. Campfires, romance, war, all songs are about heating up! Wish I had someone to sing with when I was all alone…" *She blushes and giggles.*

Duncan - "And that is precisely why I tried to ban singing! Seriously, you couldn't write that kind of crap, it would have to escape!"

(Yukon, Team Amazon)

"Aw, you could have sung," Gwen said, playfully punching Duncan's shoulder. "Wouldn't have hurt."

"I thought you were on my side on this, Pasty."

"Well, I was when Chris Maclean tried to force it, but I'm okay if it's just a suggestion." She chuckled and spun around again, still with the music in her.

"Whatever, you do look cute when you're frolicking about."

"I'm not cute," she replied, though a blush appeared across her pale face. The blush quickly disappeared when they both heard a sled approaching. Gwen squinted and looked in the distance, and then exclaimed, "Oh crap, that's my team!"

"I'd better go, if Princess sees me, she'll kill me," Duncan said. "Sorry, Pasty!"

"Another time," she called out as he sprinted off, kicking up snow and hauling butt, the latter she watched happily.

When Team Amazon pulled up, Gwen looked at Courtney. The CIT was heaving for air, gasping almost in pain. The goth girl had prepared herself to detest her, but right now, she could only feel sympathy.

"You getting on or what?" Heather snapped. "C'mon, Weird Goth Girl!"

Old hatred swelled up in Gwen, and she approached Courtney while glaring at Heather. Courtney started to push Gwen away, but stopped when she realized the goth was unhooking her harness.

"I'll pull," Gwen said. She added a whisper to Courtney, "I'm not having her treat you like this, get some rest."

Heather was starting to grin diabolically, but before she could do anything, a desperate cry echoed across the Yukon. "Wait," Katie wailed as she sprinted to them. "Wait for me-eeeeee!"

The frantic, sweet girl crashed into the sled, tumbling inside it. She whimpered and then sat up. "Don't leave without me, please!"

"You're in the sled, you're fine," Courtney muttered, struggling to get in herself.

"Yes, I'm here, we're all here. Thank goodness," Katie said in-between gasps for air. "Oh Cody, Sierra, hi! … What are you two doing? You sillies!"

Gwen chuckled as she put on the harness. "Well then, I'm ready, you sillies. Shall we be goin-"

A sharp whip crack made the raspy-voiced goth let out a high-pitched shriek quite unlike her. She whipped around (haha) to see Heather holding up her whip. "Well then," she said, "get going, Weird Goth Girl!"

"What's this?" Katie said disapprovingly. "No whips! Bad Heather, bad bad bad!"

The sweet girl pounced the not-so-sweet girl, wrestling for the harsh lasher. Gwen let out a relieved sigh as she struggled to pull the sled. It turned out to be easier than she thought, and soon was pulling them on their way. "Not a bad string of luck," she thought, "we're all here and no one's mad at me… hope things go okay for Duncan!"

(Yukon, Team Victory.)

"Finally," Duncan grumbled as the Team Victory sled pulled up. "You wanna know how long I've been waiting for you?"

"Don't start," Leshawna muttered. "Anyway, it's not entirely DJ's fault."

"Who said anything about DJ? And where's Bridgette?"

"We haven't found her yet, gosh," Harold interjected. "She's probably going to the finish line now."

"Knowing Malibu, she's probably tripping on rocks or a moose or the snow."

"You keep bad-mouthing our teammate, and I'll be introducing you to my high-quality karate chop, Duncan!"

The punk let out a barking laugh. "Yeah, sure, whatever. Now let's hurry up already."

DJ nodded, and took off in a sprint. This was not such good news for Team Victory, because he didn't have complete sight yet. With Harold distracted with Duncan, the gentle giant crashed into a tree.

"You're making things worse, Duncan," Harold shouted as he pushed his way to the front.

"Hey, if you weren't so busy blabbering about Bridgette, you could help DJ out. And what's with the sudden interest in her? Does Leshawna know you're not into her now?"

Leshawna groaned and shook her head. "Does everything you say have to be so rude, white boy?"

"Hey, it's not my fault if Harold cannot keep his focus on just one girl. Does Geoff know about this, Harold? Or does Ezekiel? I saw him kissing Bridgette earlier, maybe she's throwing the challenge to spend time with another man."

"That's it, I'm not listening to you," Harold shouted, sticking his fingers in his ears. "Not listening!"

"Real ninja-like, nerd, sticking your fingers in your ears."

"Not listening, la la la! Can't hear you, idiot!"

"You must be in deep denial, unable to accept that both Leshawna and Bridgette don't want you. Maybe you could use your ninja moves to make yourself useful, like Deej over there. You should actually pull, you know, since you're absolutely whipped."

"That's it," Harold shouted as he spun around, "I was listening! Have at thee!"

He leapt at Duncan, knocking him down and started fighting with him in the sled. Leshawna balked as she pushed as far away back as possible. DJ covered his ears and wailed, "Oh, can't we all just get along?"

"He started it," Duncan shouted as he slapped away Harold's karate chops. "Anyway, just hurry up, because Malibu Barbie should be at the finish line considering how much time we've lost!"

(Yukon, Random Waiting Flag.)

"So how long have you bin surfing, eh?"

"Since before I could walk."

"Ever do some serious competition?"

"No, I've never had the desire for that. I'm just not the aggressive type to get into grueling competition."

"I believe that, eh. But why'd you sign up for this shoo'?"

Bridgette laughed and shook her head. "My friends kept encouraging me, as did my mom. They all think I could be some big star, but I don't think so."

"I disagree, eh."

Bridgette flushed a little, some much needed warmth to her cheeks. "Thanks, but I disagree with your disagreement. Still, this contest has been good to me overall. Wonderful boyfriend, new friends, even if it's been bad at times."

Ezekiel nodded, rubbing his bare arms. She noticed how painfully cold he looked, and she squeezed his toque in her hands. "Are you sure you're all right, Zeke? I'm worried about you."

"I'm moo'r woo'ried a'boot you, eh," he stammered, his accent incredibly thick in the thick cold. "I mean, don't you need to go on? You said your team was going to meet at the finish line."

"Sorry, but I'm not leaving you to freeze to death, they will have to pick me up normally; I'm sure that won't be a problem," she said. "I know my team, they would understand."

"Even D-Duncan?"

"I think he's outnumbered by Harold, Leshawna, and DJ," she said. "But if he wants to give me trouble…"

She took Ezekiel's toque and placed it on her head, grinning impishly. "I'll joo'st disguise myself as you, eh!" Ezekiel laughed at her impression of him, then he shivered violently. The surfer girl stopped her impression and grasped his shoulders. "What's wrong?"

"It's… it's hard to move," he admitted. "My arms and face feel… numb."

Bridgette felt panic rising, but suppressed it as she wrapped her arms around him. "I did this for a friend who was shivering just as bad as you after a bad wipe-out surfing at night," she whispered. "You need to bring up your body temperature, or this could get serious."

Feeling Bridgette hugging herself so close to him did both for Ezekiel: his body temperature spiked, and he felt this was so much more serious. He managed to chuckle, and felt that if it did become too serious and he died, his life was complete right now.

Then his team had to show up and spoil everything.

"Woohoo," Izzy screamed, startling them both. "You did it!"

"Dude, wow," Owen cheered. "That's the spirit!"

"Are you serious?" Noah muttered, face-palming with his free hand. "There's a time and place for everything, and it's neither those!"

"My my," Alejandro said, raising an eyebrow. "Don't you two look comfy."

Bridgette was now throughly embarrassed, and cried out, "He was freezing, I had to do something!"

"Like wear his hat?" Noah pointed out.

"That was… oh it doesn't matter. Just please, take care of him now."

She tried to pull away from Ezekiel, the key word being "tried." Bridgette pulled again, and then realized her hoodie had frozen to Ezekiel's shirt. She yelped and tried to pull away, shattering little icicles that had formed on their clothing, but it didn't pull away.

"Oh dear," Noah groaned. "Don't tell me…"

"Oh goody," Izzy gushed. "Their hot love has melded them together."

"Don't say that," Bridgette exclaimed. "I have a boyfriend! This was just-"

"That's nice and everything, but we need our teammate," Noah snapped. "Let go of him!"

"I… I can't!"

Izzy cheered. "Excellent!"

"Izzy, please!"

"Can't you do something, Ezekiel?" Noah asked. "Shove her away or something?"

Ezekiel pitifully shook his head. His body was refusing to move, partly out of cold and partly for another reason that even though he knew it was wrong, he was not wanting to lose this moment for anything.

"We haven't got time for this," Alejandro said. He jumped out of the sled, plucked both Ezekiel and Bridgette up, and placed them in the sled. "We will just take the lovely surfer girl with us."

Bridgette gaped at him. "But… but…"

"No protests, Bridgette," he said, winking at her. "We cannot leave a lady behind."

She felt herself blushing again. Ezekiel shivered violently, whimpering in pain, and she squeezed her arms around him. Whispering comfort to him, she glanced at Alejandro and mouthed, "Thank you."

As he mouthed, "No problem," he escorted Noah away from the back. Noticing the positions of them all, he grinned to himself. "Now hurry Izzy, we shall meet our final teammate at the finish line!"

"Can we trade Bridgette for Tyler?" the redhead asked as she sprinted off. "I have plans for her!"

"Can we trade you for her?" Noah snapped.

(Airplane Bathroom - Trade us for her?)

Alejandro - *He chuckles and rubs his hands together.* "It's so easy to manipulate nice people like Bridgette. After all, they cannot see what you're planning when you're being a softie. Sorry, Ezekiel, but I'm making sure your crush will go, and you won't even know I did it."

Heather - *ruffled* "Jeez, that Katie can fight. But I won't be deterred by her, nice people aren't going to beat clever people like me. Just you watch."

Courtney - "Gwen might have tried sucking up to me, but I'm not going to look the other way! I am going to stomp on her, and smear her like the bug she is! She'll pay, oh she will pay!"

Cody - *He opens his mouth, then winces and looks around.* "Why's it feel so hostile in here? Bathrooms should not be hostile places! They should be relaxing… even if you have a camera watching you."

(Yukon, Finish Line)

Lindsay was looking down at herself, observing the detail work she did on Chris' coat. As she felt the cold wind brush against her stomach and down her cleavage, she had a terrible thought.

"Does this make me look fat?" she asked Chef.

"Girl, you skinny."

"You think so? Because I don't want to look fat, especially now that I'm host."

"Lindsay, I'd kill for your figure."

"You're so sweet for saying that, Chef Latch It!"

"But one day, you're going to have to get my name right, foo'."

"My name's not Foo, it's Lindsay."

"No, that was… oh, never mind."

"I'm so confused now," she admitted. "Was Chris ever this confused when he was hosting?"

"No, but he didn't need to be, he had all the other issues."

Lindsay nodded, then felt boredom sinking in again. She picked up some snow, sculpted it into a ball, and shouted, "Snowball fight!"

She threw it, and it fell at Chef's feet. He scoffed and looked at her. "You throw like a girl, foo'."

"I am a girl, and my name's not Foo!"

"Well if you want a snow fight, you're on!"

Lindsay grinned and started to make another one. She was just done packing it together when the sun seemed to be blotted out. The blonde looked up to see Chef Hatchet holding a boulder-sized amount of snow over his head. Her baby blue eyes widened in terror, the only action she had time for before she was buried by the tremendous amount of snow.

"Ha," Chef Hatchet shouted, pointing at the mound of snow that was covering Lindsay, "how you like that, foo'?"

A slender hand dug her way out of the snow mound, then flicked her wrist to toss another snowball at Chef, hitting him in the face. A very muffled, "Ha," could be heard under the snow.

"Give up yet, Lindsay?" The reply he received was nonsensical, muffled mumbling inside the snow. "Maybe next time, soldier. And oh, looks like one of the teams is pulling up to the finish line."

Lindsay let out a squeak, and struggled to get herself out of the snow prison. When she finally broke free, only her pretty head popped out as she gasped for air. Eventually she managed to push her arms out, and as she tried to pull herself out, she asked, "Who is it? I got snow in my eyes!"

"Can't tell from here, but it's a rather crowded sled," he muttered, peering into the distance. "We need binoculars."

"Just do what I do," Lindsay said, and cupped her hands around her eyes, squinting hard. "Oh my! Oh no! Oh dear!"

"What is it? What is it?"

"My eyebrows have snow in them! That is, like, a disaster!"

Chef Hatchet grunted. By then, the team in lead was in view, and he said, "Oh, it's the one with all those girls."

"And Coby."

"He's scrawny enough to be a girl."

Lindsay didn't get that, but she did wave at the approaching Team Amazon, with a gasping and panting Gwen pulling the sled. "Hi, Amazons! You're gonna be first if you hurry!"

"Hear that, Gwen?" Heather shouted. "Don't blow it now!"

"Yeah, Gwen, don't fail us," Courtney chimed in.

"You can do it," Cody cheered.

Through her gasping and straining, Gwen grunted out, "I… ask all of you… right now… to just shut up!"

Sierra, still frozen to Cody, looked around to the back. "Hey, I think another one of the teams is approaching; I can see their sled."

"Who is it?" Cody asked, unable to really look.

"Who cares?" Gwen strained to say. "It's… not worth it to look."

"It's Team Victory," Sierra shouted. "Team Victory is coming at us!"

Indeed, the team known as Victory was coming in second (har), with DJ running, still blinded and with a very upset and ruffled Harold shouting directions. And closing in on them was Team Chris, pulled by a still wild Izzy.

"When I catch up with you all," the redhead was shrieking, "I'll chew you and spit you out. I'mma gonna eat your brains! They taste like chicken; wanna know how I know that?"

"No," Owen pleaded. "Don't let us know! I don't wanna think about eating brains!"

"Is that my team?" Bridgette squeaked. "Please don't let them see me like this!"

She huddled herself as close as possible to Ezekiel, hiding in the back of the sled. Ezekiel feebly tried to hold up one of his hands to block the view of her face to the others.

"What the hell are you doing with them, Malibu?"

"Too late," she muttered, hiding her face in Ezekiel's chest in shame from Duncan's outburst.

"Can't you keep off Ezekiel for one minute?" Duncan shouted. "Are you trying to screw our odds?"

Izzy, who was rather tired of the punk's interference with her romantic pairings, had had quite enough. "You're a bunch of stupid moron idiots with lame pathetic fail!"

"Your insults are dumb," Duncan shouted back.

The three teams were all heading for the finish line, Amazon in first, Victory in second, and Chris in last (which doesn't make sense when you think about it since he's not here, so don't think about it). Gwen strained desperately to pull, her body burning with pain. Izzy galloped, cackling madly. DJ just ran with his fingers crossed, hoping not to hurt anyone.

"Ooo, I wonder who's going to win," Lindsay said. "Greta's slowing down, PJ is really sprinting hard, and Lizard is, like, a wild pony!"

"Yeah," Chef Hatchet grunted. "Guess this one is going to be as simple as a race to the finish-"

He was interrupted as the entire Yukon seemed to shake with a desperate shout, "HEY YOU GUYS!" Everyone looked around to see, up at the top of a very tall hill behind the path to the finish line, Tyler standing and waving desperately. "Don't forget about me!"

"Tyler?" Alejandro balked.

"How'd he get up there?" Katie asked. "How lost did he get?"

"Please tell me he's not going to descent down that hill," Harold whimpered. "With the angle and his footfalls combined with his determination-"


"… He is."

Harold pulled Leshawna down to the floor of the sled. As she protested, Tyler leapt forward and started running down the hill. He almost immediately lost his footing, tripped, and starting rolling down the hill. As he rolled, snow built up and grew into a ball, then a boulder, then a freaking large boulder.

"Oh," Duncan stated.

"My…," Heather whimpered.

"FUDGE," Izzy shouted.

(Airplane Bathroom - Avalanche of snowy proportions!)

Harold - "How hard would it be to listen to me for once? Honestly. If I was a girl, a hot girl, I could get a lot of attention and respect. I mean, if I had some big boobies, and I was saying the same thing about large proportions of snow and motion and the land speed of rushing snow gathering up downhill…"

*He stares miming having large breasts, then immediately gets lost in thought. A few seconds later, he shakes his head and clears his throat.* "Sorry. What was I talking about again? Oh yes! Big proportions!"

The gigantic snow boulder formally known as Tyler came plowing down the hill, gathering in size and speed. It first swallowed Team Chris and their sled, then gathered up Team Victory, and finally absorbed Team Amazon. Lindsay and Chef Hatchet had time to cling to each other as they screamed in terror and get snagged in the snow boulder.

A combination of rumbling and screaming echoed across the Yukon as the boulder continued to roll, until it smashed into the side of the Total Drama World Jet. The crappy vehicle of flight was not damaged, but the snow boulder broke apart and came to a sudden stop.

The contestants, slowly but surely, managed to wriggle out of the enormous out of the snow. Ezekiel, finally separated from Bridgette, helped to pull her out as she was barely able to stand. Izzy dug her way out, and then pulled out Noah, who was whimpering about how much life sucked ("Please God, just let it end, it can't get worse!" "Hi, Noah!" "Argh! It's worse!"). Sierra dug frantically in the snow to save Cody, pulled a frozen person out of the snow and hugged them tight, and finally released when Chef Hatchet asked her to let go.

"Well," Lindsay summarized after everyone had pulled themselves out, "that was an exciting ending!"

"I have a better way to end it," Heather shouted. "Hands up for those who want to kill Tyler!"

Several hands shot up, and Tyler whimpered as he tapped his fingers together. "Sorry?" he tried.

"Oh you're not getting out of it that easily," Noah shouted. "Thanks to you, my broken arm feels worse all over again! And now we're last because you evolved from a monkey into an avalanche!"

"We could have passed the other teams with Izzy's impressive running," Alejandro added, "but you knocked us all over! Thus we were last to cross!"

"You could have broken all our necks," Duncan spat. "What's wrong with you? Not content with injuring yourself?"

"There's no way even your ex will find a way to save your butt," Heather declared. She pointed at Lindsay, who was looking at a digital video camera and reviewing the footage of the end of the race. "If your team doesn't vote you off, we'll throw you out the plane."

"Will you all shut up?"

Gwen, still aching and extremely dizzy, was sitting down on the mound of snow. "There's absolutely no reason to keep harping on him. So just let it lie."

"Why are you defending him?" Courtney asked. "You could have died too!"

"Because I've been where he is now," Gwen thought. She instead said, "Because I have a major headache, and I don't want to hear any more shouting. Amazon came in first, Chris in last. It's as simple as that."

"Actually, no."

Everyone looked at Lindsay, who was done studying the footage. "You see," she said, "the rules were that the last person to cross the finish line would be the losing team, not the sled."

"Yes, and?" Leshawna asked. "Team Chris had the last member cross because they were last."

"No, not really," the pretty host walked over to Leshawna and showed her the footage. "See? Brianna's sitting in the back of Team Chris's sled. Therefore, she was the last one to cross the finish line."

Alejandro, making sure no one could see, smirked in success as the others realized who Lindsay meant when she had said, "Brianna."

"What?" Bridgette whimpered.

"What?" Harold balked.

"I knew it," Duncan shouted, glaring at Bridgette.

"But sugar," Leshawna tried to reason with Lindsay, "you cannot tell for sure after everyone got swallowed up by that snowball."

"I know, but since it's impossible to tell who came last in that, I can only go by the footage beforehand. Therefore, Team Victory is in last place because of… um, what's her name again?"

"Moron," Duncan spat at Bridgette.

"No, I'm pretty sure that's not it."

"You went and cost us the game," the punk continued, getting up in Bridgette's face. "You just had to chasing after Ezekiel, didn't you?"

"I wasn't chasing him!"

"You've been all over him since this challenge started! You were kissing him on the ice flow, you were snuggling him on the sled ride, what other explanation could there be? Just face it, we lost all because of you; your butt is so voted off!"

"No, don't do that! It's my fault, eh!"

Ezekiel stood in front of Bridgette and spread his arms as if to protect her from Duncan. "It's all my doing! I fell on her doo'ring the ice floo', I froze my clothes to her, it's my fault! Send me home instead!"

"We can't, your team won," Duncan pointed out.

"I doo'nt care, just chuck me 'oot anyway! I shouldn't even still be here, eh!"

Izzy came charging over, waving her arms. "No, don't do that! You aren't allowed to throw my Ezekiel out of a plane! He was just innocently coming onto Bridgette as per my instructions!"

"He was coming onto her?" Duncan replied incredulously. "She's wearing his stupid hat!"

"Stop arguing, please," Bridgette cried out. "It is my fault! Ezekiel, don't blame yourself, it was all me!"

"No, it was me," DJ cried out. "I ran over animals and hit trees because I wasn't looking where I was going! We could have picked you up!"

"No, blame me," Harold shouted. "I should have led the team better! It's all my fault!"

"No, me," Owen declared. "I don't want to go back on the plane!"

As the arguing continued, Chef Hatchet let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Good to have the drama back, isn't it?"

Lindsay stared at him, confused. "Wait, whose fault is it again? Do we have to give a red flag or something?"

(Airplane Bathroom - Wasn't our fault!)

Noah - "After everyone seemed to blame themselves or someone else for about ten more minutes, Lindsay got us all in the plane and took off. I'm not a betting man, but I'm pretty sure I know who is going. And speaking of going, I think it's high time I talked to Owen about this relationship he has that's not going anywhere."

Tyler - *digging in his ear* "Man, those guys looked like they really were about to murder me! I gotta thank Gwen later for saving my skin."

Bridgette - *clutching Ezekiel's toque in her hands, tears in her eyes* "I cannot believe how terrible I was today! Geoff, if you can see this, I'm so sorry! I was always thinking about you, and you know how crazy this show can get! I'm so deeply, humbly, regretfully-"

Sierra - *typing on her laptop* "Hmm, looks like the reputation of Tyler and Bridgette is going to sink among the contestants, but will it rise among fans? Hehe, it's a little like stock options, these predictions! Lemme check my ultimate source to see if they will be shunned or not." *She lifts up a Magic 8-Ball and shakes it.*

Bridgette - "… deeply, utterly, completely, honestly…"

Leshawna - "My girl Bridgette may have been tripping with that Ezekiel boy, but in no ways does that excuse Duncan for yelling at her! No one treats my friends like that, and thus Bridgette should have no reason to be-"

Bridgette - "… hopelessly, tragically, painfully sorry!"

Cody - *He opens his mouth to speak, and almost chokes.* "Oh man, now it feels like sorrow in here!"

(Total Drama World Jet, Drop of Shame.)

Lindsay stood behind her podium, looking at the members of Team Victory, who looked anything but. Bridgette and DJ looked depressed, Duncan bitter, and Leshawna and Harold looked concerned and regretful. The pretty host clicked her tongue in hopes of removing the tension. It didn't work.

"I just want to say," she said, "that Chef Hatchet has volunteered to stand at the door, to make sure no one sacrifices themselves, and that none of you try throwing anyone out. We want things to be fair, so care!"

She giggled, but that slowly died when no one joined in. She sighed and looked at the barf bags full of peanuts. "Okay, I'm sorry, but it is time for elimination. Let me check the votes real fast."

Reading over the list, she squinted, scrunched up her cute nose, then grunted in confusion. She tried hard to pronounce the names. "Who is 'Ettedirb'? And 'Dulorah'? And 'Nacnud'?"

"You've got the list upside-down," Chef Hatchet called out.

"Ohhhhh," she said, then turned it right-side up. "Oh, yes, that makes much more sense! Now… wait, who is Leshawna?"

"That's me, sugar," Leshawna said, raising her hand.

"Oh, you get one of these!"

She threw a bag of peanuts at Leshawna, or at least attempted to. The bag of peanuts hit the ground a foot away from the sister, who raised an eyebrow. "Lindsay hon, no offense, but you gotta work on your arm."

"Still throws like a girl," Chef muttered.

"Now let me get this straight," Lindsay said. "I'm trying to see who got how many votes."

(Airplane Bathroom - Who got what where and when, so why and how?)

Leshawna - *She sighs as she looks at all the passports in front of her.* "Harold asked for a favor, but I promised Gwen. I'm not voting for my girl Bridge." *She lets out another sigh as she brushes away Duncan and Bridgette's passports, and contemplates the other two.*

Duncan - "Hm, Gwen might not like me voting for her friend. But what the hell, she won't ever know." *He stamps a Bridgette passport.*

DJ - *He closes his eyes to stamp a passport, but misses and stamps a rat. It squeaks and runs off, to which DJ sees and starts crying again.*

Bridgette - *She is looking at a passport of herself, then hangs her head in shame and stamps it.*

Harold - *He takes a passport and stamps it angrily.* "Just once, I'd like to be in a season without you on my team, gosh!"

Lindsay recounted the votes. "Okay, I think I get it," she said. "Harold also gets one!"

Another wimpy throw resulted in another bag of peanuts landing a couple feet from the receiver. Harold somberly nodded, then glanced over at the other three.

"The next is… Duncan! Which one is Duncan?"

Harold sighed in regret and pointed at the one that is Duncan, who smirked. The smirk faded slightly when the punk saw his bag of peanuts hit the ground too.

Lindsay bit her bottom lip and studied the list more. "Okay, now I'm like, seriously confused. The final two, DJ and Bridgette, they have two votes each. So do I kick both of them?"

"No," Chef Hatchet called out.

"Oh okay. So what do I do?"

"I'll go," Bridgette shouted, raising her hand. "I have to apologize to Geoff in person, I don't belong in the game anymore!"

"No, me," DJ exclaimed, standing up. "I am cursed, I keep hurting animals and my team's chances!"

"DJ, don't do this," she said to him. "You have nothing to be sorry about, only I do!"

Lindsay picked up the parachute and walked over to them. "Well, maybe we can find a way to reason with this. Arm wrestle?"

"That's not exactly fair for Bridgette," Leshawna said.

"Rock paper scissors?"

"That's lame," Duncan mumbled.

"How about Tic-Tac-Toe?"

Bridgette shook her head. "No, Lindsay, I should go." She reached out to take the parachute from her. "Just give that to me, and I'll take the Dro-"

She was interrupted when DJ pushed Bridgette back; he forgot his own strength, and knocked the surfer girl on her back. "No, it has to be me," he declared, snatching the parachute from Lindsay's hands. "For all the animals' sake!"

He sprinted for the Drop of Shame as he put on the parachute. Harold was helping Bridgette up as Duncan shouted, "No, Deej! Wait! Don't do it-"

Duncan's call to his friend was unsuccessful as the gentle giant leapt from the plane, screaming, "I'm coming home, Ma!"

His team rushed to the door, all peering over the side, but no sign of DJ plummeting or his parachute opening could be seen. Duncan stepped back with a scoff.

"Man, what happened?" he asked aloud. "One minute he was here, the next minute gone! Did any of you see where he fell?"

"Nope," Leshawna said. "Maybe he fell out of sight before we looked."

"That parachute better work."

As Team Victory and a very confused Lindsay took one final glance at the Drop of Shame, Bridgette hung her head in shame. Ezekiel's toque fell off and she managed to catch it. "Guess there's one more thing," she thought, "I have to do now, since I'm going to stay."

Harold sighed in regret. "I'm gonna miss that big guy."

"We all will," Leshawna said. "Hopefully, we'll see him under better conditions one day."

Meanwhile, outside of the jet, DJ was being whipped around like a flag in a hurricane. He had pulled the cord too soon, and his parachute snagged on the landing gear that Chef had forgotten to raise. He screamed in terror, and then saw his parachute start to rip. With strength and determination that any football player or a teenager dangling from a plane thirty-thousand feet up in the air would have, DJ pulled himself up towards the landing gear. He grabbed the wheel and pulled himself up just as his parachute tore from its cords.

Panting and whimpering, the big guy grasped the landing gear, muttering, "Oh, this would happen to me, wouldn't it?"

(Total Drama World Jet, Cafeteria.)

Bridgette held Ezekiel's toque in her hands as she walked out of the Drop of Shame room. As she thought about what she was going to say, she overheard Izzy say something.

"Well, how'd it go? Did she fall for you?"

"Izzy, I really cannot do this, eh."

"Why not? Aren't you totally crushing on our surfer girl?"

Bridgette paused and stayed hidden behind the wall. She knew it was wrong to listen in, but couldn't help herself right now. She could hear Ezekiel sigh and shake his head.

"I really do like, Bridgette, eh."

"Then what's stopping you?"

"She has a boyfriend, and it's obvious she felt awful the entire time she was stuck to me, eh. I coo'dent put her throo' that a'geen."

"You serious? Don't you want to go out with her?"

"I'd joo'st," he stammered, rubbing his arm, "I'd like to be her friend. I woo'd be okay with that."

"You want to be friends with a girl?"

"Why not, eh? You're my friend."

"I'm more of an Amazonian warrior with a hint of super spy, but I see. So you'd be happy with just being friends?"

"I'd be moo'r than happy for us to be joo'st that, eh."

Bridgette finally decided to blow her cover, and stepped out. "I think that's okay," she said, smiling at them as she approached.

"You were listening in?" Izzy declared. "Holy laser watches, there's a super spy in you yet, Bridgette."

Bridgette chuckled and then looked at Ezekiel. "I think this belongs to you," she said as she handed him his toque. "And I'm more than happy being friends with you too, Zeke."

Ezekiel blushed slightly as he placed his beloved toque back on his head. "Thank you, Bridgette."

"No problem. You want to get something to eat? I'm really in the mood for something hot, and I need someone to talk to."

Izzy cheered, startling them both. "Izzy got you two to be friends! That is a good enough achievement in itself! Oh, and your jacket, Zeke!"

She pulled Ezekiel's jacket off of her, and tossed it to him. With a wave and a bounce, Izzy skipped out of the cafeteria, and ran right into Owen.

"Oops, sorry big guy," she apologized as she picked herself up. "I just got done solidifying Ezekiel and Bridgette's friendship."

"That's cool," Owen said, tapping his fingers together. He looked nervous and anxious for some reason.

"Is something wrong? You look nervous and anxious for some reason."

"No no! It's nothing that'll make me anxvous and nerious!"

Izzy raised an eyebrow. "You want to talk about something?"

"Izzy," he said, taking many deep breaths, "I've been thinking about this for some time…"

"What's 'this'?"

"What I've been thinking about."

"And what's that?"

"What I want to talk about you about."

"And that is?"

"I'll tell you!"

"Is it about pie? I know you think about pie a lot."

Owen had been starting to get frustrated, but the thought of pie distracted him. He smiled and salivated, thinking about many different types of pie until Izzy waved a hand in front of his face. "Hello? Owen?"

"Oh, sorry! Well, Izzy, I've been thinking about this-"

"Still don't know what this is."

"This is… well, I was just thinking that maybe… we should see other people."

There was an awkward pause, Izzy crossing her arms as Owen braced himself, holding up his hands. It was broken when Izzy burst out laughing.

"That's silly, I've been seeing other people all my life."


"Yes, Owen, that's what eyes are for."

"Oh yeah," he agreed, nodding. "I totally get it now!"

"Right. So why are you telling me we should see other people now? Are you having trouble?"

"I meant more in the sense of dating."

"We see other people dating all the time."

"I meant us!"

"Oh! Oh I see. Owen is breaking up with Izzy?"

"… Yes."

Izzy rocked on her feet, and nodded. "Okay."


"Yes. It's not really fair to you to feel chained to Izzy when she hasn't seen you that much."

"You're not going to hit me?"

"Good heavens, no. But will Owen still be Izzy's friend?"

"Of course Owen will!"

Izzy beamed at him and hugged him. "Guess you've been talking to Noah a lot?"

"Um, maybe. A little."

"That's cool, maybe it's time you find a girl who doesn't put you in danger so much, I think that'd be more your style."

"Thank you, Izzy! Now can you do me one more favor?"

"What would that be, my friend?"

"Help Owen get back to his seat, he just realized we're on the plane again!"

And thus he fainted. On Izzy. The redhead squeaked underneath him, and cried out, "Help! I'm being squashed underneath my good friend! I thought this would have happened while we were dating, but not after!"

(Airplane Bathroom - Sad for all the Ozzy fans.)

Izzy - "I might be a little upset about Owen and I being over, but we're still friends. Now I'll have someone to hang out with again, share stories, have the occasional no-strings make-out session. All I have to do is tie him up when he's on the plane, and we all are happy. I wonder who will do that for him besides me!"

Sierra - "Phooey. I'm an Ozzy fan, but at least it ended on good terms. Or did it ever start? It's really hard to tell with Owen and Izzy."

Noah - *rubbing his arm in the sling* "Well, I'm just glad Izzy didn't get out a shiv and come after me for talking to Owen about this. I already got a busted arm over this, I didn't want more injuries. I never figured I would get a broken arm on this show, I would have put money if I ever did, it would be falling down the stairs or getting hit by a car; possibly getting hit by Chris's ego could break a bone."

Alejandro - *He snaps his fingers.* "Well, that did not go to plan. I put Bridgette in the back of the sled, because I knew Lindsay would have to count her team as the loser if we arrived last. But I was hoping she would get voted off, DJ just became expendable collateral.

"No matter. I just got rid of someone on another team, and thus, plan worked out perfectly. Eventually, I'll get her, and everyone else who stands in my way. That million is mine, amigos."

Bridgette - *She sighs and looks to the side.* "I think the worst part of all this would be how we didn't get to say good-bye to DJ; he said he was going home after this season was over. I know most of us will miss him. I really hope, wherever he landed and wherever he goes, he'll be happy."

DJ was still clinging to the landing gear when Chef Hatchet flipped the switch to bring it back into the plane. The gentle teenager cried out in shock as he was brought in, and then climbed up when he could. Groping about in the inky blackness of the underside of the plane, he managed to pull himself around into the cargo hold. The light was dim there, and he clung to a suitcase.

"Oh man," he muttered. "Things cannot get any worse."

"Hello, DJ."

He flinched violently when he heard the voice, then saw some movement nearby. A sitting figure slowly turned his head to face DJ, and their eyes fixated on DJ.

"Welcome," Chris Maclean grumbled, "to hell."

DJ shrieked in terror, scrambled back, and fell on a suitcase.

(Total Drama World Jet, Cockpit.)

Lindsay peeked up from her magazine. "Did you hear that, Chef Ratchet?"

"No, what?"

"It sounded like a muffled scream from close by but far away, followed by a startled quack."

"Girl, you trippin'?"

"How could I do that, I'm sitting down!"

Chef Hatchet shrugged. "I dunno what I mean. Maybe you should wrap up the episode?"

"Okay," she said cheerfully. She turned towards the windshield and waved. "Hi, Mr. Camera on the hood of the plane! Must be chilly out there, I'd really hate to be stuck on the outside of the plane!"

"The episode, Lindsay!"

"Which one?"

"The one we just did!"

"Oh right, that one," she said. "People, according to the latest gossip, we've had break-ups and make-ups! Friendship and love, rivalries and hate. With poor MJ gone, Team Victory is falling behind the other two crowded teams! Will they catch up, or are they doomed to fail? Will Lizard and Oscar find someone else? And most importantly…

"Will I get something nicer for the next place we visit?" she said as she looked down at the trimmed coat. "This really does make me look fat, I swear."

"You still look fabulous, girlfriend."

Lindsay giggled and pat his arm. "Isn't he the sweetest?" she said to the camera. "Well, until next time, I'm Lindsay, and this is," she pointed at Chef, faltered, and then stammered out, "well, this is not Lindsay, ehehe! Until next time, on Total! Drama! World Core!"

"Tour, Lindsay."

"Thank you, Not Lindsay!"

To Be Continued!


Duncan - Bridgette.

Harold - Duncan.

DJ - DJ (self-vote).

Bridgette - Bridgette (self-vote).

Leshawna - DJ.

DJ - 2 (forfeited).

Bridgette - 2.

Duncan - 1.

Staff - Lindsay (host), Chef Hatchet (co-host).

Team Amazon (first place) - Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Katie, Sierra.

Team Chris (second place) - Alejandro, Ezekiel, Izzy, Noah, Owen, Tyler.

Team Victory (last place) - Bridgette, Duncan, Harold, Leshawna.

Eliminated - Chris Maclean, DJ.

Next Up - The Statue of Lindsay.