These are various amusing short scenes that just didn't fit into any story. So put them together and what have you got?
...some really random scenes sharing a page... o_O;;

Fic Surfing
By Icka! M. Chif

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"There is only one Tooth!"

"Oi, Conan-kun. Isn't it 'Only one truth'?"

"No, Tooth. It's loose. See?" Conan wiggles his loose tooth.

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Ran threw her hands up in the air. "Honestly! 2 detectives in the house and NO ONE can figure out who's turn it is to do the dishes!?!"

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"I know what I want to eat!" Genta proudly exclaimed. "Eel Sushi Pizza!"

The Child Detective Group exchanged looks before simultaneously expressing their option.


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Ran pulled Hattori aside.

"Would you please not call Conan-kun 'Kudo'?" She requested. "You're making it rather difficult for me to pretend I don't know."

Hattori laughed nervously and sweatdropped.

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If I said 'Aoko, you're a sex goddess, allow me to ravish you now', what do you think would happen?

Pain. Lots of it. Immediately as well as later.

Now if I said that to Akako, that would be a different story...

Not that I would ever -want- to say that to Akako. I'd be tied up and ravaged before you could blink twice.

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Ran grinned over the telephone. "And just how long does it take you to solve a mystery, oh great mystery detective?"

"Well, that depends. Most are a matter of minutes, maybe hours. Some are days. Some can take years to solve." She could practically hear the smile in his voice as he relaxed.

"Years?" She raised an eyebrow. "What mystery could take you years to solve?"


The silence afterwards nearly echoed, and Ran could swear she could hear a mental 'Oh, Shit' coming from the phone.

"Uh, Talk you later. Bai!" Shin'ichi said quickly, hanging up the phone.

She could only laugh, for once not minding that the phone call was rather short.

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"Oi, Hiabara!"

"Yeah, Kudo?"

"You were a doctor, right?"

"Scientist. But yes, I hold the equivalent to a doctorate."

"So does that make you Dr. Watson to my Detective Holmes?"

"Don't push your luck."

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"Shin-chan!" His mother scolded, her fox ears pointing at him. "You've been hanging around ningen too much. Where are your manners?"

"Yes, Okaasan." Conan sighed, his form shifting. Batwings appeared on his back as his ears turned pointed. As he took off his glasses, his silted cat pupils became visible.

"Waiiiiiiiii!" His mother's tails started to wag. "You look so kawaii!!!! I'm glad you're back to looking your true age."

"Okaasan..." Conan sweatdropped. Just because youko aged slower than humans was no reason to have to look it all the time.

"You know, you really ought to hang around your own kind more often." His mother scolded, in full 'mothering mode'.

"I do." He protested.

"Chasing the Kuroba Kitsune kit doesn't count."

"Hattori is a quarter Oni. From his grandfather."

"Oh. Well, that explains the dark skin, doesn't it?" His mother mused, her ears twitching. "But still. You need to spend time with full blooded youko too."

"But I'm a half breed too." He pointed out. "Really, Okaasan. A Kitsune and a Tengu breeding? What were you two thinking?!"

"How were we supposed to know you'd turn out to be a Shinigami?"

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"Ne, Kuroba. Why are you so afraid of fish anyway?"

"You ever met a kappa face to face?"


"There you go."

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Ningen: human/humans.
Kitsune: Fox spirit.
Tengu: Crow spirit. Known to be wise old men, they hold the dual (and conflicting) reputation of being mischievous creatures and benevolent teachers.
Shinigami: A God of Death.
Kappa: Water spirit. They have turtle shells on their back and a bowl shaped indentation on their head that is full of water to give them super human strength. Rumoured to pull small children under water to drown them. They love cucumbers and sumo wrestling.
Oni: Think Western Ogre, they are fearsome warriors. The males usually have very dark skin. In Buddhist mytho, they are the ones that guard the gates of hell. You often see statues of them at the entrances to Buddhist shrines.
Bakemono/youko: Generic terms for deamon. case you haven't noticed, we LIKE the Japanese deamons.