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Fic Surfing part... 5? *blinks* Wow...

*** The thought of Hakuba in a cowboy hat amuses me ***

"I know!" Kaito grinned. "Let's try something none of us have done before!"

"Something you haven't done?" Aoko asked, an amused eyebrow raising.


"And I haven't done?"


"Or me?" Akako challenged.

"Pretty sure."

"Or Hakuba?"


Hakuba looked intrigued. "And that would be-?"

"Country Line Dancing!"

The British Detective Crossed his arms. "No."

*** We're waiting for it to burp them back up. ***

"Wow...." Keiko breathed, her eyes wide in shock. "Do it again...."

Aoko shrugged. "Okay."

She set another comb on Kaito's head, who was once again, asleep at his desk. And once again, he was the source of amusement and awe for the class.

The hair around the comb almost seem to writhe and wiggle, then wrap itself around the plastic comb, drawing it closer to itself like a sea anemone drawing its paralysed prey towards its mouth to be devoured. The comb slowly disappeared into the mass of wavy brown hair until it completely vanished from sight.

"Ooooo..." Keiko breathed. "Kaito's hair really does eat combs!"

"Yes." Hakuba commented drolly. "I am rather amazed it doesn't run screaming instead."

*** Makes sense, ne? ***

Ran tilted her head at Kazuha, giving her a thoughtful look. "Kazuha-chan? Can I ask a question?"

Kazuha shrugged. "Sure, Ran-chan. What's up?"

"Why -do- you always have a ribbon in your hair? I don't think I've ever seen you go without one."

The Osaka girl grinned. "Oh, that's easy." With one smooth motion, she pulled it from her hair and tossed one end of it at the Kansai Detective. It grew as it flew through the air and tangled around him. He let out a startled 'Urk!' as Kazuha gave a sharp a tug on the ribbon, sending him flying back. He landed next to her, a rather dazed expression on his face as she triumphantly held the ribbon like a leash.

Ran looked down, paused then nodded, understanding crossing her face. "Ah. It's a Heiji-controller."

*** Akako isn't evil. She's mini-evil. Quasi-evil, even. ****


"But-" Akako wheedled.

The blond detective remained resolute. "No."



She crossed her arms, sulking. "You'd let Nakamori."

"Aoko-chan won't plant the marker on me when she's done drawing on Kuroba's sleeping face." Hakuba calmly pointed out.

"Oh, poo."

*** Drabble #1: Another reason for the chase scenes. ***

"Question for you, Kuroba." Hakuba spoke up, catching the magician's attention.

Kaito raised an eyebrow at the blond detective, smirking slightly. "That's never stopped you before."

"True." Hakuba barely blinked at the retort. "We all know your acrobatic skills, it would be simple matter for you to merely remove the mop from Aoko-chan grasp and avoid getting hit. Why do you continually let her chase you with it?"

"Because if she doesn't have that mop, she'll use anything else around that's handy." Kaito grinned. "Can you picture her running around chasing after me waving a frying pan?"

Hakuba grimaced. "Point."

*** Shin'ichi should really know better than to argue with females. ***

Haibara sniffed. "I never make mistakes."

"Ever?" Conan raised an eyebrow, the sarcasm practically oozing from his posture.

"Well..." She deliberated. "I thought I had made a mistake once, but I was wrong."

Conan fell over.

*** Once again with the Bugger jokes... ***

"Hakuba." The magician stood in front of the detective's desk solemnly. "I want you to promise me something."

Hakuba raised an eyebrow. "Promise you what?"

"Never EVER say 'Bugger the Kid'."

Said eyebrow rise higher. "I take there is a reason behind this-?"

"I just overheard the girls talking by Keiko's desk." He looked slightly disturbed. "They're placing odds."

"So?" Hakuba pointed. "Their betting has never bothered you before."

"They're helping Koizumi come up with witty retorts if you do."

The blond's eyes widened a bit. Anything the sorceress came up with would be A: Bad, B: Disturbing, C: Embarrassing, or D: All of the above.

"You have my solemn oath."

"Thank you."

*** Drabble #2: 'Red Pill, Blue Pill' remix by Junkie XL is disturbing. Fun, but disturbing ***

Ai hands Conan 2 capsules, each a different colour. "You take the blue pill and the story ends." She says seriously, gazing at him with solemn eyes. "You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe."

"You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. The choice is yours."

He pauses, thinking as he looks at the innocent looking capsules in his hand. "And if I choose neither?"

Her answer is calm and immediate. "Then I choose for you."

"Ah." With that he swallows a capsule.

*** Dances with Mists ***

Fog. He loved fog. There was just something mystical about the way it covered the earth in a silvery white blanket, turning everything ordinary into a glimmering wonderland.

Of course, his alter ego loved fog even more. White wasn't exactly easy to hide at night in, but it did blend in perfectly with the shifting vapours.

Also was great fun popping in and out of the mists both as him self and as the Kid to surprise people. With a little help from a simple prop, of course. It was so much fun to watch people jump sometimes.

Speaking of which, his target was just in sight now…

Aoko looked up at him in amusement tinted exasperation. "Oh, take the sheet off your head, Kaito. I know it's you."


*** Drabble #3: From Ann's Pomp Universe ***

It felt odd, Kaito mused as he turned a page, not to have any policemen around while he was inside the bank. Sure it made his job easier, but it almost made him feel that something was lacking. Less of a challenge.

Of course, it also felt really odd not to have sent a notice out before tonight's caper. But then he really wasn't –stealing- it, just borrowing it for the night. With a little luck, nobody would ever know.

But he really hadn't wanted to leave England before finding out what happened in the next Harry Potter novel first…

*** Fun with! Again! (20 May 2003) ***

Shin'ichi: Taurus
"Try being entirely honest for a week. That's a fine way to develop a clear conscience. Personally, I prefer my method, though -- a poor memory."

Ran looked at Conan with serious sombre eyes. "Conan... Are you really Shin'ichi?"
"Uh, uh...." Conan panicked, looking for the best way to get out of this when his brain had a bit of an epiphany. Plausible deniability. He plastered the best innocent look he could summon on his face. "Who?"

Kaito: Gemini/Cancer Cusp
(gemini): "Today you will watch something like a hawk. Basically, you do that by having unblinking beady little eyes, and a brain the size of a peanut."

Kaito stared.
Aoko sweatdropped.
Kaito stared.
Aoko looked around nervously, hoping no one else would notice her friend's intense fascination. Kaito Stared.
"Uh... Kaito?" Aoko cleared her throat. "You might want to eat your chocolate dipped ice cream cone before it melts..."

Hakuba: Virgo
"You will be struck by an odd thought, today. Fortunately it will be only a glancing blow, and will do little actual damage."

Hakuba was concentrating, trying to figure out a way to prove once and for all that Kuroba was the Kaitou Kid when a stray thought hit him.
What if Kuroba WASN'T the Kid?
Then it passed and he shook his head to clear his mind. How preposterous. Really, Kuroba not being the Kid. Right. And he was the Pope in Rome...

Aoko: Libra
"You will snidely snicker at someone today. That's not going to make you many friends, you know. Instead, you should cheerfully chuckle."

"Oi! Aoko!" Kaito bounced up to his friend. "What's up?"
Aoko turned around and -leered-, a look that was more familiar on Koizumi's face than her own, a low snicker coming out.
Kaito screeched to a halt and quickly back-pedalled away, his eyes wide in a combination of shock and terror.
The expression broke as she started to chuckle, her face resuming it's normally cheerful expression. "Always wanted to do that." She grinned.

Icka!: Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp:
(Sagittarius): "You will have a nightmare tonight, in which you find yourself dangling from the ceiling, while brightly coloured paper maché animals with glowing eyes file into the room. One of them will be carrying a stick. Perhaps you shouldn't eat so much candy before going to bed?"


**** end ****

Uh... no, haven't seen any of the Matrix movies, so I don't know what goes on from there. The 'Red Pill Blue Pill' song sometimes comes on after midnight late Saturday mornings on a weekly electronica show, and tends to get stuck in our head. You'll be able to hear it on the new Animatrix.

The plot bunnie about the Harry Potter novel came from The Leaky Cauldron, about how the transcript was kept in a locked vault when it wasn't on the editor's person. Last book, her car was broken into several times when people tried to get a sneak peek. ^^;;

Many thanks to Ann for letting us play in her universe! Kaito in England... too much fun! Go read it! *wiggles in glee* She and Becky and Ysabet are wonderful Professional Bad Influences, yes. Not me, nope nope nope... *wanders off whistling innocently*