Hi, you guys!

Long time no see, eh? (goes to hide under a rock in shame) First of all I would like to thank all of you who keeps reading, reviewing, following and favorite this story, even almost three years after its latest update. You guys are amazing and I love you all.

I have a request (yeah, I know, pretty shitty after being silent for three years). You see, I think I've changed (and hopefully developed!) as a writer during the time that Letterman Jacket has been resting. It still remains my most popular work of fanfiction of all time and I would really like to finish it. However, I have a hard time starting up from where I left off, soo… I've started rewriting the whole thing.

I'm six chapters in and I could really use some help. I need a beta and someone I can pass ideas back and forth with, to force my way out of my frequent writer's blocks. In other words, a tough-love kind of cheerleader!

If anyone is interested in helping me finish this story, please don't hesitate to send me a review on this chapter or a PM – just get in touch however you prefer! ;)

Thanks again and lots of love,


EDIT: Thank you for all your offers, you guys are the best! I've got two beta readers now, so hopefully the Letterman Jacket remake will be up soon ;)