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Summary: What happens when you take the internet, drama, and 2 people who don't know who their talking to? Why, a SasuHina fanfic of course! contains: SasuHina, KibaIno, ShikaTema and NejiTen.

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Hinata was a very unfortunate girl. When she was very little, her mother died. Her father tried to comfort her when she had seemed down but, it never really worked. One day, her father found another. She was almost the same as her mother. She even had a daughter her age she could play with.

After a year, they were married and had another daughter on the way. Everything was looking up for the young Hyuuga. When her baby sister was born, she was happy and she knew things were going to get better.

On her younger sister's fifth birthday, she went with her step-mother to get her a present. Her step-sister and father were back at home preparing the party. After they got the present and were about home, a car had swerved into theirs.

The step-mother tried to dodge, but it hit them. They were forced into a ditch in the side of the road. They were knocked into a tree which caused the windshield glass to shatter. Hinata ducked and was protected by her step-mother. All the glass had ended up on her instead of Hinata.

She had saved Hinata but, in the process, she had died. Her father and sisters had blamed it on her. They thought that Hinata should have died instead of their step-mother. Hinata's life had again, been ruined.

From then on, Hinata was expected to do everything. She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and more. It was her punishment, along with her family hating her. The only one that cared for her, was her cousin, Neji. He didn't see her often, mostly on family vacations. Even if it wasn't much, she had cherished these moments.

She was now 17 and in high school. Her two best friends were all she had to school but, it was enough for her. She loved school it was the only place she could escape to. The one person she couldn't escape from however, was her step-sister, Sakura. She was the most popular girl in school, and always seemed to show off in front of Hinata. Hinata didn't mind much and had decided being popular wasn't the greatest.

Hinata walked over to where she saw her best friends, Ino and TenTen, standing in the corner and waving her over.

"Hey Hinata," TenTen seemed as happy as ever.

"Hi Tenten, Ino," She smiled at the thought of being with the friends that cared for her.

She didn't stutter around her friends, she was comfortable around them. She only would stutter if she was nervous, scared, around people she wasn't used to, or all three.

"Tenten and I were thinking about stuff and we realized something," oh no, this is probably going to end up badly.

"Yeah, we were thinking how you don't have a boyfriend and both of us do," yikes, she's going to be set-up.

"I mean, I have Kiba, Tenten has your cousin, Neji and you don't have anyone," Ino could be cruel, but she had a point. Ino had gathered the courage to ask out Kiba seven months ago.

Also, Tenten had met Neji through Hinata, and they seemed to click immediately. They had a sort of long distance relationship, but they made it work. Hinata was still under the impression that she would find love, but it would happen the natural way. She normally was old-fashioned like that.

"And that's why we thought of this," Tenten handed Hinata a torn piece of notebook paper with a website written on it.

"What is this?" Hinata was a little confused as to why Tenten handed her this paper.

"It's a website for teens like us to find a boyfriend," Ino sounded proud, as if she had used and it worked for her.

"It's a dating website?" Hinata knew it, she was being set-up, wonderful.

"Well, basically, you put your age, school, and gender and it randomly pairs you with someone," Tenten was never really good at these types of things.

"Not to mention, whether your straight or not, we wouldn't our young Hinata paired with some gay girl, now would we?" Ino giggled.

"Unless you are gay, are you?" Tenten wouldn't care, but she already knew the answer.

"No, of course not," Hinata knew they were slightly joking, but still.

"Good, and once you do all that, you put in a username and chat away," you could swear Ino had used it.

"I don't know," Hinata wasn't to sure of this.

"Well your going to, whether you like it or not," Tenten joked.

"Alright, I guess I can," Hinata couldn't get herself out of it if she said no.

"Oh look," Ino gaze moved towards three figures and turned into a scowl. Hinata and Tenten turned to to see Sakura with Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke was the hottest and most popular guy in school. He normally kept to himself and hated fangirls that seemed to follow his every move. The only one he would normally hang out with, was Naruto. People thought he was gay for the fact he never dated anyone.

Any girl he talked to always seemed to be just a fangirl. The one fangirl that never seemed to quit was Sakura. She followed him around for, what seemed like, all the time. Naruto was the one with the crush on Sakura. Sasuke didn't seem to understand why he didn't just ask her out.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura had run over to Sasuke and Naruto were standing.

"Oh hi, Sakura-chan," Naruto grinned at seeing Sakura.

"Oh Naruto, I didn't notice you," she giggled.

"It's alrigh-" Naruto was cut off by Sakura.

"So, Sasuke-kun, wanna do something tonight?"

"No," Sasuke said in his emotionless voice.

"Oh, maybe next time, but I gotta go!" she waved as she ran towards her friends. Sasuke wished she would just quit already.

"You know you really need to stop turning all these girls down," Naruto sighed.

"I don't care," in truth, he just wished they would stop.

"You know what? I think you should try out this," Naruto handed Sasuke a gum wrapper with a website on it.

"What's this?" Sasuke coldly asked.

"A website so you can get a girlfriend."

"Why would I wanna do that?" Sasuke knew it would just be a fangirl.

"Aww, c'mon please?" Naruto had starry eyes as he said this.

"Fine, whatever," he knew, if he didn't say yes, Naruto would beg for hours.

"Awesome, everything is on the site, so I'm sure you can figure it out," Naruto looked at his watch and saw he was late.

"I gotta go! See ya later!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and thought, "What have I got myself into."

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